1 year postop! Still very happy with my results... Dr. Hughes- Los Angeles, CA

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So Ive been a lurker here for years looking at all...

So Ive been a lurker here for years looking at all these beautiful BBL's and I had a consult with Dr. Hughes today and he is a total doll! Very down to earth, warm and most of all HONEST! My consult was for a BBL with liposculpture to the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and back. I inquired that I was also interested in getting my inner thighs done and he flat out said no he wouldn't touch them because they were fine. I was amazed! He was very warm, welcoming and the staff was the same also. He answered the few questions that I had and I only had a few because I am a R.N. that used to be a surgical technician so I pretty much know the do's, don't s and expectations. He assured me that I was a great candidate and he could get me the tiniest waist possible plus a big booty! SCORE!

I made my choice by his background, reviews, my sister knows someone that had Sx with him, and his photos are amazing! Also I'm not one comfortable enough to got to Mexico or any other foreign place for Sx because just the thought of it frightens me. I also inquired with a few surgeons out if the country and I wasn't comfortable that I received the SAME email that they seem to send everyone else. No personalization at all but my name and a price change. But I'm not knocking anyone for making the choice to go out of the states. So I told him I was gungho and wanted to get this done ASAP because I have to be back to work by June and I was sent in to see Adam for scheduling.

Adam was very nice and also answered my questions. The only bummer is I planned on financing my Sx and already have a care credit account but they stopped accepting care credit due to patient complaints about the company. So that didnt deter me I just financed the procedure with them and was approved for 10k which was perfect! Adam joking asked if I needed anything else done and I told him that the boobs come later LOL. So after signing all the dotted lines I was set and had my blood drawn. So if all goes well with my lab results Adam said I could possibly be on the schedule for April 16th, 7 or 9 am or the following week. Pure excitement! So I will keep everyone posted and for sure post after pics!

Surgery day tomorrow at 8:30 am! I'm actually more...

Surgery day tomorrow at 8:30 am! I'm actually more excited than nervous. Wish me luck ladies! And I will post updates and pics as soon as I feel up to it. Hopefully that is sooner than later :-)

Sx went well. I've been home for a while and I...

Sx went well. I've been home for a while and I just woke up suuuuuuper stiff and sore! Feel like I've been hit by a bus, then he backed up and rolled over me. LOL But over all I'm happy and he showed me pics that he took after I was done. All I could say was WOW and please email me those! Will post pics when I can! And I must add that the anesthesiologist was such a sweet man!

So I had to change my bandages cause they were...

So I had to change my bandages cause they were soaked and it felt super gross against my body. I took a few pics and they aren't the best plus I'm swollen but boy do I see a change already in my body, and butt!

Had to do another dressing change and my garment...

Had to do another dressing change and my garment and binder needed washing so the Mr. asked if I wanted him to rub me down with some arnica salve while I waited (he's so sweet) and of course I obliged and told him to take pics LOL I LOVE the way my back looks and this waist and booty is nuts! I laughed and told my sister that my booty looks like a pan of greased up monkey bread! I can't wait until its softens up and I'm surely hoping and praying that I retain it.

Just woke up from a nap and boy do I feel like...

Just woke up from a nap and boy do I feel like sh*t! I felt ok yesterday but now I think the damage to my body is just now settling in. I had lipo to my upper and lower abs, flanks, and back so i feel so sore and tight all around my body. I had a mini breakdown getting back in bed but luckily the mister was there to wipe my tears and say hey, it takes a little pain to be pretty. This vicodin is making me so nauseous and not even taking the edge off the pain that Im in. But I'm just about to climb back in bed cause thats where I'm ok as long as I don't have to move.

Feeling better today. Taking a 800mg Motrin with...

Feeling better today. Taking a 800mg Motrin with my Vicodin helps me tremendously with these muscle aches.

Feeling better today thank God. Today is actually...

Feeling better today thank God. Today is actually my first day without needing pain meds. Well I'll say wanting pain meds. Only thing I took was a 800mg Motrin and that helped a bit with my aches and pains. I'm far from pain free but this helped me move around a bit more easily. I wanted to lay off the Vicodin because it was making me so sick to my stomach and after fighting back the dry heaves after each dose I finally had to vomit the other day and that was NO fun at all. But so far I'm making it. I'll be happy when this butt softens up because it still feels so hard. And I have a small seroma (pocket of fluid) that feels gross when I lay on my stomach. I'm hoping Dr. Hughes can do something about it when I go for my post op visit on Tuesday because it is overly annoying. I've been taking supplements because I notice that I get tired very fast after I shower or eat. I mean exhausted! And I have to force myself to eat because I will feel hungry but when I start eating I get so tired. So I've been having protein shakes to keep my calories up so I don't pass out. But luckily I'm in good hands with people talking care of me and I'm very thankful because I didn't know I would need this much help.

Just left the doctor and it felt soooooo good to...

Just left the doctor and it felt soooooo good to get out of the house. I had 400cc's of fluid drained from my lower abdomen today and boy do I feel better! I had been feeling it and it felt horrible so it being gone feels so much better now. It actually feels like extra weight has been lifted off my lower abs. The nurse Olga who drained me was so nice and it didn't hurt at all because the incisions were actually still open. She told me I haven't been wearing my binder low enough and I need to be wrapped TIGHT because I had a lot of fat removed and have lots of empty space. So of course the Mr. butts in "oooh I don't want it so tight you're killing me" mocking me of course. And Olga says I'm the worst patient because I'm a nurse and nurses as patients don't listen. Lol yes I had to laugh because it is very true. But honey she laid me down slid this binder under me and when I say wrapped me TIGHT I mean TIGHT! And added foam to the front of the binder for extra compression. Serves me right for being a know it all LOL. She told me she wants to see me back in 2 weeks with no fluid, binder on properly and tight, with the foam in place. Olga is really now another one of my faves there. So overall I had a good day even put a little makeup on to look presentable :-P moral of the story, wear your garments properly ladies!

So I'm officially 1 week post op today! Yay! I...

So I'm officially 1 week post op today! Yay! I just got out of the shower and decided to take some ameture pics. Sorry the Mr. is off to work and he's my photographer. About my recovery, so far I'm feeling better day by day. I'm now only taking 800 Motrin when I truly need it and actually took none yesterday. Had my first car ride yesterday since coming home from surgery from Long Beach to LA yesterday and I must say that was interesting. I sat on a Boppy pillow but my butt felt so foreign. I kept having to adjust myself almost like "WTH am I sitting on?" But other than that it was fine. Felt great to sit up and not be laying down. Anyway I tried on some pants this morning after my shower and no bueno! Cheeks and crack all out at the top, BUT WHO'S COMPLAINING!? Lol I was just in awe. Well I'm off to put on some hydrocortisone ointment. I have a itchy heat rash where my garment has been on my body :-(

Going to get a lymphatic/scar tissue massage today...

Going to get a lymphatic/scar tissue massage today at 3:30 and boy am I ready for it. I'm still sore but I notice when I rub the sore areas it feels oh so good. I'm also happy that the numbness is going away and when I touch my skin now it feels like my own again. I'll post an update on how the massage went! ;-)

So I went out yesterday to run some errands and...

So I went out yesterday to run some errands and decided to wear some leggings....can you say unwanted attention! I was even with my honey and some guys are so disrespectful! I was even getting money out the ATM and some guy drives by and I hear "GOT DAMN GIRL!" Wowzers, guess I got the big ass I wanted huh? I love it, but that I dont like. But anywho I feel so much better at week 2. Most of my soreness is gone I just have to get more massages to rub out these hard areas. As for my butt its softening a tad more just been itching like crazy LOL. Have any other ladies experienced their butt itching?

Tried on some dresses I bought and I'm in looooove...

Tried on some dresses I bought and I'm in looooove with my shape! I hope it stays exactly how it is. Well no more playing dress up back into the garment from hell. LOL

So wish I would of had this surgery done in the...

So wish I would of had this surgery done in the winter/fall months. Garments, binders, foam, ect. in this California heat is ungodly! Thank God for AC but I feel bad cause I'm freezing my honey all night long :-(

The Mr. was being sweet and got me 2 garments but...

The Mr. was being sweet and got me 2 garments but my booty does not fit in them and Ai don't want to cut them. One size 34 and one is size 36. They have not been worn I just cannot return them to the store. Pics attached and send me a private msg if you're interested ;-)

Had another post op visit yesterday and I'm happy...

Had another post op visit yesterday and I'm happy to say that I was approved to wear Shapewear now! Yay no more super tight compression! And I was also told that I can sleep without anything at night but during the day I must wear the shapewear. I also got the ok to start back with my massages because I had to stop since I had a fluid accumulation twice and was told that the massages I had most likely agitated the areas where I had fluid pockets. So overall I'm a happy camper. Booty is still big, I don't have to be squeezed to death anymore, and I can wear regular clothes now with the shapewear. My next appointment is in June and by that time I will ask when it is ok work me to lightly work out.

Just wondering, did anyone else swell up during...

Just wondering, did anyone else swell up during the time of their period? I've been feeling great with no swelling but now my period is here and I'm swell hell!

Testing myself today and doing a work shift....

Testing myself today and doing a work shift. Firstly, I'm afraid to sit down because these chairs are hard and I didn't tell anyone my business because, well it's my business. Only my family and close friends know that I have had the surgery done. So I'm standing up looking weird LOL. And the most annoying is my scrubs don't fit in the waist but they don't fall down because of all this ass. LOL crazy! I will post later if I made it through the day with no issues.

2nd night back at work!

We wear white on certain days and thank god my old pants fit but boy did I have to shimmy into them LOL. And white makes my ass look huge!

Memorial Day weekend in Vegas

Only a front shot but I had male and female heads turning! Lol

Body looking better and better each day!

Just wanted to post a few pics so ladies can see that I still have GREAT results. I won't leave them up forever though. But anyone with a question I'm more than willing to answer ;-)

Garments I really didn't wear because I didn't like them..

So I'm parting with these because well I never liked them or their fit. Plus I wear an xs or xxs now so I wouldn't have a use for them anyway :-p I have a Vedette 128 sz 34 which is a small that I probably tried on 3x. I didn't like it because it was uncomfortable between my butt cheeks. It has been hand washed and I still have the packaging that its been stored in. My home is pet free and smoke free. The garment is in like new condition and I'm asking $55 for it and I will cover the shipping, priority mail with tracking. The other garment is for when you are approved to wear shapewear. It is a size small and this one I never wore because the Mr. bought me nude and I could not get away with that under clothes because of my skin tone, and also I have thick thighs so I didn't like that you could see where the garment started and stopped in my legs. He bought this one for me at the PS office. $50 which includes shipping with tracking. If anyone is interested just inbox me and I will get back to you. Thanks!

Is it me or is this ass getting bigger :-/

Sorry for the picture quality ladies but it seems like this ass is getting bigger! I put on a pair of jeans yesterday that I wore about 2 months post op and now I got butt crack and cheeks falling all out of the top of them. Yea I wanted big but I don't wanna grow a huge stank looking ass LOL. No offense to anyone but I'm a registered nurse and I don't want to be knocking over my patients breakfast trays with my ass when I turn around and leave the room. I guess I should be happy I'm getting growth not shrinkage but DAMN! Has anyone else just have their butt start growing after 4 mos post op? Or even later? I will attach some low quality photos and take some better ones later. Also I'm recovering from a BA so now my boobies will match the rest of my perfected body. Yay! I have Naterell silicone high profile implants 550cc in one breast and 600cc in the other. They are riding high right now but I can tell that when they drop and fluff I am going to love them! I'll keep you RS ladies posted ;-)

Waistline still small ;-)

Just wanted to chime in and say that my waist is still so small and I love it! And the new girls are falling into place nicely also LOL. Only thing I'm torn on is I didn't have lipo on my upper back but I think I want it now for a more sleek look. The bf says I don't need it but I WANT it and I do see areas where I need it. We shall see. I'm a spur of the moment type of person but right now can't spur on the back lipo because I'm going on a cruise in November and I do expect to wear a bathing suit LOL. Happy healing to all the early post op ladies

Never liked tight fitting dresses...

But I love them now! LOL

Projection now compared to before

Someone asked me how much projection I gain because since I don't have a pre op side view they really can't tell what I was working with before. Well here is my side view...

Questions I keep getting about Dr. Hughes

I keep getting asked if Dr. Hughes is board certified and if you go to certificationmatters.org you can look up any US doctor you wish and view their credentials. Here is a screen shot of Dr. Hughes

I'm loving my new boobs a bit more than my butt LOL Naw I love the whole package!

Just got undressed from my night out and I just snapped a few pics because I got lots of compliments tonight. No way will I ruin this investment!

Removing pics

Just wanted to say that I love being informative and showing people my results but please ask if you would like to use any of my pictures before posting them on your review. I only leave pictures with my face in them up for so long so I don't like seeing myself face and all on another persons review. So I've learned my lesson and from now on I will just black the face out or severely crop the picture.

Still a happy customer!

Just got back from vacation and as many compliments as I received I must still look damn good LOL! I will post a few pics but not leave them up forever. Happy healing ladies!

1 year update and most likely the last....

Hello ladies!! So I'm here on a mini vacation and just realized it's been a year since my surgery so I say why not take some pics LOL. So here are a few, I am still very happy with my results and everything had held together well. Enjoy!

A couple more...

Pics in clothes
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