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When choosing Dr. Hanzani I already had another...

When choosing Dr. Hanzani I already had another doctor. But Dr. H was so honest and straight forward he gave me exactly what I wanted and that was the TRUTH. His staff called me that Monday and explained everything to me. Gray was great he answered all my financial questions and responded so quickly to ALL my emails.

1 month to go

Went to get labs today and now it's starting to seem real. I'm so excited!!!!
Debbie at the office is great she makes you feel so comfortable, like you've known her for years. Can't wait....


So labs came back and my white blood cells are up... Not good so now I have to worry about what type of infection I have so that I can get cleared before my big day.

I'm thinking it's my allergies, that's the only thing I feel is wrong with me. We shall see! :(

Round 2 labs

Please please be normal

Feeling annoyed

So my pre op is August 5th and I still haven't received anything as to where I will be going since Doctor will be at the surgery place. I've been asking several times what will I need for after surgery. It's so frustrating!!! I'm lost, hell I don't know what I'm going to need. I see so many people with different items. Someone please help me.

Pre op

So everything went great. I was so happy after meeting Debbie, Sarah and Dr. Hanzani, they were all so great and helpful.
Dr is so kind hearted, as soon as he walked in he had a smile and knew by just looking at me what I needed. The office was very nice, clean and cold. I can't wait I'm so nervous and excite all at the same time. Tuesday at 10:00am can't come fast enough.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He's so honest tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

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