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It's only right I start it off this review like...

It's only right I start it off this review like everyone else, I have been stalking this site for a year now. I never thought I would do any type of plastic surgery, but never say never. This procedure is when you've worked out and worked out but still the results aren't exactly what you want. It's for that contouring that could never be achieved through exercise. Just do it!

Had 2 c-sections this ain't nothing. ????

I have to psych myself out cause you never know what to expect if you have never done it b4. I mean how bad can it be. We will see. At my AirBnb, no boyfriend he couldn't make it, oh well. I don't need him here, I'm tough. Or so I think. Again it's all in my mind. Brought my Percocet jus in case, will pick up the Rx b4 surgery. Pray for me.

Let's do this.

It's about to get real. Lol in the pre-op room waiting.

I made it girls.

1440 ccs in each cheek whoa. ???? going in I weighed 139lbs and I am 5'3". Dr. Hazani is the best.
So, it happened so fast I went in the to the OR was out like a light woke up and the nurses helped me get ready. I wasn't in much pain. I lifted myself up and helped them help me. I have a high threshold for pain so maybe that's why it wasn't so bad, and the anesthesia was still in me. We drove to my AirBnb mind you there was 14 steep stairs I had to walk down to get to the unit but easy peasy there was a rail to hold on too, little bit of exercise. Layed down and took medicine. I was hungry she made me a turkey sandwich, and a cold banana. It hit the spot. I continued to get up and pee, change pads that made me a little dizzy. Fell asleep on and off got up and peed, changed chux. Before she left I got up to pee, change pads, and chux. I felt dizzy had to throw up, I throw up a lot it was the anesthesia. But I felt so much better after that. I'm happy my bf didn't come cause he wldnt of been as good as Nayely. She the bomb, even if he came I think I wlda still had her come take care of me. Gonna go eat my spinach chicken wrap, and drink my blueberry, pineapple, coconut smoothie. Yummy.

Few pointers-
-Get your stuff ready on the bed for after (chux, towel, then chux, black towel)
-Think positive thoughts b4 and after
-Believe you are strong, and you will be strong (a lot of it is in your mind, and the pain meds help too)
-If you feel like u gotta throw up after when your back at your hotel or airbnb, do it you will do much better after. It gets the anesthesia out of u faster.

My tummy

Love it.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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