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Looking forward to my consult with Dr Kenneth...

Looking forward to my consult with Dr Kenneth Hughes this coming Thursday for a BBL. I have read way too many reviews and seen many videos so now I'm gonna take the plunge. I do have a butt, but I've gained weight and it just makes me look very full all around. I also am a 36 DD so it makes it difficult to dress and feel sexy. So I've decided to go with a BBL so I can get some shape on my body. I have boots but not hops, and I've never had a waist. Even when I was younger and thinner my body is just square. So I'm hoping to get some awesome results with Dr Hughes. Any advice is welcome.

Gym is not working anymore

I am 33 years old 5'4 and 176 lbs. A mother of a three year, a wife, and full time nurse. I lost a good amount of baby weight, 30 lbs to be exact. I did it by running and got really good at it. I was running about 6 miles 3 to 4 times a week. It all stopped working for me in the last year. I was actually gaining weight back. I was down to 160. I'm thinking it might be due to birth control and hormones. My husband would help me with different supplements and workouts but it was so discouraging to see the scale go up and I quickly felt self conscious. So I am now going to try surgery. Pregnancy, motherhood, and a busy but happy life does change a woman's body. In my younger single years I was fit and confident, I want to feel that again. So praying all goes well with the surgery, I know this procedure will help me feel sexy again. The pictures on this post are from 2 weeks ago. I never take selfies anymore because I know I won't like what I will see. And I don't want to feel this way anymore. I am looking forward to learning to like what I see again.

The other pictures of myself

Butt pictures

My husband took some current butt pictures. I also included some wish pics.
I am hoping for a smaller waist, wider hips, and some prejection. But I am afraid of looking like a duck lol


I am excited that this is actually happening!!! Dr Hughes was very honest and explained the procedure to me. Answered my questions with great detail and I appreciate that very much. The Culver city office on Washington is beautiful. The staff was awesome. Lorena in finance was very sweet and explained the options we have to pay. And by the way Lorena left a nice impression on both my husband and I. Those are the perks of working in a plastic surgery clinic. She is walking proof of Dr Hughes work.
I am booked for the 26th of September, going back in a week for my pre-op appointment. We will discuss and sort off blue print my body for the procedure. I need to do some lab work, I could do it with the company they use for about $150. Since I have kaiser I called them up and asked if I could do the labs there with them, I'm just waiting for my doctor to approve a referral. Since the lab work is not a routine check up I know I will have to pay.
I was advised to begin to take a multivitamin and some vitamin C, but I already do that so I'm set on that.
Currently I am shopping for some maxi dresses and loose sweat pants for after the surgery. I am looking for them at thrift shops, I don't want to spend too much on clothes that might get soiled with blood and also might not fit me for long. I'd rather spend the money once my swelling has healed and I know my true size.
Lorena did mention a couple of times to get a BBL pillow for sitting. So I've been shopping around on ebay and Amazon to get a good deal. I think you can get a sense of my spending style lol. I don't like to spend too much if I can get a better deal.
Since I am a nurse I have access to some chucks and a female urinal. But I was at the 99 cent store shopping for puppy pads for my new dog and I figured that is also an option for some of you ladies. They are the same as commercial brand just a little smaller. They will get thrown away anyways, why waste more money.
So I run 4 to 5 times a week, I haven't stopped doing that. I feel this will help my circulation and healing. But it's so far helping with the anxiety. I tend to over think these types of things. I was a mess when my water broke. I just want things to go well. I freeze at first then I calm down and do what I have to do. This reaction is only when it involves me. When I have to perform emergency services on patients, and even my own family I totally respond quickly and adequately. I think it's a control thing. But anyway, lol I got off track. I will update with any good finds and tips ladies please share any tips of your own. Thanks

BBL Pillow

Finally ordered my BBL pillow from it was $107 with free shipping. I was searching everywhere for a used one but not much luck. So I just did it now so I can have it before my surgery.
Also I found some awesome maxi dresses at the thrift shop. I found some sweats but not many. I'm gonna wait on the sweatpants. I don't know how warm it's gonna be and I might not get the right size. I don't want them to be too tight.
I'm trying not to be nervous so I'm distracting myself with busy work. My husband told me he had a dream that he was getting lipo and he was nervous and scared. I told him he is probably more worried about my surgery than he thought.
I have my pre-op appointment this Tuesday. I was told to be prepared for a long appointment. Over 2 hours possibly, so maybe I will be more nervous then. OK I will update soon.

1 week before surgery

So right now I am doing the surgery version of nesting. And by that I mean that I have been shopping for supplies and stocking up on groceries for my family. I don't know how I will react to surgery or what my discomfort level will be. And I'm trying to be prepared. I don't want my husband to have to run out to the store every day and take care of me and our daughter. Poor guy, I don't want to overwhelm him.
So far I have some:
maxi dresses, sweats, BBL pillow, body pillows, a boppy, some chuck pads, a female urinal, prescriptions, extra strength Tylenol, protein shakes.
I still need:
Arnica tablets and gel, slippers, antibacterial body wash.
I just ordered from ebay some lipo foam and an abdominal board. The foam is for extra compression and cushion from the garment. And the board helps keep the abdomen smooth so I won't get lumps.
My friend is going to do some lymphatic massages after surgery so I am set on that.
Also I have reduced my sodium intake and increased my water intake. I am still running just to keep the anxiety down and the circulation pumping.
It sounds like a am overthrowing this, but I do this every time we are going away on a vacation. I plan, makes list, check and research everything, then check it all again. I hate being underprepared.

Last day of the old me

OK, so as my husband sits and watches me run around "nesting" before my surgery he reminded me of when our daughter was born. I was scheduled to be induced at 38 weeks. The day after I was told when I would have our daughter I went to target, Costco, ikea, and the supermarket all in one day. I worked myself up so much that our daughter was born the next day, at 36 weeks. So his advise this time is to relax, he will go get anything I might need after. He reminded me that for a few days I would be extremely uncomfortable and for the weeks following I would have to drive, sit, and work with modifications. So I have to enjoy and relax so I won't be so tired tomorrow. So I am only working on 1 load of laundry today lol.
He has a point, I won't be able to just get in the car and go to the store for some time. I will need to plan ahead my trips, and monitor my time sitting. So I'm gonna go get some breakfast in a bit and then it's off to work for me.
So I did get everything on my list. I wil attach them to this post. Ask me anything about why and where I got the items.
One thing that I have noticed is the idea of my body no longer being the way it is now is exciting but a little sad I guess. It's weird to explain but I'm sure other women feel this.


OK I have seen some BBL pictures of women wearing a full bodied girdle from other surgeons. Some have the butt part open like a thing, others are completely covered. I was told Hugues gives a wrap around the torso girdle. But I wonder if those other full bodied ones are better? If any of you have experience with this or if you know why Hughes uses the one he does please let me know. Or I will just try to remember to ask tomorrow before my surgery.

Post op can really suck

I made it!!!!!! I had a great experience with the staff. My nurse was super sweet and very helpful. He kept asking if I had questions. The anesthesiologist, Hector, was also a sweetheart. I told him I had super bad veins, but he managed to figure out the I'VE. I don't remember anything after he said "see you in a bit." I woke up in the recovery room cold and began shaking violently from the anesthesia which hurt my stomach so much. The anesthesiologist and Dr Hughes came to check on me and said the shaken will pass once the I'VE finishes, and it did. Also the put a little heater type fan that was so comforting. Then they all disappeared and where in surgery for the next patient. I was the first one so I get them all nice and fresh and rested.
He injected 1260 cc's on each butt check and I think 430 on hips. Removed 5 litters of fat from my whole torso including my brain roll.
So I was helped to get dressed by the front desk receptionist who did her best to dress me. It was 103 degrees and I was so hot in sweats and a very thin long sleeve sweater. I rode face down in the back seat of my husband's truck. I forgot to take a pillow so I used my bag.
***** ladies take a protein shake, some saltiness, and a water with you.
I was nauseous from not having anything or water in my stomach. So my husband stopped at a gas station to get me some crackers so I could take the nausea pill. And that helped me from getting sick in the car.
My pain level walking or laying down is about a 4/10. Not bad, but my discomfort level at first was a 10/10. I would get dizzy and lightheaded when I would stand up. I have a fainting condition so I had to lay down mostly. The nausea pill helped when I took my second dose and I had a can of protein shake which felt so good to have something in me. I couldn't even stand to drink ever without seeing spots. And I was soooooo hot even with the AC on. My body temperature has been 100.4 the whole day. Just monitoring it doesn't go up.
Then my bandages are soaked and I decide to change them. Oh man I regret that. Removing the garment made me feel awful and I was very close to fainting. But I ended up throwing up soooooo much. And although it was gross, I have felt so much better since. I can walk around now which feels amazing. So my discomfort level now is at a 4/10.
Sleeping on my stomach hurts my neck but I use the boppy as a pillow and it's comfortable. I can wedge the pillow for neck support.
I sit down to pee and it's not bad but the wiping is very hard. I can reach and I can't bend my body because the binder pushes on my abdomen and it's very sore.
I can see bruising but I also see if have a huge but. Can't wait to take some pictures after my shower tomorrow.
OK everyone have a good night.

Post op pictures

Well, I finally showered and it feels so good. Today I do feel the pain a little more than yesterday. I've had to take the Norco every 4 hours. Along with the stool softer so i won't suffer later. The night wasn't too but except for me having to get up every 2 hours to pee.
I bought the female urinal P EZ kind but I haven't used it. I can't reach down. I just sit slowly on the toilet and it's been easier. Plus, it's way easier to use a dress or skirt. You will need help to pull up your underwear and pants so I don't wear either. Just my loose dress.
My meals have been small. A protein shake that Dr Hughes recommended from Costco, some scrambled eggs whites, chicken breast, and steamed veggies. Small frequent meals is the way to go. And I am so happy with my results. I hope I keep healing well so I can see my final results. The photos are from the day before surgery and from today 1 day post op.

Stomach sleeping sucks!!!!!

So out of this whole experience so far the worst part is the stomach sleeping. I am a side, stomach, and back sleeper. I thought I would be fine, but I was wrong. Your body has all of its weight on your abdomen for a long time and your neck will kill you. Plus your arms get very numb. I wake up every 3 to 4 hours not from pain anymore, but from discomfort. So it is important to get up and walk just a little to get some circulation back to your abdomen. It feels great actually. I've tried a couple different methods including sleeping on top of a soft pillow for some more cushion on my torso, it helps a little. Another is using a boppy pillow as a donut for your face. This helps keep your neck straight and helps the neck strain. I even considered telling my husband to go and buy me a camping cot and cut a whole in it. I saw some RS reviewer that did that. And I'm very upset that I didn't buy that bed that inflates and has a hole in the middle made for BBL patients. But I didn't get it once I decided I wouldn't get the TT or BL this time and it was $500. So ladies the best research and investment for recovery is the sleeping. So look into it and practice using it lol.
Aside from that I'm great. Last night I did not have pain, but the first and second night I would wake up in pain every 3 to 4 hours and needed the Norco. Now my pain level is at a 4 at its worst and I just take the Tylenol extra strength and it's enough for me. I have been taking the stool softer so 3 capsules of 100mg each a day and I haven't had much of a BM. So I suggest you do a suppository by the 2nd day of not having a BMW. I am very regular so my body is trying to go but it's not happening much, just 2 tiny nuggets that I needed to help out. Sorry if it's TMI but your gonna need to know. So I'm gonna do a suppository to help me out.
It's not as bad as when I had my daughter, that first BM was worst than my actual labor.
Also, please try and keep your meals small, healthy, and fresh. I was good and my mother in law brought chicken noodle soup she made, but it had potatoes and noodles and it was heavy on my stomach. So stick with fresh smoothies with some greens in it, egg white omelette, fresh fruit, chicken and vegfies, and lots of protein shakes. I drink 3 of those a day one with each antibiotic.
So far I think I am smaller today. I will take a picture later and try to compare.
I went out yesterday finally!!! I had cabin fever, it was horrible. I went to Costco but I rode in the back seat. It was nice to be out.

That damn girdle

So I have a love hate relationship with the garment. I really appreciate the compression and the fact that it's gonna keep me from swelling and that it's easy to put on. But it can be a pain on the back or sides or wherever it has a fold. Make sure to it is on smooth. Any fold or wrinkle will dig in to you. Also use a smooth cotton tank top under it. I made a big mistake and uses my husband's tank top since it was long and the little line dents the shirt has bother my skin. It feels like when you sit on a lawn chairs without the cushion and your wearing a bathing suit. When you stand you feel the stinging and the discomfort. That's what I felt the whole time I had it on and when I took it off my whole torso was marked and it hurt. So use smooth very long tank tops.
So the garment is not too bad, but I have to tell myself that since I'm gonna wear it for 6 weeks.

The garment

Here is the famous dreaded Hugues garment. I feel like he should have patent it. He wants it worn low and tight. I suggest you have someone else help you put it on and make sure it's in smooth, no wrinkles. I have a long torso which is good for me since it doesn't ride up too much and it doesn't jam itself under my arm pit or breast. But that's where the lipofoam comes useful. I still have not uses my foam. I'm waiting to see if I need it at all

Day 3 post op.

I can see more definition on my waist line. Less swelling. The girdle fits better now too.

One more for day 3 with post op

Day 5 post op

So I had a much better night of sleep. I slept on the edge of the bed letting my arm hang down to ease the strain on my shoulder. And input a chair next to my he'd to support my arm so it Wong loose circulation from the dangling. Necessity is the mother of invention. Also I laid on top of long body pillow to cushion my stomach a little more. So I only woke up twice last night.
My pain is still only strong enough for Tylenol and I haven't used or needed a Norco. I hated the groggy feeling and the constipation. Thankfully I don't have that either. It's been smooth sailing but I still take the dulcolax so I won't have to work too hard.
Still eating healthy and light foods. Also taking my 3 daily protein shakes. Nutrition is key. Low sodium is also very important. And lots of water!!!
My energy is good. I have been able to sweep, do light loads of laundry. Cook eggs or some easy meal for my family but I do need to take lots of little breaks.
I drove today for the fist time, and it was not that easy. It took me a while to comfortably position the BBL pillow and a firm pillow on my back. Good thing my car let's me change my seats height and the position of my gas pedals and steering wheels. But definitely the driving has to safely be limited to no more than 15 minutes. And if possible have another back up driver with you in the case you can't handle it. But I wanted to see how I did. And it was exhausting. My thighs were sore from balancing my body on them.
I continue to get smaller on my waist. I can see a bigger dip and definition on my hips. I am so impressed with Dr Hughes. He asked me what I wanted and that's difficult to do with him since he turns down every wish pics with his blunt dose of realistic expectations lol. So I told him to sucks out all the fat possible on my whole torso, make me a waist, and give me a nice big ass with hips. And he said "ok" with a confident smirk. And he delivered. Here are some pictures from today. Not great angles my photographer was napping while I took my shower. I will try to take better ones.

1 week post op check up

So I saw Dr Hughes this morning and I was set on telling him how talented he is, but he beat me to it. He comes in, says hello and signals with his fingers to undress and he zooms in to my abdomen. He palpates around and is 1 inch away from my bellybutton when he says "I am a freaking genius." He was impressed with himself so much that he actually said that out loud!!!! I couldn't help laughing and I told him I agreed with his "genius" talent. He was happy with my results so, but he expressed that I was very swollen. That actually surprised me because I thought that's how I was supposed to look like. He explained that the swelling will go down way more than what it is now. So he said to tighten up the girdle more. He showed me how to do it properly. I was wearing it about 2 inches higher than where it should be. He wants it to cover the incisions on the bottom by the public region. So he congratulated me on my progress and said to see him in every weeks. He explained my two main priorities for the next 3 weeks were to keep the girdle low and tight, and stay off the fat (the one in my butt). This is a crucial time that will determine how viable my fat is in my butt so I'm trying Extra hard to stay of of it.
I don't feel pain anymore, I just feel like I finished running a few miles and then did squats. So I walk slower and when I over do it I noticed I limp and waddle a little. But I can do so many more things. I am cooking meals for my family, some laundry, and cleaning. But I do it way slower and I have to plan every move I make to avoid having extra steps.
I started working today again, the problem was the driving. I am on call today so that means I drive around. I hate driving right now, it's uncomfortable, but I have been figuring out my comfy position. I'm just glad it was a short easy day today. I'm exhausted now. Way too many things today and I didn't get a chance to relax until now.
In regards to foam and abdominal board I asked Dr Hughes and he said they are not necessary but if I want to use them he doesn't see an issue. He explained that when I return in every weeks for the one month post op he will change me to a different type of girdle, I don't know what type that will be but I guess I will have to wait. I didn't get a chance to take a picture today due to some many things going on. But my husband took one yesterday of me wearing some soft cotton yoga pants. And he couldn't stop looking at me and was so happy with how well I fit in them. And that makes me love my results even more.

10 days post op

Since my last visit with the doctor I have been wearing my garment tighter. The problem though is that it has stretched and even though I passed the velcro part (it still attaches to the fabric you don't need to stay on the velcro) I feel I need it tighter. So when I do fasten it tighter the garment folds more in the middle since it's smaller. I hope I'm describing it properly for you ladies. My solution is the lipofoam. I put one on each side and the folding stopped. And the garment feels tigher. Now I thought I would step it up and used the abdominal board, it's not uncomfortable at all. And it actually all helped. Last night before my shower I noticed the usual little bump at the top of my abdomen was smaller. I could actually see my pubic region. Now I see what the benefits of the foam and the board are. Provides extra compression with some added comfort.
I was so concerned with my abdomen and bCk that I forgot I also got a butt job lol. I am just so amazed with my lipo results that it made me not care about my bigger booty. I thought I had lost volume but it's actually about the same. It's not the volume that I lost, it's the swelling that has gone down. I didn't want to measure myself right after surgery. I knew I would loose an inch or two due to swelling. I didn't 't want to set myself up for disappointment. But judging by the pictures I took last night it looks great. You will start to feel it less heavy, and you may confuse that with smaller. Right now it just feels like my own butt, it is still super hard, but I no longer feel like I am carrying the extra fat. And also, the shape will change and rearrange itself. Sometimes it will look round and bubbly others its gonna look square and wide. Just let it do its thing and send your butt some good vibes. It's a good thing. I am just allowing my body and time to adjust.
I drove a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday and it is exhausting. I felt the toll on my body yesterday. My energy was way lower than other days. I took it easier and only drove to my class and back. But I didn't cook or clean too much. I just took it easy. So ladies remember, you will have great days and then some bad days. Just listen to your body and work with it. Don't try to make it better, just breathe and rest. Record lots of shows and save the binge watching for after your surgery. You will need a distraction from all of the healing.


I have written about the importance of nutrition on my updates. And this morning my body reminded me just how important it is. Since I stayed at home for most of the day yesterday I didn't eat too much. I thought I had over eaten. I had:
-2 protein shakes
-small chicken Cesar salad with added tomatoes and some croutons.
-small bowl of special K with fresh strawberries
- half a papaya
- small apple
-smoothie with strawberries, mango, pineapple, banana, and drinkable yogurt.
-1.5 liters of water

It seemed to me like it was a lot already so I skipped the usual 3rd protein shake and I substituted dinner with the smoothie. I was thinking that I shouldn't over eat (even though I was hungry). I am afraid I will gain weight before seeing my final results. I still take my multivitamin that has iron in it, the vitamin C, and the L-Lysine. I also take 200mg of the do curate sodium so I won't have to strain or push.
It sounded like I had more than enough food yesterday. But early this morning I woke up to use the restroom, then I brushed my teeth, and then I stood for a little in my room just walked around to give my stomach a break. Suddenly I felt nauseous, and I thought maybe it was the empty stomach. So I drank some water to try and settle my stomach. But I quickly realized I was feeling weak, and I loosened my garment thinking it was too tight. And then I blacked out as I scream for my husband who sleeps in the guest room for now.
I fainted. When I do not eat, drink, or rest enough, and when I get very stressed out I faint. It's something that has happened to me since my early teens. My husband was very scared and was about to call 911 when I woke up. Poor guy he has gone through so much for me since the surgery. This is what I did wrong:
-I only had 2 out of the 3 usual protein shakes.
- I assumed that the sugar from the smoothie would substitute the fat and protein I would get from having dinner.
- I only drank 1.5 liters of water, I usually drink ever liters a day, even before surgery.
Lesson learned. After surgery the body is trying to recover from a war. They don't know this was supposed to happen. The body requires all the nutrients it can get. What I consumed yesterday was barely enough for my body to work on the healing. It didn't have any nutrients to spare for my regular body function. This is why the multivitamins, the 100g of protein, water, and some lean fat are so important. I already drank my protein and 1 liter of water, about to eat some oatmeal made with skim milk not water and a banana. It's like after having a child, if your breastfeeding you are told you need extra food. Not extra bad food, but extra nutrient rich food. I will research some recipes that are healthy and tasty.

2 weeks post op

It's been 2 weeks now and I feel better each day. Let me be specific on what "better" means. The first 4 days I would experience pain at a level 5/10. I would take the norco. And the pain was on my thighs, butt, back, and lower abdomen. I was able to walk around and do some very small task like wash dishes, cook an egg, heat up food, and walk around the market (slowly). But I did need many many breaks. And because I was using Norco I was a little groggy. To shower I still needed help to wash my legs and feet and my back. I still use the dial antibacterial was to keep the incisions clean. Also my skin was extremely sensitive. Anything that would rub on my butt would feel like a burn. And I needed help putting on the girdle because I couldn't apply pressure on my abdomen, it would hurt from the bruising.
The next couple of days after the first 4 become easier mainly because the pain goes away almost completely. I would use Tylenol extra strength every 6 to 8 hours. The pain was just on my thighs and butt, and on my pubic region. That's when my vaginas turned purple!!! It was even more swollen than immediately after surgery. It would hurt when I would squat to pee or use the restroom. If you've had a child vaginally then you can compare the pain to after giving birth. Even wiping was sensitive. And that has just recently gone down. The bruising has almost all gone away but I still have some in my body and my thighs. My skin is not too sensitive anymore, but it still needs to be touched gently. My butt is a little softer and has gone down some, especially from the top part. It made me think it was shrinking, but it is just changing shape. I do stay off my butt, only sit with a BBL pillow and a very firm pillow on my back for support. When I drive I use the BBL and the boppy on my back. It's actually very comfortable. I am so glad I kept my boppy. I use the boppy as my pillow to sleep as well. Soft pillows are horrible to sleep with, they sink too much. Get a hard pillow, a boppy, or even a couch decorative cushion they are way firmer. This helps elevate your head and neck and keeps the body aligned. Showering is easier, I can actually shave. But it is a very quick shave, I can't fully Henderson my torso, it does hurt. I can start feeling my abdominal muscles now, and they hurt. I can't shout, cough, sneez, and laugh without having to braze myself. It's like I did a sit up challenge, they are very sore and tender. This is when I appreciate the garment, and I want it tighter all the time. After my shower I apply Arnica gel on my torso for bruising and swelling, I let it dry then put on a soft long camisole. Don't get a shirt with ridges on it. It will leave markings that sting on your skin. Get smooth camisoles. My energy is great. I have been working 8 hour shifts, standing and walking around and I do get exhausted and just knock out when I get home. But I can physically do it. I just make sure I eat and drink enough since I'm walking around for 8 hours.
I can say aside from not being able to sit on my butt or sleep on my back or sides I feel almost normal. I am having so much fun trying on some tight short dresses I had purchased years ago to motivate me into getting in better shape. I finally look the way I want to in them. My husband is actually curious about lipo for himself too. He sees the benefits of doing it. He also loves loves loves the way I look. Poor guy looks at me like the big present wrapped under a Christmas tree with a huge note that reads "do not open till christmas". He always said I was beautiful and if I was down on myself for being able to loose weight he would find new moves I could do to help me. If loved me at my worst, then he deserves me at my absolute best.
I posted some pictures taken today. Not the best angles, but it will do for now. Also, the one from the back shows I have some rolls and it freaked me out, but it's the bad angle he took the picture laying down on the couch.

No more ugly white garment

I had my one month appointment yesterday at Dr Hugues and he gave me the ok to use a diferentes type of girdle. He explained to me that there are many fajas out there and it would be up to my personal preference. The guidelines he recommended were, something with enough compression like Spanx or a waist trainer type. He even said it was ok to use the butt out full body Faja, but he stressed the butt out part. I own a waist trainer, Ann Cherry style 2024, it is a 2 hook latex waist trainer. I do feel compression. I would like to try the full body butt out Faja but I will wait until I'm at 2 months. I don't want to loose any volume on my butt even though he said it will be ok. And my hips are still very tender, I don't want them to be bothered right now. And I read a review about a woman that recommend a squeem (she didn't specify what model), mostly due to the powernet material. It is less hot and gives uniform compression all around. That reviewer also recommended the Ann Cherry excellence powernet waist cincher 1024. I will wait on trying those out for now. I already own the Ann Cherry 2024 if it works out I won't have to spend more money.
Life a month after a BBL is great. I love my shape. I thought my swelling had gone down but Dr Hughes said I still had some swelling. He said my butt and hips look great, 2 more weeks and I can sit and lay on my back. He said it only gets better from here on out since my waist and torso will continue to shrink. I was amazed and happy with my results and after hearing him say that I was extatic!!!! I can start exercise in 2 weeks, but he said I will have to test my limits. No overdoing it.
Im feeling like my old self pretty surgery. My energy is great, I can lift more things without feeling strain on my abdomen. I still feel tender on my abdomen (if i push hard), hips, back (bra roll area), and butt. And now since I'm not wearing the garment anymore I feel less restricted when I move. I still drink the protein, eat healthy, take my vitamins, and drink lots of water. My husband was happy we finally got the green light for some "one on one" time. It was very fun for him to explore this new terrain.
One concern I had was my left side around my bellybutton was bigger than my right. The doctor explained that it has nothing to do with me doing something wrong. It's just that my body healed it differently. My right side showed a little bit of wrinkly (very minor) it is a good sign of no fluid or swelling. But my left side was squishy, that was not fluid, just swelling. He advised to pack a heavy layer of gauze only in that swollen area under my garment to help give it extra compreassion. But he said he was happy with my healing and I did a great job. I appreciate the time he spent with me. It was a relief.

I month post op

Waist trainer fail

I used the Ann Cherry 2024 latex waist trainer and I was very swollen by the end of the day. It is probably because latex did not provide uniform compression. Currently I am wearing my old Hugues garment and it is doing the trick. It is so frustrating. I would think that finding a good garment would be easier, but I am having a hard time with it. I have done some research on the other reviews but it is not that easy to find it without reading through the whole review. Ladies if any of you have had some success or received some advice on a good garment please let me know. Much appreciated.

6 weeks!!!!

I have finally made it to 6 weeks!!!! I can finally sit, sleep on my sides, sleep on my back, and work out. I am still a little tender on my butt and hips. I can't sit for too long and sleeping on my back or sides is a little uncomfortable. I have to rotate around. But I will heal soon. I'm just happy I have options now.
I will try and exercise tomorrow, I'm just having an issue with consuming enough calories without gaining weight. I still get dizzy and weak when I don't have enough to eat or drink. I assume after I add the exercise I will need to compensate. Also, I need to find my exercise was it trainer, I put it away before my surgery and now I cant find it.

Swell hell!!!!! I have had a very hard time with the swelling. Mainly because I can't find a good girdle. I have been wearing 2 garments at the smell time plus the foam AND the abdominal board. Reason being is that the garments are now loose on me and the one I ordered from has not arrived yet. I will review them once they arrive. Currently I am wearing the vedette style103, and the white garment from Hugues on top of it. It worked well up until a few days ago, it was too big so I began to swell up again. So to fix that problem I now wear the foam on each side, the abdominal board, the vedette, and the white garment on top. Yes it sounds excessive and unnecessary, I had to just order a new garment. But until it arrives, this will do.

My butt has maintained its size quite well, and I am so happy about that. It's a roller coaster of emotions. Right after surgery my butt measure at 47inches, I am now at 46 inches. I am so happy about that. I didn't want to measure myself every week or day and torture myself with the fear of a shrinking but lol. I have a 35inch waist and before surgery I was at 41.5. This is the biggest advantage overall for me. For the last 6 weeks I have worked hard on maintaining the fat on my butt, now I have to work on loosing the swelling on my stomach and preventing any weight gain. It's harder than I thought. I can say I definitely don't have the smell appetite or cravings for bad food anymore. And my portions are smaller now. Here are some pictures from yesterday, you will notice that I am very swollen from my torso, the night before I was smaller. The swelling is my biggest problem right now.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hugues is very honest and straight forward when it comes to his ability. He is very realistic with what you can expect after surgery. I appreciate that very much. I'd rather hear him say what I want is impossible rather than him say he will try and then I end up dissatisfied.

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