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Hello ladies my name is justice iam a 27 year old...

hello ladies my name is justice iam a 27 year old mother of three 8,5 and 2 and boy did they do a number or ten on my body. I had my first two c section a girl than a boy (he blew my back out) 8lbs 9oz than i had my youngest baby girl i call her my love child i could not bare to have another c section but no one here in colorado would vback me after the two c setions i have family in Atlanta so i went there and i had a 8lb 1oz healthy baby naturally and no problems for me either.

Anyhow my body is just not the same by far im 5'3 or 5'4 weigh 203lbs looking at me people say i dont look like i weigh that much but i do. my bra size is 38 G and i wear a 15 in jeans. i used to weigh beteween 147 and 156 before kids i wore a 9 in jeans i was 18 after getting pregnant i delivered at 201 baby was only 6lbs 8oz i lost the baby weight but was weighing 165 and was wearing size 13 i was 20 then. baby boy came i deliverd him at 220 he was 8lbs9oz went down to only 203 this time dont know what size pants either i was just squeezing my butt in to clothes had another baby and after still 203 i cant seem to shake this weight.

I'm confident because my face is pretty and people consider me just thick but hell no this is just unacceptable i know how my body used to look and feel and i feel like someone else. i want to have a tummy tuck with mucle repair breast reduction and bbl. i cant wait im only 27 and am done haveing kids i have mirena now but will be haveing a partial hysterectomy april 24th due to one small fybroid tomer i dont have to do it but i am i want to make sure no mo babies come from here before i get this expensive sugery. i see girls who get ps and get prego nope not this one.

Anyway im so anxious im wont be able to have my sugery till november 1st my consutation is August 8th in L.A with DR.Lance everett wyatt he has great creds i feel like i can trust him im haveing quite a few thigs done so i have to do two settings im doing bbl first so i can have all the places i am unhappy with lipoed first witch are armwings bra roll flanks lower back inner thighs and the back of my knees(dont ask) just know they are fat and ugly to me. and of coarse my mid section all that fat is going to make my butt like the girl in the pic i have up for my profile then 6 to 8 weeks later ill go back for tt and br

Lance wyatt

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