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I feel like I might be finally ready to take the...

I feel like I might be finally ready to take the plunge this year for a Brazilian Butt Lift...I just made my consultation with Dr. Dass for later this upcoming month with hopes for surgery in Dec as an early Xmas and BDay gift to myself. I've read dozens and dozens of reviews on this website over the years so I wanted to share, hopefully get support and maybe even help out someone else over time. :)

So just for a little history, the BBL wouldn't be my first surgery. I've had 3 breast augmentations (I'm 28 btw)...I know, I know! But not my intention of course. :( I developed a little early, I had small C-Cups as a teen and they got even bigger when my weight fluctuated between fifteen pounds throughout childhood, as all my big booked ladies know that "real" big boobs hang and move differently so I felt that I needed to get a boob job for volume and aesthetics. Long story short my first BA at 18 years old was botched. I got them redone at 21 by David Edwin Kim (7 years ago) who I think really improved them and then I got them redone again last year by Dr Kim again just for additional improvements and to switch out the implants at the almost 8 year mark with the Gummy silicone. I was very pleased with this last surgery and am relived I don't have to stress about my breasts again for a long time. Dr Kim is one of the bests in LA for breast imo but there are BBL specialists and I think Dass is one of them.

I think I made the right choice by focusing on one surgery at a time though it has been a bit stressful (and expensive) that I didn't have the best luck at first with surgery, or rather a doctor, but thats another season I've done so much research and waited so long.

Any who..about the booty lol Well...I really don't have one, where I've always been a natural B/C cup breasts even before surgery, I'm probably about an "A Cup of Asses" LOL It doesn't help that I have a wide waist, short torso and narrow hips, even when I've been at weights as low as 115-120 (at 5'5"), I have what they call an 'pathetic' body, even when I'm out shape, I have strong legs and a tiny, tight booty when I'm in shape and when i'm out of shape but butt is a little bigger but my short stomach is out of shape. Sigh. Embarrassing to admit but I have have one of the asses that DOESNT look good in leggings and sometimes has extra room in the butt area of jeans. :( I don't have an attractive view from the back. I don't think I'm an ugly girl, i have good features but no one would say that I have a 'nice ass'. Im going into this experience with good expectations i think, if i make this happen in a few months, all I want to to feel proportionate and actually be able to fill out pants!

I think Dr Dass has some of the best work/results in the country, of course you could say he has equals or rivals in other states and countries but in all honesty i think its probably one of the worst things to do for your BBL (or just overall stress/pain) is to fly or drive soon after surgery. I'm lucky enough to live in Los Angeles right now, no reason to go any further! Friends of mine say is would be pretty funny to actually travel somewhere else when you live miles from Beverly Hills for Plastic Surgery, isn't this the Mecca? lol

I hate to be corny, but I do feel like I'm one of the women that if Dr Dass performs a goos Bbl on me, it truly would change my life. I had to focus on my boobs first because it was the most obvious, more necessary and easier by comparison...but the BBL would make a much bigger impact on my body and life. I'm always nervous about the possibility of being botched again, I'm a single girl and taking at least 2-3 weeks off for proper healing, not to mention the pretty flat 10k-sh that a good BBL costs, I'm definitely a little nervous.

Send me good vibes ladies and to everyone getting BBLs and more from Dr Dass, keep posting because I for one will keep reading!!

I'll be sure to keep updating this thread!

Oops typos forgive me lol

I meant I have an "athletic" frame they call it, not pathetic lol Well, I guess that would be the harsh way to put it

Consultation with Dr Dass in two days! Thinking about surgery in 8 weeks...

I like that Dr Dass doesn’t recommend patients gain weight before BBL, that he’s confident in his work and methods. Also from reviews (not of Dass) where patients are told to gain they are often a little disappointed with their results since ‘more’ is expected and i understand that frustration of gaining weight to have cosmetic surgery to look thinner…so yes, very nice that Dass doesn’t require that. It does add a bit more trust in general. I’m 5’5” 130lbs, not very tall, big or heavy statistically but there’s definitely 10+ lbs of pure unneeded fat here! lol But I think everyone who doesn’t live at the gym has a few extra pounds no matter what.

Also so excited that upon reading and watching his videos until I ran out, Dass makes a point to always say he strives to make a beautiful silhouette and overall shape, not just a large in volume booty. I of course finally want a booty too of course, but for me I’d die for a real SHAPE, a real waist-to-hip ratio, yaaaaas! ;)

I moved my consultation earlier because I really can’t wait to finally speak to him about this. i’ve been quietly researching and looking Bbl’s up for a long time and Dass will actually be my first ever consult for a Bbl and i since i think he’s probably top 5-10 in the US for this procedure I’m excited! Nervous but excited, not a ton of folks know I’m even considering and I might only tell a couple of close friendsand surprise the hell out of everyone I work with…they probably will be ‘mad’ but i’ve even read in reviews surprising stories where some friends and coworkers aren’t very keen on you suddenly (hopefully) looking like you went on a 3 week vacation and came back a Twilight Zone-like hotter version of yourself! lol But fuck em I guess, I would be doing it for me. The world needs more happy, confident people, I wouldn’t be getting this surgery to spread bad vibes an hurt anyone, a girl just wants hips and a booty to fill out some goddamn sweatpants!

So anyway, my Dass consult is in two days, I’ll update afterwards I’m sure but I’m hoping to set my date for Dec 12th, a month before my bday so maybe, ‘New Year, New-ish Me’?

Keep sharing your stories too, it is truly helpful to hear other’s life adventures!

Just had my Dass consultation!

He was very soft-spoken, polite, and educated just like everyone has said. I told him I didn't have any wish pictures, but I truly just wanted him to do the best job he could possibly do.

He did say I am one of his petite patience, and that the skin around my tummy is a little bit loose from minor weight fluctuation through my life and he told me that his main small concern was the possibility of "looking operated on" but said it's a possibility and either way would get better over time. Of course that makes me nervous, even though that is technically a concern for everyone, I'm 28 with no kids so he said that in general that is very good in terms of skin elasticity and results, but of course I don't want to have my tummy looking worse than it did before, then again I debate with myself that my tummy was already out of shape with no waist to hip ratio so with the possibility of a couple bumps on my tummy be all that bad if it was flat and I had curves and a new butt? I truly appreciate his honesty and I'm taking it seriously just like he wants me to.

I did ask if he thought that he could do a good job on me and that matters most of all, not necessarily my hopes and dreams of life, but what he's confident in doing, he assures me that he's confident and that I will see a difference, it just won't be ridiculously dramatic, which I told him I'm totally fine with in general, because my goals were not to have a "Kim Kardashian style" booty, that I truly just wanted the shape and projection that he's famous for and that I just want him to do the best job he thinks he is capable of doing.

He said he would be a little bit gentle on the front of my tummy to try to avoid a regularities, but he would aggressively Lipo my sides, and take a little from my fives and my arms to get what he needs, he said he's hoping to get between five to 600 cc from me. He didn't make me feel rushed, even let me repeat myself a couple times and seem to appreciate that I did do my research and know his work, and said that everybody he encounters is nervous.

Then I spoke to Angela, as many people of mentioned she's very nice, we chatted about BBL's of course and House so few people understand that doing squats at the gym is not going to give you a waist to hip ratio and a booty at the same time, if anything it expands your waist if it makes your butt bigger, so it's always nice to have conversations about women who know how different body shapes and types are. I told her what the doctor told me and that I'm still a little nervous, because he had to tell me about the possibility of my tummy not looking 100% perfect, but she was very nice of course and said that he is one of the doctors that tends to underwhelm during consultation and over deliver in the actual operation, which makes sense and I would figure most doctors would rather do that so patients don't get their hopes up.

I was quoted 11,900 for my BBL on what he calls a petite frame, lipo of the tummy, waste, thighs, and arms, mostly it seems like just to make sure he can get enough fat for projection and to make a difference. Seems a little high, but honestly I tend to trust higher prices than lower prices, but damn what it suck to pay $12,000 to possibly look worse, no that's definitely a rarity, and I don't think I've seen very many patients of Dr. Dass look worse but a little bit of paranoia is helpful sometimes ;-)

Again, I'm a little nervous, I appreciate that he went over everything including possible negatives, I still do you think this is probably the only way I'm really going to have a ways to hip ratio and a butt as I keep saying over and over LOL so I think the pros might outweigh the cons and I might take the risk.

I haven't scheduled yet but we checked over possible dates and I might get it done the end of the first week in December, just under two months if I go through with it, thoughts? Opinions? Experiences? Thanks so much for reading! I should post pictures soon!

Pre photos

OK so I just wanted to add some photos for clarification and I'm sure would help some thoughts and advice, I feel like I've seen a few body types similar to mine that have had really good results from Dass, though like I said I am a little worried that he mentioned the possibility of stomach lipo irregularities if he was too aggressive on my front, but again I'm 28 with no kids, i've just had minor weight fluctuation along with my crappy overall shape. Lol I know I'm probably being a little bit paranoid but still, I'm still nervous, but of course still don't see any other possible options to get a waist to hip ratio and booty.
I'm about 5'5 and around 130, not the most ideal BBL candidate since it's actually better if they are a few pounds heavier, but Dr. dad said he was confident that he could give me good results, just nothing extreme.
Had my consult a couple hours ago, honestly borderline just as nervous as I was before if not a little more so since it's much more real now and risks are pushed in your face and now it really is weighing the pros and cons, from all of you lovely ladies who have followed this surgeon and shared stories and have looked at many, what do you think of me? ;) lol but for real, any educated thoughts and opinions? Again going back to my first post, my first boob job at 19 was botched and I had to get two more surgeries over the course of the past eight years to correct and I live a very physical lifestyle so I'm admittedly gun shy, but truly want good results!

Paid the deposit and set my surgery date!!!

Hey everyone!

I haven't updated in a minute because there wasn't too much to say as I was working and still trying to completely decide if I was finally going to go through with this, and I'm excited to say I have! It's official now, I just called the office and paid my deposit! My surgery date will be December 12, it's official now!

In a previous update it was mentioned that maybe I should do it earlier or later to avoid holiday issues, but for better or for worse, the majority of my family is on the East Coast and I don't have to deal with too much holiday shenanigans or drama, which personally I'm excited about! LOL

My surgery date is also somewhat symbolic, my birthday is January 12, and also the night I have to attend A big work event, I'm looking at it as my "debut" of sorts. The surgery will be an expensive Christmas and birthday present to myself so I just had my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan! :))

Still even in my searches the past couple months after I've started contributing to this forum, I truly don't believe that I've seen work much better than Dr. Dass in terms of what I personally look for and wants, which is a total body transformation by way of actually contouring the body, taking in the waste, creating hips as well as plumping out the booty, I want it all! ;-) and despite some fears of the aggressive Lipo, we all technically want aggressive life I would just none of the possible side effects and the majority of women that I've seen that have complained about skin elasticity or a lumpy stomach, which is still very few women overall, they do all seem to get much better over time and our overall extremely happy with their results and wouldn't take it back. That's all that matters to me, as long as the surgery is a success and I look better than I did before, that's all I want, I don't want anything crazy, I'm doing this to feel more proportioned!

So now I wait. Well, actually I'm just going to be working my butt off for the next month so I can feel relaxed and confident about taking all the time required off. My best friend and surprisingly a superior at my work is pretty supportive, so the main people that matter have my back, but it definitely will be interesting to see my experiences with others, since most people who have the surgery done successfully seems to get a bit of "side eye" from people I'm not exactly happy that you bettered yourself. But again, I really don't care as long as my surgery is a success and I'm happy in my life :-)

Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words, I'm still religiously reading every doctor Dass review I can find, and of course all of your beautiful Dass doll updates, I feel like we are all apart of each other's journey and a corny way ;)

I'll update again of course as I get close to preop and the actual day, thank you all for your support! :))

Full steam ahead to surgery date--thinking of post surgery comfort items?

Nine more days until my BBL! Very nervous but I am paid in full and official, no turning back! lol

I was thinking of getting a beanbag/foam "chair" to comfortably flop down on when Im over standing or laying on my stomach on flat surfaces like beds and massage tables, i would think a giant foam bag would be more comfortable and pliable for the most part for basic relaxation when awake. I also have breast implants already that can kind of feel sore from laying flat on my tummy on hard surfaces/weird positions for too long.

I was also planning on getting a standing desk to make life and work easier when home and comfy onsies just because. ;) The basics like bed pads, P-ez and half foam rollers for the initial recovery.

Any other BBL-hacks you dolls and ladies have discovered or recommend?


Hello everyone! I wanted to start giving more updates since surgery is now over! Well, technically over about 12 hours ago LOL

My friend who is watching over me and I arrived at 6 AM and within about 10 minutes was taken to the back for final sign off's, to change, see Dr. Dass again so he could "draw" on my body and meet the very sweet anesthesiologist. Then within 10 more minutes I was under and in what felt like just under a minute waking back up! I was impressed and happy with the short wait time, the Dr who did my breast implants did a very good job but I remember specifically waiting nearly an hour and a half in the waiting room on my surgery day before I was taken back, it's nice to cut to the chase ;-)

Everyone was very sweet and seemed very much on their game and they took me out to my friends car in a wheelchair, I laid down in the backseat and off we went!

I'm not in as much pain as I honestly thought I was going to be, my main sources of soreness are on my stomach and around the rib cage area and on my arms from the lipo suction, surprisingly my butt doesn't feel very sore at all, but it's definitely swollen! Of course everything is just too early to tell for sure, but I am tentatively very happy! I can already see a definite change of shape and my booty is round but not too big or small in circumference, it looks very even which I'm definitely happy about!

So as of this point I've been off and on sleeping and walking around the room every few hours, for even us insanely independent ladies, you really will need somebody there to help you out, you definitely shouldn't be bending or squatting, lifting or pulling anything for a while. My hands and forearms are a bit puffy and swollen too but that of course is normal and I'm taking my arnica, and prescriptions as prescribed and needed, but again I feel pretty OK besides the soreness in my stomach and arms and stiffness... Though it is funny to be leaking so much pink fluid, so definitely stock up on those wee wee pads! ;-)

I'm still nervous to see how I look without the garments, granted that's definitely not my final results, but it's usually a pretty good gauge of how everything is going to go, so fingers crossed! I will update and take photos on Wednesday, which is my date 3/shower day!!

Thank you for all your support!

Day 5 recovery update and pics!

The first few days were pretty rough, I think especially so for me because I got my upper arms liposuction as well, which made my lower arms and hands swell. Totally normal of course but I was definitely sore in that area and it made it extra hard to sleep because I had to sleep flat on my stomach, which was also extremely sore and swollen and couldn't use my hands for comfort of my head or just to even shift around very comfortably. You're definitely swollen sore and leaking like crazy for the first two days, I easily so get a good 10 we we pads during that first two days before the first shower.

At the first shower I was pleasantly surprised, definitely still swollen but there was a very obvious difference, not anything too crazy which I understand and I was aiming for natural-ish lol he definitely sucked as much fat as it seem like you could from my tummy and waste and back area and while there is a little bit of bruising on my lower tummy and that's a little swelling my skin seems to be retracting pretty nicely and I don't think I will end up having loose skin in the long run! Also seems pretty smooth so far too, i'm definitely swollen and uneven to an extent but that's normal since I'm swollen everywhere and randomly bruised.

I was also pretty impressed that I don't have as much bruising as I thought I would, granted I have a huge bruise on my left & right side butt cheek and scattered dark bruises around areas that got lipoed, I'm happy it's not worse, and they are swollen and dark and uncomfortable i'm hopeful they will start to clear up pretty good within a couple weeks, I've already gone through a small tube of Arnica tablets and I've been using the gel after my daily removal and bandage change.

Also I don't mind the incisions! That was something else I was worried about because while some are bad I've seen some big incision or uneven not necessarily with Dr. Dass but just from all of my random searches for the past couple years, there can be an array of different incisions or holes. I have the two above my groin area, and even positioning which is nice, the two on my lower back that for me are luckily pretty much already hidden by my back tattoo, the ones for my arms were done near my elbow area which is a very hireable area i'm glad it wasn't closer to the shoulder area. And what I really liked and found interesting is that I had two very small holes on each lower butt cheek. Smaller than the incision for the liposuction holes which appeared to be one of the fat injection sites, again super tiny already! Might sound silly to some people, but I always get a little nervous about scarring, even though I personally don't scar badly, it always depends, and I think it's worth mentioning when a doctor truly does seem like he's trying to scar you as little as possible, I appreciate the attention to detail!

It's still early and I'm still a little insecure about the bruises and stuff on my skin to share naked photos, so here are some pictures in just the body suit, not including the three foam pads he has you stick in there, and there's usually a white tight wrap cincher over top but it actually makes you look thicker. & I also wear an arm/front bra garment over that. (3 pieces not including foam) Just skin is under this garment in these pics, everything is tight, flat, allbeit pretty swollen and a little bruised, but still I can't complain!

Dass said I'm a petite patient but he was going to get what he could (stomach/sides/back/arms), and I told him to just do the best he could on me! It still doesn't feel real yet because I'm not healed, but I've never had a waist to hip ratio before, or projection in my butt! as long as some of it stays! ;) I'm 5'5" and weighed 127lbs surgery day.

3 weeks PO here's some b&a what do you think?

Hey all! Well as everyone always points out recovery is no joke, especially the first couple weeks, I finally feel like my body is relaxing and settling, even though I definitely still have stiffness and swelling in my midsection and lower back, I'm overall very happy with my results so far, it's still hard to adjust and have it be real yet since I wear my garments 23 hours a day and the minor bruising is still going away, I'm excited to see how I look and feel at week 4+, but I'm halfway there to being fully free! That alone is exciting! My butt is actually bigger than I thought he would get it, though I know a little bit of swelling still has to go down, but sodas the swelling everywhere else so I hopefully stay just as proportioned as I am now if not better! What do you guys think? I'm 5'5 and was 127 pounds at surgery, I'm not exactly sure what I way now or how many cc were actually transferred, I forgot to ask.

Front before and after

A day shy of four weeks PO pics

Minor bruising almost gone finally! I am so pale, my discoloration would be so much better if I wasn't a ghost LOL I can't wait to get a good spray tan soon.

Anyway, this was the first day that I started trying things on in stores, I'm pretty happy! I just can't wait to be fully healed to get back to life, but I'm very pleased everything is going so well and my results appear natural :) i'm still swollen around my waist and lower back

Incision scars at just over four weeks

As I mentioned in an earlier update I've been really impressed with Dr. Dass's small incisions in the way that they are healing on my body, again I am super pale right now but they are already almost invisible above my groin, and these are the darkest scars I have right now and still less than a month! I also started using vitamin E oil on the incision scars at 2 1/2 weeks

Over 3 months Dass BBL Post Op

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, but like most after a big surgery like this is finally over and you're officially starting to recover, you have the urge to get back to life but I wanted to update you guys a little bit of course since all of your journeys has helped me so much as well! I had my surgery on December 12 and today it is March 27 so it's about 3 1/2 months postop, and I have to say despite the long, restrictive recovery, i've never regretted getting the surgery done! Dr. Dass and his staff were great to me and I am extremely happy with my results, my booty is big, but surprisingly natural, it jiggles and shakes like any other big booty now! My light bow suctio and his staff were great to me and I am extremely happy with my results, my booty is big, but surprisingly natural, it jiggles and shakes like any other big booty now! My Lipo areas have gone down, and my stomach has moved out, it's a good couple months for my tummy discoloration and weirdness to even out but I couldn't ever complain because I really didn't have an ounce of fat left on my stomach! Personally I felt a little sore and swollen up until about the beginning of March, residual swelling and soreness lasts a while, but you can definitely get back to normal life after your first month. Anyway, here's some updated photos!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dass is very calm, soft spoken but very obviously knowledgable and confident in what he does but doesn't let ego shine through. He was patient and always asked if I have any more questions or concerns. He does great work and I'm really pleased with what he was able to do for my body despite my petite frame. Dass' receptionists are very nice and return calls promptly and his surgical staff were also very sweet and informative. I got a "check-up call" the day after my surgery and my 1st post op was at the week mark with both Dass himself and a nurse. Wait times both in his office and the surgical center we great, I was taken back almost immediately every time. I feel like he undersold in what he could do (but was confident) and over-delivered, which is what you want in a doctor. My tummy is flat, my butt is bigger but looks natural and my scars are tiny, fading and symmetrical. All around very good experience and results!

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