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Hello, I recently went in to LA center in...

Hello, I recently went in to LA center in Hollywood for a consultation. The doctor asked me a few questions, including more children (I already have 2) I told him I wasn't done having kids I want at least one more way later in life I'm 22! Lol He made me feel a little discouraged about the procedure. I don't want a mommy make over I went in just for the bbl. My question is, what can be expected if I get a bbl and have more kids in the future??

Im so nervous!

Ok so ive been on this site for a while now and i think ive made my decision. Im contacting dr Hughes for a consultation today! Most of my questions have been answered by this site. Im still a little confused about the time off work and things like that but for now im just hoping to get everything out of the way and on my way to my sx!

starting my piggy bank!

So I contacted Dr Hughes last week via email and he replied within an hour. We went back and forth and he said he would charge me $9500! This is a lot of money but I know it will be worth it! I told him my concern was that my butt will turn out square-ish because of the way it is now but he reassured me and said that he does his best to make sure his booties are round :) I'm so excited. I'm hoping to go see him the beginning of October when I have something to put down as a deposit! And the sx I hope to have done by November...Now to start saving!!


So today i received a call from Adam! I was so excited he sounds so nice :) o have an in person consultation for next Tuesday I'm so ready to meet Dr Hughes and I'm so ready to hear what he can do for me!

Gave my deposit!

I went to see Dr. Hughes last week on Wednesday. My experience was very pleasant! The ladies in the front were really nice, they made me feel comfortable which i was already expecting since reading a lot of reviews. I met the Doc and i have to say he was very professional and easy going. He asked me a few questions and then told me what he could do. I asked him to put the max back there since i know some dies down. Im super excited about this. I also met with adam and he too was very nice. They were ready to get me on the table on the weekend lol believe me im ready too, now im just waiting for my job to approve my time off and then ill be ready to go!

Ladies I Need Your Help!

My job is working out the details on my time off today! So that means i might be getting my booty sooner than expected! I want to go shopping for the things in gonna need for post op! What are the things i need??

Tomorrow is the big day!

My sx is tomorrow at 8 am!! Im so nervous but ready. Is there any advice you ladies can give me that can help me get over these nerves?? ahhh mixed emotions right now! :) I hope i have everything ready...

i made it to the other side!

Just finish my surgery! Got home took my meds and I'm laying down in pain post some more stuff

is today considered day one out two?

I don't know whether to consider today as day one or two? lol my butt is huge! Lol my sister and hubby are amazed at how big it is. I haven't seen it though i don't want to see it until i take off my binder to make it tighter.

Yesterday coming home was so painful. I live up stairs so that made it even worse. i got into bed and was still kinda out of it. I had to pee so much. I feel like I've been hurting my stomach getting in and out of bed. I hope i didn't mess anything up under there. I have been taking my pain and antibiotics as prescribed. I was hoping my recovery went as painless as other girls on here but i guess every body is different. I'm gonna post pics later today hopefully. For now I'm just going to keep resting. My hubby and sister (which are the only ones that know about my booty) have been so good to me they're both very attentive. Feels good to be taken care of like this lol. So when should i go see Dr Hughes for post op?

2100 :o

Pictures don't do justice. It looks way bigger in person lol. I got 2100 per cheek!! I'm still super swollen from my tummy and i don't have any drains. I thought you left the hospital with drains?? I emailed Hughes about it so now I'm just waiting for his reply

No fluid!

So i went into Boris today because i thought i had some fluid. Olga checked me out and she said it was just swelling! Thank God! I guess i have to keep the binder on for 2 weeks and then when i go see her she wants me in the stage 2 garment. I wish i was 2 weeks already. Lol I'm feeling a little better but i still feel uncomfortable. So far though, no regrets! Lol

Day 3 pic

Day 3 I felt a lot better. my waist is still swollen

Woke up today feeling a little better than yesterday.

Today is a little better than yesterday. I'm still swollen though. I worried because i haven't been able to have a bowel movement :/ I've been drinking laxatives and nothing. Other than that there's not much to update everything is good.


I'm having a break down right now. I miss my kids like crazy! My back is hurting so bad i hate wearing this garment. I don't feel able to take care of my kids yet and i hate myself for it i don't know how some of you ladies did it. I feel like my butt is getting smaller my stomach is still swollen i feel like i have some fluid regardless if i wear this dam garment or not! I'm sorry if this post is depressing I'm just venting i miss my kids :( :(

Day 9

So everything has been getting better day by day. Most of my bruises have gone away, the top of my booty is getting soft and I'm no longer taking my pain meds! :) I want to thank the amazing women who responded to my little episode lol thanks a bunch. I had to shake it off and become me again! Ever since that day I've been feeling great, no more sadness!

My booty has its days where its big and then days where it hides lol. I just hope my good days stay lol That booty greed is real i hope it stays like in the picture lol So far I'm loving my results, i love my hubby's response to my booty pictures! Lol I swear i send him 100 pictures a day I'm just enjoying my big booty.

Funny thing that happened to me today. I ran over to the bank with my binder on and a sweater over it. My back was arched and my tummy looked big because of the foams lol I looked pregnant lol while standing in line i noticed people looking at my butt and then my tummy. Some lady asked me "how many months are you" and i told her 6 lol and the lady that was with her said that like I'm pregnant from the booty too lol idk I thought it was funny he he. I didn't take offense to it because i know under This ugly binder I'm no longer fat thanks to Hughes :)

I'm sure people were questioning whether if my booty was real or not cuz it's still hard. Got me to wonder. How long until the "ffluff fairy" pays me a visit?

Stage 2 garment!

So yesterday i went shopping for my stage 2 garment. I bought one that has the holes in the booty part. I hope Olga approves it. I have an appointment this Friday. I'm hoping i don't have any fluid so that i can take this ugly binder off for good!

So the garment came with this "natural cream" the lady that sold it to me said to start using it a month post op. Has anyone used this? It was free so i figured I'll give it a try. it says it's good for massages.

So far I'm feeling amazing my booty is still there, I haven't sat on my butt and don't plan to For a while lol i read on a girls review who's 7 months post op and she still doesn't sit unless she's in public! yes!! Lol im kinda used to laying on my stomach already so let's see. My sister came over yesterday to check me out and she was impressed! She said it looks good she's so happy for me she knows how much i wanted this!

Any who, have a blessed day everyone!

when will my booty get soft?

Today is not a good day for me. I think my booty went down a lot! ;( I'm so sad! When will it fluff out?

I'm free!!! :)

So today i went in to see Olga for my 2 week post op :) i met 2 girls there that also had their butt done. They were super nice. It was good talking to other ladies (beside you lovely ladies) about our booties.

Olga gave me the OK to wear my stage 2 garment! Yay! No fluid just really swollen. I had her check how many ccs i got and 2100 it is. i asked why it shrunk so much and she told me i was crazy lol she said that I looked really good and that the fat was still there and that it will look bigger when it softens up. She got mad at me for not messaging my booty though. She kinda showed me how to do it and OUCH it hurt! I hadn't massaged it that hard for fear of losing some fat but she told me its crucial for a better outcome. So I'm really gonna start massaging. Olga helped me get into my stage 2 and let me tell you, it was a work out! Lol but i got it on. Now i didn't notice it at first but i took it off a while ago and i noticed the circles where your cheeks are supposed to go made some marks on my booty. Has that happened to any of you? Should i worry about it?

I also got massage at the spa. It was a bit painful at first but as she kept going the pain would diminish. I'm so glad i had the massage. I almost fell asleep in there lol i felt so good after. I'm thinking about getting the 6 sessions for $300 has anyone had more than one sessions?

I hope you guys are having a great day. I know i am! :)

My booty

I won't be seeing Olga for 5 months! It seemed weird to me because i see girls on here that go every 2 weeks or every month but she told me that for me that's not the case because I'm healing really good and some girls have fluid or other reasons. Then i was like OK i thought i was getting left out lol


Omg i hate my pre op pics. They're so embarrassing I'm just 2 weeks post op but man I'm so blessed!

Happy 3 weeks to me!

I had my surgery exactly 3 weeks ago!
How time flies! There isn't really much to update. I've been wearing my faja all day and my binder during the night. Yes, i still use that dreaded binder that i disliked so much lol I've noticed that the faja actually helps shape your butt. i know you ladies are probably like DUH lol but I was a bit scared because of the lines it was creating and the pressure but it makes a difference. I was planning on not wearing it at all lol when i take it off you can see my booty molding to how my butt looks in the faja. And the binder helps my waist stay small and it brings the swelling down too. I've been massaging the lipoed areas and my butt daily that helps a lot also oh and my booty is getting softer. :)

I know I've been complaining about my butt going down a lot but it was expected and i came to that realization. I am happy with what i have. It's still pretty big and bigger than what i used to have lol i guess i had the case of the famous booty greed lol now i love how my panties look! I send my hubby tons of pictures while he's at work. I love trying on old clothes and seeing the difference. I can't wait to go shopping!

That's it for now, hope you ladies have a great day!

i love my butt!

Just wanted to share that my booty is getting softer! Lol it jiggles ^.^! i like the stares too lol before ppl used to look but there was nothing there. Now there's some back there to look at lol

I go back to work next week I'll be 4 weeks. Idk if im ready to sit! :/

4 weeks po!

Made it to the 4 week mark! (Yesterday) Still happy! Lol i was suppsed to go back to work today but nahh I'll wait till week 6 lol i got an extra 3 weeks which is awesome because I'm not ready to sit in an office all day. Everything is pretty much the same. Today though i was really swollen. It is the most swollen I've been. I massaged my swollen areas. Hopefully that helps. Wearing the binderis kindalike waist training right? Does anyone know when i can start waist training?


Ughh having a small booty day...... When will this roller coaster end!

5 weeks!

Big booty joody!
Lol well here's my booty at 5 weeks. almost there week 6!


6 weeks

Six weeks today

Let me start by telling you guys what happened to me yesterday. So nobody knew about my surgery at my mom's house. The moment i walked in, everyone noticed my booty but you could tell they didn't want to say anything lol oh but my mom didn't hold back she accused me of getting implants (the audacity lol) i told her that i had been working out really hard but she didn't buy it. I was kinda embarrassed because she brought it up in front of everyone my brothers and my dad lol. My sister is the only person there that knew and she had my back. I love her! On the way home i felt weird. In a way, I'm glad it's not extra huge which wouldve definitely gave it away and the booty debut wouldve gone way worse maybe lol but still in a way im bummed that it's not huge. Idk if i make any sense lol but yeah that's what i went through yesterday.

I go back to work next week I'm not looking forward to the debut there, ppl are so nosey at my job so i know there's gonna be talk. I just have to keep telling myself that i didn't do it for them or anyone really i did it for myself!

It has been quite a ride. From big to small, then OK on some days, then back to big then small again lol i was going crazy. I think after week 4 i started to notice my booty staying the same size. Yes it went down A LOT but I'm starting be ok with how big it is. I've always struggled with body image issues since I was a little girl which is why I've been so emotional. I didn't mean to sound like a brat always complaining lol throughout these 6 weeks I've been beating myself up because my butt wasn't what i had imagined in my head. To myself i still wasn't good enough. These past few days though after long talks with my sister and hubby, and reading more reviews I've been feeling better about my butt and myself all together. I'm happy. It is way bigger and better than it was 6 weeks ago that's for sure!

Right now I'm just enjoying the body that i now have and I'm really looking forward to working out and waist training. I know once i start shaping my waist and my butt I'm going to stop complaining (if that's even possible, I'm a girl!) about myself. I'm looking forward to shopping for new clothes!

I haven't really mentioned my stomach in my whole review which before the surgery was one of my main problem area.s so it's weird that i haven't complained. Lol My tummy looks better than it did before even though ive had 2 kids my stomach is surprisingly flat. Some lumps around my belly button but that's about it. I'll be honest pre op i thought my tummy was gonna hang lol but its nothing like that. At least for now who knows 6+ months from now. My stomach hasn't been this flat since hs!

I'm sorry I've made this post so long lol i hope you ladies and gents have an amazing hump day!

Big booty joody

It's been a while!
I still love my booty. It was a love hate relationship for a while but now i just love it. My waist is super tiny too. I'm so happy with my results.


It's not letting me post pictures.

Booty still there

I'll be 5 months on the 22nd and i love how my butt looks. I started working out and waist training and squats have really helped shape my butt. Its bigger and fuller and my waist is tiny.

I see a lot of girls on here say they're not happy with their results and i think about the times i felt like i waisted my money, and when i thought my butt was small. I just wanna say give it time, you still have to fluff out.

I think Dr Hughes is amazing and he did an amazing job on me.

This might be my last post. I'm thinking about deleting my account. So if you have any questions message me. I'm happy to help :)

5 months

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