having my bbl in sinaloa

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Hey ladys!!!! i been doing some of research on...

hey ladys!!!! i been doing some of research on some doctors here!!!! and i came up with this website, which i can honestly say is really helpful:) i really had my mine set to go to mexico and have it done because my cousins had a BBL over there. But with the airplane ticket, medicines,garments it was going to ended up being almost he same price that im looking for here.....so i still have time to research and hopefully i find the right doctor here with you guys help:)... im looking to do the procedure by december 2013...i seen good reviews from dr.kenneth in culver city and dr.afifi in santa ana...any other ones you guys recomend? thank you

Booked my flight on July ....Mexico(sinaloa)... is...

Booked my flight on July ....Mexico(sinaloa)... is just a consultation with Dr. Rafaela in culiacan.. depends the price and how the consultation goes ill make My decision if Ill do it over there or if I keep looking for a doctor here

is 1000ccs to big?

im debathing how many ccs i should get!!!! it seems like 1000 cc is perfect!!! but i dont want it to look to huge on my petite body....i seen girls that had 1000cc and on some of them look good and some look huge ugh!!!!

skinny legs

all this girls i see have nice thick legs and there new but looks nice !!!! but what about for someone like me that has skinny legs but want at least 1000ccs, i wonder if is going to look weird,,,

finally went for my consultation

went to sinaloa to see dr rafaela !!! she look at me and quoted me 4,000.... she gives me really hight hopes on my outcome. she also said that 1000 was to much for me beacuse of my height :(

move my date

so i called the office yesterday to set my appointment for the first week of january!!!! but everything was booked until january 23, so that would be my my earliest date... aracely said if somebody cancels she would let me now:) hopefully somebody does. she said i need to go and do my blood work 15 days before... looking for a clinic that can do it cause i dont have insurance


Wow 11 more days :)

Nothing much just updating my status !!!! Went to the mall yesterday and bought a couple if clothes since my date is getting closer, somelong shirts, long skirts and dresses sweats.... I already send my blood results she said everything is ok good to hear that ... She said I do t have to take no vitamins but I do have to wash my body with isodine the night before to disenfect your body is a Mexican soup... I try to but here but they don't sell it here only in Mexico..... I still have to buy a cuiolr of things but I guess I can wait until the weekend !!!! Oh did I mention that my cousin is going with me :) that's a big yay for me cause I think it saves me a little bit of money since we can go 50/50 in gas , food etc

One more week:)

Super exited and nervous !!! Lady's why do we need femenine towels?

im in mexico(sinaloa)

hey girls i arrive to culiacan yesterday from la to here. nothing much just went to say hi to some family and my dad who lives here. My surgery is tomorrow at 10 am feeling different kind of emotions ride now good ones and bad ones trying to stay positive despite all the family members that say dont do it your are find the way you are......but im still doing it im going to pray all night :) will update when i can thanks

out of surgery

hey ladys just wanted to say that i made it out of surgery yesterday.. everything went well.... i ate this morning but vomited everything. i slept really good last night but the night before i didnt slept nothing i was gething up every hour to use the restroom. doc left me a really tiny waist:) my butt is not huge but theres a difference. anyways when i get a chance ill post some pics....


one week out of surgery

hey ladys im doing fine first day i took a shower by myself:).... also first day i used the restroom after one week:(....went to the doc yesterday to tell her i havent used the restroom in one week... she suscribe me some liquids and as soon i took it i went;)... pain is ok.. just yesterday i felt like i couldnt breath took the faja off cause i couldnt take it..... i still cant sleep at night only like 2 hours..... im just lething tima pass.. im going back to la next week hopefully :)

Feeling better

Before& after


Everything is ok !!! Having a really hard time sleeping not because of pain but because is so annoying sleeping with the faja and towels under .... Doc said the towels is for the swollen not to expand and I could take them off in 2 more weeks :( I can't stand them





Almost a month post op



A month

So I'm a month post op . Still swollen from my back and abdomen and private area. I still can't feel my stomach and lower back wondering when I'm going to star getting my sensation back.. Starting to walk better and doing things this recovery is taking longer then I thought ..... But I'll guess I'll keep waiting :)

Pics 7 weeks :)

When do you star feeling your stomach?

Hi ladies in 7 weeks post op and my lower back upper back and stomach still numb and a little swollen I wonder how long foes it take to sensation come back ? I was also told that some times your sensation won't come back and you won't feel nothing if they pinch you ? Is this true?



Hi ladies so far has been 2 months and 2 weeks :) ... I feel great my back and stomach feels the same is getting a little more saggy it kind of bothers me but I can't do nothing about it but exercise for years to get it tone lol ....I still wear my faja not because I need it but because I like it since I'm still sensetive when some one touches my stomach I feel protected with it lol

3 months

Hi ladies is been 3 months and what can I say I feel really good :).. Stomach is saggy still feels weird but I love my natural results...

6 months

Hi ladies is been 6 months since my surgery :) everything is good no this has change , I still feel a little tight from my sides but that's about it :) ... I'm happy with my results but to be honest I would like a little more volume but that's just me that I always want more and more.... I do regret not gething a tummy tuck because I do have loose skin after my lipo and my stretch marks are more visual... But I'm thinking of a tattoo to cover it :) but my husband Is tired of me asking for so many things jijijiji.... He said to just learn to love the way I'm now and stop trying to fix more things jijiji ... And I think he is right , I need to stop thinking to much and learn to love mente way I'm now :)

8 months

Hello ladys is been about 8 months....so far so good happy with results... Not happy with stomach is saggy :(... Thinking of a tummy tuck later on.... For I can't complain love the natural results

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