BBL in 2013 and I'm STILL LOVING IT!!!!!!

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Move over Booty Queens it’s my turn! I found...

Move over Booty Queens it’s my turn!

I found out about this surgery in January of this year and wanted it the moment I discovered it. Like many of you, I spent hours on Realself looking at photos and comparing the pros and cons of different surgeons. In April I called Dr. J’s office, but that was just after they had been featured on The Family Hustle, and were booked until Dec of 2014 just for a consultation (!!). I kept roaming and found Dr. Hughes, who doesn’t have as much of a presence on RealSelf as Dr. J, but whose work is equally good, if not better IMHO. He was running a summer special if booked before the end of July, and plus there’s the whole last name thing, which I took as a good sign (we have the same last name).

I kept going back and forth on dates, but ended up deciding on October 15th, thus I am one day POST OP!!! I had had BA and thus knew a little of what to expect with regards to the nausea and pain post-op.

I actually didn’t devote much time to preparation. I didn’t bring any supplies with me except for a pillow for the plane ride home, arnica, and the scripts that they had me fill (Adam said the nurse would give me a little bag). I read the bbl shopping list, but decided to travel light and simple, and haven’t had any problems so far. I had my caregiver pick up some baby wipes, canned soups and protein smoothies, but that’s about it.

I decided to fly in from Chicago to LA the day before. My flight was to leave at 7am and arrive at 9am and then I would do blood work at the clinic at 12:30pm. It wasn’t in the cards and ended up begin a very unlucky day. I flew Spirit airlines, which I’m never doing again, and they had to switch us from not ONE not TWO but THREE fucking planes. Maintenance issue after maintenance issue had us boarding and then de-boarding a total of four times. We finally left Chicago at 2:30pm, and I didn’t arrive in LA until 5:15 Pacific time.

I kept in touch with Adam (who is awesome) at the clinic and they were very sympathetic and supportive. I was certain that they would have to push the surgery back until Wednesday, but Dr. Hughes, who is simply fantastic, wanted to get me in that day. I had anticipated it being that next day and hadn’t even met Dr. Hughes, and the nurses were scrambling around me with paper work and blood samples, and so you can imagine that I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have my wish pics with me. In addition, I had even eaten a little breakfast just hours before (ideally you have an empty stomach going into an operation), and I thought that would be a problem but the anesthesiologist reassured me that he could be extra cautious and monitor me closely. I kept telling myself that I AM READY and not to worry, Dr. Hughes literally does around 500 of these a year and so although it felt like a big deal for me, he was capable and prepared.

When he came in to meet me he was put me at ease. He is very kind (and easy on the eyes!) and gives off a cool confidence that only comes once you’ve truly mastered your subject.

I woke up from surgery 2 ½ hours later shivering and nauseous. The nurses were great and Michelle was there to pick me up. After the nurse helped me get dressed I was able to walk to her car. Dr. Hughes doesn’t use drains and because I only had my back done I was put into an abdominal binder with a large diaper over it. I threw up a few times (those pain pills always do that to me) but I was able to hold some soup down at 9pm that evening.

Sleeping was tough. I was sore and in some pain and just don’t like sleeping on my stomach in general. There was one time when I rolled onto my side and I don’t know how long I spent in that position, but when I woke up again I made myself roll back onto my stomach. I’m not looking forward to these next two weeks of little to no sitting.

I feel great and love my new booty. He said that he put in roughly 1000ccs on each side. As you can see from my pre-op photos I was already blessed with curves, especially for someone of Irish heritage! I wanted to get even more projection and since I’m an aspiring video/print/icandy model, I needed to set myself apart. I was able to get financing for the majority of the operation.

I think that a large part of how good I feel is that I didn’t get my abdomen done. I think that I would be a lot less mobile had I decided to do it, but honestly the little pudge on my stomach doesn’t bother me, and I think it’s actually quite feminine and sexy. I am sore and the areas that were lipoed are somewhat painful to touch, but I am pretty mobile and am doing things on my own. I flew out here alone, didn’t look for a roommate, and only needed my caregiver until 10pm. I am a very independent person!

LADIES--please don't message or leave comments asking me for more photos, I will be updating this review at my own pace so pls be patient.

3 days post-op pic and caregiver info.

Well I had surgery on Tuesday and now it's Friday, so I'm three days out. I've already noticed a good improvement of the bruising, although it's still very much present, it's not as dark and is fading in some areas. My lower back alternates between being numb, painful, and itchy. I am swollen but not as badly as I had anticipated being. I need to keep my garmet on more because I just LOVE staring at my booty in the mirror and feeling how big it is! I know that I will have some volume loss booo I wanna keep it all!
If anyone is coming to LA and needs post-op care you can call the CNA that I hired. Her name is Michelle Tillet and her number is 323-282-1481 She has cared for a few of Dr. Hughes' patients.

5 days post op pics!

Almost one week already!
I've stopped taking pain pills and I drove today for the first time. I rolled up a towel and sat on the back of my thighs.

OK ladies, serious question on how to handle disrepect

Hi everyone,
Regardless of how big your butt is, I'm sure you've been subjected to it: cat calls, whistles, men hollering from their cars, mouthing things under their breath, or in a different language that you don't understand. It happens more often when women are walking alone versus with a friend or in a group. I was already dealing with that BEFORE my BBL, but lemme tell you ladies, when you get that donk the attention is REAL. SOOO I wanted to pose the question to the group and hope to read your comments to get some strategic ideas and support:
How do you personally deal? Do you say something? Or just calmly ignore it and keep walking? After verbal, unwanted abuse have you ever cursed at a man, told him to shut his face, or even spat in it (lol just some things I wish I would've done when I was out and about today)?
Of course I always wish I had been braver and spoken up in hindsight...
Thanks lovelies and I look forward to reading all of your comments!!

One Week Post Operation

Thank you so much ladies for your awesome comments to my last post. They really helped and reminded me that I'm not alone and I can choose how I want to react (oh and not to spit on people lol).

Wow It's been a week!!! I think I had my best night's sleep last night, I only woke up twice to re-position myself, and although I was still uncomfortable and my neck cramped up, I did sleep deeply and feel more rested. I am finally able to bend over to tie dem shoes, although I do feel stretching in my back and pressure in my butt when I do. The bruising is getting more yellowish. Also I think I lost just a little volume, but for the most part it's holding as-is yay

Second one week pic

One Week One Day Pic--Q on Volume loss?

I was terribly worried about loss of volume, BUT so far it seems to be holding its size and shape. Ladies if you experienced any shrinkage do you remember how long after your surgery it occurred? Thanks!

New Pic

I realized I didn't have any pics with clothes on...

17 Days PO

Well sleeping is pretty much back to normal and I can sleep on my side now. I have some hard lumps where the lipo was but my doc and masseuse said not to worry they'll go away with time. It has gone down considerable and although that's kind of upsetting I know that NOW when I gain weight it'll go to the right place and am thus planning to gain some weight so it'll get bigger, which is perfect timing for the holidays :)

2.5 yrs post op

Had to come pack and update my review ;)

2.5 yr photos

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes is a phenomenal surgeon. As I mentioned above, he gives off a cool confidence that only comes once you’ve truly mastered your subject. He does around 500 BBLs/years and consistently provides great results. He made sure to get me in the day that I had originally scheduled. even though my plane had been delayed and I was sure that they would push my surgery back.

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