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Have my appointment scheduled for January 5, 2016...

have my appointment scheduled for January 5, 2016 with Dr Hazani . Can't wait !! he's a very caring doctor that will call you or text you himself which is a first I don't know of a doctor that does that it shows a lot from his part ................... I've had smart lipo in the past and I still have unwanted fat so I'm hoping this is the last time I have to do some sort of Lipo

Hotel for recovery

do you guys recommend any hotels near Hazanis surgical center Preferably with a kitchen ?


Paper work

1320 cc on each cheek

I woke up with so much pain on my ass And it felt like it was on fire But there was no pain on My arms and inner thighs. Anyways the nurse gave me 3 shots of pain medication because the pain from my butt was unbearable Which still did not help. Afterwards I felt drowsy and I was still complaining about the pain. The nurse came close to me and whispered in my ear you look great he put 1320 cc on each cheek. I was too much in pain to care how I looked I just wanted the pain to stop. My hands and right eye are swollen lol but I do feel so much better now I've been drinking a lot of water.

Bitches me like I go to the gym lol

It hasn't been easy I'm already bored of only being able to lay on my stomach . I hate the recovery process Hopefully it's worth it at the end

Follow up with the Dr

it was nice meeting a few girls today at my follow up it was just what I needed. :)

What waist ?


Bigger size

I feel that my garment is too tight on me I don't know if I should get a size bigger


Fitting room

5 weeks post op


Very happy with my results


Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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