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I went down to Los Angeles last week with hubby to...

I went down to Los Angeles last week with hubby to have a consultation with Dr. Dass for the brazilian butt lift procedure. I had initially wanted to get it down in Seattle which is a 2 hour drive from Vancouver, BC, Canada however, I had liked the results that Dr. Dass had given to his patients for the brazilian butt lift surgery. The consultation had went well - I was extremely uncomfortable with my body, I felt like that I had fat deposits in all the wrong parts of my body and also, I had no hips. Luckily for me, Dr. Dass advised that I did not need to gain any weight for the procedure and he was going to lipo my upper and lower belly area, bra rolls, mon pubis region and waist/hips. I told Dr. Dass that I was looking for a bigger booty and Dr. Dass had ensured me not to worry.

I was quoted $12,900 USD which is essentially $17,415 since our Canadian dollar is pretty much at rock bottom right now. Plus airfare and also 5 days hotel for hubby and I - this whole procedure would cost just over $20,000 CAD. I had contemplated about getting the surgery done in DR (Dominican Republic) however hubby was adamant about me getting the surgery in North America just in case, something goes wrong etc etc. So I am booked for the next month for my BBL.

Due to the nature of my job - I will be sitting lots and no I can't have a stand up desk since I am meeting with clients and going through paperwork with them. I was either looking at a kneeling chair when I can just rest my thighs on or buy one of the booty buddy wedges. Any suggestion ladies? I am more worried about not sitting for 6 weeks versus the procedure itself.


My BBL with Dr. Dass is less than a month - I've been reading more and more reviews on RS when there's downtime in the office.

I want to go big like atleast 1200CC in each cheek but I'm not sure if that's attainable since only 70% of fat cells survive?

Hubby watched a BBL operation video tonight and he got really freaked out by the whole process. Anyways, I hope I'm able to achieve the results of some of my wish pics.

Current body

24 years old, 155lb and 5'5 height. I'm getting my bra rolls, upper/lower abdomen and mon pubis area all lipo'd. I can't believe how bloated/chubby I was in the summer (photos are from a summer trip). I'm thinking of reaching out to Angela the coordinator to see if I can get my inner thighs done too.
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