Need a BBL - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi ladies! I'm new here and have been reading all...

Hi ladies! I'm new here and have been reading all of your helpful reviews and success stories! I wasn't blessed with a booty. By I am in desperate Need of getting one! Any recommendations? I'm in the L.A area and looking at it the doctors seem to be overpriced. Excited to get this started. My budget is no more than 7500 bc I also want to redo my breast implants. Willing to do some travel. But would prefer to stay somewhat local! Thanks ladies! Can't wait to be apart of the BBL community! :)

Wish pics !

I spoke with Dr Cardenas

And she is so sweet and knowledgeable. I have decided to go with her. Have to decide on a date! But I am kind of disappointed she said she would only in inject 700cc in each cheek and some in my hips (she didn't tell me an amount) that sounds like too little but she did say it would be pure fat. I want big results do you ladies think that's too little? She said I was slender already and that the 700cc would be good for me. She also told me to wait on re doing my breast again. Bc of the probability I may have more children 2-3 years down the line and my breast would just sag again. I'll post before pics. So 700cc too little??! Thanks lovelies

Before pics eeeeek lol

This is kind of embarrassing I haven't been working out sorry ladies :( mom of one tho ;)

One more side profile no booty

Can't wait to get this procedure done lol

Deposit will be made this next week

So I've decided to go with Dr Cardenas. Hoping for May! I am excited but not going to lie VERY scared! I'm afraid of the pain and not getting the results I want! I need some words of encouragement. I want this! I need this! :/

Deposit this Friday being put down

For MAY! I am stoked! I bought a dress yesterday I can't wait to fill in the back lol!

Got weighed by my dr today

I've gained 3lbs. Ugh. But this is the dress I bought can't wait to fill it in from the booty ;)

May May May 2014

So it looks like May is the date. I've been trying to get financing to pay for my surgery well that all came a reality! I'm sure excited! Now ladies I am cheap and love to save any tips on items needed for the BBL at a low price or discount would be great! And here's another wish pic ;)

Bbl veterans RE recovery time

So I have a toddler and have been thinking about the recovery time. Since I will be in Tijuana having my surgery I don't want to leave my little one for so long. What's a good amount of time to stay in the recovery house. I'm thinking the most 2 days post op. Is that too little too soon? Any tips would help thanks so much! And any essentials you took with you! I've seen many list but they seem like too much to pack. Too many questions lol thanks!

Put my deposit down

Had my surgery scheduled for May but had to cancel ;( just found out I'm pregnant lol! Well in another year I can finally join the bbl family. :/

And I'm back and ready to get this search for surgery started again!

I am a mother of two! And it's safe to say I'm done having kids. Lol! Just sent pics to dr cardenas again for a virtual consultation! :) ive Been hitting the gym trying to build a a booty that way but it's just taking too long I want results now.

Searching for a dr

I think I found one but girls that have one under how bad does the lipo and recovery hurt. I mean I've had breast augmentation rhinoplasty an 2 kids how bad could it be? I need to know that I will be ok and it's not that bad but well worth it lol! Thanks

Surgery scheduled

With Dr Salas I am over the moon excited! I can't wait but I'm also nervous been eating lots of protein to gain healthy weight I think I've gained about 5-8lbs with that and my back fat I should get some interesting results! :) has anyone bought the booty pillow? I need to pack but not sure what I need! Thanks ladies!!
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