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Hello ladies I finally had the courage to do my...

Hello ladies I finally had the courage to do my review! I'm do compute illiterate and thought It would be hard? I really want to do my review as a way to give back to all the great ladies on RS that have given me great advise on my journey!

A little about me, I'm in my wonderful 40s:)!! Im 5-4 and my weight before I started my journey was 120-125-lb. I gamed about 20-lb in preparation for bbl, went up to 140-lb. I saw three different doctors and decided to ho with Hughes, because of the results I saw on this site.

I had my procedure done yesterday. I had lipo of upper/lower abdomen, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs. Pain is not bad, I basically feel really... Sore all over. I have been taking my pain medication around the clock and plan on doing so for at least 24-hrs. I'm swollen all over including face. I have
been walking around the house and drinking lots of fluids. I will try to post some pictures.


Morning ladies, just a quick update. This recovery is tough!! I had a good day yesterday, but this morning woke up nauseous and feel like I might have a slight fever? Still swollen, I have small eyes and with the swelling they are almost shut close. When I'm up and walking swelling on face gets better but my legs and ankles swell more!! Regardless I have to keep moving and drinking water!! Not much drainage any more! I'm home alone today during the day and will be for the rest of my recovery. Happy healing to all.

8-Dayd PO!!

Hello ladies! Sorry I've been MIA, this recovery has been a roller coaster. I have good days and I think the worst is over, and then the back pain and swelling again....!! I think it was on Wed that I had a breakdown, I was soo frustrated I cried like a baby and questioned my decision? I still have a lot of swelling, but it's going down, I weight myself this AM and I'm down about 3-lb from Tuesday. The entire right side of my body from face to feet is more swollen than the left including my lady parts? Has anyone else experienced this? Ladies don't obsess over weight, I only weighted myself to see if I was excreting fluids from my body! Again the hardest part has been not been able to sit or sleep freely and the darn white binder!! I have not left the house since my surgery. I had my follow up appt on Friday but, had to reschedule for Monday, hubby had a work issue and could not take me, and I didn't feel ready to drive, it's about an hour drive without traffic. I think I have lost some volume on but? To be expected, I guess? I still weight about 5.5-lb more from presurgery weight, so I still have a lot of retained fluid, hope I don't loose too much volume. I feel really isolated and lonely some days!! But, that's my bad, I decided I didn't want to tell anyone about my surgery. I did tell my BFF, but unfortunately she is far away! Can't really say much about results at this time, I have days where I'm like "yea it looks good an big and days where I think I don't see big difference ". But, I'm trying not to obsess about it too much, again, too early! That's it for now. Happy healing to all :)

Youtube link for facial lymphatic massage

Hello ladies I found this tutorial and started doing it 3X/day since yesterday and I think it has helped decrease my facial swelling.

Follow-up appointment- 10-days PO

Hello ladies! So, I had my appt. with Olga today and as expected I'm not wearing my white binder low enough!!! She said I should lay down when I'm adjusting it, she cut the lipo foam in half. I now have four small pieces instead of two, she placed two one on top of another on my pelvic area, she said since binder was not low enough I had a lot of swelling in that area. Over all she said swelling was not bad and if I continued to heal at this rate I might be able to ditch "the binder" in a week!!!! She will assess next Tuesday!! She said I would only wear the garment/faja and next week I should be transitioning to a small garment. That would be sooo... awesome!!!! She said to wait until next week to start with lymphatic massages.
I asked Olga if she could tell me exactly how many CCs he put in, she looked in my chart and said it wasn't in his notes? I had emailed Dr. Hughes last week and he had said "over 1,000/per side", but was not exact? I also asked Olga why he had done more then 3-incisions and she didn't know? Hughes patients, did any of you get more then 3? I read some reviews of his previous patients and that was kind of a "Dr. Hughes trait". So, needles to say I'm curious? It even crossed my mind if another doctor did my SX, LOL? I have emailed Dr. Hughes and asked him, waiting for his response? Over all I'm feeling better, but, darn binder does limit your movements! Happy healing to all :)

Heard back from Dr. Hughes

So, Dr. Hughes emailed me back! He is great, always replies super fast! He said he transferred 1140-CCs per side!!! He also said if I wanted to see him I could see him any time and Olga always gets him if there are issues, great to know. Regarding extra incisions he said one was to remove a roll I had under left butt, the rest I don't know? Honestly it doesn't bother me, they are barely noticeable I heal pretty good. I was just curious, I truly trust that he did what he had to do to get the darn fat out and place it in the right place. When I first started my research I saw other ps did a lot of incisions so I was expecting it. The man has a great eye we had not discussed that roll under butt and it wasn't included in my quote, thanks Doc. Dr. Hughes did a great job getting 5-liters out of me especially since I had previous lipo, other PS that I consulted with didn't think they could get that much out or transfer that much, but I will elaborate more when I write my review on Dr. Hughes.

2-weeks PO!!! Made it!

Hello ladies! I made made it to two weeks without loosing my sanity LOL! I'm feeling a lot better, bit not 100% yet! Most of the bruising is gone, I still have some swelling, to be expected. My butt is softening up, I have lost volume (swelling is down). I'm still sore on the lipoed areas, especially inner thighs, more so on right thigh. About two days ago I noticed right thigh really swollen and lumpy! What happened was my garment had an opening/tear in that area, that's how it was since day one! So, I wasn't getting much compression in that area, I have since started using an ACE bandage and it's a lot better! Thus, the importance of good compression!! I still have swelling on face mainly in the morning, from sleeping face down, but I go lymphatic massage and it helps. The lipo on my abdominal area is looking good, will look even better after swelling is gone, waist is smaller!!! There's one thing I"m not happy about, my upper back, bra rolls! I asked him to please, please, lipo my entire back and it was supposed to be included on quote? I don't think it was touched at all? I would feel it if it was lipoed? When I mentioned that area he said it was loose skin, and I said I agreed some of it was, but, to still please lipo that area aggressively. It wasn't this bad before I gained the 20-lb for SX? So a little disappointed there :( I have read a lot reviews from other girls in RS and this is a common complaint!

Ladies I need a stage-2 garment, I have been researching bit it's overwhelming!! I found one on make me heal and I think I might go for that one? Ladies any suggestions? Help!!

I think the hardest thing for me has been not been able to sit or sleep on my back!! Today I left the house for the second time since SX, first time I driving, it's going to take some getting used to. I rolled up three towels and placed them on seat and used a pillow on back.

I went to Target and bought a boppy pillow. came home tried sitting on it but I think it's too soft, my butt sinks down? I think I will return it? Any suggestions on how to use it? I also bought a body pillow online yesterday, I figured it will help when sleeping on side, will let you know when I get it.

Overall I do see big difference in shape and can't wait to see final results! Will post pictures later, if hubby wants to play photographer?

Body pillow I ordered online

Here is a picture of the body pillow I ordered online. It has good reviews and it was a great price., it's on sale, best price I found! I think it will be great for sleeping on side!

High density foam

I bought this from Amazon, to sit on it while driving or at home, not comfortable, but need to play with it some more!

17-days PO

Hello ladies no major changes since last update. Swelling going down, I weight myself this AM and I was 140.8-lb, so about 8-lb less than my weight right after SX.

More pictures

Just a few more


Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!
Hello ladies, can't believe it's been 3-weeks! Sometimes it feels like it's been longer? Well I had a F/U appt. on Tuesday and I'm free of " the white binder"!! Olga gave me an XS garment/shape wear by Xess!! It's so FN tight!! I have to confess I haven't been wearing the darn thing all the time!! She said to only wear it during day time and take it off to sleep? What do you bbl vets think about this ? I ordered a CG last week, but, have not received it yet!! I have been wearing my stage-1 garment most of the time but it doesn't really compress much!! I don't have much swelling any more, but, I'm sore on all the lipoed areas, especially when I don't wear the shape wear!! Olga said not to do lymphatic massages until after my next appt. on 12/8/13? It doesn't make sense? She said " we don't want the swelling to come back? I thought the purpose of lymphatic massages was to help with swelling? Confused????
Any how, my butt is smaller :( , it is a lot softer, my clothes do fit a lot better, I just hope I don't loose anymore volume!! Thanksgiving day was tough!!! I spent the day with my family, they don't know! So I had to make up a story as to why I couldn't sit!! I wore a long sweater to cover up my butt!
I have been driving more, using boppy pillow, still sleeping on my stomach and I still wake up with swelling around eyes, I don't know what I'm going to do next week when I go back to work! No one at work knows I had SX? I so don't feel ready to go back to work!! I ordered a body pillow and have not received it yet!
These there weeks have been tough on hubby as well. We don't have children so we go out a lot! Well, these last three weeks we have been stuck in the house!! Today I finally went out for a ride down PCH, sat on my boppy, but, was so tired and sore when I got back. I also have been sleeping by myself on a foam twin mattress, it's more comfortable than our bed! I will make it up to him somehow :) Will post pictures later! Happy healing to all!!

3- Week Pics

3-week pics

5-Week update

Hello ladies, sorry I have being MIA. I have being super busy with work and holidays; and really not a whole lot to report. I have lost more volume since my last update, my butt has softened up a lot!! I have noticed a small dent on each side of outter hips! I'm still swollen on abdomen and it still feels tender. I bought a CG and wear it most of the time, although I was told to only wear my XESS garment during day time. I notice if I don't wear it for a few hours my belly swell up!! So, I'll wear it a bit longer, I have also started using a Squeem Vest a few hours a day, it takes some getting used to. I'm still sleeping on my stomach and sides, but, my neck and back muscles are always sore, I can't wait until I can sleep freely and sit!!! I'm using a body pillow and it really helps, I really recommend it!! My husband cut out a lawn chair and I bought a piece of high density foam that I cut out and placed on top of chair and it has being a blessing.

For those of you ladies that are having lipo on inner thighs I would recommend a CG that goes below kneee, the one I have is above knee and at first it would dig into my skin and was noticeable on top of tights/leggings. Also I feel the XESS shape wear that doctor's office gave doesn't provide enough compression for inner thighs and it rolls down, so would not recommend it! Also ladies I think for second stage it's best to buy a CG with no zippers, mine has a front zipper and it's harder to hide under clothes. I think I should've bought the one in picture from previous posting, but, I didn't buy it bcs it was more expensive. Also ladies if you are having SX in LA there's a faja/garment store in Culver City, Fox Hills Mall, "Body Image Shop". I ordered mine online bcs I don't live close and didn't have any appointments.
I'm still using my female urinal when I'm home, I love it! I'm driving udon do rolled up towel and a pillow to support back, this had worked best for me. I'm also using the rolled up towel to sit at office and when I go out to eat, people probably think I'm a weirdo, LOL, whatever!
Good luck to all you ladies having SX soon!! remember that the first coupe of weeks are the toughest, but things will get better.

5-week pics

Here some pictures! As you can see my butt is not huge, but, it us a big Improvement.


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