About 3.5 months PO Dr. Hughes

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Hey ladies! A little bit about myself.. I'm 24 and...

Hey ladies! A little bit about myself.. I'm 24 and have had 3 babies! I had a breast lift/ reduction in February and now I'm ready to get my TT and BBL! I'm 4' 9" (short, I know!) and about 110lbs. I'm moving to California in June so I've decided to go with Dr. Hughes in LA! I sent him pics and he said he could liposuction about 5 liters and inject up to 1200 cc in each cheek! I'm paying my deposit Friday to secure my July 24th date!! I'm so excited! I think having the TT, lipo, and BBL all together is going to make a drastic difference for me!! I can't wait! If anyone has gone to Dr. Hughes please let me know how your experience was! Thanks :)

Paid my deposit!! Woot woot!! Can't wait!! I'm...

Paid my deposit!! Woot woot!! Can't wait!! I'm wondering what the recover is like from a BBL/ TT together is like.. Any ladies care to share their experience??

Secured the funds for my surgery today!! Can't...

Secured the funds for my surgery today!! Can't believe it's actually happening!! So excited and I can't wait!!

10 days till my face to face consult!! Surgery July 25th~~~ Dr. Hughes

Just moved to Cali a few days ago!!! Paid my deposit a couple months ago!! Surgery July 25th and my face to face consult is June 24!!! Can't wait for Hughes to work his magic on me!! I will post pre op pics soon :)

Surgery is 7/24 not 7/25

I mixed my dates up!! Consult is June 25 surgery is July 24 I think!! I will have to call the office and double check!!

Before pics!

Hey ladies here are my before pics!! Can't wait to have a flat tummy and nice booty!!

Consult Tomorrow!!

My consult is tomorrow at 1!! Meeting Dr. Hughes for the first time!!! So excited!! Surgery is less than a month away!!!

Had my consult/ pre op today!!!!

Met Dr. Hughes today!!!! Paid my surgery in full and got my blood work done!! Now all I have left to do is wait for July 24th!! He is doing 1200 cc in each cheek and 240 in each hip!!!! Plus tummy tuck!!! So excited! He said 1200 is going to give me a huge booty cuz I'm only 4 foot 9 and my butt is short and skinny!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!


Forgot to mention I bought Arnica from the med spa there! Adam said it works great so I picked some up!!! Hopefully it helps!!!

Here is the wish pic I showed Dr. Hughes

Hey ladies!! When I had my consult yesterday I had totally forgot to bring my wish pic!!! Silly right??!! Anyways I was looking at wish pics on here today and I took a screen shot of this booty cuz I love it!! Can't remember which one I got it from!!! Anyways I e-mailed it to doctor Hughes and told him I wanted this shape only a little bigger!! He emailed me back within the hour and said he can get a similar shape and he thinks mine will be bigger since I'm getting 1200 cc!!! I'm so excited and I love that he e-mails back so quickly!!

Adding BA!!

Hey ladies! So I decided to also get Saline breast implants during my BBL and TT! I had already paid the $12,000 for the BBL and TT so the BA is adding $3,500 so my total cost is $15,500! It's a lot but I think it's worth it!! Dr. Hughes makes great bootys and has amazing credentials!! So now I have to schedule another consult to decide what implants I want!!! I am so excited this really is gonna be a full body makeover!!! I had a lift/ reduction in feb and they look good but they're too small and I want that round "fake" shape!! I'm a small C now looking to go to a D so I won't be getting very large implants... July 24 needs to hurry up and get here!!

Hurry up!!!!

Meh!!!! July 24th seems too far away!!!! I'm so ready for my surgery!!!!! This is gonna be the best mommy makeover ever!!! I know Dr.Hughes is gonna do a great job! I just can't wait to have nice boobs, tiny waist and a big round booty!!! I will post pre op pics of boobs later!!

Where can I get foam to cut out and sit/ lay on

Hey ladies I need to figure out how I'm going to be positioned during recovery since I can't lay on my back or stomache... Anyone know where I can get a large piece of foam or something to cut out a butt area? I'm getting a TT/ bbl/ BA and don't want to compromise my results. Thanks!

Bought some high density foam cushions

Bought some high density foam cushions hubby is going to cut out the middle for me so I can lay on my back after surgery.. Since I'm getting a TT, BA, and hip injections I can't lay on my stomach or side.. I will let y'all know after my surgery how they work out!

Waiting impatiently!!!

Hey ladies! So I've just been purchasing some last minute supplies and getting my house organized!!! My surgery is coming up very soon and I just can't wait! For some reason I am just so anxious and I just wanna get the surgery over with and start healing!!!

One week!!!!!

Starting my arnica today!!! Ahhhh my surgery date is so close!!!!


I can't wait!! The suspense is killing me!! Almost time tho!


I can't sleep!!!! I have so much to do this weekend to get everything ready for my surgery Wesnesday and I can't fall asleep cuz I'm laying in bed thinking about everything I have to do!!! I just can't wait for Wednesday so I can get the surgery over with and start healing!! The anticipation is killer!!

Few days left any tips?

Ladies my surgery is only a few days away!!! Anyone who has already had these procedures have any tips for me??!!

Maxi dress!

Bought a few maxi dresses today since I heard that's what is easiest to wear during recovery. Got a super stretchy size large gray one hopefully it fits all the new booty and boobs while they're swollen!!! Lol

First of the day!!

So I just got off the phone with Adam and confirmed I am the first surgery of the day!!! Gotta be there at 6:45 am on Wednesday!!! AHHHH I am so ready for this!! Hurry up Wednesday!!!!

It's time!!!

I'm on my way to my surgery!!! Woot woot!!! In about 2.5 hours I will be getting my makeover!! Wish me luck! I'm so excited/ nervous!!! Will update when I am conscious again! Lol

Made it!!

Super drowsy and tired will post pics when I'm up to it. Everything went well.

This pain is no joke!

My butt is sore but it is mostly the tummy tuck that is killer! Even with the Percocet I'm in a decent amount of pain. Dr hughes said he took the max fat out (5 liters) put 1200 CC in each but cheek, and 240 CC in each hip plus I got 400 CC saline implants! So I guess it's not unreasonable that I'm in pain lol. Right now my butt looks HUGE but I'm sure it's because of swelling and the pads on it... It will go down also cuz it's really hard/ near impossible not to put pressure on it with me having the tummy tuck and hip injections. I can't lay on my side because of the hip injections but hubby cut out high density foam but there is still pressure on my butt even in there


By the way thanks for all the well wishes and congrats I am just way too tired to respond individually to each right now. My last update wore me out but thanks I really appreciate it ladies :)

Correction on size of implants

I actually got 430 CC in each side


Still in a lot of pain! I think I definitely underestimated the amount of pain I would be in...

Pain is mostly from tummy tuck

I think if I hadn't gotten the tummy tuck I wouldn't be in so much pain but from what I can see so far even with swelling the TT was worth it! Plus instead of opening the scars from my BL/ BR back up for my BA he put the implants in my breast through my tummy when he was doing the tummy tuck. That's why my arms and chest muscles are so so sore! Plus right now my noobs are so hight! I just can't wait for dropping/ fluffing/ elimination of swelling so I can see what I'm working with!! But I'm realistic and know that will be a little while still

A little better each day

Hey ladies I'm feeling pretty decent today compared to how I was feeling. Today I think the most pain is actually coming from my left breast. It feels almost like a knot that needs massaged at my armpit/ breast if that makes any sense... Lol it's the best way I can describe it. My one week post op appt is Wednesday hopefully they take my drains out. I know a lot of people on here complain of drains but they honestly haven't bothered me much. I just want them out so I can shower!!! My husband has been so amazing. Going into this surgery I never knew I was going to be so dependent on him but I have needed his help with EVERYTHING yes EVerything even going to the bathroom but he is so sweet and attentive and doesn't make me feel bad about it. Last night he was changing my dressings and I said "Babe I'm so sorry I didn't realize I would need so much help and I bet changing my dressings is real sexy right" and he responded with " you know I love taking care of you and I don't mind doing this at all." The best part was I could tell he fully meant it. Anyways it is VERY important to have someone you trust and who really cares about you to take care of you after surgery.

Obviously still way swollen but here's a pic

Here's a pic.. 4 days PO very hard to stand right now and I'm of course very swollen but I think I can tell I'm going to have a nice hourglass shape when my breasts drop, I can stand up straight, and the swelling is gone!!!

6 days PO

I am much better today than I was yesterday. Yesterday I was in pain, Whiney, irritable, and depressed. Today I still have pain but its a little less each day. I am hating this binder I want a regular garment I think the binder doesn't fit me cuz my torso is so short it's like pushing up on my boobs which isn't good cuz I had BA too. So hopefully tomorrow I can see about getting a new garment and getting my drains out cuz I wanna shower!!!

Had my Post op today

My next appt is the 12th my drains should come out then. Even tho I still have them it is ok to shower now which is a big plus! They showed me how to wear my binder the correct way so it is much more comfortable and the nurse said my tummy tuck incision looks great! I'm also posting a pic of my booty!!! It is HUGE because I'm super swollen but with time and fluffing I think it will look fabulous!!!

8 days PO

Not much to report today. My boobs are still pretty high. The most painful thing is this frieking binder I swear it digs into my hip bone and rib cage it's like a constant pain. Still waiting for the bottom of my butt to round out but I'm sure that will take a while. Im a stomach sleeper so not being able to sleep on my stomach has been killer!!! Ugh but other than those few little things all is well I'm just ready to be done healing!!!

So excited!!

So the last couple days both sides have been draining less than 10cc every 24 hours. My next post op wasn't scheduled till the 13th which seemed like FOREVER to keep the drains in especially since I'm not draining much. So I called Adam and he talked to Dr. Hughes and he said they can come out sooner than the 13th!! So I'm going in Thursday at 1 to get my drains out!! Hopefully it doesn't hurt much!!


Got my drains out today!! Wasn't too bad!! I feel a lot better!! My shape is coming along very nicely!! I can't wait for the swelling to go down in my tummy!! My waist is tiny tho!! It's looking good cant wait for my final results!!!!

Feeling better!!

Every day I fell a little better!! I don't have much discomfort when I have my binder on but when I take it off to shower my back/ stomach feel so weak and I have to kind of stand a little bent over at the hips. When the binder is on I can stand straight. My stomach is still very swollen but my waist is tiny!! My butt is finally rounding out so everything is coming together!! So far it looks like Dr. Hughes did an absolute AMAZING job! I saw some of my pre op pics at my last appt and OMG when I looked at those it really made me realize how different/ better I look already!!! I just can't wait to see everything when all the swelling is gone cuz I know it's gonna be great!! I will try to post a pic either today or tomorrow. Hubby isn't home right now to take one. Hope all is well with the other ladies in recovery right now!! Recovering from a TT is hard work for sure!!! I highly recommend Dr. Hughes!! He is awesome and great at what he does!! I have e- mailed him many many times and I think the longest I have had to wait for a response was 1 hour but most of the time it's within minutes!

Loving my new body!!

Get ladies!! So I'm loving my results so far!!! It's such a big difference from my before bod!!! My stomach is still swollen which is to be expected after a TT but my waist looks so tiny!!! Even with swelling I look so much better than before. By left breast is settling in nicely but my right seems to be pretty high still but I have an appt on thurs so we will see. I can tell hubby loves my new body too!!! He's always touching my butt!! Haha now that I have one!!! And he loves my boobs!! Lol he acts like a kid who just got new toys!! Recovery is rough at first and it's a lot of work and you have to have someone who is patient to take care of you but it's soooo worth it!!


Shows how small my waist is and my swelling isn't all gone yet. I'm happy!

For some reason pic didn't post

Can't wait to workout!!

As soon as I get the ok to workout I'm so hitting the gym cuz I hate my arms!!! Lol I just need to tone them they bug me!! I don't think I have enough fat on my arms to justify liposuction so I suppose I will do it the old fashioned way!! Lol

Yay!! No more binder!!

So I went to my appt today and Olga was amazed at how small my waist is!!! And I'm so glad I don't have to wear the bulky binder anymore I just have to wear a girdle! My next appt is in 3 months. I went next door and got my massage omg was it killer on my sides!! I have to massage them and other areas twice a day to get them to soften up!!

Jeans are a no go right now

I went shopping yesterday and my booth is too big for jeans!! I was able to get begging a over my booty but to fit the butt they were too loose on the waist!!! So I didn't buy jeans or jeggings yet cuz I'm sure my butt is still gonna go down a little but!! Everyday my swelling goes down a little but and I am so in love with my new body!! Best decision I have ever made and I am so glad I chose Dr. Hughes!!!


Idk why it auto corrected butt to booth lol


Begging is supposed to be jeggings lol

Just checking in

Everything is going great! When I wake up in the morning my tummy is so flat but it swells so much throughout the day!! Can't wait till all the swelling is over with!!! Excited to be feeling 100% normal again!!! The difference in the way my body looks pre op to post op is crazy!! Dr. Hughes is great!!

Gonna post pre op pics

So I really HATE my pre op body but I'm gonna post some pre op pics just so you can see what a drastic change I have!! I was soooo square!!! Tomorrow morning hopefully I can get some current pics. In the morning when I wake up my tummy is sooo flat but I swell a lot throughout the day.

Comparison pic

Not the best pic hubby didn't feel like playing photographer this morning ;) but it just shows you the drastic difference Dr. Hughes was able to make on my body!! I think I'm 7 weeks post op now! I will try to get a better pic of my butt later but this will work for now :) BTW the stretch marks you see on my booty were there before surgery.

Loving my booty!!

Best pics I could get hubby to take lol


So I saw Dr. Hughes yesterday! He said everything looks great and is healing well!!! Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow I can post some recent pics!!! He is sooo good at what he does! I'm so glad I picked him as my surgeon cuz I really don't think I would have gotten synch great results with another dr!!!! I'm feeling pretty good just a couple spots that are still tender. All the pain was completely worth it and my self confidence is through the roof! Getting these procedures done is one of the best decisions I've ever made! And if I ever want anything else done I'm definitely going back to hughes! I may want my booty a little bigger!! It's fantastic right now but one day I may just want it bigger!!! Lol

Been a while since I have updated!!

Figured I would share some pics :)


I think in this pic it looks like I need some upper abdominal lipo and arm lipo! LOVE my lower tummy and how flat/ tight it is! And Dr.Hughes did a great job with the incision! Nice straight scar and super low!

3.5 months PO

So I'm about 3.5 months post op and I am definitely loving my new bod!!! It's crazy how much Dr. Hughes was able to change my body!! I love having a butt!!! I love it so much I might want it bigger!!! I had 1200 cc put in each cheek so it totally gave me a new/ great booty shape!! But I think I'm getting what some have referred to on here as "Booty Greed!" Lol seriously tho! Too soon to make any final decisions anyways since I'm only 3.5 months post op but I think I'm gonna email Dr.Hughes and see what he thinks! Between my thighs, arms, and upper abdomen I'm sure I have enough fat for a second round! Hubby thinks by booty is huge already tho so he may take some convincing :) does anyone know if Dr. Hughes gives a "repeat customer" discount?! Lol.

More pics

Not the best pics but I was taking them myself :) just an idea of how small my waist is :) ignore the lines it's from my leggings under my tank top :)

Considering a second bbl

So late Saturday night I emailed Dr. Hughes and he emailed me back in literally less than 5 min ( I love his quick response!) and I told him I lovey new body and was considering getting a second BBL. I just saw him a few weeks ago. His response was another one? Do you have enough fat? Haha not losing it felt good to hear that he wasn't sure if I would have enough fat. He told me to come in and he would take a look and see if there was anywhere to take fat from. My guess is the only place would be thighs and arms since I didn't have them done yet. And I do want to clarify Dr. Hughes did an AMAZING job the first time around! He took out 5 liters of fat, put 1200cc in each cheek, and 240 CC in each hip! The only reason I'm considering getting a second one if I even have enough fat is because apparently I have "booty greed" as ppl on here like to call it!! Lol! If I don't have enough fat for a second one I won't be too bummed cuz that just means I'm not fat!!! Lol


I meant not lying.. Haha not losing
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes is great!!! He responds very quick to e- mails and is AMAZING at what he does!!!

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