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Hello everyone, I am getting a BBL with Dr....

Hello everyone,

I am getting a BBL with Dr. Hazani! He is going to harvest fat from my back, abdomen, flanks and thighs. This procedure will be done next year on March 21, 2016. A little bit of background, I am a student and I'm currently 22 years old. I will be 23 when this procedure takes place.

I have had a breast augmentation on March 16, 2015 (of this year) by Dr. Kenneth Hughes. He did an amazing job and I was planning to get my BBL with him. This was back when he was at Boris Cosmetics. I found out he had moved to Beverly Hills and saw that his prices sky rocketed. I remember he was charging $8,500 for a BBL(only including abdomen liposuction, additional chargers for other areas) but now that he moved to Beverly Hills, he is charging $10,500 for a BBL(only including abdomen liposuction). I immediately began my search else where. I looked into Dra. Duran (from Dominican Republic), Dr. Salama (from florida) and other doctors that have many photos, experience, and reviews. Hazani stood out. Amazing reviews, not crazy expensive, great location (I live in Santa Ana, CA).

I went for my consultation last Sunday. He is such an awesome and nice guy. I remember when I had my consultation with Hughes, he was so rushed and I felt like I was bothering him. But I know surgeons are crazy busy. When I was welcomed by Hazani, I was shocked by his mannerism. He was nice and my consultation was pleasant! He showed me pictures of his past work and it was amazing! Answered any questions and made me feel very comfortable! It was a much better experience being my second consultation ever.

When I went home after my consultation, all I did was talk about him to my sister and my mother. They were really impressed by him. My mom was so impressed that she will be making a consultation appointment soon for the same procedure.

I'll keep you guys updated! I already recommend Dr. Hazani! He's the man.

Adding before pictures

To those who are curious! I was a little bummed that Dr. Hazani advised for me to get fat from my thighs. Reasons are because of prolongued recovery time and price. But he knows best, I trust his judgement more than mine when it comes to this. My measurements are currently 34.5-32-36. I have that rectangle body. Dr. Hazani said that because there isn't a lot of skin on my butt, that a GIANT Kim K or Nicki Minaj ass wouldn't be possible. Only logical. I was looking more for an hour glass figure and didnt want something looking so unnatural. He grabbed the skin on my butt and pulled it back and told me that that's how big my butt would get. It depends on your skin elasticity. I can't wait for surgery :) Again, I am getting fat from my back, flanks, abdomen and thighs.

Just some updates...

My mom was so impressed by my consultation that she has scheduled a consult January 20. I am going with her because her english is not good so I will help to translate. I'm excited to see Hazani again, I also will ask other questions I had forgotten to ask him.

So I am getting surgery on March 21, which is on a Monday. I start school the following Monday. So I only get 7 days of complete rest for my butt. On the first week of school I am going to tell my professors I got back surgery(not butt LOL) and that I won't be able to sit down. Imagine I did, "Hello professor, I got surgery to get that PHAT ASS I've always wanted, but I won't be able to sit down on it during the first week on class cause I need them fat cells to live." Hahaha. I will ask them if I can stand in the back of class during lecture. What do you guys think of that? My classes are very heavy with information and I cannot afford to miss one day of lecture. I am not a genius and my major is very difficult so that is why I will still go to school and stand the whole day. If my major was easy I would not even bother going to school lol. But I will be learning Computer Architecture and Language Translation and Automata. No way I can learn that on my own.

If for some reason my professors are being assholes (which they have been in the past), I will use this method to sit on the desk.

Skip to 00:58 seconds.

I will buy the sausage shaped pillow and just take it with me everywhere. But that is last resort and I highly doubt that I will have to go to that scenario.

Other than that I have gained about 5lbs. I weighed around 135lbs when I went to see Hazani, now I weigh 140. I will keep it at 140-145 because if I start gaining more weight, my face will start to bloat. I know this because my heaviest was at 165lbs. And although it doesn't sound like a lot, it was very evident on my face (double chin). I don't want to lipo my chin haha.

All those Hazani girls that are getting surgery soon are in my thoughts and I have been following you! I literally read Hazani's reviews everyday, looking for new patients and read their stories as well. And I've read all of Dr. Hazani's reviews on real self. Thank you for sharing your stories because it makes me happy to share mine. We will all become Hazani Dolls soon. :)

Just some more pics

These are my "problematic" areas. I want this area lipo'ed clean!!! Surgery is about a month away. Can it be March 21 already. Lol I will post some pics of my flat butt some other time. I remember when I met Dr. Hazani. He told me, "Unfortunately you suffer from flat butt syndrome." Lol. I told him, "thats exactly what my mom tells me." I hope the photos upload properly, im uploading it through the app on my phone.

Can it be March 21 already?

Payment is sorted, Labs are done and they are normal! So from reading this site I'll get arnica gel and tablets for swelling and a bunch of chux pads for leakage. Anything else? I know I am forgetting something. Any who, more body photos! I was 135 when I went for my consult and now I am 150......... I am going to lose 5 pounds because I just feel that I should. I think I got too excited with him saying its ok to gain weight, going to cut back a bit cause I went a lil crazy. I HATE THESE PICTURES!!! I feel so disgusting, in addition to thigh lipo, I think I want to get my arms lipoed. He never said anything about my arms but now they got bigger because i gained 15 pounds! Feeling gross. But it'll be worth it.

Sugery coming up......

Hey guys, I'm pretty scared about surgery. Its this Monday and I'm just being scared and paranoid. I'm sure everyone goes through it. I have so much faith in Hazani. Big special thanks and shout outs to classiccurves, bootyhopeful, hazanidoll421, caliasianbooty, and other reviewers that have helped me go through this process. At first I was sooo excited, now I am scared!

Surgery is at 7am Monday. Currently I am in San Fransisco with friends right now, I return sunday evening/night. I was not planning to go but said "why not?" going to be healing and in pain/boredom following Monday.


Tips on where should I park? Surgery is tomorrow 7am!

1440 per cheek

pics soon, sleep time xoxo


is that a smiley face on my ass? lol swollen, in a lot of pain. going to take meds again. feeling sooo miserable but ill be fine. thanks for caring everyone xoxo

Tried to shower

Got super dizzy, I had to stop because the water going over my front incisions were burning. And I felt sick. Ignore my last update. Real self has a little bit of flaws with not being able to delete or edit.

Tried to shower

Tried to shower right after this video
Got super dizzy, I had to stop because the water going over my front incisions were burning. And I felt sick. I had my other update deleted but I knew one of you girls asked a question, feel free to ask me anything :) I think it was referring from driving from the OC to LA Beverly Hills. Leave EARLY! Sorry I got that updated deleted, I didn't mean to.

sorry i haven't been able to respond with a detailed update

idk how you girls do it, it's been a painful ride (i know its worth it) once I am feeling better I will reply to you all with a super detailed update. I admire you all who went through this. Btw Get lipo foam! It is such a life saver! The black binder is a little harsh on the skin. I have been trying to walk around but my legs and booty hurt too much. I've been sleeping and napping so much, my mom tells me to try and get up and walk around, and I do try, but I get really dizzy and feel very sick and only feel better when I lay down and nap. I don't have much vaginal swelling, and that is probably because I am always laying down on my tummy. I miss sitting down, my appetite is not quite back yet. I haven't had a bowel movement but then again I haven't really eaten much. I hope I get the strength to write a really detailed review so that it could benefit those who will have a bbl soon. xoxo


Without the binder on.
Here are more videos and pictures. I will leave a text update later on today about my experience. I am able to walk around now and I have some appetite so I am going to try walking as much as I can right now and have some dinner. I'll update soon. This definitely ain't no walk in the park. >_


Prices dropped back to $7900 :)

Lipo Foam

Lipo Foam
That Black waist binder we get is very rough and makes deep creases on our skin. I definitely recommend lipo foam because it'll smooth out your skin. Please buy it if you are getting a BBL soon. It will make your journey more comfortable.

Should I start massaging?

There are dents in right side on my stomach and thigh. Should I start massaging those or just keep the compression on? Thank you.

i feel like

kim k or blacchyna. Booty too big, I tried on a dress and almost has a panic attack lol. But I just had surgery, so it should def go down and unswell. :) so when does swelling go down and booty tenderness return for you bbl vets? I have to return to school wearing nothing but flannels because things thang is way to crazy right now.

More pic

please SHRINK and fluff. this is way too much for me. healing is a hard process :/ i wish i could sit down and do regular stuff.

Saw Dr. Hazani Today

for only like 5 minutes. Lol! Completely my fault! Appoinment was at 8:15am and i got there at like 8:47am. I left at 6:30am hoping to beat traffic, but nope. It rained, and rain just slows things down on the double. I can never win. Lol. I am surprised Hazani squeezed me in for time because he was about to start surgery on a patient. Very, very nice doctor. And it's comforting seeing him. I adressed my concerns about the denting and the huge butt, he assured me that dents will go away, that I should make another appointment in 2 weeks, he will then teach me how to massage. He said I am still swollen and it'll take weeks. I had a bunch of other questions to ask him but forgot because I was super time crunched. Do you guys know when it is acceptable to start driving and sitting on it? I don't plan to sit at all on my butt, but I plan to start driving next week. I am wearing the leonisa garment. He gave me a size medium. Putting it on is ok, but when I hit the stomach part I feel like im going to die. He told me that garnment is 6 weeks and black binder over garmenr for 2 weeks. He seemed pleased with the way things were looking. He said I had no seromas, and I personally feel that is probably because I spent the first few days laying down on my stomach not doing anything. Idk how you girls were walking about and around. You guys are super women lol. I stayed laying on my tummy for hours, I tried standing but I couldnt. I felt like I was going to pass out. Im more independant now. I can shower on my own and pick up things (veryyyy slowly though) and i can change on my own(slowly though). I can't wait for the booty to get soft because right now it's as stiff as basketballs lol

Starting massages...

New Body
For how long should I massage and when should I start them? Do you guys have any tips on massaging? I am about to hit two weeks and I haven't called to make an appointment. I shall do so tomorrow.

I get a few private messages regarding my operation. I'll address it here incase I don't log on and see messages. I never told Hazani what I wanted or showed him any wish pics before the surgery. I did send him wish pics through email but I am pretty sure he forgot about those since it was a while ago, he didn't bring it up before surgery and I didn't even bother bringing it up or describing. I had wish pics on my phone but I left my phone with my mom. I was so nervous I didn't even care at that point. He began to draw on me before surgery and asked me, "Do you want hips?" And I said "Yes, I hate my broad shoulders" and away in the operating room I went. I don't even remember knocking out. I remember for my BA I felt the anesthesia and felt like I was really high before knocking out, but for this surgery I don't even remember anything until waking up. If you guys have any questions ask away :) I haven't really gotten to writing a super detailed review and I feel kinda bad that I didn't. But even reading as many reviews won't prepare you as going through it on your own. I have probably read every review on real self regarding Hazani, and even after reading everything about the pain, holy moly the pain was unexpected, even after mentally preparing from these reviews. I lagged on taking vitamins and using all my arnica gel. The most important thing you will probably need is pee pee pads, DEFINITELY get a pee funnel!!! and lipo foam.

Also, I was 30 min to my appointment. I was supposed to arrive at 7am but arrived at 730am. Debbie had told me that if you're more than 15 min late that you will be charged a $1000 fee. I probably got all my paper work done in like 2 minutes due to last minute panic and got prepared in 5 minutes. Hazani arrived at 8am. I was not charged at all. But this is good to know, I didn't think that I would be late, but I am sure that if I knew about that $1000 policy I would have been there super early. Please don't fuck up like I did and be late :)

Also the pair of pjs that I took (biggest I had) did not fit after surgery, they have extremely loose surgical shorts that they can give you, opt for those so you don't squeeze you butt with your clothing :)

Sorry for the late update

Ive been meaning to update soon but then I get over it bc im busy OR i cant take good pics! i swear my body looks bomb af and then i try to take pics and it just doesnt look the way it is. Lucky today I took some pics with a short dress on and body looking good! My butt jiggles a lot now. I love it. i am sooo in love with my results. Honestly could not have gotten a better job done. Its amazing. I started excersising like i think close to the 4th week even though Hazani said I could start running after 5 weeks. I got too impatient. I love jogging. I usually jog 4 miles. The first time i went jogging I was dying at 2 miles, but then the day after i was able to run my routine 4 miles. It was hard especially since I stopped running way before my surgery to gain weight. but the booty looks fine, im pretty sure it didnt mess up anything. for the first month i did not sit on my butt except for driving to school (with bbl pillow). I always stayed standing in class, and then id usually study in the library by finding a couch and laying down on it. the first day my body hurt soooo much from standing and my whole body was sore, but now im so used to standing. after a month I text hazani and asked him how long i can sit on my butt for after 4 weeks and he said "unrestricted" ive been able to sit down just fine. i always get paranoid if i sit for too long thinking my butt with dent or get smaller. but it has stayed the same. I take my measurement and analyze my butt everytime i sit. Also i tend to try to put a lot of weight on my thighs. its just habit. i dont like sitting thought because it kinda makes your stomach hold onto skin folds. and it kinda hurts still. i think i slept on my back for a bit, when i woke up i took my measurements and everything was the same :) i was at 150 and dropped down to 142 pounds. i lost weight proportionately :) my butt was not the first to go! i was so happy bc my arms and face looked fat and it went away. but i have not been good about my diet, im at 145 now so i gotta start eating healthy again(ugh over it) when i lost weight i lost .5 inches of my waist, .5inches off my hips and .5 inches off the booty. and including my face and arms getting smaller. the weight loss to my booty was NOT noticeable, but yet my face and arms looked smaller. im going to try and lose weight and stay at 140 bc my arms are thinner and my face looks skinner. i used to corset train with real steel boned corsets religiously before. it works, it worked very well for me but i was waist training like 22/7 everyday. im trying to get back into it. after two weeks of my operation i txt hazani when i could corset train with a steep boned corset, he replied with "today" so that was the green light to start waist training. (at 2 weeks) its such a hassle but it really works. you just have to be patient and deal with the pain of your floating ribs moving into position. the dent on my waist has gotten sooo much better. the one on my thigh is kinda getting better. i have some bumps on my stomach, on my lower right side. those really bother me but im giving it time because i hear that they can take up to months to get better. my booty has dropped, looks natural, has that jiggle when i walk. i cannot be more thankful for that man Hazani. im considering to do arm lipo and hopefully he can get the fat around the armpit area too(although after research i heard that that area does not respond well to lipo because it is excess skin, not fat) but i can just hope its fat. i get so much attention now wherever i go. obviously from guys. at school guys try to talk to me all the time, or when im running at the park, or anywhere really. its so new to me because i never ever got this attention when i was bootyless. the power of the booty. if you have any questions just ask :) im happy to answer

Side by side comparison.

My man crush everyday is Dr. Hazani! Like seriously! I could cry! My results are amazing! Look what he created. I am forever thankful. If I ever want any more work done in the future, I am definitely going to Dr. Hazani.


loving this booty
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Professional, friendly, talented, welcoming. My consultation with Dr. Hazani went well; I was so impressed with his work that I paid my deposit right after the consultation. Staff is so nice to me, I had such a great experience with them. Hazani is a very busy busy man, but with the price and quality that he offers, of course he will be extremely busy. I do not regret going with him. He went above my expectations, and you can see with my before and after photos. I had no shape, box body, fat in all the wrong places and he fixed that. Because of the work that he has done to me, my sister is planning on getting her nose job with him, my mother already has her date locked for her BBL and my cousin is planning on getting a BA with him. If I decide to do any more work in the future, I will definitely go to him. Thank you Dr. Hazani, best surgeon in Beverly Hills!

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