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I am a very petite African American female mother...

I am a very petite African American female mother of two adult children who decided to be the best me I can be. Although I am 4'11 and 110 lbs my body type carried stubborn fat around my midsection and my butt needed to be a bigger and rounder. Even though I exercised regularly I didn't get all the results I wanted so I went to Dr Dennis Dass.
Dr Dass is amazing. I had my consultation in January and my procedure on Monday. I'm 5 days in but immediately I saw the body I believe I'm going to have and am super excited. I know there is a lot of swelling but I know that he has given me the body I've always wanted. Beyonce and J-lo look out. Lol.
Thanks Dr Dass and your amazing team. You are the best.

Pre op pics 2 mo before BBL and Lipo. Gained a few lbs extra to make sure I had enough fat to transfer. Sorry I didn't do mea

These are pics I took of myself a few months prior to actually having the surgery. They were done in April 2014.

8 days post op

Hi ladies,
Here are my pics taken this morning 8 days after surgery. A lot of my swelling is going down however I had a horrible night last night because I tried to sleep on my stomach due large hemorrhoids from sitting in the lounge chair that I cut the butt out of. Sorry if that's TMI, but I think you should know this in case you planned on doing the same.
Other than that, I think I feel ok considering and at this point am glad that I chose not to do the TT with this procedure. I wore the same panties and bra this morning so you can see the difference in my body shape now. Do to forget though, there is still swelling and bruising.

12 days postoperative

Well ladies here's my 4th of July update with pics. Noticed more bruising on my right side. Both butt cheeks are hard and stiff so I asked how soon I could begin massages and was told by 2nd week so I'll schedule some this week. Other than that, I'm just waiting on it to soften and drop.
Plus I'm so tired of sleeping on my stomach. Can't wait for things to be back to normal.

15 days postoperative

Well ladies I'm at day 15 postoperative. I had a lymphatic massage yesterday. It was very painful at first but as the areas bagan to loosen, it actually felt better towards the end of the massage. I was told to get one at least once a week. I think I had more pain and swelling later last night though. It was another bad night. I'm off my pain meds now and just taking an occasional naproxen. I'm also really tired of sleeping on my stomach. My shoulders are very sore. Can anyone out there in booty land tell me when it's ok to start sleeping on your back. I'm not sure I'm going to make a few more weeks like this. I took some more pics last night and a few today in a jumper. I'm still swollen and my abs are on fire.

4 weeks post op BBL, Fat Transfer

Hi ladies,
I'm exactly 4 weeks today. Yay!!!! I made it. It was not easy. So my abds are still lumpy and sore. Much of the swelling has subsided. My left butt cheek for whatever reason has a small dent about an inch and a half linear. Otherwise, I feel great and am finally able to sit comfortably and more importantly sleeeep. Here are my new photos in a dress getting ready to go out to lunch. I still say Dr Dass is the best. Thanks Dr Dass. My waist is measuring 26 my hips are at 40. Overall, I'm extremely happy.

7 weeks postoperative

Hello again ladies,
Well here is my 7 week update with pics. My measurements are waist 28 and hips 39 1/2. I am still a bit swollen and lumpy in my abdominal area. My butt has fluffed as much as it's going to I guess. I see my doctor for my final visit tomorrow. If there are any changes I will update again. Otherwise I am very pleased with my results and the great job that Dr Dass did. He's the very best.

September 13, 2014

Hello ladies,
It's been about a month since I last updated. My abdomen is getting smaller and smaller everyday. For some reason I stay hungry all of the time but can only eat small portions. Most of the swelling is gone from my abs. As a matter of fact a lot has gone away since my last update however those areas, mostly on my sides, are still tender and have some bruising remaining where the swelling was. I'm not sure if that is normal to still have bruising. I will have to talk with Dr Dass. Overall, I feel great. My abs measure 28 and my hips are 38 1/2. Here are pics from today.

98 days post-op

Hi ladies. I'm 98 days post op. My abs measure 27 1/2 inches and my hips are measuring 40 right now. It seems to change almost weekly. I find that I tend to retain fluid more right now so I'm trying to back off of the salt and drink more water. I think this will be my last update. Good luck to all of you who choose to have this procedure done. Thanks again to Dr Dass and his team. I'm very happy with my results.

4 months postop

Hi again ladies. Hope all is well. I know I said I wasn't going to update for a while but I received a few request to continue my updates so here goes. Although I didn't take measurements this week I will tell you that I started going back to the gym yesterday and I'm really sore today. I guess I over did it a bit but I truly believe with most of the fat gone from my abds, I feel really sore along those muscles. I also am still noticing a small area on my right side that is swollen and tender. I'm going to give it another month then I'll have a discussion with my doctor.
Anyway I've added a few pics from tonight. Here goes.

October 16, 1014 update

Hi ladies,
Sorry I didn't get to you on Friday. I just wanted to get back with you on my latest discovery. So I took measurements today and my waist is 27 inches and my hips are at 39. So not much change at all in volume lost, however, seeing as though I opted out of having a tummy tuck but now I've noticed even with the 1/2 inch I lost since my last measurement update, I've noticed some sagging in my lower abdomen at my bikini line. I thought it only fair to take pics without clothes to show you exactly what I'm talking about.
I received a recent comment from someone stating that Dr Dass consulted with them to do smart lipo. I don't believe that's what he did on my I just had the tumescent I believe. I'll have to ask or look for my postoperative docs if I can find them. Anyway from the recent research I did it looks like smart lipo actually tightens the skin and perhaps Dr Dass has just discovered this. I don't know. Since I'm 50 years old, not that concerned as my 2 piece bathing suit covers that and I'm not going to be out and about in any crop tops.
I understand there are still more changes to come over the next 2-3 months so I will definitely keep you posted.

21 weeks-5 1/2 mos postop

Hi ladies. Here's my new update. So my measurements have not changed at all. Still 27 1/2 - 28" in the waist and 39 1/2 in the butt The good in that is I haven't lost any volume however I'm not getting bigger in my butt and here's why I think that is. So I started eating everything I wanted as I love food. That's my passion. If it's not flavorful I'm not eating it. Unfortunately I began to notice my butt getting a little bigger which was great but do was my upper back right under my bra line. So I reviewed my postop docs and realized that only my lower back was lipo'd so unfortunately when I start gaining any weight, it goes to that area as well which makes me puffier in that area. So disappointing. I know I'm not going to be cut on again but now I have to find out from my Dr at my 6 month visit if there is another non-surgical procedure he can do that will dissolve that fat, do that my butt can do what it should be doing and that is getting BIGGER!!!!!!
Be sure to have your Dr do upper and lower back for best results. Maybe I didn't have much fat in my upper back in the beginning but Im certainly noticing it now so I'm constantly watching what I eat and I really don't want to have to do that. If anyone has any ideas that don't require surgery please share. I've loaded pics from today. I'm a veteran so I just came back from dinner. Happy Veterans Day to all of you who served or have loved ones who've served.

21 week update continued

Please ignore the typos. Stupid auto correct. I hope you all knew what I was trying to say. ????

6 month update

Hi again ladies. Happy Friday. Well here are my measurements from today. I was excited that my butt is now 40 1/2". Unfortunately my waist also grew an inch after indulging in so many Thanksgiving Treats and is now 29". I didn't think that was possible because I was told lipo was permanent. Anyway, back to the gym I go. Here are pics from today. I mentioned that I have to still have my right side looked at for possibly more lipo as I'm not happy with the way it looks. I still have the 1" dimple on my left butt cheek but I can live with that.

6 month postop with pics

Hi ladies. I took meaduremts today. My butt is 40 1/2" and my waist is 29". I was happy to see the added inch toy butt, however not so much around my waist. Thought this lipo was permanent. I have a follow up next week. I'll keep you posted. Not opposed to having that spot smatlipo'd. Sri have the 1" dimple on my left butt cheek but go figure. My husband things that gives it an even more natural look.

12 months postoperative BBL

Hi ladies,
Wow has it been a while. Well not much to report other than my consultations with both Dr Dass and Dr Hughes the first of the year. I decided to give my results a full year before I made any decisions to go back for a revised lipo to my right side. I've decided I will have that one area done over plus I'm going to add my upper back and bra area. Due to my new job unfortunately I won't be able to go in until December. I'll keep you posted. Any way, I'm adding a few pics. My measurements haven't changed that drastically. I still wish that my butt was a little bit bigger but this will do for now. My butt is still 39 1/2. My waist is 28-28 1/2.


Good Evening ladies,
I've been away for a while. Well wanted touch bases with you all. So today I went back to Dr Dass for a consultation regarding the right side of my abdomen and lower back that still had fat that was missed during my BBL in June of 2014. I wanted to give it time to disappear on its own however after exercising a while, I found not only did it not go away but my upper back and bra area was beginning to have more fat development as well. We discussed a new procedure that he is doing called Sculpsure. It's an in office procedure that has no down time, non surgical with laser tx alternating heat and cold to melt the fat. Supposedly the fat is absorbed by your body in 6-8 weeks and some results may actually be noted as soon as 2 weeks.
Well I'm 4 hours post my procedure. I didn't take photos but Dr Dass took plenty. I'm hoping to get good results. The procedure cost $1500 per area. He didn't charge for the revised area on my right side. I'll keep you all posted from week to week.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dennis Dass is the most amazing person that I've ever gone to. He is very professional, soft spoken, listens intently to everything you have to say and takes great pride in his work so you know you are in excellent hands. He called the night of my surgery and checked on me and have me his personal cell phone in case I had questions or concerns. Super amazing guy. I highly recommend him for this and other procedures. He's the best at what he does.

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