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Hello everyone reading. This is the 1st time ever...

Hello everyone reading. This is the 1st time ever on this site or any site. I decided about a month ago I wanted to enhance my figure and had no idea how popular BBL's were. I'm considering this my mid life crisis sx and wish I thought of it sooner. I'm not one to research much bc I put a lot of trust into people but felt for this one I should, and a friend of time is an extensive researcher and told me about this site. I first was recommended to Dr. Tavousi in HB and had my consult and was pleased with him, although he suggested only putting in around 500-600cc's in each cheek. I seen some of his before and after photos and thought hmm he'd do a good job, but I told myself this time to get at least 3 consults. So, from reading reviews from this site I decided to check out Dass and Hughes in LA. I had those consults today. I'm a bit torn, but leaning towards Dass. I'm writing now to all you wonderful ladies to see if you have any advice. Dass was about $2400 higher until we were through negotitating and now I'm at $10,900 and that covers lipo on all of the upper back, flanks, upper and lower abs and inner thighs. Now we're $400 higher than Hughes and that's not much, and what's more important is choosing the right one for the job.
Any input would be much appreciated. I will keep doing my research but have only a couple days before I decide. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with either from all Ige read.

Thank you and good night ????


I think I need to set more time aside to do research before I decide on Dr. Dass. I'm seeing really great booties from Fisher and Salama and even with airflight I'd still be saving it looks like from everyone's reviews, thank god for this site. My husband asked me, "did you do this much research when you got your boobs done?" I said no b/c I didn't know about this site plus it was many years ago. I think he just wanted to get it in last night and wanted me to put down my ipad. Sorry boo!
Dr. Dass said he'd put between 900 to 1200 cc's and that I didn't need to lose or gain any weight. I'm 5'4.5" tall and weigh 151, I weighted less when I met the doc, but I've been eating anything I want recently thinking I could use more to put back there lol. I just want to make sure he doesn't go conservative. I'm still uncertain. Ugh!

I thought I'd post some wish pics for now. Stole these from someone else, hope you don't mind :) Hopefully I get the time this weekend to figure it this out, I want to schedule my BBL for end of February.


Good morning RS dolls! Thank god for this site because I really cannot talk about this with anyone but ya'll and my husband, because you know he's all for it ????. i just don't want to hear anything negative even though it won't make a difference. I'm getting my booty and ain't no one going to stop me! Haha!
So this morning my measurements were, chest: 39" but wear 36D, waist: 33"' hips: 38". I do have faith in Dass, but all I'm reading about is Fisher. Eye yi yi yi ugh.

Got the funds for my buns!!!

Finally got the money for my sx. Thinking of asking if he'll throw in some juviderm in my lips since it seems I'm paying top dollar for my BBL? You know you can negotiate anything?. I already feel I'm paying double appposed to flying to Miami.
So come monday I'm making my deposit with Dennis Dass. They're super responsive and also provide two garments and are local for me for my post ops, well about 45 minutes with light traffic. Im excited and nervous. I really enjoy all the feedback and enjoy reading all the storiea...very inspirational.


Now I'm really torn after reading all these reviews over the weekend. I'm just not sure Dass will give me the projection I'm looking for. I need help. I have no one but all you ladies on RS. My husband told me he'd go with me to Miami if I pay him $1000 to make it beneficial to him, what about supporting your wife, what a jerk (putting that politely). I'd rather go alone. I just sent Jessica my photos, waiting to hear back to see what Fisher says. She already quoted $5500, so add in the recovery room ($1000 from what I've read), and a flight (roughly $300), I'd be saving $3500 to fly out to MIA. That's a lot of money for me. I could pay down 1/2 my debt! Well almost 1/2 LOL!
Cubanbooty, you did say that FL is the bargain basement of the world for ps, and to go with my gut. Is it worth to stay local for $3500 savings. I actually took out a 401k loan to do this, which I'll be paying for 4.5 years, just 4.25% interest, not bad. It will be my 3rd loan. I got my boobs done with my 2nd loan, it was a lift. I just don't want to have a revision. I did email Ryan at Dass's office yesterday asking if he'd throw in Juviderm in my lips, but that's temporary, I just seen the permalips which would be cool.
I don't think I'd be so confused if I hadn't read all of these reviews, but then again I wouldn't have decided on this surgery either.
Thank you to all of you for your honesty. I hope I get this figured out. Oh, one factor that may help me make my mind up is that I'll have to wait till April to get it, when Dass is pretty open. That also tells me that Fisher is very busy and has a lot of practice, when Dass has only been doing these for 10 years. I didn't check Fishers record.
I am a little concerned about the customer service that I'll receive from Vanity, and on the other hand I think it would be cool to meet some you guys and I've never been to Miami either.
Ughh, I am still so confused. I just want my mind made up.
Any advice you dolls have would be much appreciated.

Dr. Dass's Ass's

I hope who's ever butt's these are they don't mind me advertising, I really love his work he did on the two of you and wanted to share them. They have helped me in my decision in selecting Dass.
Oh, the 3rd pick is me in black tank, I do have something to work with, but want more. I'm about 10lbs over weight right now.
I'm still beating myself up inside about Fisher and how I could save about $3000. Dass won't throw in lips either. LOL

DATE with DASS is set for FEB. 27th 2015!!!!!

I finally made my down payment and locked in my date,, 2/27!!!! Although I tried and failed to talk him lower with cash paid in full, I'm happy with my decision. For a minute I was considering Fisher, he's very popular and a lot less. I'll just make sure Dass knows exactly what I want, a big ole butt!! Now that it's real I need to get mentally ready. I am pretty nervous and excited. Bought a 9" stool and this thick knee (yoga) pad, thinking maybe I can work at my desk on my knees. I already complain about my ass hurting from sitting on it for hours that I'm gonna start using it now. Just now sure how my knees will hold out. Also going to buy the booty buddy. That pillow looks nice and thick to keep u elevated, thicker than the BBL pillow. I'll alternate. I will have to go back to work after having 16 days to recover. I hope that's enough.
Pre-op is 2/12 and they do provide arnica gel and pills, stool softener, something for nausea, and a garment, then another garment at a post op appt. Bloodwork is complete, no issues there and not sure I'll need an EKG. Ill find that out.
5 wks from this Friday!!! Anyone buy the vita-medica surgery vitamins? Not sure if they help in quick recovery.
Alright just wanted to give a quick update, I'll keep ya'll posted throughout my journey, in case anyone is considering Dr. Dass. Wish me luck!!

Am I crazy?! Just a little. LOL!

So my buttday is getting closer...19 days away. I just went to this little boutique close to my house to get a couple maxi dresses. And the owner is super friendly and we got to talking about surgeries, she had just done her breasts. She and her worker were saying how I already had a big butt, but I said I just chose the right jeans. In dresses it looks flat. So I came home and checked myself out again and I do have a butt BUT I haven't been eating right and am a little over weight and if I was to get fit and lose my little gut and love handles and back fat I'll lose my butt too, and before all the rest. Glad I decided to type this, I just reassured myself that I do want this sx. LMAO... Told u I was crazy!!!! I only put down the $1000 deposit and have the balance in the bank and it sure is nice having some cash but here I go....going to drop $9300 at my preop this Thursday! I'm going to let the doctor know if he gives me the ass of my dreams all the new lovely ladies of RS will see it and bring him more business. I heard he use to work at Boris Cosmetics with Hughes too. Hughes seems way more busy but I'm going with my gut and with DASS. Wish me luck! XOXO

10 days till my BUTTday!!!

Hi ladies. My day is approaching rapidly. I had my pre op last Thursday. Spent much time with Dr. Dass, he's nothing like my previous PS that I had for my breasts. He'd be in and out of the room so quick I'd have to make sure I had all my questions prepared. Dr Dass is really takes his time and makes sure all your questions are answered and that your prepared. I did feel like I knew most of it just from reading RS. He prefers you to listen to your own doctor and not what you read on the internet. I really believe he's going to be worth every penny spent. I will keep you all posted.

Made it to the otherside!!! Thank you Dr.Dass!!!

Hey ladies. So today I got my ass from Dass. That ride home was pretty rough. I have that burning in my abs but the worst is my lower back, it's pretty hard to get in and out of bed but managing.
I asked hubby to take pics before I laid down , be only took these. I see some hips now and when I reach back it feels pretty large. I asked the nurse how many cc's he got, she said 1200 in each. With my trimmed waist I think that'll be perfect. Gonna rest now. Sorry these pics don't due justice, I'll take some after shower on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Buttday & Recovery Update

I was writing a long review then my finger slipped on this darn phone and erased it erggh, so now I'll be brief.
I had to be at Dr Dass office by 515 to record a video of my journey, and thought they'd be asking questions but not quite I just had to tell my story and I'm camera shy and not a great speaker. I wish I had wrote a script, I only new to bring a dress and bikini. I hope he likes it. He offered me his services in trade like Juvi or tattoo removal of my tramp stamp. so I was more nervous about the video then the sx lol. So I headed to the OR, got in robe and they gave me compression socks so I bought some for nothing, no big deal, I think they'really helping me with my leg thong u know I'm awake with a headache and shivering which is normal. Not sure how long I was under, I think 2.5 to 3 hours Now this recovery is a bitch, the hardest part is the pain in my neck and my lower back, and it's tough getting in and out of bed. My eyes are puffy from sleeping on my face, a pillow like the ones used on massage tables wld work great, almost bought one but tried using the boppy pillow instead It works material is a lille abrasive.
Sorry meant to be brief. here's a somewhat clearer pic. I'll send more after shower.
Thank u all for ur support. XOXO

The Unveiling

Just took my first shower, I could not wait, the smell of the blood and fluid was nasty. Love what he did to my waist and I did get my bubble back and then some!!!! I know I'll lose a lot of this and that's ok, just not too much lol. I gotta ly back down. Have a good day ladies.
It won't let me add photos. I think this Samsung takes too large of photos or maybe it's my ass, it's too big!!! Lmao. I'll try from my iPad in a few.

After photos

Day 5 Post Op

Hi ladies.. well I'm pretty bored, waiting for husband to make another redbox run lol. Was thinking of ordering Netflix too. So I'm just walking around waiting out this recovery. I FINALLY had a couple BM's and that was not easy. I've been taking the stool softeners regulary and Metamucil but there was nothing soft about what came out. Sorry if it's TMI. And having to keep my butt off the seat!!! I used a noodle under my thighs and held onto the sink with my arm. One good thing is I'm strengthening my legs and arms.
Here's a before and after pic I took yesterday. OK well its not working. I think I have to resize. I'll add from other source in a couple minutes.
He a great day sistas!

Before & after

First Post Op Appt

Hey ladies.... I went to my first post op appt with Dass and I just have to say how happy I am with my decision in selecting him. He's just fricking awesome!!! He said I'm healing well. I did have some fluid in my abdomen that he drained right away. He gave me some foam, more arnica gel and pills, and my 2nd garment which I don't wear for another week, it's a large, and I'm currently in a XL. I don't even have questions for him because he answers them before I ask. ANW...if anyone is considering Dass, I highly recommend him, I personally feel he's worth every penny. He takes his time and is so caring. I really can't say enough about him.
Oh ya, I was gonna write a review on my crappy ride there but only had use of one hand. I was on my belly in the back seat of my new car that I can't even drive, while my husband was enjoying the ride. He had the music up so I cldnt even talk to him, at least he was bumpin tunes I love. The drive was about 50 minutes. I was feeling good after the post op so we did some grocery shopping. It was nice to get out the house...first time since Sx. I gotta do some shopping for work clothes bc I don't know when this donkey donk booty is gonna go down.
I'll post more pics after some of this bruising goes away.

Road to Recovery

Hi's like 3 something in the morning and I can't sleep..again, we'll ever since sx I usually wake up every 2 to 3 hours bc my lower back aches. It's day 12 PO and I'm feeling pretty good. When I'm up for hours on feet they get really sore and swollen, my calves and knees are still swollen, should I try taking water pills? My ass hasn't gone down at all, but it's only been 12 days he said he only added a little to my hips and really gave me a hourglass figure. My whole experience with Dr Dass has been so smooth and I'm just so happy I chose him. FYI he is single too. LOL
In regards to sitting, I cut my yoga mat a little thinner so it fits on my work chair, and rolled it up loosely so it's flattens some to make it thicker and more comfy, my thighs are still bruised and tender so I hope by Monday that pain is gone, I have to head back work.
If anyone is curious as to all the supplies I used for this sx, here they are.

Arnica gel & pills (2 wks worth)
Stool softeners
Nausea pills, only took 2
Garments (1st & 2nd stage)
Lipo foam, one piece for abs
Compression socks
(All above supplied by Dr.)
Good nite sleep sheets, used about 6.
Bromelain and fresh pineapple
Bought too many maxipads, only used 4.
Boppy pillow that I will use to sit on when not using yoga mat.

Drifting off again, good nite.

Update with Photos

Hey sistas.
My days are numbered before I go back to work and I'll have less time to post so I will now. Now my booty may not look so big to some, but it's pretty large and luckily I'm ok with some reduction but the longer it stays like this you get use to it, I know a lit of you know what I mean. I really love what he did with my hips, I never had this lovely shape before, and feeling sexay!!!!! Ah ha!
Here's a pic with my new freebies from VS, I normally wear thong. lol
Dr Dass is removing my tatoo for me once my garments are off. Can't wait for that!

Just because..

Tried on some bathing suit bottoms...wishing I could go tan and swim, but not yet, have to be patient. I have some enormous hips now, those can go down but wld like to hold on to my ass lol. I'll be ok if I lose 25% but no more please booty gods.
I'm heading to my moms to show her and my sis and visit. I'm sitting on yoga mat but left boppy at home, which helps the back. Hubby's driving. I'll be driving come Monday,I have a 30 minute commute to work, not too bad. Just felt like sharing with my girls.
Have a great weekend.

AWE...feel so good.

....feel so good to get out of this garment. While I wait for my contraption to dry I thought I'd try on a cple things. This top is literally 20 years old or more, I had let myself go since being married but I'm now able to snap it up. Feels so good. Still have bruising, probably will for 2 more weeks. I'm taking lots of vitamin C too help speed it up.
Happy Sunday Funday!

First day back at work SUCKS!

Hey grl friends. So I'm on my knees right now, using my yoga mat, I can't sit for very long before it starts to hurt so for now I feel like staying off it. It's quite obvious I'm trying to protect my goods.
Anyway, I need your help, there's this sling chair I've seen people post but I need the full name so I can search for one. I can't seem to pull it up. Does anyone know what it's called and were to get it? Looks like you can sit on it with your crotch, or on your thighs.
I have a very busy office job, not no kick back one and I'm known for my speed, but this is disabling me and slowing me down big time.
Not much talk about my ass, I wore a long black cardigan shirt that covers my it. Until I can sit I doubt I'll wear anything nice that shows off my goods.

So, can anyone tell me the name of that chair I'm thinking of? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!!!


So I'm back to work today, day 2. I'm up and down all day, on purpose. It's a little painful, but working through it. I find the single 4" noodle is way to hard and painful to sit on. I cut one in half and taped them together, that is not so bad. The boppy is actually pretty comfortable, but I'm leaning on my desk to type and I don't have an ab board. Doc said I don't even have to use the foam in this 2nd garment. I'm going to check my stomach when I get home because yesterday I had a dent where my pants were. Today I'm in a dress. This is not an easy thing to do so if you have a desk job like me I'd say take 3 wks off at least if you can, or get a stand up desk.
I'm going to check out chairs asap, but it may not be today and don't want to purchase on line and end up having to return it. I can't find a sling cane chair anywhere but on line. It's on Ebay, Amazon and other places for around $30, not bad but honestly how long can you sit putting all your weight on your va jay jay and how much of the seat touches your ass? My neck is killing because I've spent 1/2 my day standing and hunched over typing.
Any suggestions?
And for those who asked my measurements...

Before....waist 34, now 31.....butt right after sx 44, now 42.5, yet still looks the same to me, very perky and bubbly. Really in love with it. One co-worker calls me KK and another said I have an ass like the Kardashians, but I don't think it's that big. Friday is my 3 wk mark. Still early to tell, but I have big hopes that it won't change too much.

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

Back to work I go....

Thinking out loud...

Hello my friends. So here's my update at 21 days post op. It's been a struggle at work but gets better each day. I spend half the day on my knees and 1/2 sitting with my yoga mat under my thighs. It seems like it took forever to reach 3 wks. I'm not seeing any difference in my size and must be swollen still. I'm still about 7 lbs over my pre-sx weight so I assume thats water weight. My sides and back are still sensitive to touch. I've been wearing something drapes on my body instead of fitted clothing so that I don't cause any forklift accidents in the warehouse. LOL j/k
I really need to find a way to sleep, I have yet to sleep longer than 4 hours and the last few days I've been waking up every 1-2 hours because of my shoulders...they ache like crazy. I'm beginning to lean more onto to my hips to sleep. I really need the entire bed to myself so I can lay on a pile of pillows. We have a cal-king and I've been laying long ways at the foot of the bed so I can see the t.v , I don't think hubby would like it down there but if I pile up pillows he's not going to be able to see. So far there has been no sex, and he doesn't want felacio, he said he can wait till my bruising is gone. He doesn't sound like a normal dude be turning down bj's, well he's not. He's very patient, but then will lose it and then just complain complain. LOL, enough about that. Sorry if I'm boring anyone.
So tomorrow we're gonna go out to dinner for my son's bday and then out dancing, I'm looking forward to some fun. I'll be bringing my noodle creation to sit on at dinner. Anyway, I'm boring myself. I thought I had a lot to say, but I guess I don't.
Hunybaby711... I'm sorry to hear that your shrinking and not happy with your stomach. I just hope that it turns around for you and it shapes up. I'll say a prayer for you.
Have a great weekend girls.

4 wks PO pics

Boy is it tough to take selfies of ur ass!! At least I didn't cramp up this time lol. It looks bigger to me than it does in these pics, it's super bubbly and wide. It's perfect for me and even when it deflates a little. My stomach is still hard and swollen and I think there's a small amount of fluid there. I tried on a few suit bottoms, hope to get out in the sun this weekend if I can. Oh and here's a pic of my inner tube bed but it's not deep enuf, going to use for the pool. XOXO


Hey RS ladies.. so today I'm at work on Good Friday, sitting pretty comfortably on my yoga mat. It's going to be a slow day and were closing early. Looking forward to a long day at the beach tomorrow with family and friends, most who haven't seen me yet, so that will be fun. I feel like I haven't posted a review in some time and thought I had a lot I wanted to report but I seem to keep getting writers block LOL!
I will say my measurements haven't changed much, booty feels a tiny bit smaller, but looks the same. Husband said it looks the same, and he's infatuated with it. He's been extremely patient, we haven't had sex in 5-1/2 weeks, and now that I'm ready he's not, he just had sx on his foot a week ago. We definitely can't go much longer, and won't.
Last night I think I had the best sleep I've had since the sx. I fell asleep on my stomach, woke after 3 hours and propped up pillows for my back and legs and went to sleep on my back with my butt barely touching and slept for another 5 hours. Ahh, I needed that. I did wake up scared thinking too much of my butt was touching, but I think she's just fine.
These pics are from last Sunday. I am still sore on my sides and back, and numb. I'm looking forward to start working out again, well not really but I have to:) My weight was down to 154, now back up to 157. My weight b4 sx was 151, and I had put on about 8lbs, so my normal weight is 143.
Anyhoo, wishing everyone a Happy Easter! XOXO

before & after pic

Hey ladies. I told a friend I'd post a pic, and I wanted to share a b4 and after to show the difference in my back. I still have tenderness all around my upper and lower back and sides. My back isn't perfect but so much improvement and more than I expected. I know with just a little exercise and eating right I can get rid of the rest. My skin on my sides was so sensitive yesterday Im wondering if it's still healing. I haven't worn a bra or undies for almost 6 wks, Dr said no bra due to indents, been hard to hide these nips At work too lol.
Seeing doc tomorrow and shld have all restrictions lifted. I'll still take it easy sitting on booty. Finally gonna get it on with hubby, Fridays a big night, 6 wks we've waited!! I'll have some pics for you by Sunday lol. Rated NC17. Hehe. JK. He's laughing, I just.told him I wrote this. good night ladies!


Hey RS sistas... So I had my 6 wk follow up appt on Wednesday with Dass. He said I've heeled nicely and that I can go back to living normal, all restrictions lifted. My measurements were 43" butt, high waist 31", low 32". He also said that I shouldn't see anymore reduction in swelling, but I'm still a few pounds over my normal weight so I think I just might. We took some after shots and I asked if I could get my b4 & after pics but I didn't have a flash drive, so hoping they will email to me or I'll mail him one.
SO, I can't remember if I told you ladies but the doctor asked me during my pre-op appt if I'd like to record a video for him , one that shows my experience, why I wanted I wanted this surgery, a recording of before and after, etc.. I had to think about it because it made me nervous because I'm pretty shy and I was already nervous about having the surgery. I thought about it and thought it was in my best interest to do it, because if he plans to post this on his web site I'm sure he's going to do a great job on me. The video is for his web site. He also offered his services in exchange. At first I was going to get my tattoo removed, but I decided against it at this time because I want to enjoy this Spring & Summer and I'd have to keep it covered up for the most part and out of the sun, and I'd need at least 6 treatments which are spread 6 wks apart. So I opted for Juviderm in my lips and he also gave me 50 units of botox, more than I normally get in one shot. That was a very painful visit, I was quivering, and hurt like a bitch! I would have much rather had the Juviderm put in my lips WHILE knocked out. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Anyway, I was very grateful for his offer. I probably should have gone with the tattoo removal and just waited for the Winter, but I wanted to take advantage of it now, I'm just a little impatient. I'm not sure when the video will be up but pretty soon ( Don't laugh either. I could have done so much better. We shot the first video the morning of my sx at 5:15am and I was so darn nervous I was sweating. I was hoping they were just going to ask me questions, but no. Every take I said something different because I couldn't remember what I said before. I was just happy to get it over with. The post video was easier, I had a drink before I got there so I was much more relaxed. Anyway, I'm very happy to have done this for the doctor since he changed my life, and he really did give me my sexy back! I would have done it for nothing, but I did pay top $ for my BBL so why not get something else pro-bono!!!
So from that visit I left off my garment, slept w/o it and went to work yesterday w/o it on, but I felt like I was missing my body armor, my protection. My skin is pretty sensitive and my lower back is tender still. I ended up putting my garment on last night and wore it today. I'm sure it will be off all weekend. I'm hoping it's warm enough to hang out by the pool.
I'll keep you posted on my booty. I know a lot of you want to know if it lasts, just like myself. I'm still not comfortable sitting on her, it's been 6 wks w/o sitting so I'll wean her back into it. Right now I'm at work typing on my knees lol.
I'm feeling really blessed that everything went smoothly with no complications and very happy I decided to go with Dass.
I'll get more booty shots this weekend.
Wish you all the best! XOXO

Quick update

So I've been sitting on my booty all day today and I'm almost 7 wks post op. I'm trusting in the doctors advice and also listening to my body. I still don't sleep flat on my back but with a couple pillows under my thighs to lift her just a little. I sure am happy to be past that part of recovery. I do tend to sit more so on my thighs that I do my butt, and sit normal while driving. I absolutely love my ass now, and so does hubby. He still has to be gentle, so no grabbing or slapping it just yet. I wonder how long it will take for all the pain to subside and for my abs to go back to normal. They keep getting hard and soft at the lower part.
Anyway, this surgery was the best damn thing I could have done for myself. I still have my own dimples, but I'm fine with that.
Oh and I haven't worn a garment since Friday. Depending on how my abs look at the end of the day, I might put on a waste trainer or a garment.

Just pics

So I came home and found time for a photo session while looking for something to wear tomorrow to work. I really need to go shopping bc this booty deserves a new wardrobe lol. Although everything I do put on looks better, I just have a problem getting bored with something after I wear it once or twice, and I know I'm not the only one out there :) so hubby took the pics in the pink sweats of what he calls a GRIP lol. He's getting better but I'm line why didn't you straighten my shirt and move me to better light? Hahaha.
Hope this helps those considering a life changing surgery. I cldnt be happier at this point in my life at 45!!! There is upkeep, and I need to be careful bc im worried my lipod fat will come back and look odd and out of place. I told hubby I'm going back to healthy tomorrow...wish me luck :)
Oh and I'm sure everyone at work knows bc after 6 wks said fuck it. Dass said I'm not losing anymore swelling so why cover it? It's what I wanted so I decided to show it. One employee from warehouse asking if he shld call me Kim K or Amber Rose lol. I just laughed and said call me by my name. I honeslty didn't know who amber rose was but had a clue.
Ok gotta cook dinner now. Night yall


I'm just feeling very blessed today so I felt like writing a review. I'm almost 10 wks post op and I'm sitting and sleeping on my back now, and I've slept through the night this past weekend. I will put a little pillow under my legs just because it feels better. I wore spanx last week to try to keep my stomach from getting indents from sitting, and also it keeps my va-j-j from getting sweaty (only when wearing dresses) lol. I do get some shooting pains like I just did after sitting on her all day. Also, the lipo areas are not completely healed. Still tender all over.
I have yet to workout (shame on me), besides the push ups I do every now and then and the squats I do while I'm working. I can't call it a workout if I don't break a sweat. Our kitchen is under construction and my husband is off work due to a foot surgery so I go home every day to him and we end up going out to eat or watch our shows on tv and eat take out. I love my time with him, but I really need to work out these legs and my butt, don't want it to sag. We have a Vegas trip coming up in July too, excited about that, I haven't been in years.
I want to wish all you dolls the best in luck in your journeys, and that all your dreams come true.
I was super worried in the beginning that maybe I should have gone with another doctor, that Dass would be too conservative, but I'm just SOO happy I went with my gut, I did tell him to put everything he can in the back! He's a little pricey compared to the Miami doctors but so worth it, plus I got to recover at home.
I'll keep posting monthly or bi-monthly for those that want to know if the booty lasts. I sure hope it does, I can't see me doing a round #2 plus I have so much bubble I'll be okay losing a little. Well it's enough for me :)

Yoga mat

Hey my RS girls. I'd like to ship my folded yoga mat to someone that cld use it. It's pretty inexpensive to buy one from Ross or marshals but since I trimmed this one I won't ever use it again So if anyone wild like it just send me a PM and I'd be happy to ship it to you. XOXO

Pics for fun

It's been a couple weeks, thought it was time to give ya'll an update. Measured this morning, waist is 30" and butt 42.5". Doing good, shes hanging in there and i got an addiction to sHopping. I'm losing my shyness and just letting her hang out. Love that shirt of Tigerlilys, LOOK BACK At IT. I do feel the eyes on my backside alot but I just ignore them.
Need to get Vegas ready. Started working out yesterday finally!! Went down to the beach, mainly walked because jogging isn't the same as it was now that I have more weight in the back, did lunges, dips and pushups. Just a 50 minute workout. I love exercising outside, and had entertainment, LB pride & festival was going .
I wish all you dolls a happy journey, and thrilled with your results.

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Happy Ass by DASS

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hope I'm being thorough enough for ya'll.

On a sad note....

I feel I've been incredibly blessed with most my surgeries, not fully happy with my rhinoplasty, but after hearing many sad stories on RS I do feel I'm fortunate. Now I'm dealing with a capsular contracture in my right breast and at the same time discovered a lump in my left. I've seen my doctor for the lump and he belive it's benign, and we'll find out more after ultrasound on 6/3. Now with the contracting boob I've been taking antibiotics both cipro and Bactrim and I don't think theY have worked for me this time. After my lift in 2011 this happened in 2013 snd the antibiotics stopped it in its tracks but this time I think I'm gonna need surgery to fix. I'm pretty bummed bc like all of us only want elective surgery. I'm more worried about the cost of repairing my CC boob and have faith my lump will be taken care of with a minor biopsy plus covered by my insurance. Sorry for running on. Just needed to vent and to clear my mind a little.
Love you all for your support!
You might not be able to tell from.pic. I can't find a whole lot of stories on RS of this case. any advice one has, plz let me know. Thank you!!

14 wk update

Hi a little burnt out on RS, but I will keep posting my results throughout my first year, then maybe yearly lol. The last couple of days have been hard to sit at my desk, I keep getting sharp pains in my booty and hips, I just assume it's normal. My skin still feels sensitive and some areas are numb, like my hips. I hear the strange aches and pains from lip will pass around 6 months, and I sure hope so. I thought it'd be past by now.
Anywho, other than that I'm loving my shape and new butt. I have one co-worker that always has something to say when I walk by. Today I heard, "does that thing have it's own heartbeat?". He's very observant so I asked him if he thought my butt was getting any smaller and said Hell NO it looks bigger! I didn't think it was getting smaller, but wanted another opinion. I turned around to find him taking a pic of my butt, he said he was going to put it on his phone under my contact info. LOL! Not sure if he was serious, probably so... I attached that pic, which really does not do justice.
Take care all of you ladies, wish you the best!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dass is a sweetheart. I feel very confident in his work and know I will be in good hands. I really cannot say enough about Dr Dass. He sculpted me to exactly what I had wished for. Love his gentle demeanor and love him. I'm so excited with my results!!!

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