35 Year Old Ready for BBL

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Hello Ladies, This is my first time writing a...

Hello Ladies,
This is my first time writing a review. I have been on this site for over a year doing my research for BBL procedure. I have thought long and hard and decided to move forward. I am booked with Dr. Hughes from Los Angeles for Friday September 23. I have read many comments and have learn the god and the bad of this procedure. I am just hoping I get the results I want, but at the same time I am also a realist and know I will not get my ideal body but with this surgery I will get a nice shape and I will start working out to continue to improve my shape. I will post pics later. I'm very nervous and excited, too bad I cant say the same about my husband lol. He says I don't need this and I'm fine (partners always say that lol), but he will be my private nurse.

Tomorrow is the big day

Ok so I'm getting ready for this big day tomorrow. I hope all goes well. My only concern is my doctor hasn't seen my lab results, I had them done by my primary doctor, and I hope they are all normal. Also I am missing my hiv results and I hope this will not delay my surgery. Wish me luck.

Day one post op

Ok it was very tough the first day of surgery. I woke up in agonizing pain and the worse part was the nausea and vomiting. My ride back home was one hour. Boy was that very uncomfortable. It's been challenging to find a comfortable spot on my bed. My neck hurts from laying on tummy and my hands become numb. I can't lay on my side because he put fart in that hip area too. He put 1200 cc in each buttock n 400 cc on hips. My butt is sooooo hard. I have sharp pain mostly in my lower abdomen and lower back. I have been taking my norco every 4 to 5 hours. Taking my antibiotics and my multi vitamins vitamin c iron and bromelian. I want to sit down sooo bad but I'm afraid my poppy pillow dies t do the job right.

Day 2 post op

Ok I feel slightly better today but still super swollen. I have listed pics. It's not how I wished to look but hoping it gets better.

5 day post

Hello so today marks five days. I feel better every day and sleeping on my stomach gets easier every day. So last night I woke up in the middle of the night with agonizing pain on my lower back. It was a really sharp pain. I had to take a pain medication and readjust my garment. This morning I feel much better I took my medication had a protein shake walked around the house and put arnica gel. My stomach is feeling pretty good. Very little pain of any only bloated. I had a bowel movement, actually my second one and it was much easier than yesterday. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes. No joke worse time ever. And it's pretty hard to wipe from front to back but I tried my best. Lol. I'll keep you guys posted.

11 days post

Hello today marks 11 days post. I am feeling much better today. Yesterday was my first day back to work and oh boy the drive was very difficult and awkward. I had to stand during meetings and when I was using my computer. My feel were killing by the end of the day and my lower back was more swollen than usual. I decided to take the rest of the week off and rest. Here are today's pics.

Dr. Hughes was very pleasant and made me feel uncomfortable, he did suggested a tummy tuck but one thing at a time. The pricing is pretty high but I hope its all worth it.

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