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I'm just getting the process started but my ideal...

I'm just getting the process started but my ideal expectations are a round high projected butt and my breast to be full and high profile while obtaining an hour glass figure. I am very excited after first choosing Dr Salama but after reading his review on the other patient he burned I looked into Dr Cortes and Dr Hughes.

Current pics VS. my dream look

Current pre-op pic's

These are my current pics and above are the wish pics that i sent to Dr Hughes. He's a very nice person and what i love the most is his honesty and he's very good at calling or emailing me back. I'm very impressed so far. I have had other online consultations with other doctors but I feel comfortable with him. I had my surgery originally scheduled in June then I moved it up to end of May and now I moved it up to 9 days from now! !!!

Breast Augmentation wish pics

I currently have 500 cc and 550 cc saline implants that are from 2009 and obviously as you can tell they have lost volume. I told Dr Hughes I want ultra profile saline that possibly thinking 800cc to overfill. At this time according to the doctor I'm border line for a lift but suggest that we do implants and go from there. Nervous! !!!

5 days till sx

So nervous about the sx getting ready finally received my boppy and gave It a test run/sleep last night. Speaking about last night I had the most awful and weirddream

dream continued

Dream that I had my surgery done and it was day one and I took the bandages off and my butt was flatter than before and my boobs were above the muscle and worst of all different sizes and able to be moved a round. Imagine two odd shaped water balloons that literally can be swished around. Then they started to duplicate like links....ugh and if it could not get worse these odd shaped links were now able to be transferred under my skin from left to right side! !! I woke up and didn't want to go back to sleep. ....any thoughts lol

Day before pre-op

As you can imagine i am an emotional mess and anxiety is high. I'm all packed to the best i can thanks to mesan and her helpful list of Dr Hughes Dolls needs and not list. I will post final pre-op pic's tomorrow before I go to bed. Any calming thoughts?

Night before my Christmas! !!

So went to my pre op appt and met the staff....I must say although the place was definitely not the type of upscale office most doctors have I was impressed with the staff. Dr Hughes is definitely nice, confident and honest....I'm so happy with my choice so far. I'm extremely nervous. And dr hughes could tell as if my hands shaking wasn't bad enough :( so I'm going to post one last preoperative pic and call it a night

pre op pics the night before

Ugh gross but I did gain weight to get the best results V possible

New 1 week post op pic's

So these are my new pictures and I'm hoping that I don't lose any volume I feel like I did because I had the vaginal swelling and when I went in for my post op appt on Thursday Olga said the swelling was due to my garment being too high and not too tight so now it's over most of my butt and I'm scared that it will hurt my results.....any one have this experience???

week 3 picture update

Sorry i have been not updating often the recovery has been long. There are ups and downs but I'm finally starting to get back to normal. I have lost a lot of volume since my last post but I'm hoping its all swelling. ..and of course I'm still waiting for the infamous fluffing to occur. I do have swelling in my lower abdomen. I was told by Dr hughes to keep the binder on till week 4 which is 5 days away. I feel nervous and excited like I'm taking off my training wheels or something. I'm still unsure which garmet to wear from here??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


So I'm trying my best to keep positive but I'm losing volume and my stomach is so swollen making my body look like beforei the surgery :( I think it look flatter and wide.
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