29 Years Young, 2 Kids, Ready for my BBL! - Los Angeles, CA

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I'm 29 years young with two beautiful children....

I'm 29 years young with two beautiful children. I've struggled with my midsection for years now and have worked out on and off to shrink my belly and tone my booty. While, I do shrink, I do not have a flattering figure when I do. Come September 6th, that will all change thanks to Dr. Bruno! To say he is a good Dr. Is an understatement, he is phenomenal! When I met him in person he was exactly what all his other reviews say he is. As nervous as I was to finally be sitting down with him, he had his way of making me feel calm and comfortable. A few days after my appointment the coordinator Marisol emailed me, I'm so glad she did because I was dragging my feet to schedule a date, once again I got nervous and unsure. I'm great at second guessing. I requested that Dr. Bruno call me to work his magic, which he did. Calmed me and reassured me that all will go well. They have a terrific staff, to which I'm so grateful to be working with.

Realistic expectations

While I do know that the turnout of my bbl is determined by the amount of fat extracted, I'd love to have these results of one of Dr.Brunos previous patients. I'm feeling hopeful!

Also, I will post more detailed body pics soon.

Current situation (body wise)

Thought I'd go ahead and post pics of my "current situation" along with my measurements, I find doing so is helpful to those who are interested in the procedure. Anyway,
I'm 5'2
135 lbs (give or take a lb or 2)
Waist 32 1/2
Hips 37
Butt 39 1/2

All I want from this procedure is to have a body very different from what I have. I live in loose clothing. My weight gain is mainly in my midsection and I've been trying to get in decent shape before surgery (hopefully I can keep this up after surgery) without losing too much weight (fat is liquid gold for this procedure).
Deposit is paid, surgery is set for Sept 6th.
Can't wait to see Dr. Bruno so he can work his magic!

App play

Playing with this surgery app. It's quite fun and it gets you a lil excited to see your results

Prescription received

I received my prescription slip in the mail :) I'll be dropping that off tomorrow to be filled. My surgery isn't until the 6th of September but I'd rather have all my ducks in a row ahead of time. I'll be flying from Sacramento to LA the day before surgery and flying out 6 days after surgery. Anyone have experience in this "traveling for surgery" situation I am in? I'd love some advice. I'm eating terribly so I'm putting on some weight, which I think is pretty normal for those of us who have it made up in our heads that it's " going to be sucked out soon". Which is a terrible mentality to have at this time. Tomorrow is a new day for new choices.... Plan on making good ones :)

4 days until surgery

Surgery date is almost here. This time next wk I will be in my new body, the one I've longed for my whole life. Can't wait to put on a fitted dress (I've never been able to wear one)and go to dinner with my hubby. I live over 300 miles away from my surgeon which means I'll be doing a bit of traveling. He's had to mail prescriptions and preop supplements and this afternoon we had a Skype appointment to go over post operative procedures.
I'm suuper excited!!!
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