29 Year Old Going for BBL/Rhinoplasty/Neck Lift - Los Angeles, CA

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Holy crap... I went for my consultation with Dr....

Holy crap... I went for my consultation with Dr. Hughes yesterday and today my surgery is booked. I was initially not expecting to have surgery until some time in December but with my work schedule, doing it sooner was the better option.

First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Hughes. He is definitely straight and to the point, he didn't waste any of my time. He had me cracking up a few times - I'll never understand why people said on here not to judge by his personality. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I have complete faith in him and his work, I never even considered going anywhere else as soon as I met with him.

I am excited and have no doubts at this moment but definitely feel shell shocked that it's going to happen so fast. I am still debating whether I can do the BBL/Rhinoplasty/Neck Lift all at once. I wanted to get it done and have only one recovery but it's a hefty pricetag to do all at once ($25k). My pre-op appointment is on September 15th and I have until then to decide since payment is due that day. It's a little crazy thinking I'd have a monthly payment for the next 5 years like a car to have surgery! If I do decide to do them separate, I will be doing the rhinoplasty and neck lift first. It's the most expensive part and things that have truly bothered me since I was a kid so I feel like they're the priority. But a new booty will be so hard to put off for a year or 2!!!

If I do have them all together, Dr. Hughes and his wonderful patient coordinator Lorena, suggested this "mattress" called a holo lilo... Let's be real, it's a swimming pool raft, not a mattress. It has a hole cut out in the middle for pregnant ladies to lay on their stomachs. I'd have to do the opposite and lay on my back with my head elevated to keep swelling down on my face and my butt in the hole of the raft so there's no pressure on the butt. I have heard a lot of people cutting out holes in lawn chairs and sleeping on that so maybe this would be a little more comfy.

My head is swimming right now just trying to grasp how quickly this is all going to happen! I am thankful my parents are supportive and I have only told 2 of my friends. Most people I won't tell until after the surgery.

I just got spray tanned and still have gobs of bronzer all over my body so I will do before pics when I don't look like I'm covered in dirt.

Before Pics...eek!

I have been waffling back and forth more times than I can count but yesterday and today I feel like I can't imagine going through with my other 2 surgeries and not my BBL. I really truly just want 1 recovery and it will be cheaper in the long run to do all at once.

I finally had time to take my before pics this morning. It definitely takes a brave soul to put alllllll that jelly on the internet but I know it's an important part of my
journey and the way my body looks now is exactly the reason I want to have this surgery! I feel like I'm definitely one of the heavier patients I have seen go thru this procedure so I am just managing my expectations for my results. I know I'm not going to look like Barbie after but I will look a hell of a lot better!!

Can't believe surgery day will be here before I know it!!!

Tears of Relief

I love my mom more than life but she about gave me a heart attack last night. She originally convinced me to take September 28th for my surgery and then she told me last night that her vacation doesn't start over until November so she would not be able to take time off for my recovery. She was beside herself and so was I. My doctors office usually charges a change fee for surgery and I didn't want to have to pay it. I just have to give a shout out to Lorena at Dr. Hughes office - she was able to change my surgery date to December 16th without me incurring a huge fee. She seriously is a LIFESAVER. I feel like I can breathe now... I haven't been sleeping knowing this surgery is coming up so fast and now I feel like the elephant is off my chest. By the time I have surgery, I will be back working at my old company which means I'll have my labs covered by insurance! My current company has Kaiser so I would have had to pay all labs out of my pocket. I will also have time to save more money for my surgery so I have less to finance and I can slowly buy my supplies and lose some weight first! I feel soooo much better. Cried happy tears at my desk when I got her email about changing the date. I have the slightest bit of sadness that I'll have to wait a little longer but I know it's all going to be worth it. Can't wait for this journey!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely loved Dr. Hughes! He is very straightforward and doesn't waste your time. His credentials and his before and after photos speak for themselves. I chose to go to him based off of all the glowing real self reviews I read about him and I don't regret it at all.

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