26yr Old BBL W/ Dr. Hughes

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My surgery is tomorrow morning! Mostly concerned...

My surgery is tomorrow morning! Mostly concerned with shape more than a huge butt because currently happy with my butt. I'll post some before pics later. I want some added to my butt to give it a little boost and I want my HIPS done so I am hopefully the perfect hourglass. Lipo my back, flanks, bra roll, tummy, and inner thighs.

Weight: 169.2 (weighed just now)
Thigh: 24"
Around butt: 41"
Around hips: 38"
Around waist: 35"

Before pics & had surgery this morning!

So they weighed me before my surgery and their scale said I think 164lbs the morning of my surgery.
I have a lot of extra weight and I hope most of it is gone when my swelling goes down. My thighs are extremely fatty and I hate it because it's hard for me to lose weight there even with exercise. And I want my waist tiny so bad!

I have full confidence in Dr. Hughes! His team was pretty nice and they all seemed confident that it was going to go smoothly and reassured me because I was scared and surgery really freaks me out.

I don't remember how much he transferred. I want to say (if I remember correctly, I'll have to ask him) he put 800cc in each cheek and 500cc in each hip. My biggest desire is to have an hourglass shape.

When I woke up from surgery I was in a hell of a lot of pain. Took an uber with a friend back home and laid down. The entire time I was pretty much crying and swearing from the pain lol. It was I could say 10/10 pain for me. BUT once my friend gave me multiple hydros and I fell asleep I woke up feeling SO much better. Pain was mostly sore.. like 3/10. I am taking my pain meds every 4hrs because I don't want to feel that again. So I will say, it was painful as sh*t waking up and coming home and laying in bed (felt like I couldnt handle it) but once meds and sleep I felt unbothered! So good news, if you do feel the pain like me, it does not last, and everything will be ok. I have low pain tolerance btw, it seems a lot of girls were just fine upon waking up.

I'm laying in bed. I've already slept heavy twice. I love sleeping on my stomach so that's literally not an issue for me.

Eating is not hard. I just eat small amounts of pudding. Have not felt sick. When I was in pain it was more like burning.

So far I am happy! And mostly glad the hard part over so I can start to heal. I'm taking 2mo off work.

2 days Post op

Only 2 days Post op. Time seems to be moving slowly lol. I changed my dressing which made me feel like I was going to pass out (I have a weak stomach) but it was ok. I'm not draining anymore. My shape seems to be nice. I like my hips and butt, overall the shape is great and I know I'm still swollen.

I'm pretty much doing this on my own because my friend left after they brought me home from surgery. It's ok tho, I don't really need anyone here. I live alone so pretty much just drinking protein shakes, resting, and watching Friends reruns.

Body feels numb and strange whenever I stand up and I'm really sore but it's all doable and nothing I can't handle. My 1 week checkup is on the 1st with Dr. Hughes.

Post Op Day 3

Post Op Day 3 early in the morning. I haven't showered yet because I'm scared I'll faint and I live alone so I'm going to wait till my friend comes back to check on me. Probably right before my 1 week check up with Dr. Hughes. But I washed my hair today, changed my dressing, and clothes. I'm also keeping my house really cold so I'm not sweating or anything. I tried to tighten my binder thing too.

I tried to take pics but it's hard by myself. I'm using little square sticker dressing so easy to put on and take off. I'm bruised and swollen still of course. I hope my thighs thin up. I'm not really wanting to take pics right now because I know these are not my results as I am only 3 days Post op but I also know people are curious.

I've been resting a lot and taking vitamin C. Can't wait to be healed.

5 Days Post Op

5 days Post op. So far I'm happy with how my shape is forming, it is of course too soon to tell. My thighs are really swollen and still bruised. It's hard for me to walk normal, lol, I kind of waddle.

I took a short shower yesterday and I'm a wimp when it comes to these things (so consider my review on the baby side, not the valiant strong woman side haha) my shower was my letting luke warm water roll over me and dove antibacterial soap suds roll down with minimal rubbing, then got out and got back in the binder. I don't really like how my body feels without the binder yet, feels weird and just wigs me out.

Sometimes I'm really sore. Sometimes not so bad. I'm still taking my pain meds because sometimes I can feel all the bruises wah.

I see Dr. Hughes in a couple days for my 1 week checkup. I hope everything is ok. I'm still really swollen.

Doc review/ staff review/ 10 day Post Op

I'm 10 days Post op. I had my one week checkup with Dr. Hughes and he said everything looked good which I agreed. I am feeling better every day.

I'd just like to review that so far I am really happy with Dr. Hughes work. I have no complaints and he gave me what I asked for. I'm still waiting for my swelling and bruises to go down which is constantly improving.

I also want to give a shoutout to the staff for making me feel comfortable and calm. One of the nurses actually held my hand as I was freaking scared right before my surgery and I was waiting to be put under. Dr. Hughes and the staff are very patient and friendly and I enjoyed my experience here.

I started wearing my binder lower as Dr. Hughes instructed.
My body looks proportionate to me which I'm happy about (meaning I didn't want my bum too big for my frame), my waist is smaller which I'm loving (can't wait for all the swelling to be gone), and my hourglass shape is starting to come in.

So far, I'm a happy girl. Still taking my pain meds. Also, I have no trouble with constipation. I never bought laxatives. I think my biggest struggle has been that I have been recovering completely alone and that my "friend" who was going to help me every now and then actually just completely left me and stopped answering my calls. So when I need something I have to leave my house.

Also thank you to anyone that has left me encouraging words.

Post op day 10

These didn't upload on my last post.

15 days Post Op (2 weeks) before & after

Bio oil

I've been using this on my bum and stomach. I used this when I had my BA as well. I like it. It's just supposed to help with your skin, great reviews on Amazon.

22 Days PO. 3 weeks

Still happy. Just waiting for swelling to go down. No pain, all good. Thighs still very swollen, makes me waddle.

ScarAway silicon treatments for scars. My skin got really dry, like flaking off underneath my binder so I started putting bio oil every where and sometimes organic unrefined cocoa butter. The anti bacterial soap was really drying me out but now I've been able to switch to sensitive aveeno body wash.

I haven't sat on my butt at all and haven't even leaned backwards. I just avoid the butt altogether. Although I am getting stir crazy at home, I can't wait to hit my 6 week mark.

Happy with Dr. Hughes and grateful for him. I keep my binder on 24/hrs a day except when I shower. I'm waiting till I can leave it off to see the lipo job/evenness on my tummy but everything looks pretty good so far.

Hair growth on butt cheeks

So at around 1mo post op I noticed I had hair growing on my butt cheeks that I NEVER had before. I'm writing about it because I've read that two other girls on RealSelf experienced this as well (not Hughes patients, just other girls that got a BBL) but it doesn't seem to be common because I can't find anything on it. Like my bum got fuzzy! I emailed Dr. Hughes and he said it was odd and maybe due to the stress of my body. Let's hope so :/ I personally hate body hair. Just be aware that it could be a side affect. I'm hoping it goes away, if not, laser hair removal for sure.

5 weeks Post Op

5 weeks Post Op. Love my shape. An hourglass shape was my desire and you can really see it in the first pic. I'm waiting till my 6 week mark to try to sit down. Although at 5 weeks I did try once to sit on my thighs with towels rolled up. It was ok but didn't do it again.

Be aware you are going to get stretch marks. It happens sometimes when you grow! I don't really mind that much, I already some. My butt looks better and the couple dimples I had on them when I moved a certain way seem to be gone for now which makes me happy.

5 weeks PO before/after

I don't think my actual cheek size is that much bigger but they are fuller, if that makes sense. And I like my shape better. I'll update my actual measurements at 6 weeks before/after.

9 WEEKS POST OP - before and afters plus measurements

Weight: 169.2
Thigh: 24"
Butt: 41"
Hips: 38"
Waist: 35"

Weight: 164.2 (5lbs decrease)

Thigh: 24.5" (half an inch larger due to SWELLING. Most of my swelling is in my thighs, ouchie. I can't wait till this goes away. They are still tender.)

Butt: 43" (2" increase)
Waist: 30.5" (4.5" decrease)

PICS are to show comparisons. I really like my shape. And it looks like I have maintained my shape and size from 5 weeks to 9 weeks. Although this is the only time I have measured myself since Post op. I have been sitting normally. Still sleep on my stomach. I wear my binder often when I'm at home but take it off to sleep or if I go out. I'm home a lot tho so it's on a lot too.
Still tender. But getting better every day. My body still needs to get rid of swelling, especially in the thigh area, as you can tell by my measurements they are larger than when I started lol. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my body lately, thank you Dr. Hughes. Girls have been asking me where I went and I'm happy to tell them.

This is a big surgery. Hard and long recovery. Still some tenderness and numbness. I definitely am still healing even 2mo Post op. But I am happy.

Hair on bum

The hair did stop growing on my bum if anyone was wondering. I was shaving it off often and then after while left it alone and realized it didn't really grow back anymore. It could have been as Dr. Hughes said "stress of the body". I love my body. I have adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost weight and so now I really enjoy my shape. I get compliments constantly. I have no more pain and sitting and working normally.
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