26yr Old, 128lbs, Ready to be a Hazani Doll 03/18/16!!!

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Hi fellow Real Selfer's! I've basically been...

Hi fellow Real Selfer's! I've basically been stalking this website for month's now and I've decided to go under the knife. I have a 4 year old and before I had her I was 115lbs. I was very comfortable with my weight. I had a cute little bubble butt and I was more boobs than anything with 32DD breast. At the end of the pregnancy I weighed in at 164lbs. I know I really gave in to those cravings and ate a lot of salty things. When I had her I went down to 135. I ended up gaining a lot of the weight back when I went on Mirena. I noticed the first couple of months I ended up gaining almost 20lbs back and slowly but surely I lost a lot of the weight but my body has never looked the same. I have a pancake butt and my girls aren't as perky as before and well I have more of a sponge bob body shape now. LOL. So I've been working out and making healthier decisions but I really cant seem to get my body back. I was going to the gym and pushing myself but to be honest I love food. I tried the paleo diet and lost a lot of weight but being true to me I was absolutely miserable. Im hispanic and Im better at eating in moderation than not eating any of the great dishes my Family and I enjoy. So my aunt just underwent surgery, she's 46 and she looks amazing!! This is when I decided I need to just do it! I'm not getting any younger and I might as well do this now and enjoy it. So here I am doing my research to choose the best surgeon for me. Wish me luck!!!

Decided on Dr. Ron Hazani

I just had a consultation with Dr Hazani of Beverly Hills. His price is not the cheapest but this is my body I'm talking about. I felt so comfortable during the whole consultation. It was pretty late in the evening but Sarah and Dr Hazani did not rush and made sure to answer all and any questions I may have. He was honest and had a professional demeanor. I think I've found my doctor. If anyone else has chosen Dr Hazani in the last week I would love to follow your story. I am planning to schedule out the surgery for either Late January or Early February. My issues at this moment are that I'm still attending school and I have a toddler who will be on vacation during the holidays and I just cant in any way take time off any sooner than January. My mother can't request time off from work until after the holidays due to the time not being available. Hopefully all goes smoothly in requesting time off.

Before Pics & Wish Pics

So I am pretty slender but I have no shape. I've lost a lot of the baby weight and weight I put on after the baby but as much as I work out I cannot get my body back.

Deposit is Paid and I'm scheduled for 02/12/2016!!!! Soon to be a Hazani Doll!

So excited that I went and paid the deposit. I was having second thoughts because I've really tried everything to lose weight and do things the natural way but my genes are my genes and my butt is something I am definitely not happy with so I'm making this decision for me and to boost my self confidence. I am a bit scared about telling my parents only because they are extremely old school and I actually care a lot about their opinion. I know they will be supportive and not try to talk to me out of it or say anything to shame me out of doing it but I've always been concerned with disappointing them. I plan to tell them by my birthday in November and see how that goes. They are so great I just don't want there to be that disappointment lingering.

Maybe I shouldn't have lost all that weight

Have any of you tried to gain weight by drinking ensure before your surgery. My thing is i gain on my stomach and arms first. I'm a bit scared about gaining weight because I feel like my stomach might have loose skin afterwards. I do have stretch marks and Im trying to get rid of those before the surgery day. I heard derma rolling can help? Can any of you mommies who have had a BBL give me some advice on gaining weight and results after the surgery? Thanks!

Dilemma... Should I include BA if I plan to have kids??

Hey dolls! I have a bit of a dilemma that I'm working through. I'm about to turn 27 my bf is a bit older so if we decide to have kids it would be sooner than later. My dilemma with this isn't my BBL regardless of if I have kids I want a butt LOL. I want to get my boobs done and I already have a toddler after I had her I was a milk machine and I breast fed her basically until she had most of her teeth because I could not handle her biting me. Should I wait until after having kids to get them done or just get them done and enjoy them now. I really want to enjoy them now but I'm not sure if I should just wait. Can any of you who have had them done and have kids give a girl some advice? My boobs aren't sagging now they look good I just want them to look fuller like before breast feeding.

Moved my Surgery Date

Hi Dolls! Soo it been sort of hectic lately. I just turned 27 and my boyfriend gifted me with a trip to Costa Rica for February 8th - the 19th. Im so excited but the dates are for when I was supposed to have surgery. He said to try to move it up but I looked at possible dates and there is just no way I can have surgery in as little as a month. My daughters birthday is in March so I decided to have surgery right after her birthday. Im super excited about my trip I wish I could get surgery done before but there is just no way that I could figure it out before then.

Blood work DONE!! It's finally hitting me!!!

So I went in for my blood work today. It was super quick and thats when i started getting nervous. I've gained 11lbs since I paid my deposit. What if I dont clear for surgery. No idea why I wouldn't but thats my worst fear. Also I have a cold so that tend to turn me into negative nancy. I'm so excited. All my life I hated the fact that I had no hips and been so square shaped so Im so very happy that this is happening. Finally I will have some shape and a woman figure. I have been thinking of what I should buy to wear to work. Im a property manager so I literally live where I work. Im having surgery on a Friday and taking the following week off. I figured I would be able to take whatever I need into my office I dont have to sit or stand for extended periods of time. I have to answer phones and respond to emails. If I need to show a unit the maintenance guy will be assisting me. I do however have to dress appropriately. What would you ladies recommend I purchase? What type of underwear would you ladies recommend? Any help would be amazing!

2 weeks Away!!!

Soooo excited! Nervous and Giddy even. I contacted Sarah today so that I could make my final payment and hear back about the lab results. Everything came back good. Thank goodness I was stressing and having nightmares about getting a call saying I didn't clear and I would be stuck looking like a Mexican sausage (chorizo) for the rest of my life!!! But yay! It's starting to hit me! I realize this surgery will not be a walk in the park and I think I've drilled that into my brain. we shall see how I do it because my daughters dad went on vacation during the summer and asked me to cover for him and he would help me when I have surgery and surprise surprise he can't. So, my best friend is taking Friday off to take me to my surgery and she will stay with me Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He has agreed to watch her the weekend but come Sunday night she will be at my place and my mom will be caring for both my daughter and I. I don't want to exhaust my mom. She already does so much and I hate to put her in that position. If I had any other options I would. My assistant says she will try to help me as much as possible but I need her to watch the office and keep up with stuff. I'm worried but I'm kind of not. I'm so excited regardless of the rest I am. So excited about this! I will be posting before pics soon! I've gained some weight I have been trying to gain and was able to put on 10lbs. I've been thinking that I might buy some protein shakes for after surgery to maintain my mass.

3 more days until I'm a Hazani Doll!!!

I'm so excited. I know how hard recovery will be but once I get past it I know how happy I will be with the results. Dr Hazani mentioned on my first consultation before I gained the additional 10lbs that I might want to consider thigh lipo. My legs are slender and proportionate when I am thin. When I gain weight the last place I gain happens to be my legs so I basically look like a snow cone right now. Dr Hazani told me I do have proportionate legs and that on the sx date we can revise anything we need to. I don't want my legs to look skinny lol so I think I may back out of thigh lipo and get arm lipo instead if Dr Hazani approves. I have purchased all of my pre surgery items that I thought convenient. I do live in northern Orange County so I am driving back home after the surgery.

Shell Bra Camis from Costco (My mom got me them not sure the price but I love these they are high quality and have been using them for years)
Danskin Now Cotton Stretch Legging $12.96 @ Walmart (These are thicker material for working out but I love the waist band and how comfy the material is for the price)
NOBU Short Sleeve Cotton Tee in Grey, Black and White $2.87@ Walmart
Knee High Compression Socks
Long socks to keep my feet warm
Slip on Sandals (I'm using my Nike ones)
Bandages (I picked up about 4 packages from the Dollar Store)
Abdominal Pads
Gauze pads
Disinfecting Wipes
Baby Wipes
Antibiotic Ointment
Chux Pads
Medical Tape
Arnica Pills
Arnica Cream
Bromelain Pills
Iron Pills
Fish Oil
Stool Softener
Protein Powder (I bought Optimum Nutrition Pure Whey Protein from Nutrishop)
Jello (Bought from Costco)
Veggies to make Chicken Vegetable soup (Mexican Markets sell prepackaged fresh veggies to make soup I always make a bunch and freeze the extra servings and when I'm ready I just defrost it)
Apple Juice
Water Bottles
Yoga Mat (Daiso Japan $3.00)
Boppy Pillow & Maternity Body Pillow (I already had these from having my daughter)
Measuring Tape ( I promise I will post before pics right before surgery where I am not wearing work out clothes)
Cotton Thongs (I bought a pack of 8 from Walmart for $8 in 1 size larger hopefully that works out)
Chapstick for dry lips
Halls whenever I have a sore throat I like these and I figured I would def have a sore throat after surgery.
Shower Curtain (I bought 3. since I already have a mattress cover that's white I don't want it to get stained so I'm putting a shower curtain over it. I bought them at the Dollar Store)
Black jersey sheets from Target
Black Towels from Target
Lipo Foam (Amazon)
Ann Cherry Waist Trainer (Amazon)
I am still searching for a place where I can get lymph massages in my area. A friend of mine does them but she is located in the valley and it would just be too hard for either one of us to get to each other so I have to find someone near me.

Let me know if I forgot anything. :)
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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