26 Years Old, No Kids, BBL to Fix Illegal Butt Shots - Los Angeles, CA

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I wanted to share my Butt journey with all who may...

I wanted to share my Butt journey with all who may be considering this kind of augmentation for themselves as i have A LOT of knowledge on the subject.

I have had silicone butt injections in 2011, and then BBL surgery in 2015 to revise my poor choice;
I hope my story will help some ladies out.

Iam a beautiful, tall, slender woman; who has always had a "Pear Shape" body.
Ive never had a problem getting a date or male attention. I had small breasts, a flat tummy, a small waist with wide hips but, it was seemingly impossible to get rid of the "saddle bag" type thighs i had. Id always felt my thighs would actually be an asset if my booty had more projection.

Unfortunately no amount of time in the gym or special "diet" was enough to give me that "bubble" look.
I began considering other ways to achieve the look i wanted.

In 2011 i began researching butt enhancement in search of a curvier shape.
I ordered all kinds of silicone butt pads online and wore my own "updated" version with jeans (They dont look natural unless you tamper with them a little) I was receiving twice the amount of attention when i wore the pads, but they aren't a long term solution for obvious reasons.

Originally a Brazilian butt lift was something i was interested in. I researched the procedure online but felt disheartened when the women in the before and after pictures were a lot heavier than me.
I didn't have enough fat to achieve the kind of result these "success stories" required.
All the skinner women who had undergone BBL seemed to have barely noticeable changes.
Gaining the amount of weight needed to have a similar "before" body as those with results i liked felt impossible (15lbs min) as i'm not someone who easily gains weight.

Butt implants seemed to have a comparable amount of complications as Injections based on online reviews; Added to that, fat or skinny, the price of surgery via a reputable Dr was simply too high.
Like most young people transitioning into fully independent adult life; I was struggling to pay basic bills, had no "savings" and desperately wanted something i could not afford.

I searched the internet for months learning all i could about silicone injections.
I read the good, the bad, and the ugly; even still i was willing to take the risk.
Its hard to know where to go when shopping for something illegally - you cant exactly check yelp reviews.
I observed conversations on forums for weeks gathering information.
The women with "good" injections never wanted to give away their source and those too eager to reveal information to others seemed phony.

There were many "bootleg" type plastic surgery offices in Mexico advertising "legal" injections for around 2,000USD. They spin you a story about "Hydrogel" and how the fluid is used for Aids patients that need to restore muscle loss because of their condition, therefore its totally safe.
I never believed something that low cost wouldn't be massively diluted with other substances; still many girls on message boards had successfully endured the procedure with nice looking results.
I was too scared to take the risk based on internet advise alone.

For months i continued researching online with no real leads; whilst wearing my butt pads out to night clubs etc. Coincidently one of those nights out with the girls i happened to meet a women via a mutual friend who had obviously undergone some kind of butt-enhancment. I desperately wanted to ask her secret.
Weeks passed before i wiggled the subject into a conversation. Surprisingly when i did she was
more than willing to talk with me about her injections and even showed me pictures of her friends that had done the same thing. They all looked great, and i asked her if she could get me in communication with the person who did them.

Getting in touch with an upper level black market injector is not easy, they don't just give out their number. I had to have my friend vouch i was a trustworthy person before he would agree to meet
with me. She set up my first meeting with the injector; the cost was 1,200USD per session.
I booked a hotel room in a 5 star hotel (mandatory, for their security) and gave my friend the details.
She called me when the injector was downstairs; i didnt have his contact.

The injector was a gay man in his mid to late 30's; whose face had undoubtedly endured its fair share of facial procedures. He was pleasant and asked to see reference pictures of the look i wanted.
I told him i didn't want anything "stripper" sized, instead telling him i wanted to look like a girl who played
a lot of volleyball (ha).

He explained that injections are done in sessions "layering" the silicone to achieve the smoothest result
possible. The injections are administered, your butt gets hard for a few weeks... then as the swelling subsides it becomes "soft". Once the injections are "soft" again you can get another round of silicone.

He went into the bathroom and poured half a glass of clear fluid into a whiskey style cup.
Placed some towels on the bed, and gave me a Xanax. I lay on the towels bottom up as he began injecting. The needle used is very large and painful; I was injected around 25 times into each cheek.

The holes left from the needle need to be patched up to stop any fluid leaking out, so after each prick a small cotton ball covered in superglue gets secured over the tiny holes.
Once the injections are complete you stand up and he wraps your bottom very tightly in plastic wrap;
I assume this is meant for compression.

Over the next few days i followed the injectors post care instructions. I had to massage my bottom daily with baby oil to loosen the cotton balls until they feel off, and to prevent any bumps forming.
Everything went exactly as he said it would and two weeks later i had a slightly plumper butt with no noticeable complications. Great!

Over the course of around 9 months i received these hotel room injections 3 additional times, until my butt was the sized i wanted.

The first noticeable complication happened after the fourth and final round of injections.
Days later the skin on my bottom was discolored over the areas where the fresh silicone was injected.
I have tan skin, and the discoloration was a hyper pigmented red/pink color.
I had hoped as the injections settled the inflammation would resolve; wishful thinking.

My skin become extremely sensitive to the slightest touch. Something as small as accidentally brushing my butt against a door knob would result in an excruciating, stabbing pain that would last a few minutes at a time before resolving.

I never sort help because i was embarrassed to admit the choice i had made to a professional.
I was scared the doctor would tell me id need to have all the silicone removed; leaving me with one of those injection-horror-story style bottoms, mangled beyond recognition.

As vain as it may be, i didn't want to part ways with my bigger booty.
It was perfectly smooth, very real feeling, and still looked great in clothing. I endured the complications
silently because i felt they were better than no butt at all.

Over the years the "stabbing" pains id feel when accidentally bumping my bottom on something would come and go. After lying or sitting still for too long, they would become a sharp throbbing pain upon moving.

The discoloration stayed, even after multiple laser skin treatments.
The skin would get lighter and then slowly return to its original botched state; It was a waste of money.
Some days the patches of skin would be pink/red colored and other days the skin was a darker purple color. Feeling hopeless, I gave up trying to remedy the hyper pigmentation.

Surprisingly every man ive slept with was not phased at all by the discoloration. Most thought it was a "birth mark" or would say things like "real big butts aren't perfect" as if my complication somehow made my bigger bottom seem natural to them.
None commented unless i made mention of it first; i suppose men are less picky than we are lead to believe.

I felt self conscious about wearing swimwear in public, if i had to go to a water park or beach day
i would make sure i always wore some kind of scarf tied around my hips as a kind of modesty skirt.
I would also wear water proof foundation on my bottom to help disguise the uneven patches of color.

For the first two years i never experienced any lumps or bumps in my bottom.
Slowly but surely they started to appear. At first they were not visible, just one or two that you could
feel if you massaged my bottom. Progressively they became larger dents, and looked like cellulite.
The dents are only on the lower half of my bottom, i believe this is because that part of the bottom is subjected to more "movement" (ie. we sit on it, it is in motion as we walk) therefore there is a greater chance that the silicone is disturbed. The top half of my bottom has no dents or visible bumps.

In the last year, the dents in my butt cheeks caused by my body making scar tissue around the silicone
have become so deep i cannot wear any type of legging material, or lycra dress fabric without a thick
pair of Spanx. It became undeniable as time progressed these dents would only multiply and become deeper. After years of avoiding i finally admitted to myself i needed to start looking for professional help.

A year ago i got a breast augmentation; I was beyond happy with the result. I also had a really positive interaction with the entire staff as well as the Surgeon. He was funny, professional, friendly and took incredible pride in his work. He also seemed very non-judgemental.

I had read so much online about doctors having to hack out silicone from girls bottoms i accepted a surgical option to IMPROVE the appearance of my bottom in 2015 was just not possible.
I went into his surgery to ask if he could recommend a therapeutic masseuse that might be able to
"massage out" some of the larger bumps.

"do you mind if i take a look at it" He looked at my bottom and told me he would be willing to try to fix it, if i wanted. The doctor told me; for some lucky people it IS possible to remove some of the silicone injections with Liposuction and replace the loss of volume with fat. SIGN. ME. UP.

I was willing to do or pay anything asked this time around, i felt like i had been gifted a second chance.
Luckily iam fortunate enough to have done very well career wise over the last few years and the large
price tag attached to the complicated surgery wasn't something i had to save for.
I booked my procedure time that same day, scheduled 6 weeks after the initial consolation.

The doctor told me i would need to gain as much weight as i could. The more spare fat i had, the more silicone he could potentially remove.
I ate like i was my job for a month straight, but only gained 6 pounds. It was incredibly difficult for me to keep the weight on.

At the consultation days before surgery the doctor told me he would concentrate mostly on creating a layer of natural fat over the silicone as "padding" to hide the dents and bumps.
Because i still hadn't gained very much weight this was the most he could promise, i wouldn't have much fat to work with. I was still happy to pay for minimal result, anything is better than nothing.

I was very nervous the day of surgery, unlike when i had my breast aug. I was scared of all the unforeseen problems that could arise once he cut me open and saw whatever mystery fluid was inside me.

The Surgeon estimated i would be on the table for 4 hours, 7 hours later he was finished.
It was no easy task correcting the silicone injections. In the post op appointment the next day, he told
me how difficult it was to operate explaining it took much longer than anticipated.

Surprisingly, he was able to liposuction 2 and a half liters of fat from my body.
He took the fat from my upper arms, lower back, flanks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs.
Ultimately he was able to inject 440cc's of fat into each cheek, Take out some of the larger bumps,
cut and "release" some of the skin that was attached to the scar tissue creating the deep dimples, and inject fat around other silicone he could not remove.

I was in an un-measurable amount of pain the first day and night after surgery, however it was in the
lipo areas NOT my buttocks. I could not stop shivering uncontrollably from the massive fluid shift in my body. I wanted a morphine drip it was so intense. BUT. it was worth it.

Days later the pain improved drastically and i got to take a look at my new and improved bottom.
Worlds better. It was worth every penny to fix it and i am so thankful i had the ability to make this
change, as many women do not have the budget to do so.
I have so much empathy for others in similar situations, i know how awful it can be.

After my surgery my bottom is almost entirely smooth, there are light bumps here and there but
i think it makes it look more "authentic". No woman has a perfectly airbrushed behind in real life.
Also the discolored pigment in my skin is much lighter than before. I feel confident enough to swim without wearing modesty skirts now, but i'm still healing and haven't been able to go in the water just yet.

I think this BBL surgery has improved my bottom by 80%. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation search until you find a doctor you are comfortable with who is willing to help you.

Dont give up looking for help, medicine improves each year and something that may not have been fixable then could change as technology improves and new techniques are developed.

Iam one of the lucky few who was able to fix their poor choice. Ladies, GOOD INJECTIONS do not exist.
All injections get lumpy IN TIME, and you will regret IN TIME. Take my word for it, please.
The most you can hope for is a few lump-free years of injections before enduring a potential life time of complications. They aren't approved for good reason, don't let others convince you differently.

If a bigger bottom is really something you cannot live without, make the commitment, save the money and GAIN THE WEIGHT. You will be thankful because in the long run; nothing can mimic natural fat.

You only get ONE body, take care of it. Dont look for "deals" on price... you should have the best money can buy because its your LIFE thats in the surgeons hands. If this means waiting additional time to save money DO IT.
Your body is priceless ladies, never forget that and let it be reflected in the choices we make for ourselves.

Good Luck!
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