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Hi doll, like most of us i been literally on this...

Hi doll, like most of us i been literally on this site everyday for the past 5 month's. Im really looking into getting a BBL this year 2016. Can you girls help me by commenting your experience with your doctors so i can look into them. I looking into dr. Fisher in miami his work is so good! Anrd also dr. Hasan in Beverley hills. He does a fantastic job. Im looking into a hour glass shape. Im 5'2 125lbs at the momment. Help me out please

having a baBy after bbl?

Okay so ive been thinking and i havent changed my mind lol but have some of you had a bbl and got pregnant after? How did your body change? . I have one child hes 8 months. And he didnt really do no big damage to me lol . I went back to my pre pregnancy weight of 125. I went up to 150 which i dont think it was so bad. But any ways im thinking im having another baby after having a bbl. Maybe a year or 2 later. But scared i would have to get another bbl? Any of you girls done this? Comment below please

some booty wish pics

Some wish pics

more wish pictures

Wow this girl got amazing results with dr. Fisher in miami. The thing for me is im 125 lbs and she is 170 but i wonder if i can get the same volume. This is my goal


Fucking goals mannn!! Im stay stalking girls lol im super excited like for real now because me and my man were checking how are we with money and if we can afford to get a bbl this year and heck yes we do !! So this is like legit now lol now for sure im looking into getting consultation s :))

this girl got great results

I hope i come out looking like this


I was thinking and wonder if one of you girls can help me. Will more fat stay if you have muscle on your butt? Say i start sqauting will it get me better results?

i get no love? lol

so it has been a while since I updated. but I get no love any way? lol
well to start off I emailed dr.hazani and he said my wish pictures are a little unrealistic because of my skin on the bottom. and to gain 5 to 10 pounds. he said that I would get an overall great shape. (haven't posted pictures of myself) I have a vitural with him on Tuesday. but after I saw that his price went up to 15,000 I am so sad :( that's too much for me. I am hoping since I talked to him before the rise on the price he still gives me the 7,500 . fingers crossed
I also had a consultation with dr. fisher. I didn't talk to him I talked to his coordinator yuysy and she's nice. he said the same about my wish picture but I told him I wanted a hourglass shape that's my main goal tiny waist big butt. he said that my waist will be smaller than my wish pics (got excited lol) he quoted me 5,500 and 1300 for recovery house. but I cant stay at the recovery house because I'm bringing my son with me. I'm so undecided since the beginning I wanted dr.fisher he's a great doctor I love his work then I saw dr. hazani and he does so good on petite girls. I petite I am 5'2 130 pounds ( I gained 4 pounds I was 126) I'm so ready for this bbl lol . I just cant decide I am waiting for Tuesday . can anybody tell me what they spent overall when going with dr.fisher? out of state? money isn't the issue but dr. hazani for 15,000 is crazy that's like 2 procedures but I'm only paying for one? come on .


So i locked my date for june 16 with dr. Hazani im so excited !!!! Thats only 3 months away. I thought i was getting in around August-oct but it didnt fit in my plans any more.
I live around 8 hours away and i am thinking of staying for a week does any one know where i can stay at cheap and close to the clinic?

i need help : (

Im trying to book a place not so far from hazani but i dont know where to look or where are safe neighborhoods. Can someone please help me out i would really appreciate it!!


Okay im a very patient person. Debbi in dr. Hazani's office hasnt sent me nothing to prepare for surgery like this is no walk in the park where i just show up and leave like NO . I dont even know what type of faja to buy. Should the office be more considerate to people who live out of town? My date is june 16 im buying most things online does she expect me to get everything in a week? Im annoyed because im not prepared . Do they even give u a list what to buy ? I see alot of people taking vitamins before? Why?

Nervous my time is almost here

Im looking at alot of girls journey's tonight and i feel nervouse scared excited confused. I have so many emotions right now. I already talked to gary everything is going. I did my labs everything is normal. Im 1 week an a half away and i dont really have nothing packed im jusy in shocked i have to snap out of it. Anything that u dolls can help me with like what should i pack what should i buy? I still dont know whay faja to buy? Any help i will appreciate it from the bottom lf my heart.

My sx was yesterday 6.16.16 and it felt like a...

My sx was yesterday 6.16.16 and it felt like a dream. Something i thought ill never do in my life but i cant believe i did and im so happy. My butt is rock hard!! I got 560 cc's im 5'2 and weigh 136 lbs. About my experience dr.hazani is very nice and made me feel comfortable i thought it was funny getting completely naked in front of him for pictures in bright light and in front of my husband that i laughed because i was shy and nervous haha he just smiled and tried to make me comfortable. The staff were so nice and sweet .my nurse sorry i was so nervous i cant remeber her name but she was great with me and my family. She made me feel super comfortable when i remember her name i will post. It was hard to find my vein so i got poked 3 times hurted very much but the antistatic guy tried hes best . Since i hadn't drank water or eat it was hard for him to find my vien. But when he did literally like seconds i was feeling good haha and knocked out n when i woke up it felt like a great nap i was super warm and comfy i was wide awake no nausea i was super hungry!! N thirsty! From my motel its around a 30 min drive i cried!! L a traffic sucks and the roads are so bumpy an i hadnt drank my meds so i was in so much pain the first hour . Hub gave me chicken soup i ate half of it drank 2 norcos and knocked out. I feel no pain on the meds thank god!! I was leaking alot until around 9 p.m i havent leaked much dr. Hazani called me to check up on me hes very sweet. I dont have a garment on he will give it to me on my follow up idk if that will strink ny butt not wearing one? HELP! I feel way better standing or walking. But other then the first hour getting home its not so bad i just feel uncomfortable but manageable. I have my mom an hub taking care of me. The pomada de arinca i put on last night around 11 p.m i should have done it sooner!! It feels so relaxing! My nurse told me the first 3 days are the hardest including the day of surgery so im trying to take it 1 day at a time an i peay for a well recovery.

2nd day

This morning i woke up so sore on my back i couldnt get up. But once i get up i feel way better. Today wasnt so bad. Im not leaking no more i even went outside by the pool for a little bit . I put my arnica cream and that works so good i feel so relaxed and i also showered it felt so good. It still feels like a dream


This is what u bought for recovery. I got too many of the bed pads. The ez pee is great to me


Why is the top of my viginia swollen? It doesnt hurt just when i touch it i feel like pressure? Is this normal or is the doctor going to have to drain me?

I dont know

I feel a little mad that dr. Hazani didnt put more fat in me. How can i only have 540 cc's? I really thought i would have more than that

9th day op

So i am on my 9th day today and i feel good im actually on my way to the beach not in a bikini haha i still have brusing. Its really hard not to sit down my back feels very tense dr. Hazani said i couldnt get message until 2 weeks not because i cant but because it will hurt me. My hubs has been messageing my stomach cuz i have little lumps and it hurts but it feels good at the same time and im starting to see it smooth out. My butt has gone down but not so much . It looks very natural. My new shape i love. but! My waist isnt small idk if im still swollen. I hate that binder so much ! It hurts my back. But i have to wear it for 2 weeks! today im messing up and havent weared it hope that doesnt mest nothing up? Im still bruised and have alot of back pain i shower by myself clean whatever i need to just cant drive or bend down so much or get too crazy because i start to get really tired

9 days post

Dont take the binder off!!

Okay well yesterday i didnt wear the binder practically all day and that was a big no no by the end of the day i was swollen from my stomach i looked fat ! Got home put that shit on extra tight and i look sexy again this morning lol i take it off to eat the most is 2 hours a day but yesterday i went over bored but not no more that scared me

Excessive skin or fat left behind???

I took these pictures to show if this is excessive skin or fat. This looks like fat to be

Waist trainer

When is it okay to wear the a waist trainer? I emailed dr. Hazani ill probably get a response tomorrow. In the meantime when did you start to wear one?

8 weeks

I havent updated u guys because i been trying to recover and stay off social media. At first i wasnt so happy because i didnt get the dramatic curvy look BUT i love my results. I feel so much more confident sexy and overall better. Even though i did not get something so dramatic i look way better then before and it looks natural.
Since week 4 my butt hasnt shrunk. I am waist is 29 and butt is 39 in. I will be posting pics soon

Before n after

So embarrassed but this is my before and after. I didnt do thighs or arms. I will be doing round 2 but dont know when and thats when i will do thighs and arms. I want more hips


This is at 10 weeks i still need to tone myself

Almost hitting 3 month mark

Hi girls I just want to update u all on how I am doing. I finally feel back to normal. My stomach is still sensitive it I stretch it
. It feels like a burning sensation wierd! I am really thinking about round 2 on my arms and thighs I want to achieve more hips I have always wanted nice curvy hips and I feel round 2 will give me that. But other than that the attention is great I love it lol my husband can't keep his hands off me it's like high school all over but u can't get in trouble this time for doing the nasty lol . I am really considering round 2 what do u girls think? To be honest I'm not looking forward to recovery lol
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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