Dr. Fisher Vet - Round 2 In Need of Travel Buddy! March 2016

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Hello ladies, I've been on this site for about 8...

Hello ladies, I've been on this site for about 8 months now I've been looking and looking to see if this procedure will be worth it and what I should expect. I've made up my mind and I want to move forward with this. I'm from Reno NV, we have a few doctors here that do the bbl but charge an arm and a leg for the procedure I mean I had a doctor quote me $20,000. CRAZY!!! So I've been looking in the LA area and so far I've found Dr Hughes and Dr Bruno. Dr Bruno I've heard that he is not very aggressive and I need aggressive. And I look at Dr Hughes and he is aggressive and takes out a lot of fat. I called Dr Hughes office and I spoke to Aaron I believe is his name. He quoted me $9,000 for just BBL I also want a BA he said if I do both at the same time that it would be cheaper. But then I think how the hell I'm I going to be able to move or sleep!! I don't want a conservative butt I want a big bubble butt hopefully Dr Hughes can give me that Since I am leaning towards him right now since he really is the best doc that I've heard of for BBL in the west coast. And I think his price is reasonable. Hopefully I can get both BBL and BA for around 11 or $12,000 and I hope I can get my sx date around end of April beginning of May. I also have a 2 year old son he is my pride and joy. I was 110 pre pregnancy at the end of my pregnancy I was 155 pounds DAM!!!! Yeah!! I gained a lot of weight. My current weight is 140ish. The reason why I haven't moved forward is because I am looking to buy a house and pay all of my extra medical bills first and then do it. I am really excited to get this journey on the road and feel better about myself.

My wish pics

These are some of my wish pics! GOSH!! I want a beautiful body again! I can't wait!!!

Can't Decide on a Doc :( Dr Bruno vs Dr Hughes

I'm sure this happens to everyone from what I've seen on this site. I really am lost right now :( I really can't decide! I just really hope that who ever I go with can give me what I want and I don't have to do it all over again and spend more money. I am going to start to buy all the necessary items. I am looking to get my sx like the first week of May. Can someone tell me what are some necessary items that I will need? And some good fajas I can purchase? Thanks to all the ladies that have given me their advise and shared their experience.

I need some advise!! PLEASE HELP!!

So, I am getting my BBL in LA in May I am from out of town. My baby's father was suppose to go with me to take care of me but due to us not being together anymore and not in good terms I will be going alone. I am really not worried about it. I'm very independent and I can see myself being ok with doing this all alone. Also, I now that there is care providers you can hire but I'm really not looking to spend that kind of money since I will be spending money on hotel food, flight and whatever else. Any advise? Has anyone ever done this alone? What can I expect? I do have a high pain tolerance so I am not to worried about pain. I would really appreciate some advise. Thank you!

What can I do to gain weight??

Hi ladies what can I eat/drink to gain weight? I've heard it's pretty hard to gain weight! Please! any suggestions!?

I want to make sure i get it right the first time!

So after keeping an eye on these L.A. plastic surgeons i am not to convinced on there skills they have for this procedure (BBL) there is no consistency whatsoever they either do an amazing job on one and then they do a shitty ass job on another one and honestly i cant and don't want to take that risk. i rather travel my ass to Florida and get it done right the first time and get this done knowing that i am going to a doctor at has consistency in his work! ooooh.....and these LA doc's are trying to charge an arm and a leg for this procedure F that!! I am looking at Dr. Fisher right now he seems to charge a VERY reasonable price and from what ive seen on RS his work is very consistent he knows how to sculpt very good. If my procedure will be $4500 with Dr. Fisher pay $400 for flight and $145 for 3 day stay at a 4 star hotel in Miami (by the way i am purchasing a deal that GROUPON has right now on a 4 star hotel in Miami for 3 days 2 nights for only $145) that is WAY less than $9,000 for BBL in L.A and plus $300+ for a 3 day stay at a hotel in LA. The only thing that worries me is the 4hr flight but it will be ok! i can just request an outside seat and stand from time to time 4hrs isn't too bad! right!? and Dr Fisher doesn't use drains so that is a BIG PLUS!! i want to fly back home very soon i know it sounds cray cray but i want to be in and out of Miami i will probably stay 5 days at the most! i just want to get back home and continue my recovery and get this over with! I will be calling Vanity this week so i can start communicating with Dr. Fisher. That is all for today! Happy healing to all those beautiful ladies.

More Pre Op Pictures

I got my quote $5000 Dr Fisher

I spoke with Vanity Yesterday and they assigned me a coordinator her name is Jessica she is super sweet and very helpful and answers all of my questions. The fist day i called Vanity i spoke with her she said to email her pictures of my current body and that she will show Dr Fisher and she would let me know what he thought. She called me the next morning after i sent my pics and she said that Dr. Fisher wants to do my full body (Full Back,Full Abdomen - Includes: Flanks, Sides, Bra Roll) she said i have to pay $500.00 to secure my price and pay $2500.00 to secure my SX date. I am going to be scheduling my sx the first week of August. Jessica said that i have a hour glass figure and this surgery will turn out very nice. She also said that i might have a little bit of loose skin since I've had a baby but she said to use the stomach board for about 6 weeks and i should be fine. Just a little update :-)

lipo my arms?

Ladies help! should I lipo my arms as well? Fisher charges $500 extra per arm. Will it be worth it to pay the extra money? Thanks ladies!!

Deposit at Vanity

Any Advice anyone can give me on how to deal with Vanity after putting my deposit down? I've read stuff on here about how once they get your money they stop caring. If you have any advice for me on how to deal with something like that please let me know I would really appreciate it :) Thanks Ladies!!

It getting real!!!

I called Vanity today and asked for Jessica my coordinator I was told she out recovering from her BBL so I spoke to Diana she was very cool and upfront with me I told her that I wanted to put $3000 towards my total including my deposit she said that my total was going to be $5500 and I told her Jessica had told me $5000 and she said no that's not the price for Fisher she told me that it's $5500 because hip grafting is included she said that Dr Fisher doesn't like to inject fat in butt unless he is doing grafting to the hips so Diana was sure to explain. She said they have been having a lot of angry patients because they get hit with the extra 550 so that's why she wanted to be very clear and upfront with me. That's cool tho If I can get some hips I'll be happy! Scheduling my sx today!!! I can't believe this is really happening I really hope this journey goes nice and smooth and I hope I get the results I want.

Question for Vanity girls!?

So some comments got me thinking if Vanity is trying to get more money out if me or what?? was anyone told that hips are included in the BBL procedure? i was first quoted $5000 now when i spoke to a different coordinator (Diana) she said its actually $5500 because of hip grafting! Please help! Let me know your experience! I really appreciate it! :)

Vanity got me on their EXTRA prices :(

So Jessica is back from recovery. I called and asked for her and she got on the phone I asked her to send a full invoice of what I am paying for and what the procedure includes so she was like hold on and I hold for like 5 min and Diana gets on the phone I was like wtf! ! So then I have to ask Diana and I told Diana what I was quoted for everything and she was like NO! The procedure is $5000 but the massages and garments and blah blah blah is an EXTRA $500 so I told her again that Jessica had told me $5000 for everything including all that other EXTRA SHIT!!! And she was like ok well Jessica is right next to me do you want to talk to her? I was like yes. So she puts me on hold for like 6-8min so when Jessica gets on the phone she was like yea the procedure is $5000 and $550 for the massages and garments and whatever the fuck else! So then I told her well you told me that it was $5000 the first time we spoke on the phone and I honestly just stopped going back and forth because I dont have time to argue with them. So I asked if I can eliminate some of that extra shit they trying to put on me and she was like well..you can buy the garments on eBay but you really are not going to save much. So im like whatever!! So she sends me an invoice and pre op instructions but the invoice is wrong it said I made a payment of $2500 when I made a payment of $3050 so I called her back and she said she will fix and send me a new one and I was like I need a breakdown of what im paying with this extra stuff and she said she will send it. I haven't received it yet so we will see! Man I honestly thought I would have a smooth experience with these people but I guess from what I have read they are like this to everyone! But anyways! Heads up Dr Fisher BBL is going up to $6000 on March 29th!!!!! And its going up to $7000 this summer!!!

I mean MAY 29TH!!! NOT MARCH!!!

I mean MAY 29TH!!! NOT MARCH!!!

Vanity Manager???

Hi Ladies i'm looking to call Vanity tomorrow AGAIN with this whole price shenanigans im still very uneasy with my price the $5,550 i keep seeing everyone getting quoted $5000. I made the smart decisions to record my conversations with vanity and i have Diana saying that my total will be $5,550 because of hip grafting but then when i called a week and a half later she said the extra $550 is for garments and massages so this lady don't even know what the fuck she is telling people. Has anyone dealt with office manager at Vanity? i just want to talk to someone else other than Jessica and Diana. I am even considering switching to Dr Hasan because he is less expensive but also does a very good job but i am hesitant because of that patient that died. I mean they should at least have a discount for patients that pay all cash!! Ugh!! WHY WHY WHY!!! VANITY!! WHY!! Some advice please ladies i really do appreciate it!!

Dam this girl lied and lied again!!!

So i called Vanity today and asked to speak to an office manager and they transferred me to lying ass Diana when i specifically said don't transfer me to Jessica or Diana ugh!! so i proceeded to talk to this lying ass lady and she totally denied telling me that the extra $550 were for the hip grafting i was like WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!! Something is wrong with this lady she is a pathological liar or something. I got this laying ass on recording on my phone telling me that my price will be $5550 because of hip grafting!!! instead of the $5000 that i was quoted in the beginning i told her i wanna speak to a manager she was like ok and she puts me on hold for like 2 min and she says they are busy but i'm sure i can handle this. I cant believe this is happening!! GOSH!! so i am having my baby daddy call for me tomorrow and insist to speak to a manager he is a very good talker and a great business man so i'm sure he will get somewhere with them. I hope so! i have her on recording saying something that now she is saying she didn't fucking say WE WILL SEE!! WE WILL SEE!! I'm so upset! Sorry ladies just trying to vent.

Massages info?

Can someone give me Marian's info for massages? Please and thank you :)

Nice affordable Hotel/Condo??

Hi Ladies, do any of you know of a good hotel or condo by Vanity or Miami Beach? I cant seem to find a place that's affordable. It must be a clean fresh place! Thanks Ladies!

One month to go!

So I have a month to go, I am getting so nervous but ladies!..... I need this BAD!!! I feel so selfish because I think about my baby boy that I will be leaving behind :'( I wish I wasn't so judgmental about myself I just want my pre pregnancy body back! I can't really work out because of my knee I've had 2 surgeries on it because I tore my meniscus playing sports. Anyways.....can any if you please inbox me a list of items that I will need? Please and thank you! :)

28 more DAYS!!!

OMG! 28 more days to go!......This shit just got to me....Im nervous and scared i just hope everything goes nice and smooth. I got my labs done today and hopefully all my levels are good to go. I've been struggling with my progesterone level which is the hormone that makes you lactate. I was on the Depo shop for birth control and that was making my lactation hormone high to where i was lactating milk from my breast. Anyways.....i will be starting my vitamins and iron tomorrow, i heard that you are supposed to stop taking your vitamins 2 weeks before you sx? Can anyone verify that? Also, how serious is it if i dont buy my garment and lipo foam and board at Vanity? Has any of you done that? Thanks Ladies!!! :)

26 more DAYS!!!

Hi Ladies, my sx is sneaking up on me....aaaahhh! I bought my garment and stomach board on eBay i paid $88.99 for both the garment was $63.99 and the board was $25.00 the garment is the same exact one that they sell at Vanity for $120 its even the same Vedette # 929 i bought a urinal, compression stockings and boppy pillow on amazon i paid $50.00 for everything. All i got to buy is just the wipes, arnica tablets and gel, vitamins, and all that good stuff. I need to start taking my iron now so that i can have a good level just in case i dont already. Anyways im making my last sx payment on Friday.....so i spoke with Diana yesterday because i had some questions about the time of my consultation and she said to some in before 3pm on the 4th and what makes me sad is that she didn't even know my surgery date!!! i was like what the f'n fuck!!! i'm a case worker and i have a lot of clients that i have to keep up with but at least i get my shit straight!! i cant wait to get this over with and get on with my life. I will be posting pre-op pics soon! I haven't weighed myself but i think im in the upper 140's or even 150lbs Thank you to all you ladies for all of your comments i wish you all the best!

I got my Garment and Board

Hello ladies I received my garment and abdominal board yesterday. Here is some pics

Garment is - Vedette size 36 and style 929
Abdominal Board - Fajas Salome Ref. 2507

15 days from sx!!

Hi ladies, 15 more days and I will be a fisher doll!! I can't believe its soo near!! Here are some things I got on Amazon. So I texted Diana last week and asked for an email address where I can send my labs to and said to contact Alexandra that she is now my coordinator because she don't work at Vanity anymore I was like "say whaaaaat" I couldn't believe it. She seemed like the hustler of them all....anyways I am a little sad that I won't get to meet such a unique person. I got my labs and my Hemo is 13.3 idk if that's good or bad can someone please tell me!?

OMG 3 more days!!!!!

Omg ladies 3 more days and I will be a fisher doll... I'm just feeling mixed emotions I feel sad anxious happy excited just sooo many things!! I'll be posting some before pics right before my surgery idk how much I weigh right now. I got my pre op instructions today. Well.... That's it for now I will update very soon:!!

1.5 days left!!!

Hello ladies, I am in MIAMI I will be going to Vanity tomorrow for my consultation with Fisher :) I'll keep you guys posted!

I made it

Hello ladies I made it ... I actually had my surgery yesterday a day before my original date. I went in for my consultation and doctor Fisher said that he had a opening so I was like I just want to get this over with so I went for it. I went in for surgery at like 4:30... here is some pics. I will post my full on review when I feel better :) thanks ladies!

Thank you Ladies

I just want to thank all you lovely ladies that have posted positive comments thank you so much! I will be posting more pictures tomorrow when I shower. Happy Healing to all those ladies! We are all gonna look amazing!

More Pictures

Here is some Pictures I took before taking a shower this morning :)

Feeling Better Each Day!

Hello ladies, it's been 2 days since my surgery and I can say that I've felt better and better each day. The percacet don't help for the first 2 days I tried to ask for stronger meds and they told me that that's the strongest but Juliet did say that the first couple of days they won't help much. I had my first massage today and it was painful :( hopefully it's better tomorrow. I'll keep you guys posted!

3 days Post Op

Hi ladies I am 3 days Post Op today and I'm feeling a little bit better I got up and started cleaning the room in staying at lol I think it's my percacet tho... I don't think my drain is doing its job I hardly even drain it's soo frustrating. I'm gonna ask today when I go in for my massage...
I can honestly say I did get the body I wanted and I can't wait to keep up this body BUT I would never do this again like EVER!!! It's way to much with the fluids and the pain and the drain and the pain and the pain lol and I just feel soo selfish and a bad mom because I keep having dreams of my little man I miss him sooo much... I am leaving Miami Monday hopefully all my fluid is gone by then... I really don't get the fluid thing are you supposed to drink lots of fluids so that you can drain the fluid? Anyways Here's some pics I took this morning. I'm wearing leggings and a tank top I don't have any more clean dresses. Happy Healing to all you ladies! I know.... This shit ain't not walk in the park!

Ladies please help!

I can't stand this fluid build up I've been drinking a lot of water and pineapple juice... I feel like the girl at vanity that massages me doesn't really flush the fluid out!!! Ugh this is sooo frustrating! This is really the only thing that I'm dealing with please help!!! Thanks ladies

My drain is clogged

Hello ladies I noticed that my drain is clogged and that's why am not draining it's clogged inside the granaded... Has anyone experienced this? Please help!!! Thank you!!


So what kind of garment do I buy after this one fits big on me? Any suggestions? Thanks ladies :)

Fever and Vanity don't GIVE A FUCK!!

Hi ladies my current status I've had a fever since 3pm I called vanity and let them know if didn't have a thermometer at the time so I didn't know my exact temp I told her that and she was like well I need to know your temp so I told her that I was going to go get one but by the time I got one they would be closed... She said oh I'll have Juliet call you noooooo call at all!! They don't even have a emergency contact # they just tell you to call 911 so I've been taking my temp every hour and I've been taking my antibiotics 3 times a day like instructed the highest my temp has been is 101.8 I have my massages tomorrow at 9am tomorrow... They will hear me tomorrow this is fucking bull shit!!! I read on realself from other surgeons that having a fever after BBL is NOT normal!!!

IDK how good of a Doctor is Dr Fisher

Hi ladies, well of course just like everyone else I thought Dr Fisher was a cool Dr very down to earth, cracks jokes, tries to be all hip and all but really when it comes down to it he doesn't give a fuck about you after the fact he doesn't give a fuck about anything but being in that operating room because that's what's making him money.... Following up with his patients and caring is not making him that money. This is truly sad.... Idk maybe this was just my experience. I've never heard of a Dr waiting a whole week to follow up with his patients after surgery at least not where I'm from. I feel soo neglected :( also I haven't gone poop since right before my surgery has anyone experienced this?

Yay! I went #2

Hi ladies, I finally went #2 it felt soo good lol and I did hear from Dr. Fisher he proscribed me more antibiotics stronger antibiotics I started them earlier this afternoon so hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow :) thanks to all you ladies for all of your support I don't know what I would do without you guys! Thank you! ! :) here's some pics I took earlier!

Ladies, I'm finally home!

Hello ladies just wanted to update you guys.... I am finally home feeling much better the airplane ride was hell gosh I live sooooo far from Miami tho! It's was definitely a mission.... I will post more later :) thank you ladies for your support!

Ladies, I'm feeling 100%

Ladies, I'm finally feeling 100% gosh almost 2 weeks.... it will be 2 weeks on Monday yay!! So question? ? Dr. Fisher said I can start sitting at 2 weeks! Is that enough time? When does the fluffing happen? ? No sitting is a fucking nightmare ladies I'm telling you a fucking nightmare! Smh Ok now on to the most important part lol THE BOOTY! Ok.... soooo.... it's definitely has soften and gone down.... AS EXPECTED! :) but this thang is still huge lol Dr. Fisher did his thaaaaang!!! I love love love love love my new shape ladies this was definitely worth everything I went through BUT... I'm not singing victory YET! Because we all know that you can lose fat up to 6 mo if I'm not mistaken?? Correct me if I'm wrong please lol but I really really hope I get to keep what I have now because I love it!!!! :)) and my secret lover does too lol sooo... Dr Fisher did call me on the phone on Monday and apologized for not seeing me and for his staff being fucking retarded asses because if you think about it that's all they are walking retarded asses with they big asses and shit! I swear half of them probably don't even have a degree.... anyways I hope I never have to deal with them again! Nightmare nightmare!!! Here is some pics Ladies! Enjoy!

Oh oh oh yeah! !


Such a dramatic change! Pics

Hello Ladies! Can someone please tell me how long I should wear my garment and lipo foam and board? ? Thanks ladies! I really appreciate all of your advice and positive vibes :)) here is some pics!.....Enjoy!

3 week almost 4 week post op!

Hi ladies, hope all you beauties are doing good and healing good... I can't believe its been almost a month since my sx aaaaahhhh lol I feel 100% but the only thing is that I am still swollen on my lower back and my lower abdomen I try and massage myself as much as possible and I am putting Nivea firming gel I am planning to hire a personal training to help me tone my stomach that is my main focus right now. I haven't been eating super healthy.... I read on here by a Dr that the first 15lbs you gain after BBL it goes straight to your ass... Can anyone tell me if that is true? My ass is definitely jiggly now lol and I am gradually sitting.... I went on a date last weekend so I had to sit and it felt weird the whole time and I get a burning sensation a little bit idk what that's about.... I'm still wearing my garment that I washed and it totally got stained with something else I put in the washer :( now it's purple instead of nude lol I guess I'm not the best at doing laundry lol what else..... What else.... Oh yea.... Has anyone experienced better bowel movements after sx.? I seriously have a bm twice a day lol when before sx I had 1 and was always constipated but now I go and it's soo easy it just comes right out lol anyways that is all for now! Here are some pics of me today 8/28/14 24 days post op thanks ladies!

Bathing suit pics!!!

Hi Ladies I went swimming for the first time yesterday my lipoed skin felt a little weird under water lol and I was jumping up and down in the pool and my butt was going up and down in slow motion it felt awesome lol here is some pics of me in my bathing suit... and you know what these pics don't do my booty any justice my butt looks soo much bigger in person.

8 week update

Hi Ladies this is my 8 week update it will be 2 months Oct 4th (my bday!!) I feel great.... I still still on a pillow in my car and I sit on a blanket on my office chair. My lower back is still swollen and my lower abdomen is still swollen. I'm going to start working out this weekend... and I am also purchasing a waist cincher from girlycurves.com I still wear my foam... I will be doing laser treatment on my stretch marks in a couple months. And I'm thinking I wanna do a round 2 in a year or 2. Anyways here is some pics :) hope everyone is healing good and having good experiences

Dr Fisher Vet - BBL Round 2 + Breast Augmentation

Hello ladies... its been a while since I've been on here. Looking into going for round 2 and breast augmentation with Dr Fisher. I want fat added to my thighs and legs for a much thicker look. Has anyone had that done before? Or has gotten a breast augmentation with Fisher? Please let me know your experience or things you've heard. I'm planning to go at the end of March 2016 and will most likely need a travel buddy. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks ladies!

Travel Buddy

Hello ladies I got a bbl back in Aug 2014 I want to go back for round 2 + Breast Augmentation. I want to go the end of March. I will be going alone so I wanted go look for a travel buddy. Please message me if you are interested. Thanks ladis.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher was amazing overall. He is one hell of a surgeon. Amazing sculpting skills. I would definitely go back to him for more work. The staff however, think they run the show and treat people how ever they feel like it. I really hope Dr. Fisher gets better staff or moves out of vanity and goes somewhere way nicer. He was definitely worth the struggle! I give him 5 stars!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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