Botox in Masseter Muscle for Jaw Contouring -Los Angeles, CA

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I've had this done multiple times over the past...

I've had this done multiple times over the past couple of years to contour the jawline. I have a pretty significant case of TMJ, and over the years it had taken a toll on my teeth (being worn down) and my face. My face always looked swollen and puffy regardless of what I weighed. Functionally, I also had bad tension headaches and achey jaws in the morning from excessively clenching my teeth involuntarily during my sleep.

The difference has been dramatic, and people ask if I've lost weight. In fact, my weight has remained the same or has gone up slightly, and yet my face appears significantly slimmer. It usually takes about 30-40 units per side on me to effectively reduce the bulk of the muscle. This is staged over a couple of months as to not overcorrect and cause a gaunt appearance. After the effect is achieved, I've maintained it every 3-4 months, usually with 15-20 units per side. It's a good idea to maintain rather than wait until you've lost the correction.
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