Tca Cross and Fraxel. Los Angeles, CA

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Ice pick and box car scarring on cheeks only. In...

Ice pick and box car scarring on cheeks only. In the past I had derma pen ( increased scars), pumpkin peel, microdermabrasion... And at last today tca cross with 50% tca and fraxel laser 2 times over on each side. Photos of my skin 1 month prior and today. Keep you posted as I heal as of now I'm swollen.

Day of tca cross

Here are photos of my face right after... One is me driving home ( they sent me out with no sunscreen so I wore my hoodie and sunglasses low. The second photos is me when I got home by the window. Will send more updates.

Day 2 of tca cross and fraxel

Used biocellulose mask I purchased at doctors office last night. Woke up with face feeling a tight and warm. Feels and looks like sandpaper. Washed with wash I purchased from doctors office called clean zyme. This is the morning after treatment and after using wash. I was told to use my own moisturizer which I have done I use clinque dramaticly different. I took the day off of work to heal but, I don't look to bad... Doc said I can wear make up in a couple of days.

Day 3 tca cross and fraxel laser

I look the same as yesterday sandpaper look and feel. Today I'm actually itchy something I was not told would be a side effect. Used my last biocellulose mask this evening. I have been in the house for the most part today with an exception to a morning doctors appointment. Hoping to see some improvement in the next couple of days. I will keep you all posted.

Day 4 yikes tca cross and fraxel

Day 4. Of tca cross and fraxel... And I am hoping this is as bad as it gets. Woke up at 4 a.m with my face burning on fire and incredibly itchy. Woke up broken out with pimples and still looking like sandpaper. The recommended nothing for the burn or insane itch. They did let me know they could call in a script for acne topical and oral. Super unhappy at this point. Tommorow I need to get back into my normal routine and I look like a monster. Hopefully, all is well by the end of the week. Keep you posted.

Day 5 of tca cross with fraxel laser

Yesterday, was day 5 since my tca cross with fraxel laser. It was also my first day with makeup. I still was itchy and looked dirty or like I laid in a tanning bed. Can not see improvement on scars just yet. Still peeling I can tell my skin underneath is lighter and brighter. Also I started to break out pretty bad and I am using clindamycin on the acne. Keep you posted with results.

2 week post tca and fraxel

Overall my face is brighter. However, my goal was to improve scars... Some which appear wider. But, with makeup is not as bad.

Almost 3 weeks since tca cross and fraxel

I am still not sure how I feel about the procedure. With make up on its not as bad as it was but, I'm hoping with additional tca cross And maybe subcision I might see significant difference.

6 months later

My skin is just as bad if not worse. Still looking for an answer. Tried dermaplage make up and wasted another 80 dollars on a product that did not work.

6 months before and after

Comparing my make up photos last week with my no make up photos a month before fraxel and tca cross. My face is awful. I'm hiding indoors researching how I can help my skin.

6 months post last tca cross fraxel

Hi! I'm feeling really upset about my skin today. I went on vacation to Europe and didn't want to be in any of the photos. I am so ashamed of my skin and all the set backs in life due to it. If anyone knows of cream or makeup or something I can use to give my self a boost of daily confidence please advise. This is my skin this morning, after shower and washed face with cetaphil and used " bliss" brand toner pad ( only because I'm experincing clogged pores). Any advise or experiences with my skin type is welcomed I'm desperate! I want to date before I'm 40! :(.

7 months after tca cross and fraxel

Currently on clynomicyn and trention( retina) to help with clearer skin and scarring. Started 1 week ago.

8 months after fraxel and tca cross

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the positive feedback. I never went back to the doctor in Beverly hill s that did the procedure not did any one follow up with me. My whole experience with the doctors office was rather dissappointing. But, as far as my skin goes i have been consistently using clynomicyn and retina every day. And I see improvement and so have those around me. The scars are still there but less noticiable. I can't believe topical did such a improvement and laser did so much damage.

Almost a year since tca cross and fraxel

It's been almost a year since my not so great experience at the Beverly hills doctors office and my procedure. I have never been contacted again by the doctors office. I have been using benzoyl peroxide and cylnimicin as well as a generic retin a in hopes of some sort of help with scarring so far I have seen a little improvement but, not as much as I would like. I am considering fillers for my smile lines and I'm hoping this will plump up my face and make scars less visible in the process.

Coming up on the 12 month mark tca fraxel

What can I say I still hate my skin.shy away from photos or looking people in the eye. I am still on the benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin and retin a treatment and honestly I think the effect s have worn off on these products. My new thing is trying more natural approaches and experminted with a baking soda scrub and a cumin mask... Lol. And yesterday I opted for fillers on smile lines and upper lip in hopes of balancing out my face and building confidence and maybe giving me a smoother apperance. It has not been 24 hours yet but, thought I would share. My smile lines are to look younger and the upper lip was a hope to minimize the size of my nose.

Before tca with fraxel i had derma pen

A year prior tca cross and Drexel I had 1 session of dermapen and a year before that chemical peel with extractions. Here are photos of both of those experiences... I'm sorry at that time I was not documenting so I don't know which day of post procedure. Just thought it might be helpful.

1 week since smile line fillers and upper lip

It's been a week initially my lip scared the crap out of me cause it appeared so big. I iced a lot and stayed indoors for a weekend. Now I love it and will most likely be hooked.

Same derma pen review with photos

Before tca with fraxel i had derma pen
12 Jun 2017 1 year post
A year prior tca cross and Drexel I had 1 session of dermapen and a year before that chemical peel with extractions. Here are photos of both of those experiences... I'm sorry at that time I was not documenting so I don't know which day of post procedure. Just thought it might be helpful

1 year later

3 years, 3 strong chemical peels, extractions, 2 sessions of dermapen, 1 fraxel laser session, 1 tca cross, 1 smile line filler sessionand 1 session of upper lip filler later. Still looking for help with these damn scars! Any advice?


3 years, 3 chemical peels extractions, 2 dermapen sessions, 1 fraxel lader6 session, 1 tca cross session, smile line fillers and upper lip fillers later. Still looking for help with my scars and still not ready to date with this face. Any advice about fixing scars?
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