42 ~ Tummy Tuck ~ L.A., CA ~ Jul. 20 2017

Considering a tummy tuck in Sept. 2016. I weight...

Considering a tummy tuck in Sept. 2016. I weight train 3xs p/wk with a trainer. I'm pretty strong with good leg muscle. My stomach has always been a problem for me. I'm 5'7, 184lbs. I would like to get closer to my ideal weight of 160. I would like to have opinions on how much more I should lose. I feel I'm not very close to being a good candidate for a TT. Can't stand the fold of skin/fat, you can see through my clothes. Help!

Too much fat?

I have seen some before pictures and I am struggling to understand if I even qualify for a tummy tuck yet.

Too much fat in abdominal area?

Am IA good candidate for a tummy tuck or do I need to lose more weight?

Deposit made!

I'm actually going to do it!! I'm excited!! Focusing on losing more body fat by January 2017. My biggest fear, not being able to work out for a few months after the surgery...

15 Weeks left until Tummy Tuck

25 lbs down, 15 more to go in 15 weeks. I can do this!

So excired6 to have the surgery.
Cleansing, personal trainer 3xs per week, keeping focused on the goal.
Dr Alex Kim

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