31 Yrs Old Finally Have the Opportunity for Rhinoplasty!! Los Angeles, CA

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I will be flying into california tomorrow evening...

I will be flying into california tomorrow evening and be there the morning of nov 3rd. Surgery will be November 5th! quite nervous! Ive been planning this out for basically all my life. I have been self concious and dont feel very photogenic. Although I am told all the time Im very beautiful & there is "nothing wrong" I really cant help but notice that my face is super small compared to my nose. Front view is not as much of a problem as the side view but I was told by another surgeon consultation 5 years ago that my nose is also wide due to bone structure. Obviously.... side view has to change! I got daddy's nose.

Tomorrow is the DAY!!

I am excited! I am spending today in beautiful LA and then tomorrow morning it is it!!! Yess!! I had the consult and blood work done today and he said he can make me look much nicer than I do now??

Forgot to mention!

I like this particular doctor because he doesnt add more things to the price. He does all the work himself and even draws the blood work himself. That to me shows that he is a perfectionist. He is very old fashioned and simple. I do not understand everyone's commentary about his office? It is neat & clean but if you want leather couches and flat screen tv's in lieu of a good doctor then... well ok... lol. I am happy so far with my choice. Tomorrow is the surgery date and I couldnt be more pleased. This doctor has been around a long time but I feel like not all of his patients write reviews online. I will definately put in a good word for him when everything heals.

OMG just came from surgery

Dr. Srour's assistant by the way (Alina) very sweet. Dr. Srour keeps it old school everything was done in his office. Even old school picture taking with film :)

Still I chose this doctor because of his skill level, and his eye for artistry. Yes I am beat up. After a rhinoplasty please do not expect yourself to look presentable right away.

The photo is very graphic. however I noticed already even with the cast on that it looks considerably smaller. Alina said it looks very good (she saw it before he put the cast on)

Honestly the scariest part of the surgery is when he broke the bone in my nose and scraped. I am happy he let me know what he was doing while he was doing it. The surgey was actually quick and afterwards he had me rest for an hour before I went back to the hotel.

Alina helped me into the wheelchair and pushed it out to the rental car with my mom who thankfully could help me through this as well.

Wow rough night!

Rough night because packing was in my nose! This morning Dr. Srour removed the packing so now I can breathe through my nose like normal. Also because I dont normally take any pain pills and the Vicodin made me nauseous. However regular extra strength tylenol seems to be doing the job just fine. Bruising is down& swelling is down but my secret to that is Arnica tablets and arnica gel that I have been applying around the area with a q tip. Every couple of hours Ive been applying. Feel like this is an absolute MUST for recovery. I cant wait until the cast comes off. I like what i see so far!!!! There was bleeding that were at the sides of my nose because he had made an incision on the sides in order to break my bones.

Woo! Recovery!

Reading up on some recovery supplements for this surgery. I went to whole foods and grabbed some more arnica tablets (2 different strengths) magnesium(calm brand) Miracle reds (i dunno... seems to have a lot of vegatables in it.. and I heard vit K was good but cant buy a whole bottle of that stuff so little packets of miracle reds seemed well worth it) some packet vitamin C and collagen. I feel like everything is healing well but wanted to be sure I was getting enough rest etc.. Magnesium is great for healing! Ive been eating a lot of raw veggies & fruit. Cucumbers, apples & bananas.

Haha I went out in my disguise! It felt so weird going out in public with no makeup and sunglasses. I didnt end up wearing the hat!

Its been about 2 days since surgery... These 2 nights its been hard to sleep in a tight little hotel with family... privacy is lacking! However I am making the best out of all this since Ive pretty much wanted this my whole life. Arnica tablets I took before the surgery and have been taking non stop every few hoursand applying gel around my eyes. Pain killer of choice is tylenol... vicodin is way too strong for me. I heard that ibprofen was not good for recovery from surgery because it will make you bleed...

Cast comes off tuesday morning and I am hoping that everything is all looking very good and its ready to come off tuesday!

Bruising getting much better

After taking vitamin C, and the miracle reds yesterday I feel much better. Brusing is slowly healing up. Need to drink more water! Tuesday this cast comes off and I cant wait to see the results!!! I am excited. No one knows me in this town so its good. Seeing the sites! Right now visiting a cool little diner that was featured on food network. Couldnt be happier. Looking a little rough! But again, lets be real! Not touching up my photos. Its not time for makeup yet.. time for healing & wearing my shades! 8)

Wow! Looks good but LOTS of swelling!!

So there is stilla lot of bruising! But I will eat more pineapple (still taking arnica tablets and applying cream) Able to wear makeup! (Thank you!) I felt so ugly and gross... but again no one knows me in this town... I already feel tons better about myself but it really hurt when he took the cast off and applied tape. He told me a technique to bring swelling down. All in all this Dr knows his stuff. Pretty office or not. definately coming back here for a vacation! my it is nice 8)

side photo

a side view 8)

Well...now Im not sure?

So looking at the sides if my nose it looks amazing! However now Im a little worried because I noticed that he broke the bone with little incisions under my eyes.... and so now from the front I look kinda silly in my opinion. I was told that I can massage it out. I am doing everything I can to smooththings out as I will be returning to work within days but I am feeling very panicky...


So its been aprox 2 weeks after surgery. Unfortunately I wasnt informed not to wear glasses after surgery without taping them... hoping that indentations go away but then again I had only been wearing them off and on for a week... without the cast... sooo otherwise I am starting to really like my nose. It matches my face more eventhough the tip & sides of my nose are still VERY swollen!

Taping to reduce swelling

I started to tape up my nose last night and already feeling tons better.. since I didnt have work today I practically left it on all day. I pushed a little on the side where I felt it looked a bit uneven because one side was more swollen than the other.. I notice that when I wake up it seems super swollen.. also I wanted to iron out any marks i may have made wearing sunglasses... in error.. :/ In addition I started putting arnica ointment in my nostrils to calm down some inflammation. When I sent the Dr. photos he seemed surprised at how well Ive been healing because I guess at this stage people normally still have bruising but Ive been using bromelain and arnica tablets... which I actually ran out of today! ha but I will get more in time... I dont necessarily think that taping does much wonders but at least its preventing some swelling from accumulating overnight. Hoping for a pretty final outcome. At times I freak myself out by taking photos that are too up close and then comparing my rhinoplasty to others.. Cause there are literally zero incisions under my nose... which 99.9% rhinolasty patients seem to have... I just had tiny incisions under my eyes in order to break my wide nasal bone.. which are now healed. I know nothing about the proceedure.. Other than I hope and pray I will like the end reault after this swelling will go down. I hope that in about 3 months I will really start to like it. Its already noce because you can se BOTH of my eyes when I turn my head where as before my nose completely obsureed one of my eyes when I turned slightly... Although when I take pictures I am reluctant to post them to social media because maybe my friends wont know who I am LOL!!!

Not sure??

Ugh one of those days I am not sure about my decision... one of my co workers pointed out that there is a black line on my nose.. he thought that I smudged myself with something. when I looked in the mirror.. its just a mark from where the cast was.. and I am worried that this may be more serious because I cannot find any after photos where people have that same line. Straight forward in certain lighting its more noticable. Its still pretty swollen. The bad lighting (floresent lighting) when someone looks straight at me I feel like one side is either more swollen than the other or something. Did he make an error? Is one of my valves partically collapsed? Some lighting is more flattering than other lighting... But straight on at least by now i expected for the indentations to go away and at straight on look pretty even...

Ok so I have come a long way

I just wish the swelling came down more evenly!!! But im going to give it more time.. the left side seems more swollen at the tip than the right. Hoping that it evens up but I have come a looong way. My nose before was not very flattering from the profile. Now its better :) profile wise... still not too comfortable with the straight on view yet... hope to get there!

Finally swelling is getting down to normal

I have noticed when the moon gets fuller the swelling seems to be more prominent... Ive used some different face serum and used a dermawand on the bridge of my nose and overall I like how it looks. The indentations I was worried about seem to be fading away. Swelling has gone down significantly in the bridge and i am almost comfortable taking a front photo.. lol... overall I am happy so far with the result but Ive gone through some extra steps that are a bit unusual.. Im not even sure if the general public even knows what a derma wand is.. haha but I used it (gently) and it seems to help with swelling. Although you can see it is still very swollen.. seems more swollen on one side than the other but not as glaringly obvious as it was after a month of having it done. It was appearing that the bridge was way too smallat first but after massaging the bridge with the derma wand a fee weeks it looks a heck of a lot more normal.

Update "straight on photo"

Feeling much better about my noses appearance. Hoping that swelling in the tip goes down much more nicely these next few months. I am actually pleasantly surprised. It seems I am getting more noticed from guys... I was noticed before by guys but my nose took up 1/2 my face and guy that has been interested in me even before the sugery seems to be even more interested in me now prob because of my self confidence boost :) But he hasnt seemed to notice that I had anything done.... or never mentioned it. I also realized that I can comfortably wear my hair up now.. I used to always wear my hair down at not to draw too much attention to the middle of my face! since now my nose is looking within the realm of "normal" from the side and is actually flattering! I was concerned a bit because at first it seemed the bridge was too narrow and there was uneven swelling.

Also... (this may sound "different" lol) I noticed that when the moon is full swelling seems to be at its worst!!! But when the moon is getting less full swelling goes down A LOT!! It may have to do with my cycle a little too or how much sodium I have. Overall I would say its definately more looking like the nose belongs on my face although at first its a little hard to get used to... since I was so used to looking at the sides of my nose in the mirror every single day. From the front its very minor differences but from the sides (obvious from my before and after photos) I feel its a bit more dramatic but I am happy with the profile :)

Super happy with result so far

Im in love with the result so far. Pictures are getting way easier to take.. I dont have to wear gobs of makeup annnd! I noticed I can wear my hair up and not feel like everyone is staring at my nose. Still is swelling in the tip. So far so good.

Considering the fact that every year..

Every day of every year I hated my nose and I kept thinking obsessively what am I going to do about this? Well the time has flown by! I am happy. Although its not perfect.. I may get a revision in a year or two but I am happy that it is not that hige mass that was sticking out of my face from before. The tip is still a little swollen to me. I can wear my hair up in a pony tail withoutbeing self consious. I dont even have to worry about my nose being gigantic anymore cause it isnt lol.. Overall I am happy.. But the tip could be a little smaller in my opinion.... So thats why I say maybe I will have a revision in a couple of years.

Picture taken just today :)

Well overall I really like the outcome... although I prob will do a revision because I do not like the tip very much. Its been almost a year since the proceedure. No one has really noticed. It truly looked terribly uneven for a while there which was scarey! Maybe in a few years I will get a revision to refine things further but overall I am still happy :) :) :)

Side views!

This is what I am most pleased with. I can now wear my hair up without trying to distract away from my nose. Pretty profile now :)

Still super pleased

:) Still very happy. Pictures to come! But the uneven swelling and what I thought was an indent is gone. Confident now in pulling my hair up! Best decision ever.

Happier now that we are creeping up on 2 years in November :)

I was worried about the results of my surgery afterwards for a long time!! Truth be told its beautiful now. Im confident pulling my hair up less anxious! However I have thought to go a little smaller perhaps later on and smooth my bridge out a little more . He didnt ruin my nostrils or do anything weird like some other reviwers claim. The only thing i would say is hes a little unconventional... i did take a lot of arnica to heal faster but there is swelling still up to two years post op. So please let the surgical site heal before jumping to conclusions like i did at first. He has a diff method than a lot of docs have to break the bone which freaked me out at first. This so far has been the best decision i have ever made. Still very pleased.

More photos

Before and after facing camera and profile views. Striking difference when you see these side by side. My front view of my face is not much changed but the wideness has actually changed. my profile was really bumpy and lumpy back before my surgery in Nov 2015. :)

1 year 5 months! lol not sure why this says only 1 year?

Ok so I have to mention here that besides picking this doctor I actually picked my surgical date by surgical astrology as well lol (I never mentioned this because I felt like I would be judged a little) sounds hokey but Nov 5, 2015 was an amazing surgery date. Took quite some time to see results and I asked an experienced astrologer that knew when to pick the date to ensure the best results. Obviously pick a doc that has some skill and etc... but I figured my one and only surgey had to have the stars align just perfectly. Not all believe this but I looked back and decided to screen cap the date and am amazed at how lovely this all aligned. :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Srour has been helpful with all my questions and concerns so has his office staff! Hoping for a beautiful result!

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