Looking for Butt Implants in CA

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I was hoping for a BBL, but after consultations...

I was hoping for a BBL, but after consultations with Hughes and Dass it looks like I will need implants. At first I was totally against this idea, but the idea of butt implants is growing on me. I am off work for several weeks starting in June so I have to find a doctor, select implant shape and size etc ASAP. I am worried about complication rate and PAIN, but I am willing to go through it in order to feel comfortable in my own skin. I look forward to the day that I can shop for jeans without being frustrated bc of my flat bum! I don't want a huge butt, I just want to be well proportioned & balanced. Any words of advise or recommendations on doctors or implant size & shape or about the procedure in general would be so helpful!!

Consult w Stanton

I had my consult this morning. He recommends 425cc oval implant for me. He said I am not a good candidate for round. He said that some people can go either way, others not so much. I am also going with a little lipo around my waist. My surgery is scheduled for June 18th. Yikes!! :)

Getting ready!

My surgery is in just a little over a week. I'm trying to get prepared and think ahead as much as possible. I'm feeling a little freaked out but I am trying to remind myself this is a normal feeling. I almost feel alone in this process because I haven't told anyone with the exception of my boyfriend, and this morning I realized that he doesn't get it. He is driving me to my surgery in the 22nd of this month. He asked me what time I thought we'd get home (I live 45 min from my doctor's office) so I told him I figured we'd be home before noon (my surgery is at 7am). He said "oh good I have a golf tournament at noon that day, that will work out perfect." I burst out into tears! I couldn't believe he thought it would be ok to basically just drop me off at home and go golfing after my surgery!!! I think he's rethought that plan, but it still really is a huge wake up call! I'm really going to have to be strong and get through this with limited support, but I guess that's the consequence of keeping this a secret from my family. In the end I am hoping it will all be worth it, but I definitely can relate to the girls who get sad and freaked out before surgery. I am posting a pic of a massage table I purchased. I was thinking this may be a comfortable place to sleep when my neck and back get sore from sleeping in bed on my tummy. I put it together this morning. It is surprising comfortable and I have a feeling I will spend aloe of time on this during my recovery. It is covered with memory foam which makes it very cozy.

Pics one day after surgery

2 weeks post op

It's been a rough 2 weeks. Recovery is long and boring. The pain isn't horrible it's just constant tightness and soreness. My incision looks good so I'm hoping that's a good sign (in terms of no infection). I'm hoping I'll feel more normal over the next couple of weeks. I am happy with results so far. My implants still need to drop a bit but I think things will look nice once they do.

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