Still Love my babies 7 mo post op !!

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I have been thinking about implants for a few...

I have been thinking about implants for a few months. I have been really training alot and was hoping that I would be abel to revive my boobs from the breastfeeding and two kids. Ummm no so....not gonna happen. So now my body looks great....lost about 23 lbs in the last 5 months and I need to get my body shape in balance. I am very athletic, tall, 6'0 and shapely. Although my boobs look like they belong on the underside of a cow nursing. My boyfriend is fine with them but I told him...I need a change. So of course he is very supportive and so is my family. I was thinking that I would do the procedure over the Xmas holiday so Ive been readign loads of posts on here preparing my mind. I talk to my BA specialist and everything is booked up so fast procedure will be done in a week!!!! Ok lets say Im nervous.....have some anxiety and hope that I can have a good recovery time.. My son who is 6 cant stay away from me too long. But I have arranged for him to be with his grandma. How do you get out of these jittery emotions... Im assuming everyone has experienced them.

I am planning on getting silicone moderate implants under the BA doc suggested 650cc for me....looking for a full look to match my body...Im a 36B now......was a 36C before the kids and looking to be 36D FULL or 36DD. But that seems like alot compared to others on here....but most of the ones Ive read were petite or alot shorter than me. I will try and post some pics before.. Im nervous.... Wish me luck!!!

Ok so Im 4 days away from the big day. I posted...

Ok so Im 4 days away from the big day. I posted before pics up last night. I was telling my boyfriend when we went out last night and he said "our titties are on the internet for everyone to see?" and I laughed and was like yes just like everyone else's. Anyway, thanks for the support on this site. Everyone has been very helpful giving me information to prepare myself along with sharing their own personal stories. Im still a little unsure about the size. My doctor said I could go up to 700cc... I tried on a 659 cc implant and was happy with the look. I just recently bought some more padded bras last week thinking I had a few weeks til my procedure and then I find out I was having it in a week. After reading a few posts, I think Im going to try the rice test. Ive been wearing a bombshell bra for VS which puts me at a D and I think that I just need more FULL D /DD is my goal. And then Im wondering because Im getting silicone am I limited in the size fi they are doing incision through the aerola. Mine are pretty large and my boyfriend was saying that once my body gets relaxed, they will be able to get them in there. I dont know. I think I saw a post where someone had 500cc put in that way. I have alot of extra questions for my doctor this week.

Ok so went in for pre-op blood work and also...

Ok so went in for pre-op blood work and also talked about what to expect.
I'm not as worried about the size. I was told the saline usually look bigger based on how
they are shaped. I'm going to circuit training tonight since I will have to
miss Saturdays session. Feeling anxious so working
Out tonight should help. Have meds ordered for pickup
and they provide the bra to wear so I'm good in that area
Started taking vitamin c and miss you liquid vitamins
To prepare my body for good healing. In 3 days I will be on
thr other side. Talked to my sister today about it. She lives
Out of town but will be visiting for Xmas with her hubby. I
Thinks I was more nervous sharing the news with my mom and
Sister but they were both cool with it. My dad and brother will
Just have to see it after its done. So many emotions
The workout should help me relax tonight.

Ok my BA is scheduled for 1200pm tomorrow. I'm...

Ok my BA is scheduled for 1200pm tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit anxious now. My boyfriend said for me to put my game face on. He could see I'm nervous. This time tomorrow I will have my new babies. I bought a couple of extra pillows today for extra comfort. Butterflies like going on a date. I plan to go to bed early so I can be well rested. Will update you when I can.

I'm here editing patiently. Looks like they're...

I'm here editing patiently. Looks like they're running behind by 2 hours. I'm hungry. Come on and put me to sleep so I can get miss you new babies. Patience grasshopper. I'm hoping to get started soon.

Hi all. After waiting patiently for over 6 hurs it...

Hi all. After waiting patiently for over 6 hurs it was my turn and I'm pleased. PS used 617cc. I'm sore and laying propped up. When I run/massage them gently it feels good. Should I ice them. Going back at 130pm for checkup. Thanks for all the support. Will update tomorrow.

Ladies. I am so happy right now. I'm on the other...

Ladies. I am so happy right now. I'm on the other side. I trusted my PS and now after being home 5 hours I feel great. The Vicodin helped and now I'm accustom to sleeping tilted up. My boyfriend and daughter have been amazing. My incision was through the areolas and that's a wonderful thing because less scarring and no incision under my boobs. Oh they feel so nice. Thank you to all that have been encouraging me. I did it. And I made sure he didn't make my areolas smaller. I was like no don't change anything and in actuality that made the procedure easier. Well going to sleep now. Will post again in the morning and more pics tomorrow. Thank you all and God bless everyone. Gnite.

Clearance from my PS that everything went well....

Clearance from my PS that everything went well. Minimal incision and it that much pain at all. Saw them today for the first time and was very happy. I will post more pics from different angles when my boyfriend gets back.

Feeling good today. I got up and made myself some...

Feeling good today. I got up and made myself some breakfast. No one is here but me. I notice that my arms are still a little stiff when I need to reach for something from the bed. I have all my remotes phones and computer on the bed. I definitely have feeling in my nipples which is great because I was a bit concerned about that reading other posts, I need to put some cream around the edges of my bra since I need to wear it for another week before I can shower. Is anyone taking the Arnica and Bromelain for bruising and swelling? I cant wait to sleep in the bed without all these pillows propping me up. My boyfriend looks so comfy when hes laying there flat. Thanks to everyone for all their input on their journey from pre op to months after. This is an incredible experience and by sharing, we are helping to make smooth transitions for those that come after us. Reading all the posts helped me make a informed decision because I knew exactly what to expect.

Ok Day 3 post op. Feeling really good today. I...

Ok Day 3 post op. Feeling really good today. I have been home resting in the bed since my procedure late Friday nite ( 515pm). I found out I need to go to my sons school for a few activities, a potluck and winter show. So I was trying on some of my clothes to see how things will look with my new babies. OMG such a dramatic difference. Im hoping that there is still a decent amount of swelling that has to go down and then they will "drop" of "fluff" as I have heard others say. I think they do look great and I do like to workout so Im sure that I just need to be patient now. I guess I should figure 3-6 months....I will talk more with my PS on Saturday and see what he says. I know that they will have more movement and I will be able to manuever them, push em up, etc. I hate to say goodbye to some of those great tops but time will tell which can stay and which ones need to go. I think I will buy a DD sports bra just to see how my babies will look. Any thoughts or comments please chime in.... Im all ears... I love my babies..

Ventured out too long today I think. I went with...

Ventured out too long today I think. I went with my mom to get my manicure and pedicure done along with my regular foot massage and that was great. I hadnt been out since my surgery on Friday. I had to go shopping for clothes for my sons WInter program and we ended up doing a little shopping. I have had this same compression bra since the surgery and was desperately wanting to get a VS zip front sports bra so I can wash this one. I dont feel as if it ( compression bra from PS) is really holding me in because when I ride in the car I hold them when I think its going to be a big bump in the road. I did find the bras today and the lady told me to buy a large. I told her I was a 36 D as she looked at my breasts and she said you dont need a XL. I should of bought a L and a XL just in case. But when I got home I noticed that the tag said for 36D you should have XL. I tried on the large and it felt good because it did hold my boobs in place, no movement, etc but I was concerned that it may be too tight to sleep in because I feel that my breasts have swelled up again and I noticed a bruise in the crease. I am going to ice my babies tonight......I have not really iced them much since surgery so I think I need to do that to get a bit of relief. A frozen bag of peas as some have mentioned worked wonders. Anyone else have experience with the VS zip front sports bra. I guess I did too much today or I guess the swelling can come back at any time not just in the morning. And icing schedule....30 minutes on and then 30 minutes off? Suggestions anyone

Omg sleeping in my massage chair reclined with...

Omg sleeping in my massage chair reclined with feet up. This is like heaven. I read it on someone's page and tried it. Wonderful

Feeling great today. I slept in my massage chair...

Feeling great today. I slept in my massage chair reclined last night and was happy to wake up without my breasts feeling tight. Then I decided to wear VS zip front Sports Bra today because it seems to hold my babies better than the surgical bra they gave me. So definitely a great day all the way around.

I saw my boyfriend today and he liked the VS zip front sports bra. But he was like when you workout you need to wear a shirt over it don't you? I was like no. Then he says he thinks I should until he gets use to them because hes going to have a hard time working. (He runs a circuit class that i take so theres numerous people training all at once) Hes happy that Im happy with my babies and hes still getting use to me with them as well.

On another note I need to ask ladies. What did you do with all your old bras? I had a lot of 32C bras in the drawer and I'm cleaning that drawer out. I know my PS office has a box where you can give away fairly used bras but I'm not taking them all. I have some cute ones but don't know anyone that wears my old size. I have some with the tags still on it from Macy's do I'm going to try and exchange those.

I don't know if I will be able to keep the VS sports bra (zip front) because the recommended largest busy size for the XL is 38C. And in sure once I fluff and drop I will be a 36DD. Anyone in the DD range wearing the zip front bra ?

Great update from my PS today. My strips were...

Great update from my PS today. My strips were removed and i am able to wear sports bra all the time, shower and sleep on my back. I am feeling really good today and he also showed me how to massage them 6x a day. Im scheduled to go back in two weeks and can do some working out...slowly but surely. Yay. I need to double up on my sports bra and he thinks that I will be a FULL D. So far I have no incisions ae really tiny although one opened up a bit when my boyfriend hugged and kissed me yesterday. When I look ay my before pics of my breasts it doesnt even seem real. Even though its only been one week, I feel as if Ive had my babies for years... they are definitely a part of me!!!! My body heals well and working out Im sure helped me to recover faster. Thanks to everyone's advice on the has been priceless!!!

So out with the VS zip sports bra in comes the...

So out with the VS zip sports bra in comes the genie bra!!!! The XL was too small and U measured at 42 in. I was like oh my goodness I have been squashing my babies. I did buy a sports bra the right size but it has underwire so I won't be using it yet and a pink Demi bra that I can't wait to wear. I'm feeling good. I did a private session today all lower stuff of course and I was really happy to be back at it slowly but surely. Thanks ladies for the heads up on the genie bra. I have four!!! Sleeping nicely on my back and sometimes a little on my side until my boyfriend says why are you on your side. I love my babies and I'm sure they love me more now that I'm not smothering them.

Good morning ladies. I'm so happy that things are...

Good morning ladies. I'm so happy that things are progressing well. I still try and take it easy and rest when I can. This was the best present I could of ever done for myself. I feel so sexy in everything I put on. Don't get me wrong. I felt sexy but now it's magnified 50x with my girls. I've been utilizing the scarguard on my incisions even though it seems so smooth already. The massaging and showers has helped to soften them a bit and I can maneuver them. I have been sleeping a little bit on my side (snuggling with my bf) but I do notice that I have to be careful getting up from low chairs/ seats because you use those upper body muscles to lift yourself. Last week I got in the tub not thinking and then had to roll over onto my knees and raise up to get out (that was before I was allowed to shower). Anyway I'm posting new pics. There's no bruising, no soreness, swelling has gone down and I think they are doing better now because I stopped squashing them into the VS zip front bra. So I'm wearing the genie bras and that is working fine. I will talk to my PS on Friday. All of the sportsbras at VS for 36DD had an uncomfy underwire. Has anyone found a decent sportsbras for that size without underwire. I probably need something to hold me better than genie bra. Hope everyone is doing well on their recovery. Happy holiday!!!

Hi ladies. Things are going well. Saw my PS today...

Hi ladies. Things are going well. Saw my PS today and he is amazed how great my boobs look. I told him about the problem with the VS zip up bra being too small and that I have been wearing genie bra ever since. He was like what's a genie bra. So I out it on and he was like its comfy and I says yes. He recommended for me to wear two of them when I work out for extra support. But overall good report and I will see him in 3 weeks.i can move my boob with my muscle it's weird cause its under my muscle but my chest muscles were very strong before. He told me not to do that. Although last week a few times I felt the muscle move on it's own. But maybe tgat was from my boobs being squashed in that smaller sports bra. Oh well i guess my healing process has been very good because I don't see much difference from Day 1 to Day 21 other than swelling went down and I can move them more now. Nice cleavage and fullness when I wear my clothes. Going out tonight with my bf. I will take a pic and post it tomorrow. I'm excited ladies. Me and my girls out on the town. Hope everyone else is recovering well.

Im very anal at times. I had to fix those pics. ...

Im very anal at times. I had to fix those pics. Hate looking at them sideways.

Happy New Year ladies...... I am officially 4...

Happy New Year ladies...... I am officially 4 weeks out from my BA and things are great. I have noticed that they are getting softer and so happy that I did not lose any sensation in my nipples. If anything its heightened. My incisions have healed up but Im still using scarguard to help it heal inside as well so there is smoothness where the scar tissue is underneath. When I brush my hand over the incision area, is feels as of it is getting a little flatter/smoother under the skin as well. Im very happy with my PS and I trusted his judgment which is paying off in the long run. I uploaded some pics in a bra but I think Im going to return it because I'd hate to keep it and then find out 2 months from now that I cant wear it/ too big or too small. So back to VS for me to get some sleepwear/ lingerie that will fit me not matter what size I end up in a few months. Anyone notice that their breasts got larger or smaller after a few months. I have moderate profile natrelle 15 so I think there may not be much difference in mine changing versus someone with high profile waiting for them to drop. Anyone have any feedback? Has anyone ventured with taking baths and if so did you have someone help you get out of the tub so you wouldnt have to use your pec muscles? I will ask my doctor about it when I go back in 2 weeks. I do not have any pain whatsoever and I am still massaging them every day ( and so is my bf :) Sometimes I catch myself straightening up my I might be busy on the computer and then catch myself and sit up straighter. I think I got comfy sleeping propped up with pillows and then slouching trying to get a comfy position that first week so thats a bad habit I need to break. Of course they look very big with nothing on but when I put on clothes it looks like the perfect size for me....I am lovin my girls and so excited to see what my final outcome will be. So Im off to shop. Have a great weekend ladies and for those that just came over to the other side...welcome. If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them for you. Posting pics up now.

Hello ladies. Ok I just need to vent. I'm feeling...

Hello ladies. Ok I just need to vent. I'm feeling a bit frazzled. I'm happy with my babies and they seem to be settling nicely. I guess it's hard to really gauge them without any bras. They don't really look that big when I'm dressed and the sports bras just cover them. I've been trying clothes on and they look wonderful without a bra. I think I need to go try on some at the store just to satisfy my curiosity and get my mind at ease. When I had my facial yesterday, the skin lady was surprised and could not believe I had 616cc. She knows my PS ( same office) and I showed them to her and she was like they look great, he did a good job. I agree. So why am I feeling that boob greed? I still have a couple of months before they really get settled in and I have silicone style 15 Natrelle so I don't think there will be much more dropping just fluffing I think. Although after massaging them the last two days the way Lissa220 had suggested, it seems they dropped a little more yesterday and were feeling really soft. And to top it off I strained my calf muscle last week so I can't even get my lower body workout fix in cause I'm babysitting this injury. So with idle time in my hands, I peruse the site and catch up on everyone's posts. I know patience grasshopper is what some of you are thinking and you are right. I'm usually on the go so this last month of having my BA done, slow motion, laying up, asking for help for almost everything is getting to me. In very happy that I was able to get the BA and heal up with no complications whatsoever. For once in my life I need to just slow up, stop and smell the flowers with my new babies. Thanks for listening.

Ok thanks everyone for the support. I think the...

Ok thanks everyone for the support. I think the boob greed is wearing off. When I was trying clothes on today I was amazed how nice they looked and shapely when I raised my arms. I've been just looking at them always with my arms down and occasionally in clothes. I was really impressed with the symmetry and shape. They do look very natural. So ladies I'm posting a few pics with arms up. then i probably wont post anymore fir a few weeks. I think I will delete Some. I don't need bigger boobs. I love them the way they are and I just need to dress them up. I guess I fell off the wagon for one day but I'm back on it now. Thanks again ladies for chiming in today. I love that we all go thru different things but a few words said can go a long way. Shower and cat nap time before my bf comes over. Have a good nite all!!!

Sorry error when I uploaded last post. This...

Sorry error when I uploaded last post. This procedure was so worth it!!! Thanks for the notification prettygirlslim.

Hi ladies. It's been a while since I updated. I...

Hi ladies. It's been a while since I updated. I was trying to wait til my next post op with my PS. Bee busy this week. Last two workouts went well. I decided not to do any upper til after I speak with my PS on Saturday. Ok so while shopping with my mom for kids clothes for my nephews I decided to look at bras on sale. With limited time I just picked what I could and paid for them. I bought 4-36Ds and 2-36DDs ( the sales lady prewarned me there weren't many 36DD). 6 bras for $60. Sadly, when I got home really nothing fit. I was overflowing out of the 36D. Tried to adjust the straps but then it was looking crappy. Ok I'm a VS girl all the way. I had numerous brands I tried on and nothing fit. So at week 6 still at 36DD or a lil bigger. Don't seem big just full but time will tell. Going back to VS and hit up Nordstroms tomorrow to try some others. I need to keep massaging them. I noticed yesterday morning they felt bigger. I had the two sports bras on the night before at my training so they probably just needed a breather. Anyone else notice a slight change day after working out? I did work up a lil sweat and was squatting like crazy ( own weight, no bar). Posting new pic of my new dress I bought today. It's funny to think hmm check it with no sports bra on cause that's how I will be wearing it.

Hello ladies. So I went in to see my pS for my 6...

Hello ladies. So I went in to see my pS for my 6 weeks post op appointment and all is well. He says everything looks great and that I dont need to come back for 6 more weeks when he will take pictures of my babies. I explained to him that Im not a 36D but Im not complaining. I think because they are really full, they dont look that big but when they need to be corralled, they are 36DD. I bought some bras on sale two days ago and my girls were smushed and falling out. I also did manage to find the Danskin front closure at my local Walmart.....( it looked really nice on Angel1981 and NoMoreBoobEnvy) but whomp whomp I tried the 36D- nope and then the 38C ( equivalent to a 36DD) nope again. Awww why didnt they make it in DD :( I notice that they do soften up and seem very soft at times and then a little firmer at other times. I guess they are really still settling in. I did lay down on my stomach the other nite and it felt really good... However they did feel very soft after. Anyone notice the changes in their breasts. I dont get the morning boob anymore but they seem to sit up nice when Im laying on my back. Because my implant choice is so wide, its very easy to dress them down...with a loose fitting shirt they are hidden and with form fitting tops or dresses they are like Im here....see me love me. :)

Anyway back to my report from my PS

1. He said I can wear sports bras most of the time and if Im going out if I want to wear a regular bra I can.
UMMMM question....right now that seems to be a DD but I need to get measured to make sure if there are changes down the line, I better not invest too much in many..I do I have a lot of boobie buddies on here that could probably use them if I can't :) Guess I should of grabbed a few 36DD during that sale. I think I will continue with the sports some more and maybe have 2 bras on hand if needed when I go out. I do want to protect my investment although I can go out without a bra now.

2. He said that I can resume my workouts but to avoid exercises that are using my pec muscles. HUH?
He said that because they are under the muscle to be very careful. If I am doing something I will likely feel the muscle jump ( I have experienced that in the first few weeks ( it does feel weird but I need to just be careful. Wow all these doctors are different.

3. Do I continue massaging? He said should be massaging your breasts 6 times a day for about 20 seconds every day for the rest of your life. And then I said until I need some new ones right? And he said right. I was surprised that eh said keep massaging. He says that helps them to keep their softeness. Interesting So does that mean the ones who dont massage will get hard? I dot remember his exact words..... but he said it would help to do it. I will ask him again so that I dont misquote him. I just know he said to do it. Can anyone chime in on that one?

So basically he has cleared me to do "whatever you want" as he said to me. I told him I was very happy with my breasts and that he did a great job matching the size to my frame. I did fill out a testimonial for him and would gladly recommend him to my friends and family. Its been a long 6 weeks and I told him they look only a little smaller from the swelling going down but have looked pretty good since Day 1. Im so happy with them now... I cant imagine how much happier I will be when they drop and fluff. Thats all for now ladies... enjoy your evening.

OMG its a shame. I went to go pickup a couple of...

OMG its a shame. I went to go pickup a couple of bras to just have on hand so that I dont have to wear sports bras when I go out. I went bra shopping again today to return the ones I bought last week and try on some at the store. Dissatified at Macys. I need to go to Nordstroms and try the Natori but most of the bras are ugly. The saleslady that was helping me said she runs into the same problem. I tried on 36D in 4 different brands and they were all clearly too small. Just thought I would let anyone plannign on going to DDs to realize the lack of choices you will have. Im going to search online as well to see what optiosn are out there. Im thinking of starting my own line. I started researching and I know a few people that work in that industry. You should not be punished because your boobs are bigger and have to wear grandma looking boring bras!!!! Im on a mission. I never knew that it was so hard to find this size and a pretty looking. I ended up right back at VS and bought 3 bras on sale for $15.99 each to hold me over til my boobs finally settle. Its crazy....when I look at them they don't seem that large....but when I pickup the bra in the store and hold it in my looks humongous. Nevertheless I love them and hope that when they have finally dropped and fluffed that I will be able to find the bras that I love to put them in. Because I have a larger implant, to protect my investment I think its good to wear a bra sometimes. Anyone else with 550cc or more wearing a bra on the regular? Im still massaging them just as my PS has suggested and plan on doing some light upper body work at the gym on Tuesday. I will update tomorrow nite. Have a good evening all!!

The days are surely passing by fast now. It seems...

The days are surely passing by fast now. It seems like once you reach that 6 week mark all the fuss is over. NOT!!! I'm really loving my babies and happy I did it. Boob greed has come and gone. Happens to all of us. But when it's all said and done we have been blessed with more than what we started with. I love how my babies look naked and in the comfort of sports bras, full coverage or pushups. A little bigger may have been fun but in actuality once I put on a bra (36dd) and put a shirt over it. Holy cow. I need some new shirts. :) I've been wearing sports bras for 6 weeks. When I got dressed to go out. Hubba hubba. That push up bra had me out there and I quickly changed my striped sweater. Um no more stripes like that. :). So for those thinking boob greed or wanting more. I say it all the time. We analyze and probe them naked in the mirror for hours for 45 days until we reach the 6 week mark. Take care of yourself and they will take care of you ( confidence ). Dress them babies up and you will surely find heaven with your girls.

Hello ladies. It's been 9 weeks now and I'm...

Hello ladies. It's been 9 weeks now and I'm feeling great. My girls don't really like underwire bras. They like to be free. But I do like to give them support and the bra gives a little more projection. I'm going to take a few pics with tops on so you can see. Like NoBoob says you can easily disguise them or have them out there to be seen. I love how soft they feel and they do look very natural. I don't go back to see my PS til March (3 weeks) but I do notice that the seem different if I don't massage them. Worked out hard at the gym today and realized a few exercises I can't do anymore. Like the wheel where you roll down and up for your abs. As soon as I tried it I felt my upper body( pecs) start to move a bit. So I said nope. Then I was going to do the leg raises where you hand with your arms in the slings. Uhhh nope no more of those either. Anyone tried any of these after their BA? Otherwise I still do a few things modified. No burpies yet just planking. But overall my workout was good today. I see I just have to adjust a few things and maybe cut some things out altogether. Girl push-ups still feel a little weird but I do a few then stop. Lately a few times I've fallen asleep ( after indulging) with no bra on. I hope that's ok. I need to check with my PS. I realize I could of gone with the 700 because it would of been 650 ( the other 50 under the muscle). My bf said don't change anything, they're fine, no complications and they look very natural. So I'm in agreement that I'm not going to try and fix something that's not broken. I love my girls and will cherish them until I need a new set. Until then, I will be dressing them up and down til the wheels fall off!!! I look at what I started with and what I ended up with and smile. Happy boob day everyone and good luck to those embarking on this journey. I have no regrets!!!

Hello ladies. I hope you all had a wonderful V-day...

Hello ladies. I hope you all had a wonderful V-day and those that are in recovery mode, I hope you were comfy and not in any pain. I'm at the 10 week mark now. Not much change, the babies feel different at times (indulging in extracurricular activities) and for the most part do feel as if they are a part of me. I went and tried on a swimsuit and was surprised how large they looked. I have been a big supporter of one piece swimsuits since my build was not really appealing for a two piece ( saggy flat boobs) and was always swimming for exercise at the gym and wanted the sleek kind the pros use. But now I'm ready to embark on both styles, bikini with side ties on the bottoms or preferring if it is a one piece that it has a deep cut for cleavage and a nice cut on the sides since my legs go on for days!! Honest opinion ladies. I don't think I should of gone any bigger in size. I could of maybe did a mod + profile for more projection but they stay put in two sports bras at the gym and look regular size ( don't look like 36DD) but when I put on the underwire push-up bra wow lookout. Glad I took that picture because when you're looking down at your boobs or in a mirror the illusion is that they're smaller. I guess we all strive for perfection and I am very happy that all has gone well with no complications. It's nice a friend of my BF wants my doctors number so his wife can get some. That really made me think. Girl you don't need bigger just flaunt them anyway you can. Chime in ladies. Just for fun. Stay with my rack or go bigger? I will go with the majority vote I promise!!

Hello fellow boobie buddies. I went to see my PS...

Hello fellow boobie buddies. I went to see my PS last Saturday eager to inquire and ask a few questions. It was a long wait because they were very busy that day and it was an hour and a half before I saw him. I was so glad to finally get in there to see what he would say to me.. Well everything went well. I showed him my babies and he was in awe. They're perfect. They look wonderful and so natural. Adn I said yes I like them... but I got use to how they were when they were boyfriend said I shouldnt go bigger. My PS agreed. They are nice... dont change a thing. My incision are not even noticeable.. you have to kind of stare to find them and they have blended in nicely with my skin. Then my PS says I would like to take pictures of them today. Yeah sure no problem. Then he tells me that I dont need to see him til I need him. Setup appts once a year. On the massaging he said only twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. I told him I got use to massaging them alot and my boyfriend had been helping me. So with that boob greed disappeared. My PS confirmed what I already knew.....dont mess up a good thing. I guess I was thinking he would say... if you want to go bigger, we need to wait til ?????? and then you can change if you like.. But that was never even mentioned. After driving home I realized that they are really nice....they look great in sweaters, and swimsuits. I just need to dress them up. I did order a couple of bras (Felina) on amazon that I thought were cute and they arrived this week. I tried them both on and was surprised that I liked them. I am still a 36DD and loving my babies. They do seem to still change.....but they accentuate my curves. My workouts have been great and Im glad to say that I feel back to normal... however I have skipped certain exercises forever because of my new babies. Im enjoying them nonetheless and will continue to update you all on this wonderful journey we have all embarked on. One day at a time and you will reach your goal. And you will be happy overall that you decided to do it. Happy boob day and happy healing to the newbies!! Get your rest!!

Hello ladies....its been while since I updated. ...

Hello ladies....its been while since I updated. There has been alot going on in my life right now. I am 4 months post op today and things are really great. My workouts are back to normal....feel myself pushing my limits and the babies have adjusted well. I have started doing a few exercises..( bench press) which use to feel awkward when I push up on the bar. But I told myself not to lift heavy just use the ball and raise my legs and hold a weighted ball inbetween to work my abs more. I did purchase some cute tops and a few dresses that look great with my babies and I am excited about wearing them out. I go back and forth between wearing sports bra or a regular bra. I rarely ever go without a bra and I make sure to sleep in one per my PS suggestion. I will post some pics with a few of my new tops this weekend. I am very happy and glad that I did it. Sometimes I feel as if they are getting a little bigger. I wonder if doing certain pec muscle exercises makes a diffference since a portion of the implant is under the muscle. Just saying. As the song says "Im sexy and I know it" !!!! Enjoy your weekend ladies and for those about to cross over to the other will be so happy that you did!!!

Added a few new pics today ladies. All is still...

Added a few new pics today ladies. All is still good. My babies are just lovely. However I do find myself loving the push-up bras more so than the regular ones. I'm a big lingerie and matching sets kinda girl so it's really matters to me. It's nice tho to be able to play them down and last week I wore an off the shoulders top with no bra. It felt weird with no support but I had a ball and my boyfriend loved it too. I have a very small waist so with a few tops they look humongous. Overall I am happy and I am thinking about getting a criss cross swimsuit to show off my abs and accent my curves. It's on my bucket list. Softgirl mentioned a person online that makes tops and I've seen alot on eBay as well very creative and original. I will definitely be ready for the summer. I'm tall so mine will probably have to be made for my measurements. I can't wait. Hope all is well with the new ladies. Hope you all are healing well. It will be over before you know it and you will be happy with your results!!! I sure am!!

7 months post op and loving my babies more and more every day!!!

Hello ladies.....Ive been out of the loop for a while but enjoying my summer with my babies. Things have been hectic in my life but the times I have ventured out with new outfits and swimwear has been very exciting for me. I feel like a kid in a candy store at times. I am happy with the size......they seem as if they have gotten a tad bigger....I still kinda struggle holding them in my bras. Im thinking that 36DDD works better for me...... and I did hit up VS for the semi annual sale. Its amazing how they have transformed and changed. I was thinking that how they were 3 months out would be it......but they changed. I am still working out....4-5 times a week now and have gone back to alot of the pec muscle exercises but not as much weight. I wonder if that has anything to do with the changes because they are under the muscle. Feel free to chime in anyone. Hope all is well with everyone. Feel free to stop by and say hi. Newbies.......any questions....I am willing to answer them if I can. Good luck to those contemplating implants and those who are already scheduled.

Past One Year Mark And Loving My Girls Still!!!!!

Hi all. Its been a long time since I have been on but I wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. It has been 13 months now since my surgery and I have never been happier. I am the athletic type and the girls just helped me balance my shape and curves out. I have resumed my workouts and have actually pushed up to 5 days a week and occassionally I push for 6 days. I have been very busy dealing with family issues as well as busy with work, my kids and my boyfriend. Some days I still wish I had pushed for the 700ccs but I wanted the natural look so was fearful that they might be too big. My doctor was amazing and knew exactly what I wanted. I can workout and do whatever I want. I just had to get rid of some shirts because I couldnt fit them anymore. For anyone that is out there on the fence not sure if they should embark on this journey........ think twice because your life becomes a whole new journey when you take the time to invest in yourself. I had my kids and I wanted my cleavage back. And I got it. if you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message. I will post a few pics from the summer and when I get back from my cruise in 3 weeks I will post more. Happy 2014 ladies!!!!!
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