Pretty Girls--Do NOT Get a Boob Job - Los Angeles, CA

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Hello pretty. i am 5'7, slender, olive...

hello pretty.

i am 5'7, slender, olive skin, light eyes, exotic looking and a year & a half ago I decided to get a boob job for my 30th bday. All the men that I have been with over the years, when I mentioned 'i may want a boob job'-- they told me not to, they said my boobs were perfect.

Well, with a good job, I had the money & the time & said I will go for it. I decided to get a boob job & a nose job...why not?

It was the stupidiest thing I have ever done IN MY LIFE. My perfect tits are ruined. I went to 'the best doctor in the industry'-- he has done many famous women's breasts. that title means nothing. Getting such a surgery is not as glamorous as it seems. The 'after' will mess with your head forever. & you can NEVER go back.

My nipples are scarred, the sensation has reduced, & because I am slender, there is an inner cavity ripple-- that will NEVER GO AWAY. My boobs are fake & look fake. 1 nipple is 2inches higher than the other. I will never be that beautiful, natural girl.

The nose job was just as bad. I have no personality. I look in the mirror & do not recognize myself.

If you KNOW you are HOT now--- do NOT change a thing. I warned you.

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If you have boobs. Even baby A-cup. Do NOT get a boob job. Period. Email & I can share with you before & after.

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