30yrs, 1 Kid (10yrs) and Finally Going to Get Boobies!!! - Los Angeles, CA

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I'm 145lb, 5'3", 36A. I wanted at first a full C...

I'm 145lb, 5'3", 36A. I wanted at first a full C small D but decided to go for a D cup. This is my first BA. I'm worried I'm going to big, but worried to go too small. I'm confident in my PS. Now I'm just waiting for 9am. I will post pics once I'm feeling better. I can only post what My goals are...

Before BA @36A with 485cc left/520cc right.

My before pics with a sad 36A taken the night before before my 1st BA 9/2/16(Friday). My Silicone Implants Card is also attached. Haven't really checked em out. Im glued to my couch trying not to move so much because it feels like I'm engorged plus my traps are so sore. I have the occasional muscle spasm. That feels like being zapped by a taser. I plan to return to work on Tuesday. Follow up is on Tuesday. I can shower on Sunday, until then bird bath.

Day 4 post BA

Taking Rx for pain, muscle relaxer and antibiotic on scheduled times as instructed or allowed. I feel sharp pain in my right nip region. Still have pain in my traps but not as much as the first couple days. Was off work Friday (surgery day) Returning to work tomorrow (Tuesday). Post op tomorrow as well. Feeling trapped air in rt boob but read that it gets absorbed after a few weeks. Will let my dr know anyways. Pain is maybe at a 7 on a scale 1-10. I am happy with my results because I finally have something going on. I'm hopeful when the implants drop they'll look closer to my boob goals. I was able to get around with more ease today than yesterday and now with no assistance.
Los Angeles Physician

Dr. Lahijani was very informative. His confidence and experience is reassuring. I've yet to see the outcome, but I'm looking forward to this experience. I will update with more info.

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