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Ever since I decided to start the process of...

Ever since I decided to start the process of getting BA I've been more and more confused. I am a physician but I have no idea how to go about picking a good surgeon who will make me happy without too much downtime and expense. It seems like in LA the options are too plentiful and I'm having a hard time eve narrowing down who to consult with!

My first consultation!!!

Some things are life changing- occipital nerve blocks for headaches and neck pain, and finally walking into the surgeon's meticulously appointed office and discussing the details- size, shape, placement, with him (or her). I saw Dr. Bruno today and he was AMAZING. being a physician myself i tend towards anxiety and hypochondriasis, but he calmly addressed all of my concerns in a realistic manner, not promising overnight recovery or exactly Katy Perry's Holy Grail of cleavage, but explaining how he did it in such a way as to minimize complications and maximize the "believability" factor, if you will of the result. I'm really excited and I think I'm going to go with him! My girlfriend whose had her BAs done in TX but who lives here now almost ccame to him rather than go back home and that in and of itself is recommendation enough for me! Two smart doctors can't both be wrong, can we?

I found the one!!!!

My friends who have undergone BA always told me finding the right surgeon is like finding the guy you're going to marry- you can't know the future, but you have to find someone who shares your vision whom you trust. I so found that with Dr. Danielpour! I'm so glad because I was feeling overwhelmed with the multitude of plastic surgeons out here in LA, but after meeting with Dr. Danielpour and his staff (- hi Brittney!! ) there was zero doubt in my mind. As a physician, I had very high and specific standards I was looking for in the person who was going to operate on my body. I worried I woudn't find someone who would fit them and I would end up picking the "least bad" option. Dr. Danielpour was way beyond my expectations! As a young woman who exercises a lot, I was having so much trouble allowing someone to cut my pectoralis major muscle, and to keep away from my main source of endorphins for weeks to months after. Even for the boobs I've always wanted, that was tough for m sell for me. Dr. Danielpour won't do that, and will do a novel technique that carries the same low risk of contracture and amazingly believable result that the traditional "under the muscle" approach does. I will keep you guys updated ! Planning surgery dates now :) Wish me luck!!!

Surgeon picked, date booked!

Wow. What a process! After countless hours of researching and a few consultations I have finally decided on Dr. Danielpour of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. How?
1. He answered one of my most pressing questions on realself without being dismissive.
2. When i met with him in person, he and his staff were so welcoming without being overbearing. I was able to discuss what "look" I wanted without feeling pressured or judged into something I didn't want.
3. Technique, technique, technique! I'm by no means a surgeon, but I am a physician and above all I wanted a doctor who really knew what he was doing and was up to date on the most current surgical methods and implants to reduce down time and complications. I'm not one to sit around for weeks on end waiting to recover. I am a very active young woman and needed to be back doing the things I wanted to be doing as soon as possible. Dr. Danielpour is able to use a new technique that does minimize the pain and recovery period, and no, its not a "gimmick". It's called careful dissection and direct visualization during the procedure itself.

Day of procedure !!!

Just had my 550/500 cc subfascial silicone moderate plus implants put in today ???????? I'm obsessed ! I have only seen them in the bra and the tops of them but they are gorgeous ! I feel like a new woman, like the person I always pictured myself looking like! I also had a peri areolar lift done at the same time bc I was uncomfortable with how large they were pre-op and wanted to try and avoid more enlargement on top of that. I've spent a good hour looking at them with the bra on and I feel so much like "myself". The pain is really pretty minimal- it just feels a little tight and sore like I did 200 bench presses yesterday. Some weird occasional lancinating pains but other than that ok. I'm going to try and switch from the norcos to regular Tylenol. More pics and entries to come !!!!

30 Year Old Active Physician with Dream Body !!!

The short version is here (for my pre-contemplative stage see my other review). Basically I've wanted larger, fuller breasts my entire adolescent and adult life. After I gained and lost a significant amount of weight in residency, they began to look saggy and deflated on top of that, and realizing how simple

It could be to finance a plastic surgery and I was sold. Next I found Dr. Danielpour after having a lot of online consults and a few in office consults. I went with him bc he was offering exactly what I wanted- "natural" ( read non-porn star) looking larger breasts with less pain and downtime Using a new, well validated technique. Also he's super amazing and has the best bedside manner of any surgeon I've ever met. His office staff is available at almost any hour of the day and the entire process was easier than buying a car! At the same time I could tell that all the professional Medical stuff was taken care of like a well-oiled machine. I managed to get the money for the implants with an areolar lift (thanks Mom) and knew I was in the best hands. The anticipation pre-op was something else, but the day of was a breeze. I went in, filled out more forms, met the anesthesiologist and nurses and got dressed in a gown. I had an IV started and the last thing I remember was freaking out and praying the anesthesia would work bc I have such a high tolerance for meds. I woke up feeling like I'd done a million bench presses with two weights on my chest, tired and slightly disoriented. As soon as I looked down I almost cried with happiness, they looked even better than I had expected and just what I had always hoped for!!! Going in everyone tells you not to expect miracles- just your same breasts but larger. I'm telling you my breasts do look similar but so much better- think Blake lively pre and post. One job. They are still "mine", but no longer droopy with the enormous areolas that dominated my small breast mound. They are large, perky, and with smaller, cuter, less "matronly " looking nipples. I'm I'm disbelief with how perfect they are and how they fit my body and make me feel. I cannot praise Dr. Danielpour and his staff enough. This man is a true physician, he helped me to gain the confidence I'd been lacking my entire adult life, all the while being incredibly personable and open about everything involved. As a physician I truly believe this man deserves an award for how good he is at his job and how genuinely he cares about his patients.

Day 11!

Getting close to the two week mark. My surgeon told me around the 2 week mark is when I should be close to my final result. I'm feeling pretty good, still some cramping and pain in the right breast which has the larger implant (550 ccs) and I am right handed. I had my one week post op last week and was told everything looked fantastic! I agree, I could not be more pleased with my results, even soon as one week after ! Yes there is some swelling, but the subfascial approach my surgeon used really minimizes the pain and down time that the girls who get under the muscle experience. They look amazing! The only new piece of advice I would have for those considering BA is to be aware that (depending on the size you get) a lot of your shirts and dresses will not fit or be stretched wayyyy too tight over your new chest to be comfortable to wear out. So try and save some extra money for not only the bras but the clothes you will need !

Stats, POD 12 picture

Just a quick post to share my stats

Size: 500 (L), 550 (R) cc, silicone
Brand: mentor
Placement/ incision: subfascial, periaroelar
Additional procedures: bennelli lift (areolar reduction)
Pre-op size: 34B
Post op size: ?? not sure but currently wearing a 36 DD VS sports bra

2 weeks post op!

Hi guys ! I'm exactly 2 weeks to the day from my BA! Steri strips are now off the incisions and everything looks fantastic. Here's a recap of weeks 1 and 2
Week 1: lots of post op bloating-I had to use a regimen of senna/colace and bisacodyl to get stuff moving in the first week. Not much pain just soreness and tightness. Had overall less energy than I usually do, probably from a combination of the surgery and my lack of exercise and caffeine. Implants were pretty high but I still liked how they look- I grew up in the 90s with the baywatch ideal and had some upper pole fullness before I lost weight.

Week 2: going back to 80% normal activity (housework, seeing patients) resulted in a lot of spasticity in my right side- the side with the bigger implant and the arm I use more. I had much more energy and felt almost back to normal with the exception of the super bad cramps over my right anterior chest wall and r shoulder. Once I got the ok to resume alcohol I actually found a bit of wine at night helped tvOS immensely. I got the bandages off out, started using the scar cream, and was taught how to massage MY breasts. I was also given a chest band which makes the right side feel better and less like the implant is being squeezed into my armpit when my chest spasms.

Lessons/ things I wish I'd known:
- not being in excruciating pain does not mean you can get up and expect to be 100% after a surgery, even an outpatient one.
- try and have food premade or someone to make it for you, or you will spend a lot on eating out those first 2 weeks

Things I'm glad other people told me
- size: very rarely had I heard "I wish I'd gone smaller". Everyone I knew had either already had or were planning their second surgery within 5 years of the initial surgery to increase the size and/or correct movement of the implant when in the under the muscle position. I took a lot of time on this site and others researching doctors who would be able to avoid the under the muscle approach and took my time in in -person consults to find the surgeon who approached me as a unique person with a certain body shape, not just a pair of breasts to make a little bigger.

- taking your time to find the best "fit" for you in terms of surgeons. Your surgeon is going to be in charge of how you look. You can tell him or her whatever you like, but when you are under and having the actual procedure done, you want to know that the person you picked shares/ understands, and agrees with you ideal look. The first one I went to was very persistent on the "natural look". His idea of "natural" was way different than mine. Don't use words like "full C" or "natural D". Bring pictures. Do simulations. Speak up and make sure your surgeon knows what you want done- otherwise they will do whatever they think looks good, which may not be what you think looks good. It helps to look at before and afters on the website, if no one on their site looks even remotely close to what you want, that's a big flag. The first guy I went to was so obviously reluctant about going above 400 ccs and clearly adamant about the need for u set the muscle that I knew he wasn't the one for me. I wanted boobs that would blow your mind without looking like a porn star, and in my mind that's exactly what I got and more. Always trust that gut feeling you have when going on consults. Even if you have to pay for it, feel free to walk away if you are not more than 90% sure that the surgeon shares your aesthetic.

-this website if fantastic but I cannot emphasize enough that surgeons vary vastly despite the seemingly "routine" nature of the surgery. The devil is in the details, take your time and meet with lots of people in person if need be. As a physician I know how different opinions an be on the exact same issue (incision, placement, sizing, post op bra,when you should expect final results. That is because there is no "standard of practice " for most of these. Pick a qualified surgeon (ask me if you need further details) and one who listens and addresses your concerns. All of your questions should be answered by them, especially post op.

- good luck ! I know there are a lot of reviews on here and I'm particularly wordy, but I'm very passionate about this process and have a little bit of knowledge of how doctors work being a doctor myself, and Is be happy if even one person finds this useful !!! Get ready to change your life !!

Six weeks

Can't believe it's been 6 weeks! I'm doing great loving my boobs. Missing pole dancing just a little but these babies are worth it. I decided to purchase the mentor warranty because I am a hypochondriac and wanted the peace of mind more than I wanted the extra $200 dollars for holiday shopping. The right one is still a bit high but coming down slowly. I've been wearing the compression band for longer periods of time but the material is a little flimsy and tends to roll up underneath my armpit. I'm considering getting a more reinforced one but I don't know if that will really do anything.

Having trouble finding bras that are cute !!

Very good problem to have. I got the go-ahead to wear underwire again and I can't find many cute bras that fit! I'm a 36DD/ 34 DDD at VS and even their selection is limited ! Anyone have any good recs? Thanks !!

About 2 months out

Still so happy with my implants! Feeling blessed to have picked an amazing surgeon and no complications thus far! Still waiting for the right implant (bigger, and on dominant hand side) to completely drop, but it's getting there. My surgeon and also an anesthesiologist who had to be called to place an IV in me for unrelated reasons both have commented that my skin doesn't have much laxity at all, making it difficult to stretch out. In the long run I'm sure I'll be glad as I hope this will translate into less sagging (and no wrinkles on my face!) but patience is not a virtue I am known for. Regardless, the girls look amazing. I will probably re-do the Peri-areolar lift as my areaolas have stretched back out somewhat as we anticipated , but the still look great! Bra pics below. VS sports bra in large- not the best fit (too large band, but ok).

Right boob finally dropping, wish pics for reference

I bought a slightly more reinforced strap in black that I can wear under even my work clothes and wear it about 70-90% of the time. A bit of wine before massaging my breasts (they've always been so sensitive!) helps me to do it a little deeper and longer and the right one is finally dropping :) I'm so relieved bc of course I was slightly worried it would never even out with the left. Will go for the scar revision in office in February most likely as my areolas are ever so slightly larger than before with all the stretching my tight skin has had to do. I'm so so happy and also thrilled with my PS Dr. Danielpour. I'm sending one of my best friends to him :). In case anyone was wondering what my "wish pics" were like aside from that weird Groupon one I basically went in there and told him I wanted Katy Perry boobs- gorgeous and huge, but not so in your face that people would automatically know Happy breast augmenting !

3 months !

Just about three months out and the girls are just about settled and looking and feeling great! Everyone compliments me on how amazing and natural they look :). Started back at pole, at first I had a little muscle tightness over the right one but that seems to be resolving and things seem (?) to be stretching and settling into their final position. What a wait ! They look great! Now to get back to my presurgery weight...

Returning to daily exercise !

Back to my daily pole / spin/ weight lifting regimen. The weight I gained after the surgery is slowly coming off but I'm starting to notice my right boob feels a little weird after lots of upper body stuff. The best word I can think of is crampy? I texted my PS and I'm going to see him tomorrow about it. Otherwise I love how they look. I feel super sexy. In about 5-10 more pounds I will have the killer body I've always wanted !!!

Scar revision/ redo of periareolar reduction

I had the revision of the original peri-areolar reduction done today. Turns out the right one which was smaller and the implant in that side took longer to drop anyway was not too stretched out, however the left one which was bigger anyway pre-op and that implant dropped way faster was significantly larger. Ultimately my surgeon and I decided to leave the right one alone, as the difference was negligible and the scars had healed so well. The left was clearly "wrong" and needed to be fixed which my surgeon did under local anesthesia (numbing shots to the area) with me awake and chatting his ear off! I felt no pain, the entire thing was quick and efficient and sterile (yes that medical school training) and I could not be happier. Final results to follow but based on prior experience I know it will be great! I am so fortunate to have such a great PS that no fewer than five of my friends and my younger sister are all actively planning on seeing him! It's very gratifying to know that the investment I (and my mom) made on these girls is so worth it. I've had people tell me that they can't imagine me with any other size breasts, even those who have known me more than half my life! If that's not the mark ofM excellent surgeon, I don't know what is!

About 4 months post op

Just about 4 months post op and still amazed by how perfect my breasts are !! Even my friends who have known me for quite some time say that they forget theyre fake ! Everyone, especially me loves them and can't stop talking about how beautiful, large, yet somehow natural they look. Best decision hands down I've ever made in my life. Also best surgeon- I have no fewer than three friends and my sister who are planning to or have already scheduled their consultations with him !!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Danielpour is a truly gifted man. Not only is he a phenomenal surgeon with superb technical knowledge (in my non surgeon opinion) he is warm, personable, and truly patient- oriented. He is focused on getting you the results you want while being open and honest about real-life limitations and managing patient expectations. As a physician I hate going to the doctor (go figure ) but him I feel comfortable and like I have someone on my side ! I could not recommend him more for anyone considering BA +/- lift. Save your time, money, peace of mind, and most importantly give yourself the best shot at getting your dream body by going to see Dr. Danielpour!

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