170cc Moderate Unders Too Small?? - Los Angeles CA

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I am 5 days post op. My biggest fear before...

I am 5 days post op. My biggest fear before surgery was that I would be too big. Now I fear that I may have chosen too small. I am 5'7", 115lbs, BWD is 10, very narrow rib cage. I went with 170cc smooth round moderate unders. I'm hoping they "drop and fluff" soon and that they give the illusion of larger breasts and that I'm happier with the size!! My main goal was to remain very natural and have implants that could be easily hidden under clothing, but now I feel like I made a mistake by being too careful. Does anyone have this size or similar size and have any advice or a similar experience they can share to help me feel better? I'm very disappointed so far and am already considering a revision even though I know I'm only 5 days in.

Day 6 post op

Looking bigger than yesterday even. Maybe 170 was a good size after all? I hope they stay this way now! So many emotions throughout this whole process. Happy sad excited disappointed. My poor boyfriend haha

1 week post op

Left boob extremely sore and tight. Right boob completely fine pain wise. Also, left boob having frequent muscle spasms. Is this all normal? I can basically do everything with my right arm but my left is sensitive because anytime I try to do something, I have muscle spasms on my left breast. It is still so painful too. However, my right breast, despite the lack of tightness or pain, has a small blister near the incision area. Is that normal? I know it's only a week post op but can't wait for them to drop and fluff a lot more.

3 weeks post op.

Left still sore and not dropping as fast. Right still has small blister.

Month post op

Left one still sore. Especially when I sleep. I wake up in such pain when I'm on my back only in my left breast.

Ok loving them!

I love them, and although maybe in a year or two I could maybe go up just slightly bigger, for now they are perfect. 170 ccs on thin women will go a long way!
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