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So I finally decided to post something I'm I'm so...

So I finally decided to post something I'm I'm so confused between doctors. I've gone to two consultations with Dr. Hughes and Dr. Bruno I have no idea which one I want I like them both. Dr. Hughes offered me 800cc per cheek Dr. Bruno on the other hand says he won't be able to tell until the procedures over I feel like Dr. Hughes could give me a bigger bed like Dr. Bruno could sculpt me better. Dr. Hughes said I don't need to gain any wt. Dr. Bruno told me I need to gain about 15 pounds. They are so totally different I don't know what to do I am so torn. Dr Hughes seemed really rushed during our consultation and a bit cocky. I have a really square flat butt and def am looking for volume but also shape. I'm 5'5 135lbs. Has anyone had similar experiences with either of these doctors.

Torn update

Wow girls thanku all for ur answers. I've already put my deposit with dr Hughes so I guess ill just stick to the sx with him after all. Thankgod for this site and for all of u. Also california cheli I have heard awful things about dr afifi too so I recommend don't go there

Sx sooner

Happy Thanksgiving to all the BBL sisters! I have move my surgery for February 3 to January 6 so I guess I have to start preparing all my supplies and ordering them. I am getting quite nervous My husband is sick of me talking about BBL that's all I think about 99.9% of the time! I need to take some good before pictures and I will be posting them soon, I will be doing labs and paperwork next week, each day this gets more real and real. Anyways just a quick update

Kinda embarrassed

I'm kind of embarrassed to post before pictures because of how deflated my butt is but I figure it's part of the deal to help each other out, so here they are. And of course I posted some wish pics a lot of them are vida guerra she doesn't have The biggest ass but it's perky and just beautiful in my eyes for my frame I think. I'm really hoping Dr Hughes can get me as close to my wish pics

Sad butt

Just checking in

I get really Caught up reading other people's profiles so I'll stop for a minute and update mine lol. I have even deactivated my Facebook till after my surgery just so I can only focus on this site is that crazy. So anyways I got my blood work done I paid for the whole surgery. Seems like everything is coming along finally. I keep looking at my body and I think I was in denial this past few years. I always had a pretty nice shape up until four years ago when I had my second child. When I had my first one I was really young so it was no big deal my body went back to pre pregnancy shape immediately, but not this time it seems like every year I have this indentation above my hips and it just keeps going deeper and deeper each year. Then I have my love handles and my stomach which is kind of flabby I wake up and it's pretty flat by the time I go to sleep I look like I'm five months pregnant lol hope that doesn't happen anymore after this. So to top it off I have my big boobs so I just feel like I look really out of proportion. Sometimes I even regret getting them but hopefully that changes after my bbl. By the way has anyone had to go through this with small children at their house. I think I'm going to put this question on the forum and ask because I'm really nervous about how it's going to be with my four-year-old hes completely a mama's boy. I'm really excited and looking forward to this I'm not really scared about the pain i'm even thinking of telling the doctor I don't want any narcotics. I read some of my posts back to myself and I do voice text so a lot of times it doesn't come out right lol! Okay that's enough rambling I'll come back soon. Thanks ladies for all your suppirt

More wish pics

Started ordering stuff

So this shit is getting real! My husband asked me today wow you really going to do this aren't u? when he saw me ordering my meds and toiletries on Amazon. I was like yes why wouldn't I. I am beyond excited I am sick of looking at my body I keep touching the fat around my waist talking to It telling it that I cant wait to get rid of it lol. I ordered some maxi dresses the arnica, vitamins, urinal, just essentials the rest of the stuff I'll get from store to store because my gate is usually locked so its always a pain to get deliveries. hopefully I have enough time still haven't done any Christmas shopping. I can't believe I'm only three weeks away! I'm overwhelmed I wanna post so much and yet nothing comes to mind ugh

16 days

I think I'm pretty set up with all my supplies. I'm a bit concerned that he's not going to have enough fat to give me the booty I want. I found this wt gain shake in one of our BBL sisters reviews I'll post a picture of it in a few. I have less than two weeks I would like to see if I can gain at least 5 pounds. I know he told me I didn't need to gain wt but I'm just worried because I see so many other girls on this site gaining massive amounts of weight and then they come out with such beautiful booties. I took my measurements 36 29 36 I think I would like to be 36 24 40 is that too much to ask? Not much to update everything is just so hectic with Christmas coming. I have that nesting feeling that we women get when we are about to give birth where I'm always cleaning the house I want everything to be immaculate does that happen to anyone else. Okay Chicas I'll keep reading more reviews now that's basically all I do. There should be a real self anonymous I'm so addicted.

Wt gainer


I can't believe I'm in the single digits now in about nine days I'll be posting my postop pictures. I'm eating like crazy and I've only gained 5 pounds I want to gain three more but I don't think It'll be possible in nine days. I've always hated milk and I keep drinking this shakes with this nasty weight gain powder I'm burping all day and I always taste the powder so gross. I was 134 when I saw the doctor then went down to 132 now I'm on 137. I really want at least 1000 mL each cheek. My pants don't fit me anymore I can't believe 5 pounds makes such a difference.! I wanted to get my prescriptions filled I even called Adam to ask he told me to call my pharmacy to see if they were ready The pharmacy said they never got anything from them so now I'm freaking out because I don't want to be in excruciating pain. Did You gals have your prescriptions filled a week before your surgery am just freaking out for no reason?! Any tips on what I should be doing the week prior, i'm getting my hair done next Sunday and I'm getting my nails on Friday that way all that's out-of-the-way. I think I'm going to get my period the week right after surgery so that kind of sucks. I feel like I'm rambling so I'm going to stop now. Happy holidays

Can't wait

I am way too excited for the surgery. I typed in Dr. Hughes BBL and I clicked on pictures and it takes me right to pictures of girls that are around my size so I click on the reviews and oh my gosh they are so wonderful. Needabooty is tiny like me and she got 800 mL and looks phenomenal. Thank you to all the ladies that recommended Dr. Hughes When I didn't know where to go and who to choose. As much as I would've liked to go to DR it is not practical. I am so confident in his work. Next Monday can't come soon enough. Adam got back to me said he filled up my prescriptions himself so I will be picking them up either today or tomorrow at cvs. So glad I will be working all week that way this keeps me busy and the week will end quicker lol


The girl I was talking about is actually needabetterbutt not needabooty sorry

Feeling awful

I'm so sick. Been drinking lots of hot tea with lemon and honey. Emergencees all day. Headaches are massive and can't take any Advil cause sx is so close. I need to get better ASAP. I'm posting my last preop pics as I don't think my body will change much between now and Monday. Also some rs post op girls pics hope they don't mind. I figured They're more realistic since they're not photoshopped or anything. Also some supplies. Chux and wipes are in the garage. I kinda went on picture overload lol. Happy new year To all the bbl community!

2 more days

They called me from Boris cosmetics today and my setup time for my surgery is 8 on Monday! When I saw their phone number on my phone freaked out but acted very calm when I started talking to the lady lol. Today was my last day at work for three weeks hopefully that'll be enough since my job consists of a lot of driving. When the time comes I ask some of the vets out there will help me figure out how to drive with the boppy or something. I got my foam delivered already. Do I cut the hole the size of my butt right now or should I wait till after surgery but then I'm worried cause wont it be so swollen and I don't want to cut the hole too big because my butt will go down a bit right. Decisions decisions. I told them I have a mild cold they said it shouldn't be a problem. I was kind of scared might have to postpone but thankfully I don't. I can't really sleep at night this past couple nights and I keep having dreams about bbls the past two nights as well. I'm trying to keep myself busy this weekend I have a few places to go to so that helps. I haven't been stressing out about eating too much anymore but I still can stand my gut. I'm usually 28 in the waist I'm up to 30 I don't know what I'll wear this weekend. Feel like such a slob. It's even hard to have sex with this gut. I especially hate it when I'm sitting down. Rolls. I can't wait to get rid of this. Gotta go my 4 year old is not letting me type. I'm also worried about him next week. As u guys can see I'm a ball of nerves

So emotional

My husband asked me for the last preop pics for his phone and after taking them and looking at them he very nicely said "wow honey your butt really got flat after the baby" I started to cry because I remembered being younger and always thinking I'd be hot forever. I never had a big ass but I had curves and no stomach, ever since our youngest almost 5 yrs ago my body just kept changing. I tried the gym diets but I need more than that. My husband said not to cry and just be grateful that I have the option of doing something about it. Anyways just wanted to vent about what used to be and is no more and now I'm praying will be again only better.


Omg I just got my fn period today and sx is One day. Help please I usually get it for a whole week. This is the worse timing. Anyone dealt with this on the day of surgery?

Everything's in order

Hi ladies, my last night with no booty. I went and got gatorades and fruit for this week some soups not too many cause the sodium, mi moms coming Tuesday to make me homemade soup. She doesn't think I need this but she's not hating either. Thankgod. I'm about to cut my fins take a shower with the hiblicens and try to rest. Notice I'm saying rest cause I don't think ill sleep much. I decided in just wearing sweats. Thanks again for all the support, I am in need of all the prayers I can get from you dolls. Nite

Everything went well

I been home for about two hours I'm drinking Gatorade and threw up can't eat yet. Somehow he got 1200 cc in each cheek this guys is a genius. Lots of pressure haven't taken pain meds so far but I'm sure I'll have to. I do get dizzy when I try to get up and the absolute worse is my neck from laying down. we had a little scare in the morning because my blood pressure was really high so they gave me clomidine and the little blue pill so I'm assuming you went down because I don't remember much after that. The Anesthisiologist said he had to do an EKG and if it didn't come out well we were going to have to reschedule so I got freaked out for a minute. Thank you ladies for your prayers so now just trying to wait. I have a whole bunch of foam inside of my compression garment so I cant take any pics besides I'm sure it will be too hard


Took a shower

I managed to get in the shower. I had someone outside in case I fell but I was ok. Some ladies asked for pics so here is right out of shower. I know a lot is swelling but so far I'm pretty content, except for the damn annoying binder

Forgot the pics here they are

Much better

Ladies I am feeling soooo much better this morning. I've lost 4 lbs between yesterday and today from the swelling. I think I need to make my binder tighter now. The bruising has gone down a lot. Still a lot of pressure. The dog jumped on my bed and got my butt a couple times that was scary. I slept much better thanks to the zzquil btw, I know u didn't have much ass to work with so I'm really hoping I can retain what I got now. That's it for now. Any questions I'm here


I can't believe I already had my first bm it wasn't that bad I squatted/stood over the toilet grabbed onto shower rail and did my business. Sorry tmi. I had heard stories where girls don't go for a week so I'm very surprised. Has anyone has a swishing feeling in the abdomen, I'm really freaking out every time I get up I feel it. It started today

Day 4

I'm so sick of being In bed on my stomach, my neck is killing me. Went to see Olga yesterday cause I thought I had fluid but ok except I was wearing the binder too high since we fixed it I don't feel that weird feeling in my abdomen. Dr Hughes came in and checked on me he is such a sweetheart I had to give him a hug. My husband follows me everytime I goo pee just to see my ass. Bruising is much better I know I'm still very swollen though. Posting pics with the garment the way it's supposed to be on. I'm very happy dr Hughes did an amazing job with the flat canvas I had for an ass.

Bored more pics

1 week so far

It's been a whole week so far. It's been an emotional week I've had lots of moments of happiness and a couple moments of guilt. Guilt due to the fact that my poor husband has been doing everything like taking our boy to school grocery shopping giving him baths on and on. On top of running his business he was so stressed he smoked for two days then I showed him how bad smoking is for my results he immediately stopped. A couple friends have came and dropped me off food I'm so thankful do them. This experience is emotional not just on us but on our loved ones too even my dog is tripping. On to the most annoying thing of this whole thing the binder, it keeps bunching up even though it's tight I end up adjusting it about 3x a day. Will this affect my results? My butt is huge for my frame, pictures don't do it justice. I'm very satisfied except for not being able to sit of course. Still very swollen especially in my waist I can tell he went to town there cause that's were mostly all my bruising is. I've read not to do too much activities but is it ok to walk my dog for ten mins at least. She never gets walked now I feel so bad for her. I stand a lot too that's ok right? I thought I had more to say but can't remember so I'm posting my 1 week photos I know it's early still but I can tell my butt will be just perfect for me. Never wanted it too big just wanted to fill out jeans and stuff, something I've never been able to do. I can tell u ladies that the butt is already making me feel sexier around my husband again. I haven't felt attractive like I used to around him in about 2 years and I feel that tingling feeling again lol. Oh yea I almost forgot one cheek feels softer than the other is that normal will it even out? Have a great week dolls and to all the girls that have sx this week with dr Hughes good luck, u won't regret it

First time

My first time trying on undies since sx.

Updating 17 days

So My butt 17 days today I would say that I am about 90% feeling better. The swelling is still on my sides. My butt is getting softer each day. Sometimes I think it's really big and sometimes I think it's just right. I don't think I've lost more volume since about day 10. Really hoping I don't. My days consist of a lot of laying down on my stomach, my sides, sitting on the foams usually I only do that when I'm watching TV. I Have fun playing dress-up every day before I shower, just for a few mins. I haven't been out of my binder longer than 30 minutes a day. I've been wearing lows and tight but I still managed to get fluid once again I had to get drained today by Olga. Dr. Hughes emailed me asking me how it went because I told him that I thought I had fluid that was so nice of him u thought, he cares about his Pts not just pre op but post op too. I asked Olga if I could sit on the lawn chair she said I could, does anyone know how I do that I feel like my butt will just sit down to the floor from the pressure. I know you make a hole in the middle I'm just scared that my butt will end up on the floor. I also asked if I could go back to work on Monday but since I drive for a majority of my day at work she kinda said maybe it's not such a good idea I might end up damaging it a little. So I got a doctors note to extend two more weeks ouch. The ladies that haven't had their operation yet I can't stress how important it is for you to get a grabber before you do the surgery I never thought I would need it I have learned how to pick up things with my feet like you wouldn't imagine it's unbelievable how much I need this grabber I think I might just get it even though I'm already two and half weeks. Everyone at home has been pitching in with everything that I'm not able to do still I'm very blessed. Going to most likely try to be intimate with my husband this weekend, the way Olga touched my butt today I think I'm okay lol. I was really hoping to get out of his binder today but she said I have to go back and keep it on for another week to see if I still have fluid in a week. Going to post some before and after pictures I don't have the biggest butt out there but I'm very happy with what dr Hughes did considering that I had nothing at all. Some clothes fit like yoga pants but jeans don't go past my hips. Can't wait to go shopping. I just hope It stays like this. Will update again in about a week. Thanks ladies

Out of binder

I couldn't be happier I'm finally out of that binder! I been making sure that the pressure was on my lower abdomen I stopped tripping about whether it was riding up or not just concentrated on keeping the lower area with tons of pressure and it worked no more fluid. So when I went in today I wasn't sure if olga was going to tell me to keep it another week or not so I never bought a new compression garment. She asked me where it was and I was like I don't have one so she pulled theirs out and I'm so glad I didn't buy one because it's really nice and comfortable. It was 75 bucks not too bad considering the prices I've seen other ones go for. I'm supposed to wear this all day long, but I don't have to wear anything at night time so I can finally sleep freely and happy. Ladies I looked at my before pictures and I almost cried I am so glad I did this I am so thankful for finding Dr. Hughes, and to the girls that recommended him thank you again. I believe the bbl pictures on his website don't do his work justice. Olga told me I'm still very swollen so I can keep taking my Arnica pills. That's good news because Id like you lose a couple more inches of my waist. She told me my butt is pretty much staying the way it is which is also good news I don't want it to go anywhere. I'll start driving short trips next week and goback to work the week after so that's about it. I won't update for a while unless something crucial happens which hopefully won't, but I'll be around looking at other reviews once in a while. Here are my last pics. Have a great week everyone.

Having bad luck with garments

I'm truly having a hard time with cg. The one I got from the doctors office already ripped, it ripped three days later. I got a size small I'm thinking I probably needed a medium for right now. Oh well there goes $75. So I went to Kohl's over the weekend and got some Shape wear spanx, that's what I'm wearing right now. I had ordered the Maria E power net something that RS vet mesan recommended but it's also too small so I have to return it now. I read the reviews that their sizes run really small so I ordered a medium since I'm usually a small now I'm going to have to order a large. If it's not one thing it's another right. On to better news I drove today, I don't like the way the Boppy felt, I like the yoga mat better. I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people that measures themselves but I kind of noticed that my hips looked smaller today so I measured myself and I've lost half an inch bummer. But my waist is still the same so really looking forward to a good Faja. I'm posting a picture of where the Office Garment ripped. Hope everyone is well today. Thanks girls. Ttyl

My house is faja central

Hi ladies just wanted to quick update my last few days, I went to the Boris spa and got my first lipo massage on Wednesday, it was really nice kind of hurt a little bit but nothing that you can't handle. I ended up getting the package because I know my tummy is a little bumpy from the loose skin and I want it to be tight by summer time, I'm going to start going to the gym next week. The lady that did my massage told me about faja place in Huntington Park. It's about 25 minutes from Boris cosmetics. So I made the drive even though I ended up being an hour away from home. I'm so glad I went though because I finally feel comfortable in a faja that I like. I'm wearing the fajate brand I guess its the brand that doctor dass uses. The maria e boy short was good but it made my thighs bulge up in the back. This one goes right above my knees it goes on like silk against your skin. If anyone needs the address or number to this place pm me. Everyone was sweet but they only spoke Spanish, I'm sure someone speaks English so don't let that keep you from going. As far as my results I'm still very happy I have lost another half-inch unfortunately. Right after surgery I was 40 inches around the second and third week I was 39 I guess that was from all the swelling. This past two weeks I lost almost another inch, so I'm 38 and 1/4 right now. My waist has started to finally shrink. Right before sx it was 30 in now it's 27 hoping for at least another inch to disappear. Oh I forgot to mention since I got my massage next to the office I stopped by and showed Olga my ripped garment that I bought from them, she actually gave me a new one which I probably will only wear when I want to hide my butt a little bit because it squeezes it a lot. I thought it was nice that she gave me a new one though and I'll have it just for extras. I have a couple Shapewear and I also bought another one from the faja place, so everywhere you turn there's a faja or compression garment in my house, my husband calls it faja central lol

8 weeks

Hi ladies, it's been over 8 weeks for me and I just realized I haven't posted any new pics for awhile so I figured I would. Just wanted to say I've had a few people pm me about wether I'm still happy, and honestly I am very happy overall with my results, do I wish it was bigger? YES of course but I gotta remind myself that I came into this with absolutely nothing. Therefore I am very grateful that I can go to a store and pick any outfit I want knowing that I'll look good both from the front and back. I've lost some volume but I already knew I would. Still got some swelling on my sides but massaging everyday. I would like to tell the ladies that are thinking about having Dr Hughes for their sx don't sweat the small stuff like the fact that you'll be seeing Olga on your post ops or the fact that the financial people might seem pushy. The big picture is the fact that one of the best if not the best surgeon on the west coast will be doing your surgery. Everyone's different so I'm not trying to offend anyone, just stating what was important for me. Good luck to all

6 months update

Hi ladies I thought I had updated already but then it got erased. So annoying. Anyways I just want to say that it's been six months for me and I am as happy as can be. After the surgery I always wondered if the butt was going to still be there 6 months down the line or even a year. I can honestly say this ass is not going anywhere lol. My husband follows me everywhere is always touching it and taking pictures of it. The best part for me is that I can wear whatever I want I'm not limited to only wearing one or two types of styles to cover my butt. I have never worn a two piece to the beach now I have three different sets of two pieces and I'm planning on getting more. My stomach is still a little flabby mostly because I don't work on it as much as I should when I go to the gym I work a lot on my butt and legs. I know that if I work on it a little more I'll be hundred percent satisfied but compared to how I felt six months ago my self-esteem is up to the roof thanks to Dr. Hughes. I'm uploading some pictures of my six months. I'm still the same measurements as I was about six weeks after the surgery. Once again I want to thank Dr. Hughes and to all the ladies thinking about this surgery please just run to his office you will be very happy:)

1 year review!

Happy new year everyone! Well it's been a year now for me and I can honestly say I am still as happy as the first month. Don't even let me start on how happy my husband continues to be with the procedure. There hasn't been any volume loss since the first six weeks. I was doing really good going to the gym and eating healthy, but a few months ago work got crazy and I haven't been able go to the gym. Advice to anyone havibg this procedure is you have to commit to working out. Even though I am still happy with the results my tummy is not where it was after the procedure. Of course its all my fault due to not going to the gym. I am most definitely going to start this month again I have made changes with work so that I can go back. I have gained about 5 pounds this past year :( I can still fit in all my clothes that I bought after the surgery they are just the big tighter lol. To anyone worried about losing it after A year there's no such thing it's all still there. Just stay commited so that you don't Gain weight in the wrong places. I am very happy that I went with Dr. Hughes he is the best! I don't think I'm going to update anymore since I don't think much is going to change but if anyone has any questions I am always happy to answer them if you pm me. Thanks again everyone! I am posting some really recent pictures.

Pictures didn't load

Okay so the picture didn't load the first time here it goes again
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hughes is amazing. When I first met him I thought he was cocky but he absolutely knows what he's doing. So his cocky ness is actually confidence and If I ever met anyone that deserves to be confident about his work he's the guy. I know it's early but I can already see a total transformation In me. Dr Hughes is the butt king in the west coast.

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