17th day on tummy recovering - Los Angeles, CA

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2 weeks before my April 1st BBL surgery. I...

2 weeks before my April 1st BBL surgery. I weighted 125 and during the 2 weeks I had a mission to gain as much weight ASAP. This new way of life was shocking to me, friends, and love ones. I ate anything at anytime and on dinner outings I must admit my friends were hiding their food from me cause, if it wasn't eaten guess who ate it. They thought I was out of my mind especially when I order a Fat Burger, large choc shake and crispy fries at 12P. on a rainy evening- it's yum fun! Knowing I had a week till April 1st, I rise and shined with bacon, scrambled cheese eggs and crispy waffles for breakfast alone, but took a pic of first meal of the day to send to my friends whom thought I was mad/crazy. Happy & focused as I said,"gaining fat to harvest was my mission."

On April 1st, no April fool's I weight 140, 5'7"1/2, 37 yrs.,Hawaiian and an intense career as an expeditor. I prepared every detail for my comfort which I will share hoping to help others listed below.

April 1st on the way to the DR., my significant love said, " Did you give your Dr. my telephone number?" I said, "Yes, he will call you when you can pick me up after surgery." He said, "The Dr. called me, said he reviewed your blood work, your levels were low and he declined the surgery." I immediately choked swallowing a Xanax with a sip of water.(fasting) I shockingly questioned,"What!? Why didn't he call me?"

I began to reach for my phone to call Dr. Then, I heard my love whisper, "April Fools."

He got me! Our laughter eased all the nervousness and anxiety away. I was ready!

He lipo'd fat from my below my breast for upper abs, belly button for abs, pelvic for flanks, two each sides for lower back and an injection between my buttocks to injected 500 - 523 cc's in each. After the surgery around 6P., I felt tightly wrapped and tipsy on anesthesia. A nurse said, "there she is" as I heard him walking toward the recovery room. At that moment, he's been my knight and shining armor. We stayed at the Hilton across the street. I slept drugged and bleed on the bed. My Iphone timer was set every 4 hours to take antibiotics, pain medicine and pitchers of water. Sleepless, restless and frequent restroom visits.

Morning finally came, I couldn't wait to see the Dr. We drove across the street and Dr. took off the garment and bandages to check the stitched wounds. I wanted to know myself mentally so I know where to care for so, I asked my love if he would mind taking an Iphone photo of my front and back. He said, "sure." He did and sent them to me so I would know what my body had and is going through. 1 word - "Trauma." Then, he and I was more understanding why I was in pain for the next 4 days and 3 days after Dr. removed the stitches. After wounds closed. During I cleaned by sponged/washed hair/feet but, I waited 10 days with help to take a shower. It felts great cleansing with no compressions. With help, taped the foam in front, used gauze on the flanks so tape doesn't stick to skin and foam in back with compression garment for another week.

I followed up with Dr. this past Tuesday 4/12 and he said I'm progressing well. I'm thankful how magical our bodies heal after trauma in a week. Yesterday, he said, remove the foam, wear the compression garment and gently massage buttocks. I'm enjoying the deep breathes again. Today's the 17th day. I took off the garment and received a 2 hrs. massage which I highly recommend especially the neck (best to sleep on a massage table to face down - saves your neck- Costco), arms (push-ups), gently lower back and feet/legs. (massage against gravity)I'll be seeing the Dr. Tuesday which will be on the 3rd week.

Here's a few helpful tips I've been doing and approved by me doctor.

1. Buy a car/boat funnel to urine in. You'll see why.
2. Buy a massage table from Costco with an adjustable headrest. It will save your neck and lower back.
3. Buy cases of H20 since your at Costco
4. Your first four days will be painful, but pain pills will help. Try to avoid them due to constipation.
5. Lift the toilet seat up, roll and sit on a thick towel/ on your thighs and take care of bowels sideways.
6. Bring a pillow to lay under your belly when in a back seat of a car. (Protects abs from seat belt fasteners and movements)
7.Use your garment and massage gently after 2 weeks
8. Be kind to your love ones whom will be there for you.
9. Be patient with yourself
10. Bring pillow (tempur-pedic) to cafes/restaurants to kneels on for comfort
11. Buy NON-STICK gauze.
12. Start doing your push-ups, properly and slowly. And breathe.

That's my 12 tips. Hope I helped.

Put positiveness in your universe. Be a beautiful soldier. I'm here if you need me. Hope to hear from you before your BBL surgery and while in recovery.

I will share photos when I'm healed and swelling decreases. I can see a difference on the 2nd week.

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