32 Yo Male Fraxel Repair Laser For Deep Acne Scarring- Awesome So Far!

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Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am 2...

Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am 2 weeks post Fraxel Repair for deep acne scarring- I had had 6 Fraxel Restores in the past, but this was my first Repair- Still red of course but my face drastically was tightened in a great way, and much smoother- I know it's early days, but trust me if you've had Fraxel Restore in the past (just some mild tightening but no real permanent scar changes), this does a LOT more- it goes deep, actually evaporates unwanted skin, and tightens everything up nicely but naturally-

So again, Fraxel Repair is a LOT different- firstly, you are pretty much not aware of what's happening if you use my Dr anyway (I mean they sedate you nicely)! - Which is def a plus (it's not something you want to fondly remember), 2nd we went with the most powerful settings that are safe- 70mJ to go the deepest possible- you need that for deep acne scarring-

I found my Dr on the Internet - actually on Youtube, and then I saw videos of his where he had been interviewed by PBS and other high profile news organizations- This man is awesome and has a very caring and exceptional staff. He's Also one of the top commenters here on RealSelf, so he takes the time to really speak to you- I should know, I flew in from London to Los Angeles, just to undergo this procedure- Why? Because Fraxel Repair, especially at these highest settings, is not to be taken lightly, go with EXPERIENCE, even if it means paying slightly more or travelling- This is an extremely powerful laser, that has the potential for good or bad, so please go with experience and you won't be sorry!-

So, now its about 2 weeks, sure, I was red, crusty, and swollen a few days, now just red like I have a bad sunburn- but again we went the highest possible settings so that's to be expected to linger a while- My structure of my face looks like a much younger person now, I can tell you it tightened a lot- and much much smoother too- Of course we need to wait a few months to see the final result, but I am telling you if you go with my Dr. he will treat you like GOLD until you get the result you're after- I love this Dr and staff, honestly they care about you- you can feel it- it's real-

So even if you have to fly half way across the globe, if you're having a strong Fraxel Repair, make sure you go to someone who's done hundreds not 10 or 20- :)

Aftercare: I started on the standard vinegar washes and aquaphor, then moved over to cetaphil cleanser and creme- now I use neocutis creme and cetaphil in the healing phase-

I'll post another one in a few weeks or months time once I see how things are developing

I can post pics at that time-

thank you-

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon

Extreme Care, Honesty, Super Warm Environment, And One of the Most Experienced Fraxel Repair Physicians, Staff Like Your Sisters/Mom!

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