Rhinoplasty Done To Remove hump and Droopy Tip - So Happy With Results So Far!

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Like many of you on here can relate, I have always...

Like many of you on here can relate, I have always had an insecurity about my nose. My family has what my grandfather calls, the "Swedish bump," which is basically just a large hump on the bridge of your nose, and a turned down tip, which had been passed down from generation to generation. Though it was always been annoying to me, I never once considered having it surgically removed or altered. This quickly changed after a game of not-so-touch-football where a girls head ended up smashing right into my nose, breaking it in several spots. Needless to say it was not fun, and now 5 years later I am still seeing the negative effects of never having it fixed. My bump has gotten larger, and my nose is now crooked when you look at it straight on. ALSO, a piece of bone, which never healed properly, is now sticking out in an awkwardly annoying angle on the bridge of my nose.

I started really considering getting my nose done this last year because I recently got engaged :). I want to look like myself, confident, and beautiful for my fiancé on the day of our wedding, so I decided to take the plunge and look into Drs. who specialize in rhinoplasty. I checked with friends and family who have had procedures done and got referred to Dr. Mittleman from a girl who had gotten her nose done in High-school. I loved how natural her nose looked after her surgery, like it was always the nose she was meant to have. After meeting him and his staff in person I was sold. 2 weeks later I booked my procedure, and now I am only 11 days away from surgery!

I will keep everyone posted on my journey, but for now, here are some current photos of my nose :)
Feel free to comment or provide advice or insight. Thanks!

Before Photos!

Here are some current photos of my nose. Droopy tip, large bump, and crooked from the front.

More Before Photos

5 days until my procedure!! Excited/nervous!!

Hi all,
Super excited and nervous now that I am only 5 days out from my procedure. I am starting to have dreams of my new nose, waking up because I am so anxious and just want it to be over and done with! It is making sleeping a bit difficult and I have a feeling it will only continue to get worse the closer I get to surgery. Any advice?? How do you stay calm during the days before?? I keep looking at my photo imaging of my new nose and all I can do is hope it turns out looking this good. Here is the picture so you can all see :D

Today was the day!! Success!

I am happy to say that I am home and writing this from my bed. :) I had my procedure this afternoon at 1:00. The surgery went great and because my surgeon only tapes and does not put a cast on, it is easy to see the results already...and I love my new profile! The hump is gone, yay!

Surgery was easy, but I am not going to sugar coat it, the recovery sucked! I was extremely nauseous due to the anesthesia so I was in recovery for close to two hours! Finally the nausea subsided and I was able to go home. Yay!

Looking at the front it appears my nostrils/tip area is a bit crooked. It's the day of surgery and I had a closed rhinoplasty so I wanted to ask if this appearance seems normal? Have anyone else experienced this, and does it go away? I go back in tomorrow for a follow up post op appointment so I'll ask my surgeon then as well.


Post op day 2

Officially day two of my post op recovery, and I'm happy to say it has not been bad up to this point at all.
I decided to take some extra strength Tylenol this morning to take the edge off, not because of the pain, but because of the discomfort from the swelling. The Arnica tablets seem to have been helping since the bruising is super minimal. The toughest thing so far has been trying to sleep on my back. I am typically a side sleeper, so make sure to prepare your bed or couch to support your back if you not use to sleeping on your back.

I am loving more and more that my doctor only taped my nose instead of putting a cast on. It is so fun to get to see immediate results from the surgery. My new profile is amazing and I love it already!!

Post op day 4 pics

Here are some updated pics. I am now on post op day 4 and I honestly feel pretty good. Swelling was its worse around the 48 hour mark but the bruising has not been bad at all.
I've been icing with frozen peas and have just been taking Tylenol before bed to help me sleep through the night.

So far I am super happy with my profile and even though my tip is quite swollen, it looks pretty straight from the front. Thoughts?

Tape/Cast off! Couldn't be happier!

This morning was the big reveal!
Having the tape removed felt amazing, no more itching! And apart from him pushing and poking around on my nose to take a closer look at his handy work, this entire experience has been completely painless. I got to say I am over the moon happy with the results. Well done Doc! :D

11 days post op - time flys!

Here are some updated photos from 11 days post op, as well as some side by side before and after shots. I go back in to see Dr. Mittleman next Tuesday for my 2 week post op appointment, but until then he has me taping up my tip at night with surgical tape to help with the heeling and to prevent any chance of my tip dropping. Did anyone else have to do this? He said there are stitches, etc. holding everything in place and this is just done just as a precaution - either way, it seems to be working so far, so no complaints.
I am down in the desert this week and the dry hot weather has caused some additional swelling but nothing I can't handle :)

18 day post op update!

Here are my 2 week photo updates. I put them next to my before photos to make them easier for everyone to see the subtle difference. Since the swelling has started to go down, the indent that was very apparent on my right side is starting to show back up :( I am disappointed, but my surgeon had made it very clear before the surgery that this may happen. We will most likely need to do some fillers in a few weeks to make my nose as aesthetic and straight as possible, but for now I am happy!

Here are the 17 day post op pics!

1 month post op update

Hi all! Everything is going well over here. I am back to exercising regularly (hallelujah) and apart from the minor swelling on the right side of the bridge in the morning, and sensitivity in the tip throughout the day, I feel great! Everyday is better and better and I couldn't be happier. Here are some 1 month post op pictures so you can see my progress :)
Los Altos Facial Plastic Surgeon

This man is an artist! Looking for a doctor online can be so time consuming and can provide so many mixed reviews, so I am extremely grateful that I knew someone personally who had gone through a similar procedure with Dr. Mittelman and loved her results. He has been a pioneer in the rhinoplasty industry and I must say, it really shows in his work and bedside manner. It was so important to me to find a professional and experienced surgeon, and that is what I found with Dr. Mittleman. He took his time explaining the procedure and provided his input on what he would do with my nose, while making sure to listen closely to what I wanted. At the end of the day, what we both thought would be best for my features lined up perfectly. His staff is also AMAZING!! They make you feel so welcome like you are apart of the family. I am very, very impressed, and happy with my results, and I know they will only get better with time! Thanks Dr. M!

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