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I had an initial consultation with Dr. Hawner this...

I had an initial consultation with Dr. Hawner this week. He & his staff are very kind & attentive. The wait time was actually very short. I have heard excellent praise from multiple sources regarding Dr. Hawner's experience. Everyone I've spoken with absolutely loves their results. I know I'll be in great hands.


Events prior to procedure

I decided to write more posts after I actually got the procedures done because I ran into a few snags along the way. I am happy to report that I did indeed get a MMO January 15th as planned. So now to share my journey with everyone on RS.

Even though I did post about my consultation with Dr. Hawner at Hawner Plastic Surgery, I decided to touch on that here as I go through the whole process leading up to surgery.

I had my consultation appointment back in the beginning of September. The location is convenient, right next to Longview Regional Medical Center. The office is very welcoming. Dr. Hawner's staff & assistants are awesome. They treated me like a long time friend, which helps with the dreaded examination part of the consultation. They were all so extremely helpful the entire time. Dr. Hawner is quite pleasant, extremely thorough, and very conscientious. I knew I was going to be well taken care of after that initial appointment.

The consultation in detail:
I signed in and was given a packet of information to complete. I waited only a few minutes before being called back to the exam room. Dr. Hawner and his assistant came in to talk with me about what I wanted done. They gave me a robe, a package containing disposable panties and a bra with closures in the front for me to change into for the physical part of the consultation. They stepped out in order for me to disrobe and change. His assistant knocked to see if I was ready and they returned to the room. Dr. Hawner measured my chest and breast area while we discussed the augmentation, which implants would work best for me and what size I wanted. His assistant helped place different sizers in the bra for me to be able to decide which ones I preferred. I went with 600 cc bilaterally. Then he measured my abdomen, showed me where the incision would be along the top of the panty line. He also demonstrated how he would go about the abdominoplasty procedure and the fact that drains would be necessary. We discussed the aspect of pain during and after surgery, time off work required, post-op care. I was given a list of procedure costs, anesthesia fees, hospital fees and some financing options. With that, I was on my way to work out the details.

I set about figuring out when I could take time off. I researched financing options. I decided to go with a personal loan because the interest rate was quite a bit better for me than care credit.

I sent in FMLA requests which were denied. I was distraught about that news but I just kept telling myself there simply has to be a way. That same day, I had it all figured out and had the proper leave forms signed by HR.

After my consultation, I discussed with my supervisor the need for time off and when I had it tentatively planned. She was good with plans and approved my leave as requested. Very shortly after that, I was changed to a different department by corporate. So that means I now I have a different supervisor that has the option to deny or approve my leave request. I was nervous while awaiting her decision. Everything else had been falling into place. Happily, she did give me the green light.

Next obstacle: I had been having slightly elevated blood pressures for sometime but I just didn't want to have to take any medications. The stress of the holidays, fast approaching deadlines, and the higher volumes of patients coming in were really taking a toll on me. I was having increasing blood pressure issues. I knew if I didn't get it under control, I wouldn't be allowed to have surgery. I got my primary doctor to prescribe the blood pressure medications to get me into normal limits.

The following week I had my pre-op appt, payed the fees, had labs drawn, an EKG, and a chest x-Ray (a requirement of anesthesiology if you have diagnosis of hypertension.)

Now I just hurry up and wait. Surgery is scheduled in one week. I tried not to think about it too much. I bought groceries that would be quick and easy, including meals my twelve year old could handle with minimal supervision (i. e. Microwaveable items.) My husband will be home to help me the first few days. Then it's going to be me and the kiddos. The good thing is, like I said, my twelve year old can help quite a bit. She's even got a couple extra days off of school for school holidays. That worked out perfectly.

Hospital experience and first evening post-op

The night before surgery, I laid out my clothes, set my alarm for 4:45 am because I had a 6:00 am arrival time. I showered with hibiclens for 3 minutes as instructed. Dr. Hawner had given me a prescription for Xanax to take that bedtime. I was glad he did because I was excited and definitely needed something to help me rest.

The morning of surgery when the alarm went off I hit the snooze button because I'm just not a morning person. I finally convinced myself I had better get up. I showered again with hibiclens. Got dressed and ready to go. My husband is not a morning person either but he tried to lighten the mood by cracking a few jokes. He knew I was nervous. I was really only concerned about the pain. Otherwise, I knew I was in good hands.

We arrived at the hospital and signed in. Then sat in the waiting area for about 10-15 minutes. They called us back to the pre-op area. I changed into a gown, got an IV placed, had vital signs taken, answered questions for the nurses documentation. Next I was taken to the holding area where the anesthesiologist came to talk with me. I was a bit hoarse at the time so he told me he didn't think it was a good idea to proceed. My heart sank at first but then I thought surely they won't cancel over this. Dr. Hawner came in to mark my incision sites. We laughed and joked lightheartedly. He didn't even mention anything about the hoarseness. After getting marked the CRNA came in gave me a "cocktail" in my IV. Subsequently after this we were to surgery suite. I could here them getting everything ready. Not too long after that I was the sedation took effect.

The next thing I knew I was being transported to PACU. I was hurting. There was a pretty intense burning in my lower abdomen, my chest felt very tight and my arms and hands had prickly sensation much like when your foot falls asleep. I reported this to the nurse. She gave me some meds in my IV. I went back to sleep. I would wake to them asking me questions or taking vital signs. At some point I was transported to recovery. I was hurting again with the same symptoms as described earlier. I was told that we would change over to oral medication at this point. The nurse returned shortly with pain meds. I was also feeling very nauseated. She applied phenergan gel to my wrist. Which to my surprise was quickly taking effect. She removed the Foley catheter. I immediately felt I needed to void my bladder. I was dreading having to get up. It hurt terribly. Then it hurt terribly to get up from the toilet. Oh boy, it hurt very badly getting back into bed. Finally, after the proper recovery time and discharge criteria (nausea had to be resolved, had to void bladder) was met, I was released. Here we go, extreme pain to get up, extreme pain to sit in the wheel chair, every little bump hurt along the way. Then severe pain getting out of the wheel chair. Thankfully, my husband has an SUV so getting up into the truck wasn't too terrible but that hurt pretty bad nonetheless. The entire car ride home was painful and I get bouts of nausea here and there. At last we were home, but now I've got to get out of the truck. My husband mostly got me out and yes it hurt very much. I took my pain meds and set about trying to get into bed. I was hurting so terribly that it took several minutes for my husband and I get me situated. I put pillows under my knees and tried to lay very still until the medication took effect. I fell asleep for a while. When I awoke needed to use the restroom but I was not looking forward to getting of bed. My husband helped me up and I went to the toilet. I looked at how low it seemed. I could not imagine sitting down on it or getting back. So although it was awkward and tmi I straddled the toilet standing over it to void. It worked. And it didn't hurt Lol. Now to get back in bed. It didn't hurt quite as bad as that initial time I got into bed, but believe me it was still very very painful. That is how I spent the majority of the first evening, up to void, back to bed, staying on top of meds. Around nine that night I began to feel slightly hungry. My husband fixed me some garlic mashed potatoes. My daughter fixed me hot tea. This was my first time out of room since I had gotten home. I really enjoyed those mashed potatoes and the hot tea. I ate very slowly to see if I could tolerate food. I was glad we have pub style dining chars because it was not painful to sit at the table. I went back to bed shortly as I was already feeling fatigued. The first night was not too bad. And awoke to use the restroom a couple of times. I would take meds while I was up to keep the pain under control.

I will post more about my recovery experience.

Pre op photos

I took a couple of pics at the hospital pre-op

Photo of abdominoplasty incision

Post-op day 1

Post op day 2

I made it through my first night at home pretty well. I actually got up by myself to use the restroom. It was a process and it's quite painful but it doesn't last very long. Once I'm up, it doesn't hurt. I've been staying on top of my medication schedule. I take them as often as allowed in order to keep the pain level down and under control.

My husband has been taking excellent care of me. He changed my dressings and emptied my drains. He has been taking care of the kids and keeping them occupied. He fixed breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs and toast. I sat at the table while he was preparing everything. I'm not used to being waited on while I do nothing. I get fatigued easily. So after I ate breakfast, I was ready to go lay down. The only other thing I ate that day was a protein shake. I didn't even want it but I knew I needed to eat something.

I noticed later in the day that I felt short of breath. Probably because I haven't been breathing deeply. I decided to get up and walk around the house a while. I walked several "laps" throughout the house, about 10-15 minutes. I felt a little weakness in my legs while I was walking. But I wanted to keep moving to prevent DVT's and atelectasis. When I went back to my room and got into bed, I began to cough. OH NO!!!!! It was hurting so terribly . I couldn't stop it. I had to get out of bed and was holding a pillow over my abdomen which helped very little. It was excruciating and the pain lasted several minutes after each cough. I couldn't clear the mucus. But it hurt so badly that when I calmed the cough I just had to let it go. No way was I going to be able to keep trying to clear the mucus. I took pain meds and fell asleep.

Quick pic of breasts

Post op day 4
Pic of breast aug. Can't tell much about it yet bc there's still a lot of edema to the area

Post op day 3

I woke up today feeling somewhat better than yesterday. My Hubbie fixed us a good breakfast. I ate about half my food today. I've been taking my meds as often as allowed. That's the only way to keep the pain under control. DH helped me with a sponge bath and even helped wash my hair in the sink. He worked fast so I didn't have any pain. He did my dressing change, emptied my drains and got my cg on super tight. I decided to try to hang out on the couch today. I could not get comfortable. After a while of trying to get situated, I decided to try the recliner. That was much better. I had another bout of coughing. That rates a 9 of 10 with each cough. It's horrible.

Post op day 4

I had a terrible time trying to sleep in the bed last night. I just could not get comfortable. I finally just got back in the recliner. I had some more coughing which is excruciating. I fell asleep for a few hours. I awoke to more coughing, almost violently coughing. It wouldn't stop. It was absolutely awful with each cough. I was in a bind. I was also out of cough medicine. I ended up taking the kids pediatric cough syrup and drinking hot tea. The coughing finally subsided and I went back to sleep for a few more hours. My DH woke me up to eat breakfast. I went to the restroom, ate breakfast and went back to sleep for quite a while. I finally took a sponge bath in the late afternoon. I've felt pretty fatigued and wiped out today. I made myself get up and walk around in the house for several "laps" in order to prevent DVT's and atelectasis. DH went to run errands, so I sent him to get more cough medicine while he was out. That seems to be my biggest issue. The pain has been well controlled with a regular schedule of meds. The coughing is the only time I've had much pain over the past day or so.

Post op day 5

Today I have felt pretty good. The cough medicine has the cough under control. I've been able to cut back on pain meds significantly today. I'm getting around more easily. DH is still taking good care of me and keeping the kids occupied. So I'm just hanging out, resting. I get up and walk around periodically. I'm able to stand a tad bit straighter. I think everything is coming along nicely.


Pic of MMO

First post op appt

I had my first post op follow up appt on Wednesday. All is going well and healing well. One drain was removed. I was hopeful that one would be removed but also was trying not to have my hopes up too high. I just keep telling myself it's helping remove extra fluid build up that otherwise would be counter productive. That next day was my first day handling everything on my own. I think I may have done a little too much. The drain output is a good indicator of too much activity. It had gotten fuller than usual. So I'm having to really work on resting and recovery. I also drove for the first time post op bc I needed to get bread and milk. DH had to go back to work. So I siked myself up to venture out. It was a quick trip after all bc my daughter wanted to go in and get what we needed by herself. So I waited in the car. I'm glad she did because I really didn't want to get out. I'm pretty sure I looked a mess. Lol


Well I was hoping it would miss me. Unfortunately, I've been noticing my mood dipping low. Im grumpy and having bouts of sadness. To top it all off, our puppy got run over and killed yesterday. I feel awful about it and deeply saddened. I let him out in the back yard and became busy with taking care of the children and myself. Apparently, it happened while I was in the shower. It takes quite a while longer for me at this stage of the game. I didn't find out about the puppy until hours later when I found a note in my mailbox from one of the neighbors. He had attempted to notify us but there was no answer at the door. He must have come by when I was showering and getting dressed bc I didn't hear the door. So I'm really struggling with sadness even more now. I hope all is well with the rest of the ladies recovering from surgery.

Feeling better

Little by little I have been feeling better. Yesterday was so nice outside. It was sunny and pretty warm. This year has been strange, weather wise, in east Texas. I was so glad it was nice out so I could let the little ones play outside. I ended up sitting in a lawn chair in the sun. I even took a short nap. It was really nice to get out of the house.

Seeing Improvement

Healing nicely

Drain free!!!!! Yay!!!!

I had a quick appt today to have the last drain removed. It feels great to have them out. The insertion area was getting a bit tender. I hope everyone is healing well. Good luck to everyone with upcoming surgery.

Back to work

I went back to work last Monday. I still fatigue easily but thankfully everything went smoothly. I had a great week. I did notice an increase in swelling in the late afternoon. So, I had to plan for quick easy meals in the evening bc I needed to rest. I was pretty wiped by the time I got off work, picked up the kids and prepared a quick meal. I also got all the stitches out. My incision sites are healing well. I was warned to continue activity restrictions for a few more weeks in order to avoid seromas. Being a mom of little ones, I tend to do more than I should. I just have to really make myself put some of these household chores aside for now. I hope everyone is doing well.
Longview Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hawner has many years of experience. He is very knowledgeable. He's great at what he does. He will take the time needed for you to consult and figure out what you want, as well as what will work for you. He and his staff have been so good to me.

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