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Well I am 25years old. I had my first daughter...

Well I am 25years old. I had my first daughter when I was 21 (2006) by emergency c-section.

Pre-pregnancy I weighed 140lbs afterwards I was at 160, it would've been more but I lost about 15lbs in the first trimester due to sickness. I had my second daughter in 2007 only 13months later. I topped out at 178 after that pregnancy which was a repeat c-section. I have a good amount of stretchmarks, but only a few above my belly button, and a flap above the c-section scar.

My hubby made a deal with me that if I could get to my pre-pregnancy weight he would buy me the tummy tuck that I have wanted for a long time. With that motivation I started dieting and exercising regularly. I jog about 3miles everday now. When I started I could barely go 3min and now I feel great after jogging for 30min. I went from 178lbs to 134lbs. I am actually thinner now than before kids. Whoo Whoo! It's super tough to stay on a diet and excercise plan though, I dread it almost everyday.

But I do love the way I look now, and after the removal of the saggy skin, which is worse since I lost 44lbs, and most of the stretchmarks, I should feel amazing about myself. My doctor has told me I will have an awesome result, since I have lost the weight and am in great physical shape. I have scheduled my surgery for August 20, so it's about 3 1/2 wks away. I am super excited and ready to see the results.

I handled the pain with the c-sections like there was none. I was up and walking the halls as soon as I woke from the anesthesia. I handle pain overall well so I don't think this will be very difficult for me in that sense. I should probably have mild pain at the most. I can't wait. NO PAIN NO GAIN!! So you won't hear me complain.

Ok I've uplodaded the pics of my weightloss now.

Ok I've uplodaded the pics of my weightloss now.

Ok so I've started taking 500mg Vitamin C...

Ok so I've started taking 500mg Vitamin C twice daily to promote healing, as recommened by my PS. I also ordered some pre and post op vitamins and supplements, wedge pillows, and ice pack. One of the supplements are suppose to help with bruising and swelling after surgery. We'll see how it works! The wedge pillows are for the support needed to take pressure of the incision site. I got one for my kness to to support circulation. I got a large size ice pack. I've been told to ice 20min on-40min off, every hour. I am going to get the silicone healing sheets within the next couple weeks. I have heard good things about them and am excited to see how they help the appearance of my scar.

Ok well my hubby and I had a talk about the...

Ok well my hubby and I had a talk about the recovery period earlier today and he is bummed out about the 3 weeks off of "physical activity". We are going to be celebrating our 5th wedding ann. soon so we are still basically newlyweds and both pretty young as I'm 25 and he's 27 so we average about 12x a week of "physical activity" time. Lol. Does anyone have any advice on the subject? Was it 3 weeks for everybody out there?? Please tell me no...

Pre-op appointment was today. It went quickly I...

Pre-op appointment was today. It went quickly I thought. I went to Dr. Hawners office to sign the consent forms and get my binder and iodine swabs. Then I head over to Longview Regional Hospital to pre-register. I filled out the paperwork, paid the $2000 hospital fee, and had blood drawn. That was it. They gave me paperwork to take home and I was outta there. Now I will be going back on Friday at 6am for surgery! I'm so excited and ready to do it!!

Well I am home now. I made it!! I am extremely...

Well I am home now. I made it!! I am extremely nausiated (excuse the spelling) but other than that I'm alright. The pain is tolerable, not too bad. I'm ready to crash, so I will update later.

Added postop 3day pics

Added postop 3day pics

Had my first postop appointment today. It went...

Had my first postop appointment today. It went good. I had my left drain take out and the guaze removed from my new bellybutton. Dr. Hawner said everything looks good and to keep doing what I'm doing. I was itching really bad and had called the office to ask about it. Racheal told me it was probably the medication and said I could take benadryl with it or switch to a different pain pill, only it would be weaker. I switched to darvocet since I'm not having much pain anyways. Problem solved.

Post op day 10. Well I have been off the pain meds...

Post op day 10. Well I have been off the pain meds for a few days now. I quit taking them after day 6. I have my second post op appointment on Wednesday the 1st. I think I will have my second drain taken out then and the stitches as well. Most of my swelling is gone now and hopefully the rest will be gone within a week or so. I will update picks when the other drain and stitches are out. I had no bm until day 7. Yikes. I was taking dulcolax and miralax two days before and everyday after surgery with no luck. Finally my husband got me exlax pills and broke them in half. I know it says not to do that on the instructions but I took two like that and the problem was solved. So if you have issues with that, and I'm sure you will, that's what you need to do. I don't have much pain, just tightness in the abdomen and muscle spasms. I guess that's a sign that they are getting back to work. I haven't been doing too much. I went to the grocery store a couple of times with my mimi to stock up on fruit and veggies and cleaned up the kitchen a few days ago. My husband has been trying to keep the house clean and look after the girls, but it's a bit difficult for him, and I get irritated with clutter. Overall everythings good and I will update after the next appointment.

4 week post op pics

4 week post op pics

I started P90X today. Day 1! Whoo whoo! Only 89...

I started P90X today. Day 1! Whoo whoo! Only 89 more to go...

I am really happy with my tt results. I'm so glad I did it! It was questionable at first, the scar seemed so high and the stretchmarks were bumpy and weird can see in the pics with the orange shirt, I think like around week 2. It was bad. But it all smoothed out and the scar seems lower now since I have really flattened out. So I am happy! Still in the gym 6days a week and maintaining my goal weight. So all is good. Can't wait to see the difference after I finsih P90X. I will upload new pics at week 4, 8, and 13 when it's all over!

Pic of tattoo outline and shading

pic of tattoo outline and shading

Yeah got my tattoo finished!! It's swollen in the...

Yeah got my tattoo finished!! It's swollen in the pic but I'll upload another when its healed.

Photo Update

Photo Update

Longview Plastic Surgeon

He did a great job on the surgery..but was pretty much non-existent after that and I'd have to wait 85min at post-op appointments to see him for 2min. I walked out at the last post-op appointment and plan to get any other procedures done with Dr. Motlagh in Tyler. The main concern of a procedure is that it turns out good and mine did so on that part he was great.

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