Brazillian Butt Lift - Lipo Miami Fl APRIL 20TH DR CALVA

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Im thinking about setting up a consultation for a...

Im thinking about setting up a consultation for a bbl the question i have is does anyone have a review about the bbl i would like to know has anyone had this surgery performed by her and if so can you post some pics all the reviews just say she is nice she is hands on and thats good to know but i would like to see before and after pics is she reasonably priced can someone put u p a real review like they do on real self Thank you

Hey Rs i have been stalking this sight since my...

Hey Rs i have been stalking this sight since my friend put me on to it lol.... its so addictive!!! Well i have always wanted a booty like forever and decided to finally do it and my husband finally agreed with my decision which i am so grateful for? I cant wait so if any one who went to Dr Mcadoo do tell and whatever advice you have for me please share it will be greatly appreciated Thanks!!!!

Bbl and lipo

Hey my rs sistas my bbl surgery is Dec 13 and i cant wait i just got a call from Vanity telling me Dr Mcadoo who was my doctor is no longer there so they switched me to Dr Hasan i seen some of his work and heard pisitive things about him and his BBL and Lipo they say he is very aggressive with his lipo and im glad because thats what i need i dont want any rolls in my back lol...Well i will keep you guys posted as my time gets closer but if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free Thanks!!!!

Going back to the gym

I was doing real good going to the gym losing this weight nothing crazy just doing cardio im 219 5'7 im trying to get down to at least 185 to 190 im back on my grind so when i do get my sx it can look great getting ready to order what i need so i wont over pack my husband and bestfriend are going with me so im very grateful for that you really need a support system when having this sx done i tip my hat off to my rs sisters who go at it alone i dont think i would have the heart to lol...i will post my before pics up as soon as i take some until then have a good night!!!


Hi my realself sistas im finally going to have my surgery done on April 20th with Dr Calva and i cant wait i had Dr Hassan but he wont be back till june or july to renew his license i just ordered my Booty Buddy and my ab boards and foam i go for my labs in 2 weeks my hotel is booked sx paid for just hoping my hemo come back high enough i was supposed to go in Jan but had to change my date so im finally going im ready for tjis body to be snatched!!!


I will be staying at the Extended Stay my Husband and Best Friend is coming with me because im gonna need all the help i can get my date will be here before i know it so i have been hitting the gym a lot i started at 232 now im 195 im trying to get down to 190 i walk on my treadmill do some aerobics dont eat any carbs and i dont eat after 8pm my stonach went down a lot but i need Dr Calva to suck all my fat from front to back lol.... Well i will keep you guys posted and put as many pics up as i can and good luck to all my rs sisters and there surgeries??


Wish pic

Labs Done Today

Hey my realself sistas went today to my primary care doctor did all my labs Ekg and a Chest x-ray they didnt ask for a chest xray but i took one anyway it cant hurt so im hoping everything comes back good im getting so excited i cant wait well i will keep you guys posted on my results i will find out April 7th !!!

Well i got my labs back !!!

Well Eres pre op dept calls me and tells me that they recieved my labs and dr calva has to over them so im excited and im like ok kool then i get a phone call a half and hour later saying that my Doctor sent them my clearance letter for me to have surgery but they never recieved the actual lab results REALLY what is wrong my doctor i went in on the 5th for my results 2 days before my actual appt with them went over the results with my doctor where she told me all my labs were good and i was good for surgery so now i have to call them in the morning and ask them to send my results over my Hemo is 12.5 so im glad of that because those iron pills was making me constipated i had to take a stool softner with it not pretty at all for now im just gonna keep going to the gym to keep my weight where it needs to be because its so easy to get comfortable and that weight will sneak right back up on you i see all of you beautiful dolls that got calvafied looking good dolls cant wait for my turn So thats where im at now will keep you ladies updated once i get this issue cleared up???


So i just recieved a email from the pre op dept and im good to go on my labs im so glad Miami here i come i cant wait i leave next wed!!!


Gm dolls so let me tell youll 2 weeks ago i had a dream that i missed my flight which was at 6:30 in my dream i overslept so my friend says wasnt your flight at 630 well you missed it so my response was yeah i know but the attendant said she will get me on the 8:00am flight so here is the kicker WHY DID I MISS MY FLIGHT TODAY AND I DIDNG OVER SLEEP me and my husband heard the announcement that they were starting to board so we stopped at dunkin donughts for breakfast only a few feet away from our gate why when we get there she says they closed the door and they locl the door 10 minutes prior to take off why was it 6:21 REALLY !!! So she said if you read your boarding pass it says it on there so i take a look and long and behold its there but who REALLY READS THERE BOARDING PASS so the attendant booked us on the 8am flight talk about DEJAVU!!!! So im waiting to board will keep you guys posted once i get to eres


So we finally made it me and my husband arrived at Eres did all my paperwork took my pics but i didnt see dr Calva he wasnt in today well thats what i was told so after that was done i went to buy my faja at faja colombia two blocks away from eres it was 85.00 eres wanted 120.00 so ladies i would go there to get youll garment because thats where eres gets theres and they charge you extra lol... the weather down here is beautiful its 80 degrees im not complaining so our next stop is walmart for some food shopping SO I GET MY PHONE CALL FROM BETSY FROM THE PRE OP DEPT AND MY SX IS GOING TO BE 5am Tomorrow morning i am so excited and nervous at the same time so until i post again keep me in your prayers and prayers going up to everyone sx and upcoming sx i know youll are gonna,look Fab SEE YOU GUYS ON THE BOOTY LAND SIDE LOL.....


I had to be at eres at 5am this morning i wasnt in the back long Dr Calva came in gave me a hug and asked how my flight was he is so sweet then the Antheoligist came in explained everything to me and what she was going to be doing then maybe 25 minutes later she came and got me put the needle in my arm and asked whats my favorite drink i said coconut ciroc and i was out let me tell you dolls when i woke up that SHIVERING IS REAL my body shook for at least 15 minutes the nurse was so sweet all of them that was there she said mommy thats normal it will stop.soon she put two hot blankets on me and eventually it stopped i layed there a couple more minutes until my husband came then i was out of there i left about 10:30 am my husband had to go to a few pharmacies to get my meds but he finally found ine he went to publix they took my insurance so my co pay was $6 dollars for each medication got back he cooked me something to eat then i was knocked out for the count both of us lol.... so as every calva doll knows he dont use drains so im a mess i just want to take a hot long shower but i have to wait till tomorrow after my appt at 8:30 oh i forgot before i left he came in to check on me and he showed me my results on his phone im so swollen so you really cant see the real result but im not complaing i love my results and know when its all said and done WATCH OUT NOW LOL...they advised me to drink a gallon of water and some gatorade so thats what ive done and when i urinate boy it comes down like a river!!! Im not in that much pain im just very stiff but i have been walking every hour on the hour for 20 minutes so im good i didnt buy that ezepeez i just push my faja to the side squat and use the bathroom but what you can also do is put a new roll of toilet paper under each thigh and it holds you up good that works well also just a lil advice i didnt buy my faja from eres i bought it from faja colombia which is up the block from eres it was $85 and eres is $120 so im scheduled for a massage tomorrow after my appt i will have my husband take some pics as soon as im able to take my shower I WANT TO THANK ALL IF THE DOLLS THAT KEPT ME IN THERE PRAYERS IT WAS GREATLY APPRECIATED??? AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE DOLLS WITH THERE UPCOMING SURGERY I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOULL AS WELL UNTIL NEXT TIME LADIES HAVE A GOODNIGHT??

One week post op today

Hey dolls im back home finally the plane ride was difficult our flight was delayed 3 hours because of the storm in ny we was suppose to leave at 1:30pm i only sat down when the plane was taking off and when it was landing i used my booty buddy very uncomfortable but i got through it i will be going for another massage tomorrow my incision closed yesterday so im no longer draining but i can feel the fluid in my back so im hoping she is good lol...i have to buy another garmet because this one is getting loose i was thinking about putting a waist trainer on top until i get another one what do you guys think? Is it to early for that well i like my results i think there coming along well my husband and my family loves it i told dr calva i wanted a inadverted heart and bottom heavy my butt feels like rocks and my body is itchy lol...i gues from the garment and foams just a part of recovery!! Well here are some pics from my surgery 1 week out im finally Calvafied!!!! I cant wait till the swelling goes down this recovey is SOME SERIOUS SHIT!!!! BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END Till next time dolls ???

Feeling myself lol....

I wanted to try on my summer dress just to see how i would look i love it??


I forgot the stomach shot lol...

Almost 2 months since my Bbl Loving My Body!!!

Hey ladies im loving my results from Dr Calva i can finally sit down and i can also start working out so i can maintain what Dr Calva did for my body when i first sat on my butt it hurt and felt funny it still do but im glad i can sit on it lol....

2 months in Dr Calva did his thing!!!!!

Key Biscayne General Surgeon

My doctor is no longer Dr Mcadoo its Dr Calva I love Dr Calva he gave me exactly what i asked for he is so pleasant friendly and just a beautiful person he makes you feel so confortable and answers all your questions i would recommend him to anyone thats seeking to get a Bbl♡♡

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