Scheduled for a Rhinoplasty on December 1st - Long Island, NY

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So I'm scheduled for my surgery and pretty...

So I'm scheduled for my surgery and pretty nervous as of right now. I broke my nose 4 years ago playing softball and as of about 2 years ago, I've been getting chronic migraines. When I went to my ENT, he told me I had a sever e deviated septum, which would explain the headaches. Also, I find it difficult to breathe out of my nose most of the time.

Along with all of these issues, my once nice nose had a bump on it. I got LASIK 2 months ago, so now it's even more noticeable. So I was told that I needed a septoplasty and a submucus resection of the turbinates. I went to see Dr. Tarashansky, who is the plastic surgeon in the same group. We discussed filing down the bump and he told me that my nose was shifted to the right. I had never realized it. So after going over what could be done, I decided that I would have my nostrils taken in and my tip reduced because it droops. After looking at a bunch of pictures, I realized that since the break, I don't like my nose at all anymore. The extra work that insurance isn't covering is costing me $1800.

Well it has been a very rough 5 days since my...

Well it has been a very rough 5 days since my surgery. Let me start from the beginning.

I was scheduled to get the the medical center at 12. I got there at 12 and they took me into Pre-Op at 12:30. The nurses were really nice, but my surgeon (Dr. Youngerman) was still in the OR with another patient, so I had to wait. Dr. Tarashansky checked on me several times, looking at my nose and making sure I was comfortable. I finally went in for surgery around 2:45. I don't remember anything after that, but I got out of surgery at 7. When I woke up, honestly, I felt completely out of it and like I got hit by a car. I got sick twice from the anesthesia, which sucked. I was very out of it and had a lot of drugs in my system, but I went home around 9:30. I felt very sorry for my mom, who was waiting for me the whole time.

Day 1- I slept through the whole night which was such a relief, but the recliner was TORTURE. I had no appetite and felt very weak from all the medications. But I felt better than I had expected. I went to see Dr. Tarashansky for my Post Op appt. He said I looked very good and the surgery was successful. Apparently, from the softball injury, my bone was completely crushed. I assume that must have complicated surgery. He removed the inner pieces that he had put in for support for my nose, and that was very painful. He also warned me that over the next 2 days, I would feel "like I got hit by a truck" because all of the medicines would be leaving my body.
I appreciated the warning, because he was right.

Days 2 & 3
I felt like a walking zombie. I was in a lot of pain and the pain medication was making me dizzy. I know I had a lot of work done, it's just a very uncomfortable feeling. At this point, I still have no appetite. So I needed to force myself to eat, even though I can't taste a single thing I eat or drink. It was definitely rougher than I expected. My mom had been cleaning my nose with hydrogen peroxide and bacitracin to keep my nostrils clean. It would drip occasionally, so I would keep a bandage taped under my nose. My back was killing me from the chair and I didn't want to sit down anywhere.

Day 4
I stopped taking the pain medicine. It was making me way too dizzy to function normally, so I am taking 2 aspirins every 4 hours for pain. I'm still in pain today unfortunately. I went out to lunch with my mom and brother and it felt very awkward having people look at me. I didn't really care, to be perfectly honest. I will just be excited to get the cast off on Thursday. I was supposed to go back to classes today. But I am just not up to it yet, so I wrote to all my professors explaining the situation. I still can't taste anything, and honestly, it makes me so unmotivated to eat. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to have him clean out my nose, so I will continue the updates.

Update time :) Well yesterday I got the cast...

Update time :)

Well yesterday I got the cast removed. That was an ordeal in itself because I got very light headed and was in a lot of pain, but I made it through! As soon as he took it off, he looked very pleased at the results. He gave me the mirror and I was happy too! The bump was gone and for the first time in four years, I had a straight side profile. I could tell that the tip was more defined (even though it is still quite swollen). My nostrils also appeared smaller and don't flare out anymore. I am really happy already with the results and I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Miraculously after the cast was removed and my nose was cleaned out, I got my sense of taste back. But right now, the tip is very numb to the touch. I can't fully smile yet, which I'm not 100% certain why, but I'm assuming that this will return back to normal soon. My skin is REALLY oily and it's grossing me out, mainly because it NEVER used to be. I'm hoping this also goes away soon too. It's a bit embarrassing because it's so noticeable. I'm at the recovery point where all the swelling has moved down to my cheeks and chin, so I'm feeling like a chipmunk right now lol

But appearance wise, Dr. Tarashansky and myself are very pleased :) I went into work after the cast was removed and I got so many positive responses. Everyone loves my "new nose!!"

Posting new please everyone

It's been just about four months since my...

It's been just about four months since my septoplasty/rhinoplasty and I am so happy that I did it. I don't get migraines anymore!! Once in a while I will get a normal headache, but I take some Advil and it goes away immediately. Plus my nose looks so nice and natural! I really love it : ) Dr. Tarashansky has been excellent with my follow up visits. It's comforting because we have a personable relationship, and I feel comfortable asking him any post op questions.
Konstantin Tarashansky

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