Retin A Micro-highest Strength if You Can Tolerate It, It's Worth It :) - Long Island

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I got sample from my derm. for the highest...

I got sample from my derm. for the highest strength Retin A Micro Gel, a years worth, for hyperpigmentation on my face. After 9 months, hyperpigmentation has resolved. In addition to this, my pores on my nose and forehead are a lot smaller, and my skin is extremely smooth.

You MUST wear SUNBLOCK at ALL TIMES when in the sun, or you will burn, and, also, will reverse what the Retin A has achieved. I used a little more than a pea (chick pea) sized amount for my entire face, avoiding the under eye area, as my derm said NOT to use it there.

Yes, I peeled in the beginning. A lot. But during the daytime, I used a very good moisturizer, let it settle in, then used light foundation. I still peel now when I use the Retin A Micro, but nothing compared to the first 3 months. My skin is brighter, smoother, and a little thicker. People notice.

Another pro: My skin actually feels TIGHTER.

Stick with it, it is worth it.

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Derm is close friend who gave me samples, so I don't know that I should name him. Sorry. But I will say that Retin A is really worth it for those who have to pay for it.

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