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I have been addicted to this site for quit someone...

I have been addicted to this site for quit someone time. I have been wanting a tummy tuck n breast lift ever since my last child, which was ten yrs ago. I would like to go to DR to have my surgery but I'm scared to go alone. I would luv to buddy up with someone from the NY area. I'm looking into going sometime in July. I'm not sure if I want to stay at the recovery house due to so many mixed stories. I'm thinking about staying at a resort or private home with a hired

my mind is made up and I'm goin to Baez

I think my search is over n I'm going to have ax with Baez in DR. She seems very nice;caring n she answers all of my questions within a day. I'm jet struggling with where to stay at for my recovery. I jst wish she offered a package with a RH included, to eliminate the stress of where ur staying. Looking to have sx at the end of June n it would b nice to have a buddy or jst some1 to travel with.

Waiting for a confirmation surgery date w/Baez

I would like to have surgery on July 1st but I'm waiting on Baez to confirm whether or not tht date is available. I'm getting so impatient bcuz I want to purchase my ticket at a good rate b4 the price goes up, in the meantime I'm looking for a place to stay. Any suggestion on where to stay?

July 1st appt confirmed wit Baez!

Now tht my surgery appt has been confirmed now I need to find a place to stay lol Any suggestions ladies? I will do RH or a hotel with hired help

Appt. with Dra.Baez has been changed to 7/17

OK now tht my appt has been changed(at my request) it gives me a lil more time to loose some weight and find the right place to recover. I plan on staying in DR for 8-10 days, I would like to stay at a recovery house for 4 days thn go to a hotel with a hired nurse for the remaining time. Still looking for a travel or surgery buddy. I will be leaving out of NY(JFK) on

Hemoglobin is 13!

Jst got my lab results bck and my hemoglobin is 13! Now I feel ready n motivated to get things rolling. I need to start purchasing all of my items needed for the trip cuz sht is getting real! Lol

4wks to go until I'm on the flat side!

Excited and nervous at the same damn time! 4wks to go n hopefully Baez will work her magic on this body! Lol

What items are a MUST have for sx?

I'm not sure Wht I should be purchasing for surgery! Some ppl have a long list of things to take and some ppl jst have the basics. I need some advice from my girls tht have already been thru the process n can tell me Whts needed. I want to get the compression socks but there's so many to choose from, so which ones should I buy? I'm also thinkn abt Askn my Dr to write a script for it, so therefore my insurance will pay for it.(although it's OTC a script will allow the insurance to pick up the bill, thn my payflex will pay for the co-pay) I'm getting a TT, BL, lipo to waist, flanks, bck n thighs. I wanted a BBL but Dra Baez won't do all surgeries at the same time bcuz it's not safe. She said I will have to come bck for round 2 to get everything I wanted. Hubby is definitely not feeling the round 2 thing! Lol so I really need to decide if I want the BL or BBL bcuz there might not b a round 2 for me. Lol Ok bck to the times needed....so far i have all of my vitamins, pain killers, nausea Meds, pee funnel, antibacterial soap, 5 dresses, slippers, flip flops,Robe, bras, panties, extra lg pads and wipes so Wht else is a must have?

Still undecided about where to stay in DR!

There's so many mixed reviews abt recovery houses, I'm not sure what to do and where to stay at this point. This is very frustrating n stressful! I looked into hiring a nurse but she only comes to take care of you for 2-3 hrs a day. I'm sure I will need 24hr care for at least 4days. I was sold on Angie b4 reading a few negative reviews, thn I came across this young lady named Yanni, has anyone ever heard of her? I heard she'll take care of you in her apt and she only cares for 2 girls but no more thn 3 at a time. I thght tht sounds good bcuz the less females the btr!(I'm drama free n ain't got no time for no BS!) I'll look more in to tht situation and decide if thts where I'll be staying b4 I give out her info. I need to secure my spot b4 everybody else jumps on the bandwagon, thn b4 u kno it she's full! Lol Anyway....I'm still trying to figure out Wht kind of compression socks to buy and wondering if anyone has purchased compression panties, so the pun pun dnt swell up? I've heard abt this happening so I'm jst trying to stay ahead of the game and get everything I "might" need. I'm going to Walmart today to buy some more things off my list. Thank god for all of u wonderful and informative ladies on RS for helping me create my list. I've learned soooo much from this site, it's so hard to stay off! Lol

Faja store in NY?

Has anyone been to the Faja store in Jackson Heights? I'm thinking abt goin there to purchase an additional Garment, so whn the garment my doctor puts me in needs to be cleaned, I can have an extra one to wear. It's levels to this sht and I'm tryn to stay on top of all levels and be as prepared as I can be for this eventful trip! (Thnx to all of u)

2wks left until I'm a Baez Beauty!

2wks left until I'm on the flat side! I'm nervous n scared as hell! Lol I thnk I'm mostly scared bcuz I'm goin alone to a foreign country n dnt speak Spanish. This journey is very stressful n I have definitely thght abt backing out n changing my mind but I want this so bad n being on RS has given me the courage to do this, so plz pray for me as I go through this journey alone. Thnx ladies for all of your wonderful blogs n tons of helpful information. xoxo

Happy healing & 4th of July Beauties!

I hope everyone tht has had surgery is having a healthy n speedy recovery. To the ladies thts abt to having surgery, my prayers are with u! As for me....I'm still nervous and frightened to be traveling alone. Maybe I'll get lucky n meet someone in the damn airport heading on the same journey as me. (wishful thinking) I'm definitely concerned abt being awake during surgery. I will be discussing this concern with Baez, as soon as I arrive. I did mention it in a email but she so damn sweet, my nerves instantly became calmed. I doubt tht would be the case on the day of surgery. I really wish my hubby can come along but he's unable to get off from work. No one else knows abt me going to DR for surgery, due to the negative perception of surgery n traveling to DR. My daughter would like to go but it's too late to her passport and I dnt believe she would be ale to handle seeing me "a hot mess!" I know I'm not one for pain, so I kno this surgery is going to kick my butt. I really need to mentally prepare myself for this journey. I still can't believe it's two wks away! I will be going out this wknd to get the remaining items to pack.

Surgery is nxt wk!

Hopefully I'll be getting everything I'm Askn for as long as my hemo is above 13! Now tht I'm on my menstrual I hope my hemo ddnt drop or else we have a prblm. I jst came bck from a family wknd getaway so now it's time start packing my bags for DR. I seriously can't believe my surgery is nxt wk. I'm still scared n now I'm starting to get emotional every time I thnk abt leaving my family. I know my hubby n daughter will b ok, it's my son tht I'm worried abt bcuz he's a mama's boy. I have a feeling tht I will b crying from the time I leave NY until I get to DR! Lmao I'm such a cry baby. I really wish I was going wit a buddy to talk to n keep my mind occupied. Oh well! I'll jst suck it up, thug it out n get this sht over wit! I'm always traveling but I never traveled alone, so this is definitely going to be an adventure. I thnk I have everything I need all except a few more dresses. Do u get ur regular size or size down?

Deposit made prior to surgery?

Has anyone made a deposit to Baez's bank account prior to surgery? I really dnt want to carry over $4,000 in cash. I suggested she get a Paypal acct, jst to make things easier for her patients ;-)

DR in 3 more days!

It's really hitting me now tht I'll b leaving for DR in 3 days. I made my cash withdrawal from the bank today n now reality is setting in. All day I held on to my pocketbook for dear life n thnkn bck on whn I started saving for this surgery. The day is finally approaching n I cnt believe I'm going through with it. I need a few days to get myself mentally prepared, so I'll check bck in with u ladies on Tuesday b4 I leave NY.

Off to DR 2moro!

My nerves are calm n I'm ready for this flight 2moro. I still cnt believe I'm doing this but I'm more ready thn ever. I will keep u ladies updated as I'm going thru my journey. Thnx for all of your prayers n wishes....xoxo

I made it but there was a road block!

I can't get into too much info right now but plz don't expect to get everything u want. Baez will not do multiply surgeries due to the length of time these major surgeries. I'm glad I choose her, although I didn't get my breast done. I'm still grateful for her looking out for my health. She couldn't take a large amount of fat out of areas work bcuz I was bleeding too much whn she did the TT. I was awake n aware of most of wht was going on. Plz prepare yourself for a possible road block n don't blame the doctor. It's for your own good. I saw some things n felt most of the surgery.

This surgery is very painful

I was not nervous n didn't shed a tear as I thght would (yayyy me) I'm very swollen, having a lot of pain n discomfort. Did anybody experience their vaginal area swollen after surgery? Mine is beyond swollen, it's freaking huge! Baez was showing all the nurses as if she never seen it b4.

This pain is no joke!

I'm in so much pain it's crazy! It won't go away or even ease up! Ugh

So happy my buddy arrived!

My buddy had surgery last night n I can't wait to see how she's doing. I've been praying for ever since she left for surgery. She already had a cute shape so I kno Baez hooked her up.

4wks post op n still dealing with the swelling

This swelling is really a pain in the butt n I'm so over this recovery. I have no idea how ppl go bck to work in 2wks after multiple surgeries. Props to u ladies tht can do it n bounce bck to normal in 2wks. I would say, if u can take of 3-4wks off thn do it. It jst gives u extra time to properly rest n heal. It's a long process n takes time to see your full results.(I'm still patiently waiting)

Round 2? IMO everything should've been done the first time!

Going to DR once for surgery is nerve recking enough n the thought of going bck, jst seems be to much for me to even think of. I really wanted n needed for my breast to be done the first time around. I've read stories abt ppl switching doctors in DR after their consultation. For whatever reason is unknown but my guess would be, either they weren't comfortable with the surgeon, maybe the surgeon wasn't able to produce the results they are looking for or couldn't do the surgeries they came for. Ladies my advice would be (if possible) go to DR a few days b4 your surgery, so u can meet the doctor n go over everything b4 ur surgery date, so tht way if ur not comfortable with Wht he/she has to say, thn u can switch doctors. Switching doctors occurs all the time in DR. If they know your there for surgery most likely they will fit u in. You live n u learn! If I had to do it all again.....

3 months post op!

It's been 3 months since I had my surgery. I'm still experiencing swelling in my back n on the right side of my waist. I have lost abt 12 pounds after surgery n I'm currently working out in the gym. I'm staying positive n looking forward to seeing my body change over the next few months.

4 months post op n still no changes in body appearance!!

This has been such a depressing outcome for me. I really hope everyone tht goes to Baez is happy wit their end result. I do believe over time n wit more patients n experience she will achieve better results. Whn I went in July she was not busy at all, so all of a sudden everyone has heard of her n nowadays she seems to be busy. I went in blindsided and hoped tht she would give me the results I was promised n desired. I was sold by the quick email responses n all questions answered as well. Now I'm realizing most of tht was done bcuz she had a lot of time to go bck n forth with responding to all of my emails.(she ddnt have many patients) As of now, I stopped contacting her after my last email I sent a month ago. In tht email she was not the same doctor I met in July. In my email I expressed my unhappiness with my results and asked for revision date. I also sent her my 3month post op pics as she requested. A week and a half went by and I still ddnt hear from her, mind u my buddy sent her an email around the same time I did n she responded in less thn 5mins.(we were on the phone whn we both sent the email) I asked my buddy to send another email to Baez alittle while afterwards to see if she would get a response. Within a few mins after she sent her email n Baez answered. By this time I was pissed bcuz I knew she had seen my email n reviewed my pics. I'm sure Baez understood y I was unhappy just by viewing my pics. I would've expected my "nice, loving, caring doc" to have offered some type of compassion n offering a date to fix my issues but nope...nothing!! So I sent her an email to blow her ass up n let her know tht I'm aware of my emails being ignored n unanswered due to her responding to other ppl within mins n not responding to my emails at all.(I never mentioned I was talkn abt my buddy, but if she put it all together thn she should've figured it out). A day after I sent tht email, she decides to respond n this bitch had the nerve to say " I am not try to avoid your email it is just that i am busy and some other patients have been luckier than you but i have a lot of email that i havent been able to answered, i saw your pictures and i know that you will need a round 2 to get rid of the back rolls we have to wait till the six months mark to see what will be the final result of your surgery". (I copied n pasted her exact response). Wht had me mad was "other patients have been luckier thn u"!!! So there u have ladies, I guess some get lucky to get a fast response. It's funny tht a patient expressing their unhappiness wit their results has to be ignored n lucky to get her attention. Now in my opinion, I would've thght if a doctor was passionate n confident abt their work n seen the results tht I have, they would want to address the issue n offer some type solutions to ease the patients mind by not ignoring thm n acting as if ur too busy to respond, meanwhile u responded twice to someone else at the same time my email was sent. She definitely showed me her true colors. I will be doing a round 2 for a BL, BBl, lipo to full bck, abdomen, flanks n thighs. Basically almost all of the surgeries Baez performed needs to be done again...Smdh!! I will not be going bck to her for my revision. I'm greatful for Wht she has done for me while I was in her care n I thanked her tht, but I did not get the results I was promised, so it's time for me to move on n find a doctor to complete the job. I would never talk anyone out of going to her bcuz ur results may be the same as mine. All ppl are different n I'm sure she has patients tht are happy n won't need a round 2. My experience with her was great up until I started expressing my unhappiness. I did have some issues with my drain hole earlier in my healing process n was unable to reach her via email for some assistance. I had to contact someone in DR to reach out to her. Other thn tht I ddnt have no problems with her. I personally think her work will improve with all of the experience she is now getting. My clinic stay was fine n my nurse was wonderful. I hired a nurse to stay with me for the night. She was in the surgery room wit me the whole time n sleep in my recovery room after surgery. Ladies the stories u hear abt on RS are true...u do wake up during surgery. I will tell tht story later n I'm sure some of u will be surprised.

I'm seriously thinkn abt posting a pic!

I'm seriously thinkn abt posting a pic so u ladies can understand y I'm unhappy with my results. It's so embarrassing to see ppl tht kno u had this surgery n still have a bulge in ur stomach. My stomach appears to be flat from the font but my side profile is depressing. Not only is my stomach not flat but my bck is the worst!! The rolls are still there n jst to think of all the pain n discomfort I went through with getting my bck done! Smdh!! I think to myself was it really worth it?! I was not being unrealistic wit my desired results so I was looking for a noticeable change. My body did have some improvement after surgery but no where near the results I expected n hoped for. I kno if I had went to a different doc tht had more experience n gave btr results, I would've been much happier. Robles was my first choice whn I started searching DR. I ddnt hear abt Yily n Duran until awhile afterwards. I heard of too many scary CIPLA stories, so neither one of thm doc were an option for me. I'm not sure whn n how I heard of Baez but after contacting her I was sold. U live, u learn n don't dwell on the past. As of right now I'm obsessed wit Durans work n wished I went to her my first time around. I would love for her to finish off this body but I'm not sure abt going bck to DR alone. My buddy has decided to have her round 2 here in the states n I dnt blame her. (Chk out her review lovingb85) Staying in DR for so long was not easy. If it were possible to only stay 3-4 days thn I would consider going bck. I jst cnt see myself repeating this process all over again. It's so frustrating jst thinkn abt having to do this surgery all over again...lipo is no joke!!! The recovery process is even worse n time consuming. I won't be able to get the time off I had my first time around. Idk to do at this point as far as my round 2. I'm going to keep working out n hopefully I'll be happy wit my end results n not have to do the surgery again. I would jst do my BL here in the states.(thts wishful thnkn n tryn to stay positive lol) I have a consultation on 11/25 for a BL, so I'll see how tht goes. Good luck ladies n happy healing to those goin through the healing process. I kno it's rough n I hope u will feel it was all worth it in the end.

6 months post op n still no changes! (Smh)

Everyone kept sayn u will see your final results in 6months n honestly I really ddnt believe their will b changes n their hasn't been. I can say now I truly REGRET goin to Baez! I'm absolutely in love wit Durans work n wish I knew abt her whn I started my research. Goin bck to DR will b more difficult for me to do, so as of right now I'm looking into stayn in the states n getting my round done. I will b getting a BL, lipo to abdomen, waist, flanks, thighs n full bck. I'm not even thinkn abt including my arms bcuz tht hurt the most while I was having surgery in DR. I felt every bit of my arms being lipo'd n it was painful n traumatizing. I can remember it like it was yesterday. And jst to think of all tht pain I endured n my arms still look the same...smh! Jst thinkn abt doing this surgery again is so depressing. Lipo hurts like hell n the recovery is no joke! Their are several more unhappy Baez patients tht reached out to me n I hope they come forward n tell their story. It was good to know tht my buddy n I are not alone in this situation. I know u cnt please everyone but if u haven't seen many post op pics tht wow u, thn keep it moving on to the nxt doctor. Dnt go in to this surgery blindsided like I did n have the regrets tht I'm now dealing wit bcuz u will b depressed. The fast response to emails, answering all of my questions, worrying abt my health n the sweet/kindness is Wht sold me. Their were only a few post op pics on the website to view n I was promised good results. I had faith tht she would give me Wht I wanted n I would come bck wit immediate results. That was not the case at all! U live n u learn n through this whole process I blame myself for most of it. The second time around I hope will b btr n I get the results I set out for.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not given the results I was promised. Unhappy with my end results n doctor has not shown any interest in correcting what was not done properly. Communication greatly diminished after surgery n my interest in doing a round 2 was always put off by her "busyness" n not responding to my emails. Yes she is sweet n kind but her work needs to improve.

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