Almost a year PO TT and got me some boobs today

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I am 36 next month mother of a 13 yo and 10 yo and...

I am 36 next month mother of a 13 yo and 10 yo and have decided I will not go another month hating my belly!! I am having a TT with lipo July 16th!! I'm scared, excited, anxious, so many emotions going on!! I've been reading everyone's experiences and thank you ladies because its totally calming my nerves!! I'm nervous about not working out I've been doing crossfit 4-5 times a week since February and not even that has helped the flabby belly I have been left with..I have a great PS and some time off work!! I can't believe this is happening!! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and 100% welcome!!

Hmmm a new puppy?? Sure kids why not!!

4 weeks before my TT and our new puppy has arrived!! Lol I'm in big trouble!!

4 weeks feels like forever!!!

Getting very anxious...I feel like a pregnant woman who needs to nest lol..going to me my new GP for my medical clearance on Monday,hopefully they just do it that day instead of making me come back..and then nothing till my pre op July 8..ughhhh never wanted the summer to go so quick in my life!

More before's so liberating to finally show what I've been hiding!!

Ugh is it July 16th yet?!?!

That's all...

Less then 2 weeks away!!

Starting to freak out!!

One last WOD????

I'm scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00 should I squeeze in one last work out the morning of?? Or just relax??

Tmw is my day!!

Going to try and get some shopping done and a last workout..I still can't believe I'm doing this!! I'm still scared and not looking forward to the recovery but I am mostly excited to get rid of this ass on my belly and to start working on having abs!! Of course I woke up coughing today but I think it was just because I needed a drink..any last min advice?? Bring t on...

Well today's my day!!

Spending the morning cleaning and stocking my mini fridge with healthy low sodium options ..fruit egg whites and pure protein drinks and lots of water..I bought a 6 pack of tank tops and some light pajama pants to lounge In..and I have all my BM meds..God I could use a cup of coffee rite now..have to be at PS by 1230...and of course I woke up starving :) ill post again when I can..OMG I'm really doing this!!

I'm flat!!

Well they told me I am lol...very sore but the dr said he is very happy with the results I'm in my recliner sore as hell taking my next perc at 930 !! Will update again tmw

Wanna sneak a peak so bad

PO day 1

Woke up feeling pretty good..obviously week and sore..want to sneak a peak so badly!! Drinking lots of water and a pure protein shake with my I will try to do 1 perc every 4 hours rather then every 2.. Draining 25 the 3 times I've emptied so far..hoping for a constant flow..ladies the back scratcher is a home run!! Shout out to grandma for getting one for me lol.. PS said not to shower till drains come out (I think lol I was kinda high) Anastasia his amazing assistant will call me later to check on me..I've been taking stool softener and am starting to feel a possible BM brewing!! That would be awesome but my body is big on the false alarms so ill see lol..happy healing to my real selfies,ill check in later and post pics the minute I can take this binder off.

Snuck a pic while adjusting

I couldn't take it I had to look!! Is this really me?!?!

First shower...kinda

So I walked hump back style to the bathroom husband in tow..he helped undress me and sat me in my shower chair..I used a lanyard to clip my draines and he washed me with the antiseptic soap..washed my hair..and yes true love he even washed my ass lol..the worst part is the burning in my lower back from hunching over..but hey I feel like a million bucks rite now!! Just wish I remembered to brush my friggen teeth..o well next


Not to much going on still confined to the recliner and still very sore..having moments of feeling so tight I can't take a deep breath,but that doesn't last to long..tmw I'm gonna try walking around a bit more..oh and I'm insanely bored already..thankful for family and friends that are keeping me busy..still draining..and still taking stool softener and MOM waiting for BM #2..



So today marks the start of day 4..I'm still in the chair,still hunched and still sore..I feel like I'm having a little burning sensation on my incision but I'm half numb and have the binder on so I have no idea what's going on underneath..I feel very flat and empty since I woke up..but that will change ten times during the day..I've had BM day 2 and day 3..I'm going better then when I was pre opp! Figure that one has a party today so I will spend A few hours on my own...what's the worst that can I might be covered in my own urine when they get home..I've been through worse lol...dr Monday !!

POD 4 pic

Very swollen but I think it's looking good!!

Drains out!!!

First post opp..dr took the drains out I may have screamed son of a f__k when he pulled it..I don't even know where that came from...luckily he laughed it off said I was looking good and sent me on my way lol feeling much better today :)

Pod 7 Pics!!

First week went by so fast!! I just put some panties on and Took a few pics to document my progress..otherwise just lounging..I did cook breakfast this morning and am able to be a more productive member of my house..however still majorly hunched..can't wait to just stand up!! My body would look souj better with a little good posture!! Lol


That's how I'm feeling today like I'm going to POP!! Ugh

POD 10

So last night I slept in my was awkward but manageable and I slept 8 hours!! Went to my PS today and he took the tape off said I'm healing better then most..the incision is very thin!! Ill take a pic later I HAVE to wash this filthy binder!!

10 day pics

Just because I'm bored ...

I made some side by side pics before and after..everyone should do this!! It's so much fun and you really get an idea of how much your body is changed and changing!!

I just want to feel normal again!!!

I'm feeling very blah today..I'm happy with my results but I'm still so tight and although I'm flat it's just not normal looking yet..I know it takes time but I just want to move on which sucks to feel this way at day 12..I have such a long road ahead of me ...and today I'm having weird dull pain maybe gas?? Ugh the mental ups and downs :)

CG sale!!

So I was feeling very blah this morning so I forced myself to take a shower, I even put a little eyeliner on lol..hub took me to gt my eyebrows waxed and fr some more fruit..I stopped at Kmart and they are having buy one get one half off on their body slimmers!! So I picked up 2..was so cheap and they seem to be working well, tight enough and comfy!! I can finally wash my disgusting binder..
There's a cute high wasted boy short and a tummy cincher I am wearing them together and it feels great!!

2 weeks post op

2 weeks..starting to swell a little I've been pretty good with the swelling so far..u can see on the side by my incision still not standing 100 % straight but feeling good today..on my way to find out when they want me back at work..


I've read many reviews about the many stages of The emotional ups and downs of TT recovery..I didn't think much of it because I'm not that kind of person..I'm not sensitive or dramatic I don't cry..some would actually say I have a very rough interior lol and I'm on with that its just how I am..ok with that being said some point in the past day or two a terrible funk has come over me..I am no longer excited about my beautiful new tummy I just want to get the %^*@ out of the house and get back to normal! My sick body dismorfia has convinced me that I have gotten fat over the past few days and I am not worthy of this hot new tummy....this is insane and I don't want to feel this's not me and its ridiculous..tmw I will wake shower and go somewhere idk where but I will leave the restraint of this friggen recliner and this house...and if I swell so friggen be it!!!! Whew ok rediculous juvenile vent Done..I actually feel a little better

I can see my curve!!

Woke up today determined to feel better..showered and leaving the house for a little while!! Took a selfy this morning and I'm starting to see the hour glass shape!! So this made me happy :)

My scar treatment

Can't start it yet, but it came today..I heard good things about it , hope it delivers

18 days..

Went out without my binder CG only! Only for a quick coffee run but I felt so flat in my maxi dress :)

19 dpo

Had a BBQ!! Woke up early made salads..marinated meats and cleaned the house! Felt pretty good :) put on a tight tank top and a maxi skirt CG only underneath..I ate I drank (vodka fruit slush) and I even danced around and posed for many pics feeling like a fly girl..well I am currently back in my recliner drinking water trying to flush my system..everything tummy my ankles! Or should I say cankles! Ugh well it was nice while it lasted..and at least I got to laugh my ass off for a bit :)

No more sad old man belly button..

And I got the go ahead from PS to start scar treatment..still swollen he said he wants me in my binder 24/7 for another 3 weeks..apparently he has no interest in the CG I was wearing lol..Said I could wear it if the binder was on top..def not eating as clean as I should be..gotta get my ass motivated.not so easy when your sitting around for the most part of the day..

Week 3 pics

I slept in my bed last night out of sheer wasn't much better then the recliner..I'm thinking tonight I might take a sleeping pill..I need to SLEEP! Lol I know I posted my BB yesterday but I wanted to put I'm my 3 week pics..I'm loving documenting this journey and can't wait to read it in 6 months when this is hopefully just a faded memory :).im still bloated..still slightly hunched and my ASS is still MIA due to my "pelvic tilt"..stared the day with a healthy breakfast hoping to keep that vibe all day.I might go to crossfit and watch people WOD..smell the sweat in the is that sick ???

Healthy cookie?!?!

I found this recipe (see attached picture) way to lazy to type it's a pretty good substitute..I was thinking next time to add some almonds or coconut..feeling good today really trying to walk with my pelvis at the normal angle, so sick of looking like I've been hit with a 30 pound medicine ball in my ass!!..really feel the turmeric I've been taking is really curving the swell hell..all in all this week has been decent looking forward to progress and getting excited to see my final results although I know realistically its months away..happy healing all..

1 month scare!!

Yesterday i got in the shower as usual and while washing my scar (I'm still using the pre op anti bacterial soap btw) I notice a tiny dark red almost purple spot on my scar, tiny but I know it wasn't there naturally I freak the hell out! Call PS and he's on African safari for 2 weeks..ugh I tell the receptionist I have diagnosed myself with either an ingrown hair or necrosis..I'm literally freaking out at this they tell me to come down and his assistant will look at it..who btw is a very nice beautiful young lady, but I'm pretty sure she has no idea what she's looking at, she is able to comfort me by saying that it doesn't look like any infection or anything to worry about she said she's 99.9 percent sure of course I took that .1 percent and ran with it.. By the. End of the day I had diagnosed myself with staph. Necrosis and a possible flesh eating virus..I finally settled on my body possibly spitting out a stitch? Beautiful young assistant did take. Pic to email to dr..but he's literally in AFrica somewhere..I decided I had to keep busy and took the kids to the mall my 13yo son took off with Is friends and my almost 10 yo daughter wouldn't even hold my hand..anyway I woke up this morning and of course I check the spot immediately, binder off, t shirt up..I'm getting sick omg what if its worse??? Well it wasn't it was lighter in color but I did notice on my tshirt were a few tiny's little tiny random purple spot is friggen bleeding..But it looks better so now after spending half my night googling the worst of the worst..I think it was just a localized spot from possible pressure from my binder..kind of like a blood blister..still waiting for my PS to get out of the jungle and check his email.but I'm confident I shouldn't worry (I think) ill post a pic of it..and hopefully sometime soon ill take a shower and post my 4 week post op pics!!

4 weeks (and 1 day)!!

Sleeping better but still propped..pelvic still tilted and ass MiA bit getting better..haven't had a lot of swell hell thankfully, maybe it's the turmeric I have still average swelling..started scar treatment 1 week ago on 90 percent of my scar..the spot that bled a little this morning doesn't seem agitated at all..but I really I have no idea what that was are up 4 weeks PO woohoo

5 weeks

5 weeks today..I'm starting to feel like a fat slug!! My body is craving a good workout!! I have been doing some air squats but that's about it..I've been sleeping on my bed for the past week and a half! Still not on my tummy but able to I on my side and get a half decent nights sleep..the turmeric seems to still be working for my expected my scar is starting to get that dark purple look..should start to lighten after week 6..I'm loving my BB and hateing that my flanks look so fat!! Apparently the lipo takes forever to heal and gt to its new normal....looks like ill be returning to work somewhere between 6 and 7 weeks PO..I'm still wearing my binder...I be got 3 different CG and I don't love any of them..luckily I'm able to wear all my pre opp clothing but jeans are uncomfortable BUT look HOT :) I need to tan so badly!! I can't wait to have my normal crazy life back..I know this was worth it but holy crap I wasn't expecting this recovery!!

6 weeks today :)

6 weeks today..I saw my dr yesterday he said I can start working out but no core Thursday morning I will drag my slug body to my local box and start a no core scaled version of crossfit..I'm excited to get back to my old life..most likely back to work tmw ill find out for sure in a few hours..I've been having the expected ups and downs couple that with my body dismorfia and the fact that I'm pale as a ghost ughhh yea not tummy is flat,my flanks are still very swollen so I think it looks weird..I can't wait til I get the Christmas present of my final results..I'm still in my binder dr says only half days are necessary but I love this disgusting thing.def feel like I need to lose 5 pounds this sitting around has made me soft and sluggish, everyone needs to expect and ACCEPT..that this will happen to you it's part of the process..started using bio oil on my scar this week as I ran out of te cream I was using.i may try the scar guard next week...happy healing all

Almost 8 weeks..

Ok kids I'm a few days shy of 8 weeks..I've been working now since 6 weeks Po and it sucks I get swollen and tired very easily..and trust me when I say I'm not doing hardly anything I know I promised I wouldn't weigh myself but I can't help it I like to keep track of my swelling by how many extra pounds are on the scale, which btw has been upward of a 6 pound flux so far..God bless you girls who are dropping weight during this..i was cleared by my DR at 6 weeks to start moderate workouts with no abs..I'm not even sure I know how to do that lol so I've been doing some air squats but honestly I haven't do r much of anything this past 2 weeks because of my work schedule, I have given myself the goal of going back to Crossfit on Monday morning after I drop the kids to school, I still feel very tight and have that pulling feeling also..some shooting pains as well as my nerves wake up..I can't gyrate my hips yet and I tried to "twerk" (don't ask) and my lower half just won't move that way yet (I guess I should be glad I'm not a stripper,I'd be broke lol). I was contemplating weaning myself from the tumeric capsules but I swelled so badly so I decided the violent diareah is a fair enough trade off for me, but hey to each's own or something like that :). I'm wearing stretchy pants and a tight t shirt tonight and WOW I look so damn hot in my clothes now!! I've been using scar guard on the scar and I hydrate it every few days w bio oil..I'm really just making it up as I go, and hoping tmw I will wake up and be normal (minus the fupa) me, everyday gets better..

9 weeks

Ok ladies I'm 9 weeks PO, I started a scaled back version of Crossfit last Monday and although I still can't do much core work..I feel amazing moving my body again!! Today I was able to do banded ring dips, 35 pound push presses and 65 pound back squats!! And even some mountain climbers (which actually strained my tummy more then anything else..I'm hoping that at my next appointment PS will give me the go ahead to go HAM!! I feel like my tummy was flat PO day 1 and I feel like it looks exactly the same PO day 9 weeks..I watch everyone else transform and I kinda feel my pics look the same from week to week, no saying I'm not happy, I love my results I just thought I would have transformed a tad bit more, I still get swollen but I have to say I really don't think it's the swell hell that everyone else sides are still sore to the touch and still swollen (I hope anyway)..basically I'm almost back to scar seems a little more red then others around my same surgery date but I have very pale Irish skin so I think that's the culprit, I alternate between bio oil and scar guard and am very optimistic that in a years time it will only be a faint line...I also must confess that I've been stalking the boob job reviews I'm thinking spring or summer then my "midlife crisis" will be done lol happy healing to all

11 weeks

Basically back to normal..still wear my binder when I'm sleeping and just hanging around the house..ugh still hating my love handles! And really hoping they go down..been back at Crossfit for a few weeks now just not doing direct ab work..was hoping to get the go ahead today but my PS cancelled :( I'm still about 3 pounds heavier then my 1 day post op weight but that's most likely muscle..I've been doing crazy squats since that's one I the things I can actually do..can't wait to get a tan everything looks so much better when your tan lol..happy healing

12 weeks!!

Got the go ahead to start ab's scary at first and I was swollen after but moving forward ill attach 12 week pics but then prob won't update till 16 glad I had this surgery, finally happy in my own skin :) happy healing

Pics 12 weeks

Idk y they didn't post before

16 weeks post op

Ok here I am..16 weeks later with distant memories of living in my recliner and my burning lower back! I wouldn't say I'm 100% back to normal but I'm close and getting closer everyday..I've been working out (Crossfit) 3-4 times a week.ive noticed I need a bit more recovery time after some WODS..I've put my entire family on the paleo diet, I've been feeling very selfish about taking care of me and my own kids are putting on weight, so it's officially a family affair :) (13 year old son hates me rite now lol) I still feel at 16 weeks that I look exactly the same ad 10 I crazy?? Either way I'm very happy w my results I love my belly button and my super flat tummy..I've been doing crazy squats to help lift my booty, I will be beyonce' in no time (yea rite) I'm looking to get my boobies done in the spring if I can hide enough cash under the mattress, I figure by time I'm 55 ill look like big Ang from mob wives (why not) all you ladies keep posting, I love reading all your updates!!


A night out..why not!

So I decided to throw on some heels a set of fake eyelashes and the tightest dress I could squeeze my ass into and have a night out..I usually don't go out between work and the kids I don't have time BUT I decided it was needed for my sanity..ok so at first I felt so uncomfortable walking out like that lol but I held my head high and with my new found confidence a new flat tummy and a trashy dress I strutted my stuff like nobody's business..just wanted to share with you ladies how happy I am with my choice to so this..I spent money we really didn't have and have been accused of being selfish and would do it all over in a minute!!

19 weeks..and major trouble with the hubs

Ok so physically im doing fine, working out eating rite (most of the time) I think my love handles have even gone down..I feel real good..yea except the fact that my husband can't handle the changes, is anyine else going through this?? I think he would be happier if I was pregnant and barefoot which is weird because I've never been that type of person, I'm loud, Independant, I've been a hustler my whole life and taken care of myself and others from a very young age..I think he thinks now that I'm confident with myself physically there is nothing holding me back from being able to leave this relationship, I have been called the most disgusting of names this past few months I have been verbally tortured about having a boyfriend somewhere at this point we aren't even sleeping in the same room, it's so sad that he's so insecure (listen I have my issues too, but this is my vent) anyway was just wondering if any of you ladies are experiencing any relationship troubles or conflicts stemming from your TT..well at any rate I feel hot here's my 19 week pics still so flat..but def starting to soften up a scar had been so itchy!! I just been using bio oil and mederma this week, prob back to silicone strips next week..and yes still taking turmeric I ran out today and had a mini panic attack lol emergency cvs Christmas part next week so I get to find a sexy yet appropriate party dress, can't wait to sit on the copy machine lol..jk have a happy thanksgiving all xox

6 months PO

So finally 6 months post Tummy tuck flank lipo and muscle repair..seems like a life time ago that I was recliner bound and dreading a sneeze..unfortunately I put on a few pounds during the holidays, 7 to be exact as I found it went to love handles and back I was depressed for a few weeks and then got off my back fat and started eating clean again and re commited to my workout..4 pounds to go still till my post op day 1 weight, I still take turmeric everyday,I'm totally numb from BB to scar and still feel very hard in that area..I am truly happy with my results and so glad that I did has been a grueling process of recovery, and not because its physical pain, it's just so much more mental then I could ever anticipated! But the prize was putting on that little black dress and strutting my stuff and feeling awesome!! I'm gonna take the rest of the winter to focus on working out and really getting muscle tone..hope all you ladies are doing well..xoxoxo

Side by side

Day of surgery VS 6 months later in the same sweat pants

Real friend goody bag :)

Last month I was lucky enough to receive a goody bag of Paula's Choice products from RS..I've been using it about 5 weeks and now that I've run out I am happy to purchase these products for myself!! My skin feels amazing, and staying hydrated! Little dark spot I had on my head is lightening..had to share with you ladies..and thank RS for helping me find a product I LOVE!!

7months..easy breezy ladies

Here I am at 7 months post op, I'm very happy with my results and don't regret it for a second! I'm so close to normal, my swelling is very minimal but I do get that tight feeling every once in a while after a strenuous workout or salty food,I'm still buying turmeric 2 bottles at a time, I'm almost afraid to stop it..I haven't worn my binder in a while but like a good wooby I do like its comfort every once and a scar is still kinda red and sits rite under my panty line...I've been eating clean and working out and living live..I wish I had this surgery ten years ago!

8 months..

About 8 months pOst op..I've taken my "after pics" so I guess other then a check up at 12 months I'm done with my PS till I'm ready for my breast aug..I'm working out 4-6 days a core is getting stronger every day but still not what it was, I can tell by the weights I'm lifting, squats should be a little higher for as strong as I am but it all comes from core strength, will happen and get better w more time, 2 months ago I still couldn't barely hang from the pull up bar now I'm hanging and touching my toes to it :) progress feels good!! I get a little tight in the in the tummy after a workout so I'm still taking my turmeric, helps w swelling but the "poop" affect has worn off (damn it)..loving my new fit body and can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!! (Hopefully double D's ) lol wishing you all happy healing can't wait till you are all at this stage it's amazingggggg!!!

Quick pics from today

Selfies :)

Didn't realize I updated only 3 weeks ago so here are the pics I took tonight..I've been eating clean and working out like a beast..I'm getting stronger everyday..

Just me wearing a bikini for the first time everrrr!!

First time ever wearing a bikini!! I felt amazing, sexy and confident I can't thank my Dr enough for doing such a wonderful job on me!! I met w him yesterday to scedual my breast Aug...July 1st I'm getting me some boobs!'

Almost 11 months

I've been feeling very swollen this past 2 weeks which is weird because I Havnt really experienced any major swelling through this entire process and now at 11 months I'm swelling for an unknown reason?? Maybe I need a good detox..anyway other then that I feel amazing..I'm working out and living major change is that I actually enjoy going to the beach now!! We even went out and bought a jeep so we can drive on and spend many summer days there, it's nice to put on a bathing suit and my feel ashamed of your body....I have my breast Aug scheduled for July 1st, and this will complete my mommy makeover plastic surgery addition! Lol everything else will be clean eating and working out..and hopefully some good genetics :)..not posting any pics because I look exactly the same and honestly I'm way to lazy rite now :)..if your thinking about this surgery DO IT!!! Find a good dr and friggen do it! Good luck any questions about my surgery or recovery are totally welcomed xoxo

Ok I lied

One pic I found from this weekend

Got me some boobs :)

Had my BA today a little groggy but I'm loving the new girls we went with 457 silicone gummies through the armpit really pulls my whole body together I think

Another pic

So happy with my body!! 12 months Po TT 2 days Po breast aug

12 months Po TT and 3.5 weeks Po BA :) and life is good !!

As much as I was anticipating my breast implants I would have constant flash backs of the limited mobility, surgery blues, and the cabin fever (TT recovery although 100 percent worth it to me is no joke and is something everyone who is considering it should be prepared for..luckily with my breast it was only 1/4 the recovery so almost a month out I'm glad to say I'm feeling awesome looking hot and ready to go full speed ahead.. Seriously if your considering this!! Just do it!!

Almost 2 years PO TT 1 year PO BA and couldn't be happier

so glad I made the choice to go ahead and do this! I've never felt so sexy..and so confident with my body!
Long Island Physician

Personality wise this guy is a home run!! Great bed side manner and made me feel great about my choice!! Can't wait till Tuesday!! One day post op and you can tell this DR is an artist!!! I'm so happy!! And it's only going to get better from here!! Thank You DR Blyer you changed my life!! And the staff!! Anastasia and Lisa xoxoxo the best!!

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