Purple Undereye Circles Since Childhood

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I have had dark, purple, persistent circles under...

I have had dark, purple, persistent circles under my eyes since I was a baby. Everyone asks me if I am tired, have I slept, do I feel all right... I have tried practically every eye cream, nasal spray, supplement to try to alleviate some of the dark color. This year I have decided to start changing some of the things that I do not like about my appearance. Nothing major, just a few tweaks. I am having several tattoos remover with laser, a mole removed from my chin, and also some restylane under my eyes. So far the laser tattoo removal is going well. I had the mole removed yesterday at the same time I had the filler injected into my tear troughs. I immediately bruised under my left eye and the swelling was not bad. I did not see any improvement at first but I was assured it was because of swelling and bruising which would fade. I have to say it was really uncomfortable at first but the restylane is mixed with a numbing agent so it was fine after a few injections. The doctor used just over 0.5cc in the left eye and the rest (just under 0.5cc) in the right. I could hear crunching with the first injections on each eye, which I was not prepared for. On my way home I could feel the left eye start to swell. I can see my cheek if I look down a little. I immediately iced it once I got home and took the arnica the dr gave me.

Today is 24 hours after the procedure. The bruise is getting a little more blue and the swelling is a little more prominent. I have pretty much scoured the internet to make sure this is the typical recovery so I am not as worried as I was before. From what I have read, the swelling should be noticeably reduced tomorrow and the bruising should start to go away too. I am taking Sinecch, the arnica from the dr, and some b vitamins.

Unfortunately I cannot decide either way if this was worth it. I have to wait for the swelling and bruising to go away. I will post an update with pictures tomorrow I guess. From what I can tell, though, it looks like an improvement.

48 hours after injections

The swelling has not gone down at all. I'm scared because there has been no improvement...what if this is the end result? It did not look like this right after the injections. Is it supposed to swell once inside the body? The bruise is expected and I keep taking the Sinecch which I don't think is helping.

Restylane in tear troughs- 72 and 96 hours after

So the swelling is finally starting to subside and the bruises are turning from blue and purple to green and yellow. If I press on the swelling it feels tender and sore but I wouldn't say it's painful. There used to be palpable ridges where the filler was placed but 4 days after the injections it's all smoothing out. It's still hard to tell if it made any difference though.

5 and 6 days after injections

I am trying to take pictures every day at the same time so I can keep track of my progress. There is no swelling anymore and the bruise is almost all green. I can live with that. The office called me earlier today to see if I could change my appointment from next week to tomorrow so I will have a follow up in the morning. I would get a little more but the bruising has kept me in the house all week...I just don't want to do that again. When I am at the office tomorrow I'll take another picture so it's the same exact lighting.
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