Getting Anxious Less Than 48 Hrs and Counting... - Long Island, NY

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Getting anxious...only less than 48 hrs away.....

Getting anxious...only less than 48 hrs away...starting worry about everything....from pain and bruising to child care....UHG. And just started my period...caregivers both recovering from the flu or whatever bug it was...thankfully, I'm fine so far, so scared I might catch whatever it is...and pray my kiddos don't, because I won't be able to take care of them...starting to feel guilty...

3 days post op

I still can't believe I went through w/this....I'm having a hard time looking down and wrapping my head around it. The pain is staring to slow up, but the itching has taken over. The CG and padding is so thick I can't get a good scratch anywhere...keep telling myself in a few wks this will all be worth it. And of course, reading and referencing RS has helped more than imaginable!

Swollen ankles, feet & legs

Man, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but we called the Dr today ans asked again about the swelling....they say its normal, but it's actually really uncomfortable. Trying to get a few laps in around the house is really hard. I asked for a larger CG but they said it wasn't necessary...I came close to cutting the slits that I read about and the nurse did say I could do, but that doesn't seem to be the tightest part...anyone with any advice right about now? Thx in advance!

4 + wks post op

I have to say the worst is behind me, I truly believe. The first two wks the pain and uncomfortably was bring me down. I truly believe the lymphatic massages have made a HUGE difference! Until the other day. I did something wrong, thought I ripped something internal or I didn't know what. I couldn't touch my left side, the entire side hurt, but I could also pin pt where the worst of it was...back and forth phone calls as,I couldn't get to the dr...they gave me some Valium and it seems to be getting better, unless the med is really masking it. I finally jumped on the scale! From 179lbs to 134lbs! And they tell me I'm still I'm sooooo anxious and excited, don't want to ck it again for another 4 wks. Of course, I'm still sore, swollen, etc....but it does get better everyday. And I know that hard to believe when we have our moments of "why did I do this? I want my old body back" I just want to be comfortable again" but for some sooner than later...and I think that's what makes it so very hard to comprehend...I've always been a quick healer. But this time. It so much...I have to rest for a couple of more wks...and we'll reevaluate then. Until then, keep chin up and keep pushing through this journey...we're not alone. Ox

Question? Did anyone have a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror?

Since the surgery, it's been hard for me. 4 wks PO. Finally last nt, when I was all alone I actually looked at myself first I couldn't look at all, then it was just a glance here and there. Has anyone else gone through this? Not sure if I'm scared or just insecure??? Anyone else?
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