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Had my Pre-Op today, made my payments, received...

Had my Pre-Op today, made my payments, received vitamins, and prescription for pain med. I am no difference than any other ladies here. Sitting here heart pounding waiting for the big day to come in 2 weeks. Every night thinking should I go for 325cc or 350cc even though it's only an extra shot glass of liquid difference. I want a natural look to gain some self confidence. Doc chose 350cc Moderate plus silicone for me. I'll take his professional advice.

Running some tests today!

I had visit my family doctor today for some Pre-Op tests. (EKG, Blood work, and Urine test.) will be doing a chest X-Ray tomorrow, not sure it is necessary. I am now still browsing all the boobies that are 325cc & 350cc which I still can't choose. I am 4'11 with size A/B atm, after hearing my PS said I'll be a C/D after surgery with 350cc Moderate Plus saline under muscle freaks me out. I've been browsing all the boobies on this site and found most of the ladies only post the first few months after surgery. And all the boobies looks gigantic from swollen. Can't find any 1 yr or more boobies to see the real result. I can't decide......

Starting the Pre-Op Vitamins.

Need to take these vitamins 3 in the morning and 3 at night before bed. Not sure if necessary, cause these tablets are huge, makes me wanna vomit when I swallow them, plus it makes my urine neon yellow color and smells like vitamins too. wonder if I can grab a starbucks coffee frappe during this time, I need those caffeine to wake me up!

Pre admission test & Choosing size implant.

Went to Mercy Hospital for the Pre admission test yesterday, run all the tests, my body is ready for this big day. All the staffs that I had deal with today inside the hospital are super friendly. I am very comfortable choosing this hospital for my surgery. But there's another problem, my period is next week right on my surgery (which my blood and sugar level will be very low). Nurses said I might have reschedule my appointment by then because they can't process this huge surgery on me being so weak. I can't do anything now but just go with the flow.

I had to go back to my surgeon for a 3D Vectra since their system was down during my Post-Op visit. Everyday I'm imagining how a 325cc/350cc will look on me by browsing this site from other beautiful girls. In my experience, ladies! Never assume the outcome of your boobies by comparing with the same size implant that the girls have here. Everyone's body frame is different. It looks good on her doesn't mean it will look good on you. And don't let the size C, D, DD.... Bother you, (cause it did on me). You have to let your surgeon decide for you as long as you and your surgeon are on the same page. That's what the 3D Vectra is for, (even tho isn't 100% accurate). I chose 350cc Moderate Plus under muscle before, after viewing the photos, I can't even tell the difference which photo is the one with implant because I have a very wide chest. My PS said my body can support 350cc - 400cc and I can still look natural. I told my PS that I want a bigger natural breast but I don't want it to be on my way when exercising. Finally my surgeon decide 350cc Moderate Classic above muscle will give me a very nice natural effect. And no one will even know I had it done unless I wear something sexy. Lol...

The time is here... Wish me luck ladies!

Hubby is driving me to the hospital now. It takes 1 1/2 hrs to get there and I have to be there at 5:30am. My surgery starts at 8:00am. It will be a 5 hrs surgery. Wish me luck ladies! I am very nervous now. Let me add few more ugly picture of me before the new me come out in few more hours.

Surgery done!

Arrived in Mercy Hospital
After arrived to Mercy Hospital, it was completely empty. Staffs doesn't come in till 7:30am. I start freaking out cause a nurse called me saying I have to be here at 5:45am. I had to go through a maze to just find someone that can tell me where should I go for my surgery. Finally, had to go through another maze to get my final destination. So..... Getting ready: Provide hospital gown to change, Urine Sample, lay in recliner bed and push me to another room, I answered all the general questions, Poke me for Blood work & IV. Then push me to another room to meet my surgeon.

Meeting Dr. Glickman
Dr. G is a sweetheart! He arrived early and looks wide awake. I'll be more nervous if I see my surgeon come in *yawning*. Dr. G is a sarcastic man, he would joke with while marking my body. I am very comfortable with him.

The surgery
They push me into the surgery room where the nurses, anesthesia, and Dr. G are all in there waiting for me. One of the nurse was chit chatting with me about kids, next, I don't remember a thing. I don't even remember being nervous at that time. Lol...

After Surgery
I woke up, feeling nausea, head spinning, throat swollen, mouth super dry, (kept eating ice but cannot drink water, water make me vomit.) dosing off, kept have short dreams, but no vomit. The pain was horrible, but I can tolerate with the pain med. stayed in the recover room for an hour, then up to my room.

Mommy Make Over vs C- Section
For me, I say MMO hurts a lot more. Because with C-sec, You only have 2 incision in the lower abdominal, inside and outside. So the pain area is smaller. But with MMO, I had Lipo front and back, tummy tuck, breast aug, that's 4 incisions from top to bottom. The more you do, the more pain you'll get.

Getting up after surgery
I had to pee, I can't move at all, because every time I move, my muscles hurts like crazy. And I can't push the pee out either even with pain killer. (Maybe I didn't pump the med button enough) 8 hrs later, the pain has droped. But the breast implant feels the same. I am able to walk around slouching, but still need help getting outta bed. Hope I can feel better tomorrow because hospital will kicking me out in the morning.

2nd day after Surgery!

Discharge from hospital and I'm going Home sweet Home right now. I'm feeling much better today, I haven't take any pain med so far, it's just very uncomfortable from the wounds all over my body, (yes, feels like I got beat up by a group of ppl). Bruises all around my front and back, still slouchy walking, the incision under breast and tummy tuck feels like a finger paper cut, so I can tolerated that. Trying to stay away the "Percocet", makes me very dizzy and nauseous. I prefer "Motrin" max strength, kills the pain and no side effects. But the nurses refuse to give me because "Motrin" thinner bloods, not good for me cause I'm still carrying the drains. Can't wait till those drains are out & my boobies to drop.

Day 3 after Surgery!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

First night home resting:
It was my first night sleeping at home and I feel awful. I am sleeping with 4 pillows under my back and 2 pillows under my legs to create that 45 degree sleeping position. (And oh boy, do I missed the hospital's recliner bed). In the the middle of the night, I feel so stiff and I couldn't even get up and pee. I can feel all pains came back every inch of my body. I feel my tummy tuck incision is like tearing when I turn, I know I had to take my "Percocets" even tho I hate it. I went to the bathroom, pour out my drainage, wrote it down to keep track for my surgeon.

Endotracheal Intubation Complications
On the day of Surgery, Anesthesiologist intubated a breathing tube inside my throat after I'm asleep. (This only use with General anesthesia). A ventilator machine will pump air into my lungs to help me breath. After I woke up from the surgery, my throat was swollen and very dry, it was painful when I swallow, and I have a hard time breathing. Now it's been 3 days, I still couldn't swallow anything down my throat. Liquid food is all I'm eating. And I have hard time breathing too. But then again, as long as you take your "pain med" in the dot, you wouldn't have all these horrible feelings. I'm just stubborn and think as long as I can tolerate, I'll try not to take too much "Percocets" knowing it's very harsh for the body.

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 after surgery;
I was doing the same everyday routine, nothing new happen, still feel sore and stiff, pain level has definitely dropped but still on my "Percocets"!

Day 5 after surgery;
Today, I felt much better, had my #2 (Finally)! Took my Monring Vitamins that Surgeon provides, and I can skip "pain med" all day, but at night time, not sure if everyone else is like that, all my pains starts to come back, could it be because my body was weak and tired at night, and that's why I can feel all those pain again and not in the morning? So I had to take my "pain med" before bed.

Surgeon call
Dr. G called me today asking me how I feel, schedule tomorrow to see him and hopefully he'll pull out those drains, I am feeling so itchy where the drain incision is, I hope it isn't infected!

My boobies are still up high, hasn't drop yet, and when I gently touch them, they feel so soft and giggly. I'm loving it. For some reason, my right boobies are way smaller than my left. I hope it'll evens out later. I'm gonna ask my surgeon about this on tomorrow's visit.

Day 6 after Surgery!

Today I had an appointment to visit my surgeon. He peels all the surgical tapes out, clean my wound, change to new surgical tape and a new binder. But still can't take away the drains yet. Sigh! My boobies are still swollen, doc said I can gently massage a little to loosen the muscles.

How long is the recovery time?

For all the ladies that had a Mommy Makeover, how long was your recovery time? When can you stand up straight, able to sleep through the night without pain med? How long did it take for you to get back to your normal life?

It has been a week already? I feel so uncomfortable, the annoying drains hasn't come out yet, I still couldn't walk straight, I feel stretch, pull and a sore back. I feel very easy to get tire, and I feel very itchy where the drains were inserted. I move back home, and I can't even cuddle my kids or make breakfast for them. I feel so depressed living like this everyday.

Last day on my annoying drains!

Tomorrow I have an appointment to finally remove these annoying drains. I wonder how painful is it. Someone in the hospital told me was super painful, but when I browse this question on this site, many surgeons replied not painful but just a little pressure while pulling out. I'm happy but nervous now.

Drains finally off... Yes!

Oh wow, taking these drains off is painful. I can feel my PS cutting some stitches off and it hurts. I feel awkward when PS is shaking my drain hose, but doesn't hurt. But when he pump the air inside my belly, I jumped. Definitely not something I would like to go through again.

After that, my PS gave me a set of 2nd stage Marena surgical suit that I have to wear everyday. It's very tight, but I feel great in it.

2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks after my surgery. Time is going so slow, especially I'm home everyday and only work everything in slow motion. I feel much now but still slightly pain on the Lipo areas. I can stand up straight with my garment and walk naturally, but after taking it off and wash them, I feel loose on my belly and I couldn't stand up straight without support. Sleeping at night is much better now but still pain (sore, muscle pain) when I turn any ways. I have stopped my pain meds after the 1st week. I am currently only taking Vitamins as PS prescribe.

My Boobies
My 2 week boobies feels awesome. They are not stiff as before, I can push em together and massage em now. But my nipples are still sore. My incision has closed except that I'm allergic to the stage 2 surgical bra. I had to put hydrocortisone cream on my itchy rash and place a tissue on top of it everyday. Wonder when can I start my Maderma scar gel.

3 weeks post OP

Another week has past. I can basically everything now except lifting heavy stuffs. I drove myself to my PS appointment today. I find that I have a hard time getting out the car. (Same feeling as getting outta bed). My PS said I no longer need to wear the 2nd stage garment. I now should wear spanx. (Bicycle shorts) and sports bra. Time to go online shopping! My TT incision hasn't heal yet, so no silicone sheet for me this visit. My boobies incision has healed completely, but PS doesn't recommend me putting any Scar cream on it, he'll see me in 2 weeks.

2nd stage garments PS prescribed.

1 Month already!

Having my normal life back already except no exercise yet. I actually gain weight in this month. Sigh!

Starting my silicone sheet

I've been on my silicone sheet a day now. By the end of the day, it won't stick anymore. And my TT incision begin to feel itchy. Does anyone have this problem?

6 weeks breast feeling itchy!

Does anyone have this problem? I am feeling very itchy on my breast from inside out. There isn't any rash in my skin except I found more stretch mark on it. I am currently a full B - small C. The silicone just enough to lift my deflated breast from breast feeding. What would cost this? I haven't buy new strapless bras yet so, I went braless for 2 days on my weekend getaway. Would this cost the itchiness? My PS didn't say I have to keep my surgical bra on or buy new sports bra. All he said was I can buy new bras now. I hope I'm not allergic to the silicone.

Previous update didn't upload my pics.

2 Months update!

It's been 2 months already. Lipo in the back area still has the burning feeling when getting up. Breast feeling itchy inside out. ( PS said its just healing ) TT incision has a needle pinching feeling once in a while outta no where. (PS said its part of healing also, just massage it). My only concern is why after this procedure I still look bloated. Still look like 3 month prego. (PS show me my before and after pics and ask me if I see the difference in me) but I was hoping with the amount of money I'd paid, I would get a flat stomach. No doubt I look better than before, all the saggy skins are gone, but why isn't flat? Sigh...

2 1/2 months update dislike my result!

I am not happy with the result I'm seeing myself right now. After TT, my stomach was swollen, so I can't see the result right away. Plus, my body looked great when wearing those surgical garments but not now. I've been on a diet after the surgery since I can't exercise for now. But now that the swollen is gone, I'm seeing a bloated upper stomach and saggy skin when bent. I went back and ask my surgeon, he did not answer my question but told me to wait 6 months later to see the final result. I don't like my body with the price I paid. Now I'm just gonna hope a miracle will come 4 months later, so I don't have to pay more to fix here and there.

Almost 5 month after surgery!

Since it's a tummy tuck surgery, I am not allow to exercise till now. I am seeing loose skin around my belly area again. It was all tight when I was swollen before and now loose skins again. I started to do sit ups or yoga stretches. oh boy, it was painful. I can feel my back burning pain from the previous Lipo. But didn't get the same feeling from the front of belly. So I'm sure my PS didn't Lipo my front stomach area even tho he said he did. My TT scar was pulling and stretching when I try to do the basic yoga stretch. I am dying to get my muscles tone, but my body tells me that I still need to wait. Wait for another touch up surgery. Sigh....

Coolsculping both under arms:
My PS recommend me to try this since its scar free. After 2 hour freezing each side, both arm bruised and it's true to no pain. 2 months has past, I can't see that 10% of shrinkage in my arms but actually see more droopy skin. My experience was a one time thing, not worth it.

6 Months Updates!

Haven't update anything cause I'm still not happy about myself. I have bad scarring, every scar I have leads me keloids and the scar is dark. I thought I should feel sexy after the Mommy Makeover, but I don't. I look like a victim of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Trying my old swimsuit

Summer is almost over, I always hope that I can be able to fit in my old clothing just like other Moms that had their MMO done. I don't like the way I look, not comfortable wearing this in public at all.

Had a 2nd opinion consultation!

Knowing that I have bad scar issue, hoping another scar expert can help. But seems like no PS can help with patients with keloid disorder. (Yes, I grow keloid on piercing too). The only way to prevent this tragedy is No More cuts. I regret having Lipo in the back leaving keloid spots here and there. Wish I can take a pic of my back and my butt cheeks to show you all. Look at my ugly belly button.

Went back for scar revision!

I went back to schedule an appointment for touch ups with Dr. Glickman today. I showed him all the ugly scars that I'm not happy with. He injected steroids for my keloid scars, and wow, that was painful. I asked him about the Abdominal Lipo if he can be more aggressive. He said no, too aggressive will leave saggy and lumpy skin. But he will Lipo my stomach and hips a little more for no charge. Again, he is very honest. He refuse to Lipo my arms, cause it will leave a bad scar just like the ones on my body. Guess I'm stuck with coolsculping for those flappy wings.

1 year after MMO - Scar revision Pre-Op

It's been almost 1 year after my Mommy Makeover (MMO). And I am not happy about my MMO result at all. Because I thought I can be able to wear a bodycon dress or a 2 piece at the beach after the surgery. But..... sigh! (Not what I expected). It was the surgical garment that made me thought that I finally have a hot body, until 3 months later I took it off (everything pops out)! I am soooo READY for another surgery. Now I am paying extra $6k+ for the touch ups for scars revision and Lipo my tummy and the uneven flanks. Wish me luck girls........ Hope I can finally wear a bodycon dress after this surgery.

2nd procedure Done! (Scar revision & more Lipo)

Had this procedure done in the office, nurses are kind and caring, anesthesiologist is funny, telling me he'll send me to paradise very soon. Lol... it was painful when I just woke up from the office. After went home and hit straight to bed and slept for 8hrs. Woke up feeling great, don't even need to take any pain med at all. I do have problem getting outta bed and bending down, but overall, I can manage to take of myself and the kids myself.

1 week OP (after touch ups)

Had my 1 week follow up today. The surgical tapes gave me a huge rash on the skin, the itchiness won't go away. I'd put on Benedryl and still doesn't go away. Although I'm still swollen after Lipo, but I can see the outcome of the new contour of my hips and belly. So far so good except that my PS forgot to fix my belly button. He said it wasn't written on the paper, that's why he didn't do it. But he'll do it another day since doesn't need general anesthesia. Smh.......

Q: Is there a limit of Liposuction per area? Usually how many procedures needed to get a completely flat belly?

Feeling so itchy after surgery!

I know I am allergic to the surgical tapes. And I've been putting on Benadryl Extra strength day and night. The rashes are just not healing. I shower and I had to peel off all the surgical tapes and clean my wound with Hydrogen peroxide. Ouch! It was burning.... Then I rub Medihoney Gel direct on the wound and covered with gauze pads and ready to go out.

What am I allergic to....?

I have no idea what am I allergic to, I thought was the from the surgical tape, but after I remove it. The rash still constantly expanding. Then I assume it could be antibiotic that I'm taking which I stopped already. And it's still growing all around the wound area. I'm so itchy that I couldn't sleep at all. I had contacted my PS, he told me just buy the cortizone cream and Benadryl pill over the counter which it's too weak for me. My rash still expanding. Finally I had to go see a dermatologist. Then she proscribe Prednisone Tablet for daytime, Hydroxyzine for night time, and Mometasone Furcate Cream to rub on it. I have no idea what I'm allergic to, but it's definitely torturing me now.

Scar revision and touch ups @ 6 weeks.

My allergic rashes has finally went down after taking the meds my dermatologist prescribe. Now keloids are growing out from the incision. Still feel very itchy. Smh.... I can't believe my PS did not inject steroid on the previous keloid removal, now I have to experience the painful steroid injection again. Summer is around the corner, and I really hate my belly button. I hate all the ugly scars I have now....
Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

He is very friendly, sarcastic, generous and well experienced! He is an artist, he made me a new me.

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